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  1. Jacke

    Farewell, father.

    Do something with your mom that she likes. If she doesn't want to, be gentle with her. If she wants to talk, talk with her. This will help both of you.
  2. Are you starting to wonder whether you should have gone with a ferry? @purpleivan's Coastal Cruiser would be great at that. But damn the bridges are fascinating. Too bad there's not a little less...challenging too. Bet Edberry's thinking "Damn, should have done what Jeb would have done and jumped."
  3. The odyssey continues.... I really think this is something similar or the same to what @whale_2's WorldStabilizer fix deals with. It finds crafts that are slightly buried into the terrain and lifts them up prior to physics starting so they don't get Kraken-launched into the air or on escape trajectory from Kerbol. Whether it will help with crafts on Kerbal Konstructs is another matter. It would almost be easier if you'd put in a ramp and jumped the gap. So KK can connect two sections of the same bridge smoothly but when it gets so big you need to put in 2 bridges, it doesn't do that. Well, damn. That's a rather deep question dude. Maybe Pai Mei knows?
  4. You should be good at that by now. Should you have constructed the bridge before the Bugger got into physics range of the start of the bridge? As you can't keep it within physics range and it will have issues when it leaves? Guessing you learned this while building the initial bridges. What happens when you leave vehicles on existing bridges and you go elsewhere, like KSC? Are they still on the bridge when you come back? Jeb would do it! Do it for Jeb! Hey, Kerbal's aren't immune to damage, but I've had one fall from kilometres up and impact the water at 45m/s and live. Triop forges on!
  5. How about adding the 45° angle RCS quads, like the ones on the Lunar Module, that are positioned at the corners of a lander. Instead of all 4 jets being in a single plane, one is angled up at right angles to all of the rest to allow positioning on the corners. There's been multiple mods that have recreated these. They should be stock.
  6. Hey Triop, if you ever get tired of driving on Kerbin, you should check out Eve. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Eve There's various ways you could get your stuff there (Making History Mission Builder, HyperEdit, and Extraplanetary Launchpads are three possibilities). And the possibilities look crazy.
  7. Jacke

    Farewell, father.

    My sympathies for your loss, dude. We're here for you, man. I suggest you get to sleep for the funeral. You want to be as rested as you can. Funerals are for the living to work out their feelings about losing someone in their life. They will all feel different things. So will you. What you are saying makes me think you're really understanding what's important in life. Being kind to the dog and your sister. Feel what you're going to feel. It'll be all over the place. People are going to be sad. You will feel sad. Help those around you when you can, in little ways. Time turns the hurts into scars. Scars are what we bear that show we survived. I'm many decades older than you and my parents passed away in the last 5 years. My mother had dementia so in many ways she wasn't how I remember her in the last years. I still miss both of them. I can feel sad from this still. Or any of those close to me who I've lost over the years. Even back to when I was your age. You learn to handle bit by bit what's in your life now. Cherish those you love that are in your life now, for they can be gone in a moment. I served in the Canadian Forces and I've been to far too many funerals. And not all of them were old. I still remember being on the Regimental Funeral Parade for Nathan Hornburg, member of my Regiment killed in Afghanistan in 2007. He was 24. Others I've know are gone.
  8. To search, you'll have to have a matching search term. Easier to look up when KSP 1.6 was released. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Version_history Look to the posts after 2018 Dec 19. That's 3 pages back. Skim from there looking to see what's happening with the mod. You'll see the mod is currently supported and from at least the lack of posts mentioning issues, the mod likely works. Since that's 2 months, you'll likely see if there's any issues.
  9. It's location was moved in a recent KSP update. Follow the red labelled link in my signature for info on where to find the logs.
  10. LOL! I meant when you had another tank(s) in front of the ones remaining. The ones left seem safely guarded by the rest of the front end. Your design has been "refined" by breaking off all the bits that easily break off. We're supporting you to keep you in the drive, dude. We're hoping to see you drive back into KSC with that beastie. Though by then it'll be a little like the Rover of Theseus.
  11. Out of likes again. I advised draining the front tank first so when (not 'if') you lost it in a crash, you'd lose the least amount of fuel. As it seems you can't strip anymore parts short of a massive crash, it's moot now until you repair again.
  12. It's better to read the last few pages of a mod's topic where you'll find that out.
  13. Jacke

    Science Basics

    There's a few mods that do this. Take a look under Science here. There's at least Automatic Science Sampler and For Science that include that function. Back to the original poster's request. Lots of good advice here. For keeping track of stock KSP science, I made up a set of Science Checklists. They're current with KSP 1.6.x and have lots of little details about things like science around the Kerbal Space Centre. As for a number of people talking about trajectories, orbital maneuvering has a number of things you're just going to have to learn by experience, as it's very different from anything you've likely encountered. There are a large number of terms taken from orbital dynamics done in the real world and you'll learn those as you encounter them. There's a few rules of thumb. 1. Changing a velocity either in line or opposite to its current direction usually has a greater effect when the velocity being changed is higher. This is the Oberth Effect, ie. using an amount of delta-V closer to the primary object being orbited has greater effect. 2. Changing a velocity at right angles to its current direction usually has a greater effect when the velocity being changed is lower. One example is to do a plane change maneuver, it's best to do it at apoapsis when the orbital velocity is lowest; for circular or low eccentricity elliptical orbits, raising the apoapsis for this can be worth it. 3. Changing a velocity at right angles for a given effect can be better to do farther away. Common case for this already mentioned is how to put a spacecraft into a polar Munar orbit for the least extra delta-V. The best way to do this is during the Trans Munar Injection maneuver by giving it a vertical component and aiming for a Munar polar pass. The extra delta-V up is vector added to the large Trans Munar Injection delta-V, so its cost is least there.
  14. Jacke

    Really Really Really Tall Building

    Floor 5049: Someone fixed the floor progress from the floor below, which was strange as the building had NO elevators (lowest bidder, you know); also found skeletons of 3 people who were waiting for an elevator standing in front of the floor 5049 broom closet.