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  1. With @Klapaucius and @KerikBalm using the Mission Builder in ways that are very interesting and cool, i've decided to add a tenth option: I'm playing KSP 1.4.1 or a newer version with the Expansion installed and using the Mission Builder like HyperEdit for direct testing and play away from the launch sites Thanks for the feedback, KerikBalm. Helps me get a better idea of the nature of the Expansion.
  2. I'm in the same boat. But worse. The last KSP I played was 1.3.0. For a little bit. A crazy rocket sled and some aircraft: https://imgur.com/a/nSWAr The last KSP I played a lot was 1.0.4. There's a lot of changes I've got to get familiar with. That would be so cool! I agree, the thrust plates should have been base stock. And the other parts.... Maybe Squad thought they needed the Expansion-only parts and alternate launch sites as the immediate hook to have enough people get the Expansion. I among others got the Expansion because I love KSP and wanted to give that support to Squad. Maybe the parts and the alternates will be base stock eventually.
  3. Jacke

    An Aquatic Adventure

    Well, I liked that Fiat body by @Wrench Head. Hey, is that in a parts mod anywhere? Now, as I was say, I like.... ARE THOSE RADIOISOTOPE THERMAL-ELECTRIC GENERATORS ?!? Yes they are. You're sending Jeb around the planet in a nuclear powered rover. How about calling it Hot Stuff ?
  4. "KSP 1.4.0 or earlier" meant any version of KSP before "Making History" was released with KSP 1.4.1. You didn't understand what I meant, but others did. And I would have preferred if you just asked me what I meant instead of what you posted. I have changed the language of the options to be more explicit.
  5. Jacke

    Better Than Starting Manned Revival?

    I still have my KSP 1.0.4 install with BTSM as well. When I was reviewing the rover designs I made in BTSM, I even fired it up a couple of weeks ago to look at my designs. Turned out there was one I'd forgotten about and never took any screenshots of. So I took it out for a spin and photos. I put together 3 albums of screenshots of my BTSM Mun rovers, with notes on each photo that tells the tale as best I could recall. All were just tested on Kerbin in a parallel BTSM sandbox. Never flew them to Mun. KSP v0.23.5 BTSM_004 20140529a-Rover_1-A-1 KSP v0.90 BTSM_011 20150317a-Rovers_Kerbin_testing KSP v1.0.4 BTSM_014 20180911a-KSP0.90-Rovers Anyhoo, it was nostalgic firing up BTSM again and I will keep the install. But I don't think I'll play anymore in BTSM. I always wanted more that what BTSM had and put in more mods as long I was just stretching the nature of BTSM and not breaking it. (For example, no parts mods, except for the FASA launch clamps, and even them I made sure I got them at the same tech as the stock launch clamp.) And even @FlowerChild thought you could get a sort-of reasonable game out of KSP 1.0.5 and 1.1 by turning down the science. And KSP has moved on and has many cool features, ones I want to have. So I'll play current KSP and see what sort of game and career mod I can make meself. I've got some ideas and patience to craft something good.
  6. Wow, that's all rather cool, @Klapaucius. One of the things I use Hyperedit for is making sure my designs for landers and rovers will work on remote system bodies. So, I could use the Mission Builder for that instead? Build a lander, rover, or like Klapaucius does, a plane or submarine. And you can just drop it in the planned destination to make sure it will work there.
  7. What the frak ?!? First two options! (Thanks, @Geonovast.)
  8. Jacke

    [1.4.*] Filter Extensions (No localization)

    Okay. So, instead of just guessing, using CKAN I added the latest Filter Extensions into my recently established KSP 1.4.5 test install (for getting some good log runs to report mod issues) and actually took a look at what Filter Extensions is doing. It has as mods Module Manager, KSP AVC, Zero MiniAVC, RPM, HullcameraVDS, and Filter Extensions. The stock filter is very broad, shows all parts that match a given diameter on one of their nodes, not just fuel tanks. (Really have to be careful as it also shows the depreciated pre-1.4 parts that have been replace with newer models). I see 4 conical fuel tank adapters, the long pointed sloped tank, and 4 cylindrical tanks. I switch to Filter Extensions 1.875m filter. I see 4 conical fuel tank adapters, the long pointed sloped tank, and 4 cylindrical tanks. (And very cool, Filter Extensions doesn't show the depreciated parts.) So, exactly as I though, that filter is picking tanks with a face that's 1.875m. And the stock filter and the Filter Extension filter both show the same 9 tanks. And those stock 9 tanks are all from the Making History Expansion. @Gordon Dry's screenshot of the Filter Extensions filter shows the Bossart-BT1-700 Balloon Fuel Tank, which has to be from another mod I don't have installed. And his screenshot of the stock filter shows a whole bunch of parts I don't have showing in my stock filter display. Again, they must be from another mod. @Gordon Dry, I would imagine you don't have Making History installed. And I think the filter issue is whatever logic the Filter Extension filter uses isn't matching all those parts from that mod except the Bossart-BT1-700. It could be the filter's logic. Or it could be whatever the logic used--which does work on the 9 Making History tanks and the Bossart-BT1-700--is failing because of what's specified or not specified in the other parts. Someone will have to look at the logic and the parts in detail to figure out which it is. A list of mods and logs would help as well.
  9. Jacke

    [1.4.*] Filter Extensions (No localization)

    It likely has a 1.875m node, ie. the lower face.
  10. I don't see solar panels in MH either. I think that might be the upgrade replacement of parts in base KSP. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Parts https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Making_History_parts
  11. I've read that you can try this on KSP 1.4.5. Go to the first post of this topic and download Windowshine for KSP 1.2, which is configured to use TextureReplacer instead of TextureReplacerReplaced. Then use the latest ModuleManager and the latest TextureReplacer. That's what I'm planning to use when I get to checking it out in the mods I use. EDIT: Important note: The install .zip for WindowShine 1.2 for KSP 1.2 contained the top directory "TextureReplacer". It does indeed appear that that version of WindowShine is a direct mod onto TextureReplacer.
  12. Jacke

    An Aquatic Adventure

    True. But we'd best not tempt the Kraken too much else may find it should have been called Not a plane or submarine.
  13. I'm wondering how many KSP players have the "Making History" Expansion. And if they have it, what features of it are they using.
  14. Jacke

    [1.4.*] Filter Extensions (No localization)

    Speaking of filtering.... Is there any way in stock KSP to just show the Making History parts? Or to just show the non-Expansion parts and not the Making History parts? Can these be done in Filter Extensions? If not, could they be added?
  15. Jacke

    An Aquatic Adventure

    Tell 'em they screw up this one, they're all swimming and walking back to KSC.