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[1.10.x] Precise Editor [August 31 2020]


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News (August 31, 2020)

Thanks to @zolotiyeruki who is now the new maintainer of this mod. You can get the latest version from his GitHub repository or on CKAN.

The KSP craft editor is an approximative tool where the part's position and angle are not displayed anywhere so we have to rely on primitive techniques like counting the number of grid snaps or placing parts "by eye". While this is the Kerbal spirit, this become annoying for the serious craft builder. So this mod is intended to remedy that and offer a more accurate alternative part placement method than mouse and gizmos. This might change your craft building experience !


  • Set part position or rotation exact value.
  • Increment / decrement position or rotation by a certain value.
  • All part transformations in absolute or local mode.
  • Automatically update all symmetry counterparts, struts and fuel lines.
  • Coordinate system axes shown on part selection.
  • Show the precise location of the center of mass, center of lift and center of thrust.
  • Set the attachment rules. Attach any part to any part.
  • Show the position and size of the part collider bounds.
  • Show the distance between 2 parts or their colliders to help with the creation of kerbal mechanical devices !

User's Manual

This mod has a single key. To edit a part, hover the mouse over it and press "P".
The Precise Editor button in the toolbar will show the vessel window where the coordinates for the CoM, CoL and CoT are displayed.

Useful Information

  • Units for position are in meters with 4 decimals of precision so 0.0001 is 1/10th of a millimeter.
  • Units for rotation are in degrees and angles are Euler angles
  • You can copy/paste a value while editing a field.
  • Parts can be moved anywhere inside the VAB/SPH. No maximum distance from parent part limitation.
  • This mod is accurate enough to place parts in perfect symmetry without actually using symmetry mode.
  • To center a part on an axis with its parent part, simply set the local position to 0 on the corresponding axis.

Dependencies: None


The motivation to make this mod came to me from making stock helicopters. I needed a way to make the most accurate bearings possible, center the rotor with the CoM and balance fuel so that the CoM stays constant. Also I was terribly annoyed while trying to adjust the authority limiter to exactly 50 and the slider keeps skipping from 51 to 49 back and forth. Precise Editor was born and it delivered the goods ! Now I share it with other players so that they can enjoy it and make better crafts. Since this mod was created, the game has changed a few things. For instance, there is no need to make stock bearings anymore with the robotic parts and the precision editing of tweakables is now stock.

Changes from previous version

  • Added /10 and x10 buttons for the - / + values (Requested by flart)
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1 hour ago, BlueLineSwinger said:

Oh, this looks very nice.

Any reason to believe that it would be problematic to install under v1.6.1? I (like many others I'm sure), are holding back on v1.7 until all of our favorite mods are vetted/upgraded.

I tried it on KSP 1.6.1 and it seems to work just fine. Should you have any issue, you can use the version 1.1.0 of the mod which is compiled for KSP 1.6.1. It's not as good as the last one but it gets the job done.

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[Feature request]
Is it possible to give us a multi-select and group move/rotate? Would help me out so much while building... (multiselect not affected by part root so you can select multiple parts instead of a root they both belong to to move them, useful when two parts with different roots need to be moved with each other)
Also I'd like to have a 'cheat mode' that doesn't have limits on the number, so you can set e.g. deploy limit 450%, craft files allow for that, but the mod would make it way easier than tweaking the craft file itself.
Last thing is an exact fairing tweak where we can set exact numbers for the fairing section positions. Should also be affected by 'cheat mode' to allow us to do crazy stuff

And as all the others here say as well, that not is my probably most used mod that I have.

Thanks for taking a look at my requests
-HB Stratos

Would also be cool if we could set the default rotation and move increments in a cfg file.

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Hi HB Stratos, I'm glad that you like and use my mod a lot. Those are excellent feature ideas ! Plus I have a couple of features that are implemented but not released yet such as editing both ends of struts and fuel lines, and changing attachment rules so that we can surface attach anything. I didn't have much time for KSP lately because I moved into a new house and there is a lot to do but I'll try to work on the mod.

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@flart : I just released a new version of the mod for KSP 1.9.0 which also includes new buttons /10 and x10 for the - / + values.

I always use the mod when playing KSP and indeed switching from 1 to 0.1 to 0.01 is something I was doing frequently so your idea is great.

Enjoy ! :D

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I didn't check to see if the latest-posted version works for 1.10, so I did a recompile, and uploaded it here:

[Link removed by moderator due to not following the add-on posting rules]

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On 8/25/2020 at 7:33 AM, zolotiyeruki said:

I didn't check to see if the latest-posted version works for 1.10, so I did a recompile, and uploaded it here:

The 1.9 version most likely works without a problem in 1.10, and you really should have at least asked him, either by a DM or a post here, what the status is.  If the last one was released a month ago, then he is still active, and posting your copy can create headaches for him.

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News (July 28, 2020)

I officially discontinue support for this mod. Version 1.4.0 for KSP 1.9.x is the last one I release. If someone wants to fork the project and keep maintaining it I'm good.

We all know you're terribly busy maintaining over two hundred mods, but you might have at least wanted to give the OP a glance... ;)

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On 8/25/2020 at 7:33 AM, zolotiyeruki said:

I didn't check to see if the latest-posted version works for 1.10, so I did a recompile, and uploaded it here:

[Link removed by moderator due to not following the add-on posting rules]

We're sorry, but posting links to recompiles in this fashion violated the add-on posting rules, so we've had to remove the link.

It's fine to publish a new fork of a mod (assuming its license allows it)... but if you do, you have to follow the same rules that any publisher of a mod does. There are hoops to jump through (including a license, linking to source code, etc.) Yes, it's a hassle and we're sorry about that, but alas, it's necessary.

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Dear Mod Creator,

Just want to say how grateful I am for this mod.  I recently went through all the mods, and ranked them, and this is #1.  The one mod I could not play the game without.  How can anyone play without the numbers?  Just shows how different my mind is from most "normal" humans.  Anyway, thank you all so much this is the reason I play and keep playing this game, I would not if it did not exist.  Many great mods out there; This is THE mod.


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Since this is a Mod I use pretty much every day, I see there is a new maintainer now; there is one big problem with it, which I will explain:

And it is to do with manually inputting of angles.  Whenever an angle is partially inputted to a box, it is taken as a complete representation of the desired rotation angle, the whole angle is normalised, then updated, often changing the value just inputted.  The mod can often get into "gimbal lock"/low precision floating point problems, and 2(or more) parts in symmetry can end up with different angles(and out of symmetry).  Manually inputting of angles just does not work as the mod currently is.  Using the +/- buttons works perfectly and that is how it is normally always used.  Would be great to be able to actually input the desired angle, though.

A solution to these problems is to have an option "require full angles", in which one can update angles in x, y, z and the change does not take effect until one presses a button.  So it does not instantly take effect when an angle is changed, instead a button needs be pressed, so the angles can then be changed in x, y, and z simultaneously.  Right now any manual change to an angle is instantly updated, often triggering the "gimbal lock" bug and putting 2 parts out of angular symmetry.

I have learned to work around this problem, but am very aware it does exist.  Often times when I want to manually put an angle, the only way is to zero the angle first(which takes a lot of time, as often multiple inputs of "0" are needed; a "zero" button would be amazing also, which zeroes the rotation in x, y, z).  After it is zeroes, I rotate in the x, y, and z as I need to using the +/- buttons.

So, requests, put a button "apply angle changes" or such, which can be optional, and requires a button to be pressed before manually input angles take effect.  Then they are all normalised together and the rotation done, and any post-normalisation changes to the x, y, z values are then updated.  And another "zero rotation" button would be grand also(but I guess not really needed if the first change is done).


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I see the Precise Editor button in the toolbar in VAB/SPH but I can't open the part menu by pressing "P". I tried a complete reinstall of the mod using ckan but it still doesn't want to work. When I look into my save game file I find two lines saying "PreciseEditor v1.0.0.0 = True" and "PreciseEditor = True". I even tried changing the version number in this save game file to the actual "PreciseEditor v1.4.0.1 = True" but after loading and saving the game it switches back to "PreciseEditor v1.0.0.0 = True" and "PreciseEditor v1.4.0.1 = False" so that's probably not the right way. I use a German QWERTZ keyboard so I tried several other localizations like the "US QWERTY" and tested all keys in combination with hovering, left/right clicking but nothing happened.

Any ideas? :unsure:


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Create the file C:\<your kerbal space program>\GameData\PreciseEditor\PluginData\PreciseEditor.cfg

and default values in PreciseEditor.cfg :

ANCHOR = source


PreciseEditor.cfg seems not be included with current CKan release, causing the problem of editor not appearing as it cant load this file.

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