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  1. Keep your post on topic and within the forum rules please. There are plenty of other forums to discuss current or generic political issues. This is not one of those.
  2. Male Queens? That's way to woke. What's next? Brit's singing God save the King? Oh, they are ...
  3. A bit more information would be make it easier for us to help. Check this post; How To Get Help
  4. A bit more information please. Platform, specs, logs, anything?
  5. Depends on where you got your game from. In the store you can select from some previous version.
  6. Or according to Google Translate "good morning china now i have ice cream i love ice cream but fast and furious 9 is better than ice cream" Please be aware that posts outside the specific language parts of the Forums should be in English, or with a provided translation.
  7. Inside your saves directory there's a backup folder, As in KSP/saves/yoursavename/backups/persistant(timedate).sfs Copy that to KSP/saves/yoursave/persistant.sfs But your mileage my vary, I don't believe in any games stock backup, my startup script does backup for me ... Edit: Info from Elders: You don't need to rename it to persistent.sfs. You can manually load the backup from the load menu
  8. If you bought it from the KSP Store then you need to login back to the store, the DLC's should be with your downloads.
  9. But note that you might want/need to setup a different set of keys if you're not using a UK/US keyboard.
  10. Use the correct terminology ...
  11. The Swedish word for Ostrich is "Struts" ...
  12. You don't need KIS/KAS EVA Transfer from DMagics stash of modlets does exactly what you want.
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