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  1. Just a suggestion: Would be cool in the Vehicle Assembly Building if I could input my destination and be given Launch Vehicle suggestions based on my current vessel mass and my desired destination. Perhaps just highlight/text-color change of the Launch Vehicles that can meet my needs.
  2. I've been wanting something like this for a long time. Way to go! I'll check it out next time I play KSP.
  3. Your mod is beautiful as is! Where are you saving the images? Are they just small thumbnails or are they entire screenshots?
  4. Great idea! Did you know that Mod-F5 allows manual input of save name in stock? But I do like to use Save mods that help to customize the save name automatically. If you are interested, it kinda feels like this mods scope could be increased to aid saving as well.
  5. Stock? Has anyone done this since 2013? Maybe I should try it out.
  6. Prove it! For now, I agree that landing on the gas giant sounds fun Can you achieve a Jool Return mission? Yikes!
  7. Just had to stop in an let you know how much I am enjoying QSRSS! It's the perfect size balance for stock and stock-a-like part mods. I'm using Blue Dog Design parts with Historical Progression Contract Pack and it has revived KSP for me. Much Thanks!
  8. I found your report to be friendly and helpful. Thanks.
  9. Hey, I'm looking for a way to adjust inclinations to be more stock-a-like. Will the following config do the trick or does it need to be more specific to QSRSS? Inclinations/Stockalike_Inclinations/Stockalike_Inclinations.cfg
  10. The perfect planet pack has finally been achieved! Congratulations! and many thanks!
  11. Thank you! This is honestly my favorite size to play with. It's the best size for making stock rockets fun to build and fly!
  12. Oh, silly me. I for some reason forgot about atmospheres. Dumb. Sorry!
  13. Is the Low Orbit to Venus number accurate? It seems really high (19,100) compared to Earth to Low Orbit(6,700).
  14. Here is one of my fun trips to Duna. See entire album here:
  15. I hope it is nothing bug bugfixes and things to help modders mod. Even better, I pray that they will make Kerbal open source so we can take over.