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  1. Just coming back and so excited to see this mod up and living! Thanks!
  2. Thanks all, I was able to do all you mentioned and more. It was a great day with beautiful weather and wasn't too crowded.
  3. I'm here at KSC today. Any suggestions on things I shouldnt miss while here? Photos:
  4. @zer0Kerbal @Miracle Magician either of you up for maintaining this mod? It's really a good one
  5. Please oh please let the dirt on planets have friction when my Kerbals take a tumble.. I'm soo tired of watching my kerbal slide down a gentle slope for 2 hours not being able to do a thing about it.
  6. Hey thanks for maintaining Zero MiniAVC, it really cleans things up for me.
  7. This is all possible. Try this: Create a shortcut with startup parameter -popupwindow. Launch the game using your customized shortcut. Go to settings and change resolution to your screen size. Uncheck Full Screen. --very important. This allows me to mouse over to other monitors while KSP remains in focus. See this for more details on startup parameters.:
  8. Yes I'm serious. You get the base game for the price you paid. Then there should be a way for them to earn revenue/pay costs of their multi-player service. It's perfect because there is a free option for everyone who wants to try or participate.
  9. Time is something we have. In fact, things that take time feel the most rewarding. It only takes days to get to Mun. You play one day, come back another day and start exploring and building bases on the Mun with others players who have done the same. There are lots of multiplayer games where time progresses at normal rates if you are there or not. BUT we would definitely need an automated maneuver system. Do you think real people who control real Mars rovers hate their job because of no time warp?
  10. I'll add that hosting a multi-player environment is an on-going cost, so I would expect a company to want a subscription based service. My example of subscription solutions provides a free option so that all players can participate to some extent. The limitations of course would only apply to multi-player mode.
  11. Congrats and good luck! Don't go too crazy...Tweakscale is awesome because "it just works".
  12. Real time multiplayer is the way to go. It causes people to invest time and effort into a real time community. You can fly what you want to fly, go where you want to go. Can't wait for docking? Don't reap the benefits of docking. Want to go to Mun? It might take a day. We would need a feature in game that can do a scheduled maneuver for you while you're at work or asleep. This could be a real money maker: Subscription based = $$$ Free Membership: Level 1 KSC features. only 1 command module active at a time. Bargain Rockets Membership: Level 2 KSC features. 1 automated maneuver Rockomax Membership: Level 3 KSC features. 2 automated maneuvers.
  13. I've uploaded the configs to Spacedock: Configs for Making History Requires TweakScale from this thread. License is WTFPL Please make sure to Delete these configs once TweakScale is updated to avoid duplicate config problems.