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[1.11] Air-Klaciers, a new Kerbal aviation company contract pack


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Compagnie d'aviation




What is Air-Klaciers:

Air-Klaciers is a contract pack aiming to bring the swiss mountaineer into the game !

I do enjoy to play with contract pack just to have a bit more immersion and one type of contract I've always liked were the rescue mission in GAP but there are only two.

So I've tweaked them and finally created my own rescue and transport contract.




Air Klaciers is a Kerbal aviation company that offers air transport services as well as an emergency service just like the real-world counterpart  Air-Glaciers.

It's a well-known swiss company what mostly use helicopter and I like to play with them in KSP, so why not create a contract pack to bring an incentive to play with either a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) or a helicopter.



How to:

There are two types of contract, the rescue mission and the transport.


  • Rescue Mission:
    • For you to access these missions, you have to complete a first flight contract "Land on a helipad !".
      • It is needed for you to learn how to fly a helicopter or a VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) to ensure you'll be able to rescue the poor kerbals in precarious situation atop the mountains.
    • Rescue kerbals lost in the mountains or in the middle of nowhere


  • Transport Mission:
    • For you to access these missions, you have to complete a first flight contract "Retrieve a scientist looking for old technology".
    • These are little missions to retrieve a kerbal somwhere on Kerbin and bring her/him back to the KSC.



All contracts and vessels included in this pack are completely playable in stock KSP and this contract pack is compatible with my heavily modded game (160+).



Module Manager

Contract Manager

You need them both in order for the contract to appear


Mod Recommandation:

Airplane Plus (need a small tweak to work in 1.11)


Both add really nice helicopter.

Waypoint Manager just because I use waypoint for the contract and it's easier to manage them



I've used helicopter with small tweak from blackheart612 on KerbalX



Air-Klaciers, a new custom agency which gldlay offer transport and emergency services





Download and Installation:

License: MIT



CKAN when I understand how to




If downloaded, drop the "GameData" file into your "GameData" which is located inside "Kerbal Space Program".

Know Issues:

If you go to the tracking station after accepting a contract, the kerbal in distress will appear so you know where he is.

It can break the immersion so you can either turn-off the display of kerbals on the Tracking Station or play along.

I usually give a lot of clue for where to look so it shouldn't be hard to find them.


To do:

  • Create more contracts
  • Balance the contracts
  • Find new points of interest
  • More immersion
  • More spelling and grammar checker
  • Exit the atmosphere ?


@nightingale for creating contract configurator and the awsome wiki

@inigmaand @Tudor Aerospace for their respective contract pack which help me understand how to write a cfg

@L0ck0n and @blackheart612 for their respective mods which add some really nice stock-a-like helicopter parts


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4 hours ago, Mystermask said:

Air-Klaciers is a contract pack aiming to bring the swiss mountaineer into the game !

Congratulations on the launch! :happy:Always nice to see more aircraft related stuff!

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Unfortunately there appears to be an issue with spawning Kerbals for contracts - when you accept a contract to retrieve Kerbal X, that kerbal appears in the roster and what appears to be a copy of that kerbal (same name) also appears on the map/in the flight scene. It is possible to load your target kerbal in your craft before taking off as a result. Perhaps there's a way to make only one of them?

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