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[WIP] Boring Crew Services - Stockalike Starliner Mod


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This mod aims to add new and shiny Starliner spacecraft into the game. It's gonna be fairly simple, and is designed to work well with the Bluedog Design Bureau Atlas V.




Beta Download


-Simple Adjustable Fairings


This mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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5 hours ago, VoidCosmos said:

Isn't there another starliner mod? 

First again

Yes and it really could use an update on its visuals.


4 hours ago, Poodmund said:

If you're making the APAS, you may as well make the rest of the ISS.

Who do I look like to you? Someone who can effectively get stuff done? Funny :D

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5 minutes ago, Machinique said:

The x0.64 heuristic for diameter gives us 2.9m. Are you rounding up to 3.125m, or doing something else?


Either way, it'll fun to pair this with a kit-bashed Vulcan using Nertea's metholox engines.

This is going to be a new part size of 2.75m

We found that this is the best size for if you wanted to place it on anything from Atlas V to Delta IV to Vulcan. Since it’s an off part size it will also include adapters for normals sizes so you can fit this on a few things if you want.

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That's an odd size, but if it does end up proportional with Centaur, and adapters will be provided, then I suppose it won't be a problem.

More importantly, are you planning an IVA? From what I've seen of the interior pics, the controls seem fairly straightforward. If you were willing to model the MFD, I could help you set it up and add ASET switches, as well.

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4 hours ago, Dragon01 said:

More importantly, are you planning an IVA?

I'm actually planning on copying squad's mercury capsule iva, but like one for each potential crew member so they all have privacy and personal space. This idea came to me out of pure laziness, and then I also realized that it has social distancing benefits!

Innovative, I know! 

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3 minutes ago, VoidCosmos said:

Is it going to be stockalike?


On 4/7/2020 at 4:09 PM, DylanSemrau said:

Q: Will this be stockalike or realistic?

A: It will be a stockalike style, I try to aim for something similar  to BDB.

Friendly reminder to check the FAQ in the op.

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