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  1. Your totally correct and its simply an oversight, it should behaive exactly like a Edge Radiator. Is was missing a isDeployable = false setting in the config file. You may add it manually or wait for the next update this weekend to do it manually open Kerbal Space Program\GameData\WarpPlugin\Parts\Radiators\LargeFlatRadiator\radiator.cfg and update FlatFNRadiotor to look like this MODULE { name = FlatFNRadiator isDeployable = false partMass = 0.43 // -30% mass for static radiators -50% reduced weight by graphite radiatorArea = 215 surfaceAreaUpgradeTechReq = metaMaterials emissiveTextureLocation = WarpPlugin/Parts/Radiators/LargeFlatRadiator/glow bumpMapTextureLocation = WarpPlugin/Parts/Radiators/LargeFlatRadiator/radtex_n }
  2. So has anyone created this monster yet in KSP? Just imagine this flying around, getting a supercarier around the world in a day and when combined with thermal nuclear turbojet it could maintain in the air for months without refueling
  3. Version 1.29.2 for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 - 1.12.1 Released on 2021-07-05 Added high detail Daedalus Fusion Engine Model and Exhaust by Kepler Added Support for scaling of engines with Waterfall exhaust (requires TweakScaleCompanion that is included in the package) Will hide Tweakscale Widget on Waterfall enabled engines when TweakScaleCompanion isn't installed Included Waterfall 0.6.5 in the download package Included ModuleManagerWatchDog which will verify if there are no duplicates of Interstellar_Redist.dll
  4. Alright so the conclusion is that if you install TweakScaleCompanion TweakScalerWaterfallFX, you also need to have installed Waterfall, otherwise KSP will hang at startup, at least for the currenty version 1.19.x version
  5. @Kielm I tested myself KSPIE 1.29 with KSP 1.11.2 test is worked perfectly fine. Something else is going on here. Could you please provide your errorlog?
  6. Yes, but it wil cause you no longer to be able to tweakscale waterfall enabled engines while waterfall is installed. Perhaps a better solution can be provided by @Lisias
  7. I think you mean "updated to previous version of 1.28.13 with KSP 1.12.x". That have to confirm which is a side effect of KSP 1.12 that does not allow multiple copies of the same dll to be present in the GameData folder. However you can install 1.18.13 with older version of KSP, so in most instances you should be fine.
  8. Alright, lets try to think out of the box here. Lets say your the author of Rational Resources and wanted to reduce the distribution of ore globally by 95%, how would you try to realize this rationally?
  9. There reason this happens is that the CRP has a serious shortcomming which is that you can only add (positive values), not reduce or multiply or divide with a rational number. One of of the first steps Ration Resource is to remove all Ore resource because There is no other way to achieve low rational resource distribution globally.
  10. Yes but there is also some merit in the reasoning that people download Rational Resources precisely because they agree the stock atomistic resource distribution solution is unbalanced/boring and they want a more holistic high entropy distribution for resources. That this might make some mods like MKS a lot more challanging is a fact they accept and the goal of the mod in the first place. Off cource there might be players that didn't make thisconcious disssiion , but it realy is thir choice and fault to make.
  11. Well you can remove all resource distribution out of CRP but it won't change Rational Resources main aim to create entropy, the only possible solution I see is that a compromise could be made, in the case of water, certain polar biomes might add water, this could be done by USI
  12. No it wil not solve anything because your proposed solution is Atomistic while Rational Resources is Hollistic, they cannot be united.
  13. Well Rational Resources as I understand it, takes a more hollistic view on resources as resources are not only give meaning as a positive presence but also with there absence as this creates entropy which makes a game more chalanging.
  14. Well this is something I can fix, and you don't even have to ask. This is where we fundemetally differ in opinion, just because it currently works that way, doesn't make it valid or fair one.
  15. Yes, but the mere fact that MKS adds water to the surface of the Mun, causes it to be convertable into Hydrogen upsetting the balance and realism. A solution would be if MKS uses something different than Water for its processes.
  16. Well I think in general, there should be no Water on the Mun (which is a game representation of the Earth Moon) but I'm willing to compromize by not removing Water from the Mun surface when MKS is installed, but in exchange MKS should not allow that water to be converted into LiquidFuel or any other resource that can be used for propulsion, as this upsets KSPIE balance.
  17. It currenly in progress to be fixed see https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/pull/8610#partial-pull-merging Edit: It should be fixed now, please reinstall KSPIE
  18. Make sure when reinstalling KSPIE, you remove Interstellar_Redist.dll from all Plugin folders (both WarpPlugin and PhtotonSailor) and it should only be present in the GameData folder I also corrected the CKAN file for this change, you might have to reinstall it
  19. I'm trying to update the netkan file but I'm getting a "too many spaces inside braces" error Fixes missing file issue by sswelm · Pull Request #8610 · KSP-CKAN/NetKAN (github.com) How to fix this? Edit. Fixed it. apperently CKAN is much more strict than it used to be .
  20. Version 1.28.12 for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 - 1.12.0 Released on 2021-06-28 fixes hang at startup issue in KSP 1.12 when PhotonSailor is also installed (requires PhotonSailor 1.7.3+)
  21. Download Version 1.7.3 for Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 - 1.12.0 Released on 2021-06-28 Compiled against KSP 1.12 KSPIE bussard magnetic scoop acts like a magnetic sail, which mainly generates drag but it could potentialy be used to accelerate on solar wind Technically I could reconfigure it for a dedicated magnetic sail butI lack the model to give it justice.
  22. Yes https://sites.google.com/site/kspalternateresourcepanel/ MethaneOxi is added a a fuel tan k mode and as a fuel mod to methane engine
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