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  1. I've been back with KSP for about a month. Today I finally went through all my "Like"'s in a day.
  2. More specifically @Miracle Magician's KSP 1.7.2 recompile. Kind of too extreme for me, arbitrary connections between vessels in physics range.
  3. Oh yes. Offtopic, but for aptitude I had to put in a custom Package-Display-Format in /etc/apt/apt.conf. Then it was the 'M' and 'm' keys to change the flags. Aptitude::UI::Package-Display-Format "%c%a%M %p #%Z %3R %5s %2r %9t %16V %1S";
  4. There's a check-box in the new client for the auto-install status of a mod for all installed mods. You can change it yourself. I imagine it will work the same way as the auto-install status of packages in the Debian Linux OS when using the aptitude program.
  5. I think it'll need two course correction burns: first after leaving Kerbin SoI, early to mid-transfer to get the pass at Jool close enough, then second right after entering Jool SoI to adjust the Jool pass. Then burning at periapsis to get an encounter with the parking moon.
  6. And at best there's only the 2.5m Heatshield available, for a craft that will likely need to be minimum mass. What about a close-to-Jool initial periapsis for the Oberth Effect for the Joolian-Orbit Insertion, with the apoapsis near to whichever moon is chosen for parking ?
  7. Speaking of trajectories and bragging rights, do you want to do an aerocapture at Jool or Laythe or both?
  8. What's the science difficulty setting, BTW? I've had a Kerbal ride the offset separator to LKO and that was demanding enough. Going interplanetary and worrying about drifting Kerbals makes me think you want to just have 1 external Kerbal. However, you might want a pilot Kerbal in a pod for Crew Reports and other stuff. Scientist for the external Kerbal; who also rides all the landers down to all 5 moons, maybe resets experiments like the Goo and the Science Jr. And after getting through all of the Jool system, I suspect having a 2nd pod seat for the Scientist on return would be a good idea. Don't want to screw things up at that point what with drift. Where in the Jool system, I've not done meself. I'd read a number of them in the Jool-5 topic. Many work with leaving the mothership at one of the moons, but that would cut into Crew Report science. So I'd say it's up to whether the mothership itself will have the delta-V to go to all the moons itself.
  9. It also means that Kerbals can only exit the vessels on Kerbin's surface. Which means to get EVA reports, Kerbals have to ride outside of the capsules at launch and at all points during flight, like during interplanetary transfer. Thus all this talk about Kerbals on ladders and drift during time warping.
  10. I've come no where near Jool and my Caveman campaign (aiming for Nanocrystaline Diamond with minimum science) didn't get out of LKO. I'm also very rusty in KSP vessel design and can't really help at these levels. But I am interested in following along. And I do have a few observations. You may want to make a base Caveman savegame to start from. Perhaps with all the tech tree filled out already to unlock all parts. Do try to design both without and with the DLC parts. Once you get some polished craft, could you share lots of screenshots and perhaps share them on Kerbalx.
  11. Actually, @The Dunatian, slander is spoken and libel is published. They are liable to be used interchangeably.
  12. Take a look at its Jenkins entry for the latest build. https://ksp.sarbian.com/jenkins/job/ModuleManager/151/
  13. Well...aircraft have already been there, as have earlier rockets. People used to go to the airports to watch them take off and land. Some still do. With adjustment for the fact rockets launches are rarer and harder for most to get to, I imagine it has and will do the same. Of course, exceptions for major milestone launches.
  14. I've not tried this meself, but for those wanting to try fixing the stock wheels the same way, there's @Shadowmage's framework mod that fixes things: and its configs for the stock parts, which haven't been updated for 2 years. https://github.com/shadowmage45/KerbalFoundries2/tree/master/KerbalFoundries-Patches/Stock
  15. Appears at this time the colours of Community Trait Icons (used by many other mods) and this mod are aligned. Which is very good indeed.