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  1. I just watched @ShadowZone's new video, and a few things struck me about how he goes about things... Have you noticed with Shadowzone that he does the following: 1. He never looks at the world in black and white. 2. He does his research. 2. He tries very hard not to make assumptions, and if all he can do is speculate, he is upfront about it, and does it with as much consideration of the facts on hand as possible. 3. He can be very critical without being mean, or attacking people personally. 4. He truly loves the game and wants it to succeed. Now we may or may not agree with all his conclusions, but what we are left with is a very informed perspective by, dare I say it, an adult. One of the many unfortunate aspects of the mismanagement and demise of KSP2 is that it took this community with it. Even if KSP1 lingers on, I think this forum is possibly permanently damaged. A lot of people have disappeared, no doubt due to the very shaky release, but I reckon many more have vanished because it got so toxic. There were many good-faith discussions and disagreements about the release, but there was a lot of just plain nastiness. It is almost as though the middle ground of critical analysis was stripped out, and we were left with some very loud voices on both extreme ends talking past each other. Sound familiar? There are many reasons to be disappointed and angry. Very angry. But how we express that is important. I truly wish the forum debates could have kept the high level we see in @ShadowZone's videos. In a way, I am relieved. I can move on from KSP, a game I alternately loved and hated. Loved: because I had such great times with the formerly supportive and fun community. Hated: partially because of the bugs (in both versions), but more-so because without the supportive community, playing stopped being fun. But I do appreciate so much the work of @Shadowzone. His channel is what has kept me interested in the game and up to date. If KSP2 is truly dead, and I believe it is, then we will be losing a great voice for the community. I wish him the best of luck with his mountain biking channel. And, as a very avid whitewater kayaker, I invite him to join our crazy community when he decides he has broken enough bones and wants to do something safer . (I can say this, because one of my paddling buddies did just that). Best wishes everyone.
  2. I have been watching Mentour Pilot's excellent and depressing series of videos on Boeing and the effect the merger had on the corporate culture. It is well worth checking out--there are three videos in the series so far. I have linked the first one below. While details and circumstances are different, in both cases we see companies ignoring engineers, putting up front profits ahead of long-term development and destroying reputations in the process. This is something my father, who worked for Pratt & Whitney for many years talked about. He called it that quarterly profits focus the "Harvard Business School" mentality. The late 80s and early 90s were also the peak of that wave of corporate downsizing. He hated the place the last 10 years (he retired in 1992), and it was interesting that when I met several of his co-workers at his funeral in 2006, they all said the same thing. That is part of the reason I got an arts degree and after many zigs and zags, now work overseas in a public library. I wanted nothing to do with corporate America after watching my father's experience. Unfortunately, I am still working for a city council. They just express their cost-cutting bureaucratic mindset slightly differently.
  3. I was born in 1970, but I feel old in a peculiar way. I was the last child and a rather late one for the time--my mother was 39 and my dad 42. And, my father was a relatively late child. My paternal grandmother was born in 1895. My grandfather (who, alas, died a month after I was born) flew a SPAD in WW1. I am the only one I know of my age with a grandparent who flew in the first world war. My father was drafted in '45 but Japan was defeated before he got shipped anywhere. So, I identify with an older generation.
  4. I don't know if this is the right place for this since it is not directly KSP related. I spent some time learning Blender recently, and I decided to practice by making a promo video for our boardgame event at our central library. I just wanted to share with some fellow KSPers. The physics is not really KSP, but the mindset is, I think. If for some odd reason, you are in the South Island of New Zealand in June, check it out... https://youtu.be/yWnjvTAxCXA
  5. I don't know if this is a bug or I am doing something incorrectly, but I have put an extractor arm on serval probes, only to get all the way to the destination and find that they are blocked by another part. The first time made a bit of sense since it was placed near the landing gear, but the second time it had nothing around it (sorry, I don't have images at the moment). Is there a specific orientation it needs to be placed at? (though I tried it in four orientations around the base of the rocket and still no luck). The frustrating thing is you cannot test this on the runway as it says it is an invalid sample site, and you cannot sample the arm movement in the VAB. Thoughts?
  6. I fit into the category of someone who has stopped KSP1 after KSP2 started (but have now pretty much dropped all of it). Here are my reasons: 1. KSP1 was decling for me anyway in the year prior to KSP2s release. Mainly this was because I always enjoyed the community aspect, particularly the challenge page. And what I was finding was that not many new challenges were being put forward, and when I put forward my own, I got almost no takers--which had almost never been the case before. I tended to get good responses to most (not all of course) of my challenges, but suddenly no one was interested. It seemed a lot of the folks I saw regularly on the forums I frequented drifted off--I have a feeling real life (as in the pandemic) probably played a role. 2. I was super-keen to be in on the early development of KSP2 and see how it progressed. So, I initially invested a lot of time and effort despite the challenges of bugs. My builds took a bit of a different tack--still weird, but also some replicas (Wright Flyer, Santos Dumont's 14Bis) which I had never done in KSP1. The KSP2 Builds page started taking up the mantel of the wonderful KerbalX. But... the community over in KSP2 land has turned toxic. I get there is a lot to criticize, and I have had my share of frustrations and rage quitting moments, but the forums are generally full of the same arguments and counter arguments ad nauseum. It is exhausting. Occassionally I still open the forums and comment (like today) but for the most part, I am tuning out. I think my KSP days may be reaching an end. It is just not fun anymore. Perhaps unfairly my experience with KSP2 and the forums has put me off all of it. I wish I could find some way to recreate the vibe just after the release of Breaking Ground. It was the best time gamewise and community-wise.
  7. What struck me in the video: How much more interesting the terrain in Kitbash is than KSP2. Granted, I have not flown over the whole surface of Kerbin, but in general the terrain is just not as engaging. That small bay in Kitbash had so many interesting elements--even if you remove the people, highways and houses, you still have a lot of canyons, interesting waterways etc. I realize that putting that level of detail on whole planets and moons is probably too much, but it would be nice to have at least a few areas where the features get more attention.
  8. In KSP1, I just stopped with struts altogether on rockets and used rigid attachment for everything--which you could do with advanced tweakables. But it was a nuisance becuase you had to do it individually for every part. One thing in KSP1 that was interesting (and that is not necessarily a good thing): rigid attachment worked fine in rockets, but no flex whatsoever tended to cause aircraft to shatter on landing.
  9. This is super important. When I got my first nomination it really felt like I had arrived and been accepted into the community--not that I ever felt unwelcome in this most welcoming of forums--but rather that I had graduated, so to speak. It is a little thing that actually means quite a lot.
  10. Having played this a while, i am not a fan of the game automatically loading to the last autosave or even last saved game. There does not seem to be any option to just go to the VAB as there was in KSP1. In my current case, I am stuck with a bunch of in-flight autosaves, and the game will not even allow me to rever the flight. All I can do is crash the vehicle to get it to reset. I think I prefer the way saves were handled in KSP1.
  11. The shark is very unforgiving. I almost got it under the bridge. But I did at least get some loops in: I tried buidling a plane based on a series of very successful designs from KSP1. Interestingly: it takes a lot more to get the same maneuverability in KSP2 than in KSP1. I've noticed the Panthers are weaker and the gimbaling seems less. I could fling the original around in a way I cannot do with the update.
  12. Reported Version: v0.1.2 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Windows 10 | CPU: Intel Core i&-9700 | GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB | RAM: 32gb I was coming into land, and the wheels got stuck vertically. If I retracted the gear (see 0:28 in video), they would immediately straighten out, but if I hit "G" again to put the gear back down, the problem repeated itself. I was still able to land, though the gear was half buried in the ground (see attached video). Google drive link to saves and craft file: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XRAZdCaE8MgPI1xP9xfU4FQJLAeJEbhY?usp=drive_link Specs: Severity: low Frequency: It is a constant with this plane. I have seen this before, though not all the time. Included Attachments:
  13. Wahoo! I love this stuff. I am recycling my craft I built previously to go bowling with. Honestly, the biggest challenge was driving it there. I discovered some very small (relatively speaking) light poles that destroyed my wheels. I had to maneuver through them, and there was a lot of backing up and turning. This was not helped by the fact the action groups were bugging out, so changing direction involved a lot of manual input using thrust limiters. The video is very speeded up and I just deleted a bunch of it, since I don't think watching several minutes (even condensed) of backing up and going forward is interesting. I saved just before letting the ball go and did several tries, which I cut together to get the multiple angles. I also enjoy playing basketball with fuel tanks:
  14. Congratulations! I see you are build of the week on KSP Builds: https://kspbuilds.com/
  15. This is amazing work. Thank you for doing this and thanks @Nate Simpson for responding and taking that on board. For me, I grapsed the SOI straightaway. While I don't think it would be obvious to a new player, I think as long as that is clearly explained in a tutorial it would be okay. But I still do not understand what the 1A and 2A is telling me. Again, maybe that is a tutorial thing, but even with the amount of time I have in KSP1, I was still at a loss. From just a design perspective, I would prefer clearer and cleaner fonts. The font choices in the UI overall are not good and the text is too small. I'm 53 years old, and my eyes are not what they used to be.
  16. In KSP 1 I escaped Gilly and went into Eve orbit simply by using a stack of Breaking Ground pistons.
  17. @Dakota Wow, that is looking a lot more comprehensive than I realized from the original post. This looks like a great step forward. I was never sure if I was reporting my bugs effectively and, to be honest, stopped doing so. I think this will encourage me to get back on the wagon.
  18. This sounds great. Rather than just tags, would it be possible to put the various types of bugs in subforums themselves, which would make searching easier? Also, I would think that if I come across a reported bug that I have also experienced, it would be better for me to reply to the original thread rather than start a new one. Is that the case? In the original Squad bugtracker, there was an indication when the bug was "confirmed", meaning a developer had seen it, reproduced it and was hopefully working on it. Is there any way to do this--perhaps just with a tag on the post?
  19. Gosh, I missed cornet even though it was in front of my nose. Still hoping for a piccolo trumpet and Sousaphone!
  20. As an on-again, off-again trumpet player, I'd just like to say how much I love the fact the new engines are called Trumpet and Tuba! So, will there be small variants, ie piccolo trumpet, C trumpet, cornet? Will there be a large, twisty tuba variant called Sousaphone? Now I just gotta hear some horns!
  21. In reading through the responses of some folks, what is interesting is that nowhere in my original post do I say we cannot be critical. What I have an issue with is ad-hominem attacks and pointless back and forth. Constructive vs destructive criticism. We can all get angry and frustrated; I've lost the plot more than once over symmetry issues in the VAB, not to mention wings falling off all my aircraft. I'm not thrilled with the UI, as I think the text is very hard to read. But the question is: how do we express that frusration and how do we give feedback in a dignified manner? @VlonaldKerman put up this post the other week that I thought asked some very good questions. In addition, most of the responses were polite and on-topic, despite being critical. I certainly take issue with the idea that the moderators are shutting down all critical threads. I think what they are trying to do is maintain some decorum.
  22. A bit of history: I did not even want to pay Kerbal. I got asked to help run a community program using KSP with kids in our library. I had not played games since I was a kid (other than solitaire) and was very frustrated over the weekend I spent having to learn this thing on the fly. Here is my first post: And yet this game got its hooks into me. I now have over 1800 hours in Kerbal Space Program 1 and 167 in Kerbal Space Program 2 (KSP sounds too much like KFC to me--not a fan of abbreviating everything), a lot of that time spent building ridiculous craft and making them fly. What kept me going and going was the community, specifically this forum. The fun of the game was doing challenges, building nutty stuff and then sharing it. Highlights include my first thread of the month: Getting featured twice on the official KSP Twitter feed first for my centipede plane and then for my frog was amazing. Getting kudos and support from other forum members and Squad Staff. @Just Jim said many a kind word, and that was a big boost. My favorite challenge I participated in was probably @Kergarin's walker challenge, which inspired a whole lot of silliness in me. My K.R.A.S.S.H. Industries (Klapaucius Reliable Air, Space, Sea & Hardware) motto: Practicality is for the unenlightened came out of this challenge. There are so many challenges I enjoyed--both those I created and those created by others. This is a very roundabout way of saying that I think I would have dropped it long ago if I only had myself and my PC. The community makes this game. But that community is fraying. Yes, the new game has issues, and yes they can be frustrating, yet it seems so many discussions, especially when we get an official update, devolve into gripe sessions. The moderators have done an amazing job of trying to keep things on track, but there is only so much they can do. I respect that there are many for whom trying to play the game in its current state is too much, and have taken a break. I respect there are those trying to make constructive feedback and move things forward. But I really have an issue with a lot of the criticism that is not constructive, often entitled and does nothing to move the game forward. There is a damned if you do, damned if you don't aspect these days. If we don't get an update, someone gripes about lack of updates. If we do get one, someone asks why we got one if it does not contain every item they hoped for. This is exhausting. Part of me thinks I should just not read those threads, but another part of me wonders why I should have to. These days "Telling it like it is" often seems an excuse to be rude or abusive. In addition, as someone living not in the country of my birth, I have come to realize that other cultures may have different ways of dealing with conflict. How I navigate conflict here in New Zealand is far different to how I navigate it back when I am in the US. We have an international forum here, including many people whose first language is not English. It helps to err on the side of diplomacy. Anyone who has seen me on these forums over the past five years knows I try not to get in disputes, try to see the positive and try to be helpful and constructive when I can. I'm not sure even posting this thread is a good idea, and I may be inadvertently inviting that which I am trying to work against. But I am just frustrated--not at the game, but at the community. I feel let down. Fortunately, I have other wonderful things in my life. I belong to a keen boardgaming group and I am an avid whitewater kayaker, which gets me outside and active, challenging me in a myriad of ways. Perhaps a few other folks who are riled up might consider getting outdoors--it does wonders to clear the head and calm the nerves. I'm just not sure I want to be part of this forum anymore, despite the many wonderful folks who are still here. Ultimately, it will not be the bugs and crashes that drive me away from Kerbal. It will be the negativity.
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