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  1. Well you only need maximum power when it is fully active, which you will only do after you have dragged down a bit first at low power. Maximum power capacity will be more important than fuel. Idealy you first speed up the vessel untill you are out of main propellant, then drift untill your about 0.1 lightyear from your destination, activate the magnetic scoop at minimum pulsation strength and then slowly increase ionization (which cost the most power). This will cause you to refill your tanks and slow down the until the amount of drag becomes too low, after which you flip the vessel and use your engine with fresh propellant to slow down. Edit: Notice you probably need to convert the lqdHydrogen into SolidHydrogen first
  2. Ok, but don't forget biggerr magnetic scoop require more power and therefore more fusion fuel
  3. Well you don't have to disable it unless your not carefull. The Bow wave will grow exponential and peak at 87% of distance to star within SOI
  4. Yes, it will be a bit of a balacing fact. Notice that interstellar medium does not have the same densiy everywhere. Once you enter the SOI of Alpha Centauri, you will encounter the Hydrogen Wall, a reagon of space the dnsity will be a 100 higher than normal. That mean the dag will also be 100 times higher!! Usualy you will already have slown down, but if your not, you might get surprized. The Hydrogen wall will not be instantaious, be will pre preceded by a bow wave. After the Hydrogen wall you get into the helio pause after which it will gradualy be replace by solar wind
  5. Well that maximum force, you need to take into account of drag is much lower when you slow down. That why I added multiple ways to lower the strength of the magnetic scoop, you can lower ionization, magnetic strength and pulsation
  6. Lol, yes that should technically rip the ship apart, but I didn't implement that feature yet. Edit: obviously 40m is too big, I suggest something in between 40m and 2.5 meter
  7. weird, I expected more. Looking at the code I notice a mistake which I need to fix
  8. That seems underpower and I see you have pusation at 100%, which minimizes drag. When speeding up you want to maximize it but when you want to decelerate, want to minimize it. So set it to minimum and see the differnce
  9. Great, I see you are now creating 1243 kN of drag and collecting 126 kg/h of interstellar medium
  10. Weird, the Ionisation Factor is 0 (it should be 1), which means your not flying into the ions you are producing. Are you sure the beam is directed into diretion you are heading?
  11. What is the heliosphere factor?, it is visible on thr magnetic scoop context menu. Also are in in the SOI of the Homeworld star or in SOI of Alfa Centauri?
  12. Well the Idea is tha you open the magnetic scoop and activate the integrated Ultra Voilet laser which will ionize the free floating ions allowing you to capture them and creat more drag. EXactly whee and a what speed were you going when using thre magnetic scoop?
  13. Wait, you didn't knew about timewarp? How did you imagine to speed up?
  14. Sorry, Nuclear Lightbulb is an engine, not a reactor, lol. It is a closed cycle nuclear eninge.
  15. Notice if want to preserve on fuel, the Nuclear Lightbulp is your strongest ally . It provide moderatly high isp which can be be downscaled to generate more thrust.
  16. I would recommend the "Timberwind" Rotating Fluidized Bed Reactor Engine, which has best thrust to weight.
  17. Well I can understand why you feel this way as in 99.9% of the time, people will not give any feedback unless something get broken. I often find that something is broken but no one bothered reporting it, so your not alone in this feeling. Still I know that many players used your mods, not only for play but also for usucational purposes which you should not underestimate. Despite the neglect, I still think you should not punish the community as a whole as there are surely many players that did appreciate your work which should not go to waste, which would be a real pitty.
  18. great, from the looks of it, its more than just a high resolution texture, rather a kind of multi layered texture which depend on the zoom scale. Do you have any insights what this is?
  19. But the new 1.8 textures for Duna looks amazing Does JNSQ do a better Job?
  20. Ok, but wouldn't it be possible for Principa to expose a method that would allow appling an force to part, which would work durring either real time or timewarp? Something like void ApplyForce(Part part, Vector3D forcevector); The force would then be applied by Principia durring the numerical integration step .
  21. Well the main reason this was a requirement was to prevent weird effects like a nozzle consuming heat while the reactor delivering the thermal heat would be on the other side of the vessel. For washeat this is less problematic and could technically be implemented like the Electric RCS where Megajoules consumption is replaced by Wasteheat and its Max isp would modified by the current Radiator Temperature.