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  1. The only common component is the major superconducting magnet ring. All the other hardware was new and improved. And considering the difference is well into the significant digits, this really does appear to be significant. I think the next steps will be a recreation of this and similar experiments, because that'll be a big career paper, either confirming this trend or refuting it.
  2. Very good analysis. In light of this, what do you think about Elite Dangerous's buy-in Alpha of the Odyssey Expansion? I'm quite surprised at how unfinished so much of what the videos I'm seeing are revealing about it. So many things wrong.
  3. You mean 19th Century, as General Relativity provided the needed correction to predict Mercury's precession accurately.
  4. Firing up the boiler in 2021 would be a waste of fuel.
  5. A good video on the whole event.
  6. Afraid not. That's a sometimes psychological reaction. Humid is one of aeronautic's 3 H's: High, Hot, and Humid, which reduce the density of air and the performance of aircraft. Gases at a given temperature and pressure have about the same number of particles per volume. Nitrogen has molecular mass 28. Oxygen has 32. Argon has 40. Carbon dioxide has 44. Water vapour has 18. Increase the humidity and the density of the air goes down.
  7. Can you post the lyrics? Because I can't get some of the words. And there's a lot of lyrics here. EDIT: As the original poster hasn't been on for nearly a year, it's alas unlikely.
  8. From the depth of water in the eastern third of the Canal, the bow and forward part of the ship are likely still aground. IT'S LIKELY STILL STUCK!
  9. If it gets to off-loading containers, that's going to be very tricky, as just taking them from the ends of the ship risks putting too much strain in the centre of its length and cracking the keel. And the bow has only been cleared from the bank clays. I'd say the forward third of its length is still upon the shallow bottom of the east side of the Canal.
  10. That's Relic and Nick. And I think a 20,000 TEU freighter might be a bit beyond their skill.
  11. It's what Kerbals ended up with when they tried to make Soylent Green.
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