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Forum Suggestion: Craft of the Month


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Sometimes there are builds that are so inspiring, so crazy, so innovative or just so Kerbal, that I think they should get a shout out. This week, for example, I have been running a challenge to get a rocket powered soley be Sepratrons to Orbit. @mystifeid came up with a rocket capable of a Mun flyby, with over 2000 sepratrons!


Then there was @Brikoleur's rotary Eve ascent Seraph.  And @AHHans's entry for the KSP Hype Train Challenge (not to mention his flying asteroid).  I could go on and on.


There are so many more cool things being posted in challenges, in craft sharing or simply in "What did you do in KSP today?"  It would be nice to give a few a shout out.  The stipulation is that the craft selected have to go above and beyond in the categories mentioned above: innovation, Kerbalness, creativity or the MOAR factor.

So, moderators and forum gurus, this suggestion is not for Squad but for you: An official Craft of the Month to accompany "Thread of the Month".  Perhaps it could be staggered by two weeks, and come out mid month, even.

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If you look at the latest "Threads of the Month" then you see that there are already two threads in there that are dedicated to showing specific new craft, so in a way this already exists.

What you could do is to start this yourself: why not do a post "Klapaucius' Craft of the Month" e.g. in the "KSP Discussion" subforum every month. Maybe that'll get the moderators interested enough to make it "official".

16 hours ago, Klapaucius said:

And @AHHans's entry for the KSP Hype Train Challenge (not to mention his flying asteroid).  I could go on and on.

Well, I'm much more proud of my Flying Rock than of the Train of Hype. And I'm surprised that the Flying Rock Kit is the least downloaded of my craft on KerbalX, even less than the Train of Hype. I mean, one is a slow train with one gimmick, the other is a giant flying rock with wings, how cool is that?

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