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  1. I suppose some sort of wide angle spotlight would do it, but I think that'd need to be a new part, I don't think it's possible to config-bash one together. More than happy to be proved wrong by someone more knowledgeable than me though.
  2. From memory, that's a game engine limitation. Unless it's a spotlight (i.e. casting light in a certain direction), it's going to light up everything near it. If it is a spotlight, it's going to light up everything in it's path. According to MOARdv, The Unity Light object includes controls to turn on shadow casting for a light, but I don't know if KSP allows them to work. If it does work, it's likely to get quite expensive to calculate, especially when you have many light sources and parts on the same vessel moving (solar panels, service bays, antennae, etc).
  3. To wit, @InvaderGIR, make sure the mod lives in the GameData\Diazo\RCSLandAid folder. That should contain all the Plugins, Plugindata, MiniAVC.dll etc. Post a screenshot of the mod files address if you're unsure.
  4. Yes. The rocket being symmetrical means the centre of thrust is going to be firing through the centre of mass at all times - so long as it decoupled symmetrically. Toggle the indicators on in the VAB and take off the boosters manually, the two CoT and CoM balls and arrows don't move. Move the boosters and engines around, see what happens in different configurations. When the thrust doesnt point through thr CoM any kore, that induces a spin (small differences can be overcome with reaction wheels, engine gimbals, or RCS) In fact, your assumption is the opposite of what can happen - with the boosters on just the E and W side, those are the only sides that are subject to drag peculiarities or thrust misalignment, causing a turn. As for the direction the rocket does tip, that's likely due to the initial launch angle. Anything other than bang on 0° and the CoM will be to one side of the CoT (imagine looking up at the rocket from a point directly below it on the ground) and gravity will pull the rocket over. Now, KSP tends not to load in things instantaneously and the physics engine may mean your rocket wobbles slightly before lift off - this mean a launch angle of not 0° which means it'll eventually start turning.
  5. Hello Almighty Banana, do I have a name change available? If so, could I be BudgetHedgehog please?
  6. Excellent stuff! *adds to list of mods I didn't realise I wanted* Just an FYI, the latest Chrome build (71.0.3578.98) build thought the latest Github release was malicious in some way (for some reason. No idea why, the previous release downloaded without a problem). Thanks for your continuing efforts and contributions!
  7. Let's be honest, it's the best reason a mod could ever be retired for, to be incorporated into stock. It's certainly an exclusive club and thanks to LGG for maintaining it until it made it... O7
  8. Just a thought - if RealPlume Stock Configs is going to change to suit the twin nozzle now, it's going to need a MM file to say that if Vens Stock Part Revamp is present, don't do the twin plume. Kerbas_ad_astra has said engines will be overwritten and the model for the Poodle is going to continue to have one nozzle. I think I'm going to need to download Notepad++ again..
  9. And here I was using the trim function like a n00b :p Looks good, I've been meaning to get into spaceplanes in my current save, no doubt this will help! Grabbing for future use, thank you!
  10. It wasn't Hangar Grid but actually, I think it was ALG - I remember a fair few tweakables available in the gear as well (and I've just found it in my 0.90 Gamedata folder) so it's likely that. If it's in KF now though, that's awesome news, I've coincidentally been waiting for the latest update to it for a few days now. Cheers dude!
  11. Congrats on the release, talk about an early Christmas present! Not so much for modders though Cheers to all involved though! I was just building something that the butter stick lander can would be perfect for!
  12. Hi hi I remember a few years ago there was a mod that would help with placement of landing gear, it would have a (X, Y, Z) axis shoot out from the wheels so you could get them all in line. I could have sworn it was called something along the lines of the title, might have had something to do with Firespitter? It was a standalone mod though, but my Google-foo is lacking. If anyone could point me in its direction, that'd be grand. If it's been updated for 1.5.x, that'd be even grander
  13. Hi @Nereid! Still love this mod, but I have a bug report to.. report... It seems as though the flavour text for the ribbons is being constrained to the FF window which means that sometimes, it gets cut off, see below (I can't get Imgur albums to work here, sorry):
  14. I'm guessing post edits don't ping correctly (until I'm told otherwise), so @nestor? This is very important for me to know, my username is very relevant
  15. You mentioned it applies to visors - does it also apply to cockpit windows and solar panels (or any glass surface)? One of my favourite gifs of KSP is this one, it'd be glorious to have it stock: EDIT: Hoping post edits ping correctly - @nestor
  16. Crikey, is there a mod you haven't adopted?! Cheers for doing this mate, much appreciated!
  17. It's not that the flight went wrong per se (I prefer to call it a surprise slingshot), but it's certainly been a while since I saw the verdant meadows of Kerbin. Glad to see you're still around as well!
  18. BowWhalley, could you confirm you're using the 32bit KSP application (not the OS)? This is a common bug in the hacked 64bit workaround (at least on Windows).
  19. I believe it's actually the CoM that's off-centre, which would be intended behaviour (to help control re-entry).
  20. I'll see you on the other side, guys and gals! :D *salutes*