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  1. "LGG personal log: 2020 Oct 4 Sunday: As so many people were complaining, spent the day updating topic titles. Didn't feel so good at the end of the day. Only figured out an hour ago I definitely updated some titles twice or more. Things are bad. Considering a career (another one?) in politics. Also worried the corners of the room are becoming non-Euclidean."
  2. If it purports to be a sweeping basal physics theory, if it doesn't have a quantum mechanics-general theory of relativity unifying component that describes how space comes about with a simplistic 3-dimensional nature (ie. Loop Quantum Gravity or others), then it's likely excrementse. Lack of co-authors and references as @mikegarrison points out is another warning sign.
  3. Floor 5387: After consulting logs, you realise 9 days ago the floor signs got screwed up, not to mention most losing 2000 floors. You count out the number of floors and discover this one's is right. You think.
  4. That's one way to do it. If you can't hold the craft at that AoA, then it needs more pitch authority from RCS or control surfaces that can take the heat. Alternately, there's other re-entry profiles that may work. In this case, to prevent overheating, the key is maintaining altitude until the craft is slower. Use lift to keep the craft at altitude. To refine this, you need to test multiple re-entry profiles. Different initial periapsis altitudes, different attitudes, etc.
  5. Good points. You can turn down science rewards to 10% and face a real challenge advancing through the default tech tree. In fact, that might go too far, requiring interplanetary missions to unlock some technologies that should be able to be developed independent of how far and how well things have been explored interplanetarily. KSP and KSP 2 both need a system where techs get unlocked by researching, developing, and testing and using new concepts and parts. The rewards from exploring out in space should feed back into the career, I'm just not quite sure how best to do that.
  6. If the pilot isn't wondering whether to fly or eat the craft, it ain't Minmus-themed enough.
  7. Those are solar periods. Sidereal periods would be more appropriate.
  8. If changing the tech tree, I'd change it so that uncrewed missions from Start were possible. Move the Stayputnik to Start and retech the other probe pods to match. Move the command pods out. Move the External Command Seat to Start to allow some initial "special" crewed missions.
  9. Hmmm, it's more complex a problem. In the statement of the problem, the periapsis is fixed and the apoapsis is variable. Which means the eccentricity is variable.
  10. It's a solved problem for elliptical orbits using the function between mean anomaly (time based from periapsis) and eccentric anomaly (angle based from periapsis). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mean_anomaly At the end of the article just before the references, there's a infinite equation to calculate the eccentric anomaly from the mean anomaly that can be used to figure out the position. From that, should be able to calculate the required orbital parameters.
  11. @Raptor22, I think you should be more cautious and consider the advice here. @linuxgurugamer is a long established programmer and KSP mod author. He supports over 200 KSP mods because he is that good and organized in his method for handling mods and taking them through KSP version updates. He is one of a few people who make and maintain the mods that many people, including me, think are essential for taking KSP from a good to a fantastic game. And like them he does this all voluntarily in his free time for no concrete benefit. I may not have been coding as much as LGG, but I have
  12. My sympathy on this tragedy. What I think should be done is making sure all trees are living and well-rooted. And adults need to be aware of risks and their degree. Falling trees are more of a hazard than many might think. Jared Diamond mentioned this in an article. https://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/29/science/jared-diamonds-guide-to-reducing-lifes-risks.html The risk on a single encounter is low. But the shear number of encounters means the risk is significant. I have a friend who applied this lesson and was saved from a falling tree.
  13. @RobertaME, very good dynamically analysis. I currently run KSP on Windows 10, which I've managed to tame to the point it's not that much of a issue. I also want to see KSP 2 on other OS. I don't have any problem with the female Kerbals.
  14. Not true at all. It's known that it will never be realistically available. Metallic hydrogen is similar to monatomic hydrogen: both are wildly unstable under any usable temperature and pressure. Metallic hydrogen only exists under massive pressures. Monatomic hydrogen only exists in near vacuum. Putting either in KSP 2 as an effective fuel is damn stupid.
  15. No problem. Well, as a Steam user, when I see games go up exclusively on the Epic store--which I'm unlikely to use--I feel a loss, even if the exclusive is temporary. Then I look at it again and remember that the closest I've come to wanting an Epic exclusive game is Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. And I've not spent the time to come close to finishing the original Rebel Galaxy. "Bribe", like a lot of strong words, gets misused, as you've mentioned often from a lot of emotion. But at least in North America and Europe, there's few outright bribes. But there's a lot of over-sharp a
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