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  1. My 1.8.1 at Y2D150 with 14 KAC alarms reaching 158d further on. I dislike warping too much, I rather set an alarm and do something else to pass time.
  2. KSP2 == 10 beers at my local pub. I'm quite sure that I'll get more fun over longer time than those beers.
  3. I've actually used this to drop a minimal science container thingy back to Kerbin without landing the main craft. It's a bit tricky since have have to release the drop pod inside the atmosphere and follow it down without letting the main craft crashing or getting deleted.
  4. Exactly, it's was a modelling bug that was promoted to feature by it's popularity.
  5. When testing a new lander/rover I usually build the payload and then a best guess version of the lander. Then using the cheat menu to set lowest possible orbit and the body in question and try to land (most using MJ in my case). If it doesn't work I revert to VAB, tweak and repeat. Once it works as a want (or close to it) I build the launch/transport parts. To minimize the risk of messing up my career save I either make a copy of it and use that or use my "JPL" sandbox save, copying the craft to my career save when good enough.
  6. I've ignored the cyclic totally and cheats by using a reaction wheel. I've got the rotors and blades counter rotating in diagonal pairs so the torque cancels out. I tried using pitch to control lift but it becomes very hard to control with any precision, it's easier but laggier by using the rpm limiter. My main problem is the control the horizontal motion but it might be that I'm just stupid and not reading the visual ques correctly. So I can lift off, I can fly in any direction at quite a good lick but it's very hard to hover, and thereby very hard to land without falling over
  7. I would like free beer, but is about as likely to get it.
  8. Ok, I managed to get a Quad to land and work (-ish) at Duna. But it was 100% trail and error (mainly error). Getting the blade angle was by adding the angle to a control, adding the aero overlay and testing. I think that the idea is to control the lift by assigning the RPM limiters to a control, which works, but a complete nightmare. So Ye Gurus how know this stuff, how is it done properly?
  9. A late update, it hits about 8k on Duna, and flies well as long as the Sun is up. But it's an absolute nightmare to land, balancing descent speed and have the b..y thing stay still horizontally ...
  10. On bodies without atmosphere I usually go with sky cranes, with BG I sometimes fold stuff to allow a smaller aero shielding during launch. (Remember to enable lock when using hinges...) On bodies with atmosphere I add a heat shield and retro rockets.
  11. The issue here is most likely that Dos/Win uses cr/lf as end of line and Ux*x uses lf in textfiles (including scripts) . Which is what to dos2unix (and unix2dos) corrects.
  12. Every flag I leave behind has the inscription "<name of planter> wuz 'ere"
  13. I have to state that I feel that the balance between reality and fun is just right-
  14. I reject both statements. There can't be too much KSP, it would be like talking about military intelligence... It's simply contradiction in terms.
  15. The BG expansion added a PRNG salt to the save file to added surface features. In pre/non-BG saves that figure isn't there and the surface features are turned off. I think the value is "ROCSeed =" but not 100% sure, have no idea of how hack a save file on a console.
  16. At last, after many trails and failures. A quadcopter that can be landed and fly on Duna. In reference to Dragonfly (I want to point out that the atmosphere on Titan is a bit denser than bloody Duna) ...
  17. Known modders probably doesn't work there. Coders of all sorts (including graphic artists) doesn't always do their deeds for money or fame. So if the people employed and payed to work on KSP2 also are fans of KSP1, which we have been informed of, they might moonlight as modders for KSP1. They are most likely here, and posting among us >:)