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[1.12.4] Kerbin Side Remastered GAP - Flight contract pack [v2.1.7] [2022-12-19]


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54 minutes ago, Mr_Pistachio_ said:

 C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\KerbinSideRemasteredGAP

The mod should be installed in  C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program\GameData\ContractPacks\KerbinSideRemasteredGAP 

Each contract has links relative to that directory in order to load image files. If the images cannot be found correctly the individual contracts will not load, even though Contract Configurator registers the contract groups as available.

It causes errors like this one; 

[INFO] ContractConfigurator.ContractType: Loading CONTRACT_TYPE: 'KSRGAP-Navy-Certification1' 

ContractConfigurator.Behaviour.DialogBoxFactory: CONTRACT_TYPE 'KSRGAP-Navy-Certification1', BEHAVIOUR '<blank>' of type 'DialogBox': A validation error occured while loading the key 'url' with value 'ContractPacks/KerbinSideRemasteredGAP/Assets/Characters/LtDanKerman'. 

Uploading Crash Report
ArgumentException: Couldn't find image in gamedatabase or on file system using URL 'ContractPacks/KerbinSideRemasteredGAP/Assets/Characters/LtDanKerman'.
  at ContractConfigurator.Behaviour.DialogBoxFactory.ValidateImageURL (System.String url) [0x00033] in <ef0243a06f2841fe9bf57034a334902e>:0 
  at ContractConfigurator.ConfigNodeUtil.ParseValue[T] (ConfigNode configNode, System.String key, System.Action`1[T] setter, ContractConfigurator.IContractConfiguratorFactory obj, T defaultValue, System.Func`2[T,TResult] validation) [0x000c5] in <ef0243a06f2841fe9bf57034a334902e>:0 
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:Internal_LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)
ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)
UnityEngine.Logger:LogException(Exception, Object)
ContractConfigurator.ConfigNodeUtil:ParseValue(ConfigNode, String, Action`1, IContractConfiguratorFactory, String, Func`2)
ContractConfigurator.ConfigNodeUtil:ParseValue(ConfigNode, String, Action`1, IContractConfiguratorFactory, Func`2)
ContractConfigurator.BehaviourFactory:GenerateBehaviourFactory(ConfigNode, ContractType, BehaviourFactory&)
UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr)


Change the folder and you should be good to go. 

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Hi there! Thanks for the fantastic mod! 

Sometimes I'll have an issue where I'll land at the designated airport and it won't seem to meet the parameters required by the mission. One example is landing for the first time to unlock Meeda or Cola Island. No matter where I position the vehicle, it doesn't ever bring the "ramp" and I can't complete the mission. It says it does see me as landed at the location though. All very strange. 

Any thoughts? And thanks in advance! 

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15 hours ago, anthonyalessi88 said:

Any thoughts?

The current version of the mod has not been tested extensively with 1.12.3 and Contract Configurator has not been updated since Oct 05, 2020.  I'm going to assume that there are occasional bugs in both mods.

It has been my experience that because of the group level data arrays that define the parameters for all waypoints and other relevant mission information  that sometimes errors occur when the contracts are set and information is written into the persistent.sfs in the Contracts section of the save file. This can serve to make the missions impossible to complete.  There are two ways to correct this issue; 

  1. The most difficult Fix - Find the details of the status of the active contract in the persisten.sfs file and change the values there with the correct values contained in the  Groups.cfg of the mod. This is not always easy to do, especially if it's an issue with the VesselParameterGroup defining the right vessel that has to complete the mission.  
  2.  The Easy fix - Complete the the actual mission to the best of your abilities in game and if it won't for some reason complete on it's own, open up the game's debug console and mark the contract you are working on as complete. and collect the rewards. 

Both are imperfect solutions. Unfortunately my current schedule does not afford me the time look into the matter at a deeper level.


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On 3/12/2022 at 8:20 PM, anthonyalessi88 said:

Hi there! Thanks for the fantastic mod! 

Sometimes I'll have an issue where I'll land at the designated airport and it won't seem to meet the parameters required by the mission. One example is landing for the first time to unlock Meeda or Cola Island. No matter where I position the vehicle, it doesn't ever bring the "ramp" and I can't complete the mission. It says it does see me as landed at the location though. All very strange. 

Any thoughts? And thanks in advance! 

Hi there !
I had the same issue, but not for very long :

Select the waypoint to where exactly you should go at the landing place, and be within 500meters (not sure, but until it blinks and tell you "entering ...").

The point here is if you are landed anywhere, the part "Land at XX" will be validated, even if on the other side of kerbin.... So you should be close enough to the waypoint. I don't know if it is there without Waypoint manager though.

Good luck !

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Hi, I have a bug, when you carry disposable tanks, you discard one and it breaks when it hits the surface, it detects that you have not done the mission safely and you lose the mission and control of the plane. I fix it by adding a parachute to the tank. Thanks for making this mod, planes don't do a good job in kerbal.

Sorry for my English, I hope everything is understood.

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8 hours ago, Balaguer23 said:

I have a bug, when you carry disposable tanks, you discard one and it breaks when it hits the surface

Unfortunately the damage detection routines don't really distinguish very well between real damage and detachable parts. Adding a parachute is a good workaround.  Thank you for making use of the mod. 

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On 6/3/2022 at 3:25 PM, Nightside said:

Contract Configurator have a way to create missions with arbitrary pairs?

For missions between set static bases like the airports in KerbinSide Remastered you must define the specific coordinates of each location. This can be done in the data section of the either the contract file or the Group config for a collection of missions. I arranged the details of the based in several arrays of information  that I needed for each mission. I randomly select the destination airport but always chose the KSC as the starting point. This was my design decision, but there is no reason a similar contract could not be written that randomly selected both the origin, destination and perhaps a connecting flight location as well. 

You would need to ensure that you made the random selection process ignore the previously selected sites so as not to generate a flight from a location to that same location. 

The code in my contracts that selects the random destinations is; 

// Pick a destination of open airports based on Flight Progression 
		type = int
		fltLocationSelection = Random(0, $ksrgapFlightProgress)
		hidden = true

It selects an integer from 0 to persistent data store of the highest number of discovered bases defined in the arrays in the Groups.cfg file. You could easily  add additional ftlLocationSelection variables to hold the locations of other destinations or the origin location. 

If you just want to pick random areas to fly to, Contract Configurator has several random features contained in the WaypointGenerator Behaviour to do so. If you wanted to use this facility to visit static bases, you would need to define each location as a PQSCity object (Like the KSC and the Desert Airport are).      

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So a new discovery with KSP 1.12.3. The Island Airfield now has landing lights/markers that will damage your aircraft is you hit them.  This has implications for larger aircraft attempting to land there and for anyone who uses the Automated flight aids provided by Kramax Autopilot Continued and NavUtilities Updated. The information for Island Airfield runway 09 in both of these mods will allow a small plane to land safely, however it does bring you down left of center, so a larger plane would likely hit the landing markers. On runway 27 approach to the airfield will bring you down into the markers nearly every time. 

The lesson here is to always use the runway 09 approach, or land manually relying on site rather than instrumentation. 

Form the point of view of the flight contracts you may want to avoid the island airfield altogether, or just accept the small contracts. Alternatively a VTOL service from the KSC to the Island might be advised.  

The Desert Airfield appears to be unchanged from the previous KSP versions

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7 hours ago, Caerfinon said:

The Island Airfield now has landing lights/markers

Turns out it wasn't the KSP upgrade at all.... It was a KK base added as part of a mod that I recently installed .... Looking at you @OrdinaryKerman :happy:

So the good news is that stock KSP is not affected and the plane killing lights can be removed. Lesson learned though. Always check for KK bases in a parts mod. 

Side benefit, I spent the afternoon building a new commuter helicopter to make the KSC to Island run safely. Seems a shame not to use it, so maybe the landing lights can stay.

Island Hopper available on KerbalX 




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The thing about playing a career game with your own mods is that you quickly discover things that need to be done better. So it's review time...

To-Do list:

  •  Review reward structure - Issue 52
  • Standardize flight parameters - Issue 53
  • Jeb's Junkyard Cargo flights - Issue 54
  • Fix type 3 flights (requiring 12- 80 passengers causes lag and fps issues). :sob: Issue 55 
  • Maybe add some new suits.... NymjCTX.pngZ5bCiLq.png
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Issue 53 - Moved from In Progress to For Release

Changes made to contracts offered by Trans Kerbin Airlines

  • A dialog box has been added to the mission completion phase. After this dialog the vessel can be recovered. (don't have to look up in the contract window to see if the timers have finished anymore)
  • The mission steps and parameters have been standardized into a specific order for all flights.
    • All flights now make use of the Airport terminals. The Landing Rights flights are now brought into line with all other flight contracts   
  • Air Terminal waypoints are now named after the airport they belong to rather than just "the Air Terminal

  Issue 52 moved from ToDo to In Progress 

Working on revamping the mission rewards for flights. 

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  Issue 52 moved from In Progress to For Release


  • Calculated as  (the base reward value + the distance of the flight + a fee per passenger) * the value of the destination site * a random 0 - 15% addition.  NOTE: prestige multipliers also take affect 
  • A site's value is a ranking of how popular a business/tourist destination it is and a multiplier is applied to the reward reflecting the demand for travel there.
  • Type 1 flights have Trivial prestige. Type 2 flights have Significant prestige. Type 3 flights have Exceptional prestige.
  • Multi-flight missions give double the normal rewards
  • Sites that are further away provide more income than closer sites

The optimum flight is to a popular location that is very distance with the maximum number of passengers and Significant or Exceptional prestige. 

Issue 55 Fix type 3 flights moved from To-do to In Progress

  • The FPS loss flying 80 Kerbals around in a large aircraft is game breaking on some computers. 
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I installed KSRGAP and I also use Strategia mod. For some reason, the bonus contract reward is not applied for KSRGAP contracts and they are not listed in Strategia either (but TourismPlus is). I found a fix, though: :AFTER[Strategia] is needed after :NEEDS[Strategia] in Patches/Strategia.cfg.

Source of fix: 


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Version v2.1.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.12.3  Released on 2022-08-17

Bug Fixes

  • Issue 57 patch for Strategia support - fixed


Mostly Quality of Life stuff

  • Issue 52 - reward funds are now based on the Group variable rewardBaseValue If you alter this in the groups.cfg file it will adjust rewards across all contracts offered. Airports have an individual popularity rank that influences rewards payouts
  • Issue 53 - Layout of all flight contracts standardized. Air terminals are now named for their individual airports, a mission complete dialog has been added to airline flights
  • Issue 55 - Large flights of up to 80 passengers have been altered to require that the aircraft be made of large parts (mk3) instead. The passenger count has been reduced to 16. This should save a log of FPS on the PC.
  • Issue 56 - If you use USI Kolonization Systems (MKS/OKS), then on missions requiring specialized roles for passengers, some of these seats can alternatively be crewed by MKS kolonists. (ie. medics, geologists, etc. ).

Now available on SpaceDock

After 3031 downloads of the last version a few fixes were in order ;p

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