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  1. Same here, I always keep a sandbox save named JPL to test and evaluate. Sometimes copying designs between that save and my 'main' career save.
  2. Several times ... It's a bad side effect of using MJ and routinely launching to the same orbit :/
  3. My point is that I can't see any commercial gains to be found for Take Two. And as a commercial company they're obligated to seek the best economical solution for their owners.
  4. Completely different development, producer and distribution history.
  5. The chance that they would give away their IP and create a free competitor to KSP2 is extremely close to zero.
  6. There's no end, except the end of your imagination.
  7. I've found it well worth the money. I love the ground experiments and I've had a lot of fun with the other gadgets. Edit: The seismic experiment is the funniest, giving you science for crashing large craft into the surface
  8. MJ KER KAC EVA Struts and Transfer ScienceAlert ReAlerted Science Relay
  9. Well I assume that Take Two has actual figures on what version of consoles are used.
  10. Indeed, my Duna copter was in homage to Ginny, just for fun, not that it was actually useful.
  11. Don't know a about planes, but I've landed and flown a quad-copter on Duna. No big issues actually, std sky-crane lander and quite normal quad.
  12. A quick check on that logfile is that it lists more 2200 lines of "[ERR ". So there's some serious issues with one or more of your mods.
  13. I had similar issues on my emergency/vacation potato laptop. My first try would be to turn all graphic options down to lowest and see if the artifacts go away. The tweak them up, one at the time, until they reappear. A bit tedious but only way I found. Edit: Just remembered one thing, when turning something (render quality or texture size) I actually got a different set of artifacts but only on the first menu screen.
  14. Indeed, that's why I estimated some weeks to 1.12.2. And three months to 1.12.3
  15. In some time. Appears that most of the crew went on a well deserved leave after the 1.12 push (and maybe the 10 year celebration party ) I'd give it some weeks before I expect it.
  16. Yup that should do it. Personally I use CKAN for all mods, so I just unselect any mod I want to remove/pause and click apply.
  17. It looks very much like you have an incompatible version of BDA installed. The log is filled with "can't be loaded because it was not built with the right version or build target". (BTW, the thread belongs in the modded section).
  18. Excellent analysis! Just two questions: 1. What's the default value? 2. Does it matter how many cores and threads you have?
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