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What are things that even google can't find


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Google-foo is the skill of searching, main problem tend to be to search for stuff who get buried in by 10^8 irrelevant hits. 
Example is obscure computer problems who don't give any error codes and is hard to describe. 

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A use for the MicroNode


The artists or even the song names of about 5 songs in my library that I downloaded from mp3.com back in two-thousand-something. I even tried that phone app that listens to music and finds it for you.

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A good answer about how a particular K-pop group is missing one of their albums on iTunes, but only seemingly in Canada.

(As to WHY I'm listening to K-pop... have you ever SEEN K-pop?!? Don't google if you don't like foreign-language music or earworms)

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On 5/9/2016 at 8:42 AM, p1t1o said:

Maybe things that have names consisting of a single letter or a punctuation mark? Or music by a band called "Band"?

Fun fact: just did some test googling and not only found a band called "The Band" but also one called "A". Go figure!




Showing my age.  I knew there was a band called The Band before I even got to your second sentence.  Great music.

However, I decided to check something based on an old joke my friends and I used to say when we were teens back in the late '70's: We're gonna start a band and call it, "To Be Announced".  As in "Tonight's concert headlined by Rush.  Special Guest To Be Announced"

Yep.  Google found a band called To Be Announced: 

Edit:  Found a band called Special Guest on YouTube as well.

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