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KSP 0.16 Released!


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I\'m happy to announce that KSP 0.16 is finally released! You should be able to patch from 15.2 using the game updater.

Here\'s the full changelog for this update:

==================================== v0.16.0 ======================================================

* Official Release

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

* Fixed some issues with the patched conic solver not finding proper SOI transitions sometimes.

==================================== v0.16.0 x5 ===================================================


* Added a Launch Clamp part. It holds the ship in place at the pad so it doesn\'t crumble to pieces before you get a chance to launch.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

* mbm texture files are now DXT compressed and cleared from RAM as soon as they\'re uploaded to the GPU. RAM usage is massively improved.

==================================== v0.16.0 x4 ===================================================

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

* Increased the mk1 pod\'s rotation power back to 5.0.

* It is no longer possible to warp time or switch to distant vessels while kerbals are on a ladder (temporary solution).

* Fixed an issue that prevented the game from being saved while on a sub-orbital trajectory.

* Fixed a velocity calculation for Kerbals on rotating ladders, which caused excessive slippage and made ladders very difficult to grab.

* Fixed the crew capacity values on the part.cfg files.

* Fixed the Orbit initialization routine, to prevent NaN errors on landed craft

* Fixed parts that use the Part class having a 'Part Type not available' message on their descriptions at the VAB.

==================================== v0.16.0 x3 ===================================================

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

* Fixed an issue where ending a flight through the pause menu wouldn\'t really end it, but would free the crew again for another mission.

* Fixed an issue with the EVA low-gravity walk system failing under certain physics settings.

* Fixed an issue where any parts exploding on the focused vessel would cause the Flight End dialog to appear.

* Fixed an issue where empty vessels would sometimes be controllable after switching to them.

* Fixed the Retractable Ladders not saving their states properly.

* Landing Legs now use a much improved collision handling system, eliminating leg wobble on heavy ships.

* PartTools can now serialize WheelCollider components.

* Fixed an issue where RetractableLadders would be climbable while retracted if the ladder wasn\'t cycled once.

* Fixed a problem where Kerbals would collide and crash against ladder triggers attached to parts.

* Improved detection/response to vessels below terrain and much better terrain altitude detection for vessels.

* It is no longer possible to save the game (or switch vessels) while very close to the ground and not landed (could cause terrain fallthrough).

* Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when starting an EVA.

* Kerbals on ladders no longer get teleported when packed (they just let go).

* Retracting a ladder with a Kerbal on it while in orbit will no longer cause them to go on random trajectories.

* Fixed an issue where older parts that still used direct DAE or OBJ model loading wouldn\'t have their collision meshes rescaled.

* Fixed a problem with EVAs saving the fuel value, which sometimes caused a conflict that could lead to a game crash.

* Fixed an issue where the crew list on the hatch dialog wouldn\'t scroll.

==================================== v0.16.0 x2 ===================================================

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

* Kerbals now fall off ladders if they become disabled or are destroyed (can happen with retractable ones)

* Added key and axis bindings for EVA controls. Reorganized the Input Settings screen a little.

* Added separate control bindings for walking and jetpacking on EVAs.

* Added 1:1 EVA rotation axes. Using them disables the automatic orientation system.

* Tweaked the automatic orientation system to eliminate gimbal-lock situations, and flipped the X mouse axis input.

* The NavBall and Staging Quadrant are no longer visible during EVA.

* Fixed issues with saving/resuming EVAs while ragdolling.

* Fixed RCS and SAS toggling on other vessels.

* Fixed an issue that caused Kerbals to tumble in space forever.

* Fixed command pod airlock node positioning, could cause violent crew ejections sometimes.

* Fixed an issue with Kerbals crashing into things that could cause a stream of errors and a complete game crash.

* Vessels take collision impact momentum into account whenever possible

* FlightInputHandler now stops running while on EVA.

* Fixed a problem where vessels would be stuck as \'Landed\' if boarding a part while in contact with another.

* Fixed issues with the large Landing Leg colliders.

* Added patcher auto-updater. Will redownload the patcher if a better version is available.

* Tweaked Physics settings to reduce landed part wobble.

* It is now possible to close the Flight End screen without leaving the flight scene (to switch vessels).

* Tweaked part collision handling for better efficiency.

* It is now possible to deploy/retract ladders from outside the ship, provided you\'re close enough to it. (while on EVA).

==================================== v0.16.0 x1 ===================================================


* Kerbal crewmembers in Extra-Vehicular Activities, both at the surface and in orbit.

* Kerbal scientists, mechanics and ground crew all around the Space Center Facilities.

* New Internal Cockpit models, with full modding support.

* New (Much lighter on performance) Particle Effects and Explosions

* Several new, larger rocket parts.

Bug Fixes and Tweaks:

* Set all parts on the same vessel to ignore collisions with each other.

Hopefully this will solve all part-to-part collision problems.

* Reduced the minimum collider intersection threshold to much less than before.

Should increase collision accuracy and hopefully solve issues like landing gear

going through the ground. (all thanks to above fix)

* [API Change] MemoryStream wrappers that were mistakenly not committed for 1.15.1 have been added to the code.

* Packing/Unpacking ships is now done without affecting the ship\'s scene hierarchy.

Now, vessels take care of keeping their own parts in place while packed, making for much more stable

physics behavior when going in and out of time warp.

* Improved vessel/part loading from persistence procedure, for more stable and accurate flight resuming.

* Fixed a bug in the Tracking Station scene, which prevented scrolling the vessel list.

* The Vessel Switching keys now only cycle between nearby vessels and won\'t cause the scene to reload anymore.

To switch to far-away vessels, you must use the map view.


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Well, I was just playing around putting some new satellites in orbit of Mun, when 0.16 popped up! I\'m looking forward to finally walking around on the Mun, woo!

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Guest butt head

well the forum is now officially fucked over for the next few days

my mixed thoughts on that...

:D:o ??? :\'(

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Cant get it to patch, cant connect to KSP store. Looks like I get to play 0.15 :C

Same here. It\'s hardly unexpected, though; the spikes in usage post-update must be horrific.

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Greetings from the Mun!


It\'s an amazing update, thank you dev-team!

Well I think I\'m going to get some breakfast now, I can\'t believe I already played over four hours :D

Keep it going!

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