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  1. Jacke

    Is KSP2 dying?

    Just do so quickly. The number tends to fluctuate a lot.
  2. That's better than what I expect from J. J. Abrams.
  3. Starting to look like a Hype Train. Someone tell @GregroxMun
  4. Sometimes, you just gotta sing the Blues....
  5. KSP 2 when it releases will cost you. The Hypetrain is free.
  6. Hadn't done anything with Caveman since September. I've moved my screenshots to two galleries for my TANGO launch and rendezvous and my KILOLIMA launch, rendezvous, and docking. Will later note them and put them up on Imgur. I've downloaded v27. I see "KILO", the remainder of the mission spacecraft, with Jeb 12km off. I assume they're both on a similar hyperbolic trajectory around Kerbin. So with the ~3500m/s of delta-V (assuming that's displaying correctly), I need to: 1. Capture Jeb with KILO and get Jeb hanging off that ladder inside KILO. 2. Change the inclination to 0. (Need to do that as far away as possible to minimize delta-V.) 3. At periapsis, burn to capture with a new periapsis below 100km. 4. Circularize under 100km. 5. At an appropriate point, deorbit aiming to get Jeb over the VAB. 6. Switch to Jeb and exit KILO. 7. Parachute Jeb onto the VAB. Possible.... Pushing my KSP skills, though, especially the last few.
  7. Thanks to @IncongruousGoat for a good capture back at Kerbin. Thanks, I will.
  8. And YouTube strikes again. https://www.youtube.com/post/UgzBKWoc-FI0M4HBsFJ4AaABCQ And there's this informative comment.
  9. Yes. I do so in my MM script for MechJeb. I've not checked it since KSP 1.6.1, but it should still be good. 2nd stanza covers all parts with a KerbalSeat MODULE, which includes the External Command Seat.
  10. AKA @Triop Cubed, more bang for your bucks!
  11. I wasn't very clear there. I didn't so much mean the use of TweakScale as using it to make two craft identical in form but different in size. Seems...unnatural. Kudos on the mission and the pics. One thing I wish was true: the standard scales were simple multiples of 1m, not 1.25m, 2.5m, etc. Just irritates me. Not much can be done about it now.
  12. StarLink is already wrecking Astronomy. I fear nothing will be done about it. https://www.forbes.com/sites/startswithabang/2019/11/20/this-is-how-elon-musk-can-fix-the-damage-his-starlink-satellites-are-causing-to-astronomy/
  13. Just because TweakScale makes it possible doesn't mean you have to indulge in it.
  14. Sweet ride, dude! After the flip with explosion near the end, what part blew up?
  15. Jacke

    Is KSP2 dying?

    That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die.