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  1. Rebuilt all working parts (Landing leg and lights still not working) with Unity 2019.2.2f1and verified they work plus some small tweaks to the notes.
  2. The following are KSP/Unity versions: 1.8.0 2019.2.2f1 1.4.0 2017.1.3p1 1.2.0 1.1.3 ? 1.1.2 ? 1.1.1 ? 1.1.0 5.2.4f1 1.0.5 ? 1.0.4 4.5.1f3 Only the latest parttools seems to be available - you might ping JPLRepo to see if he has previous versions.
  3. As far as I know parts all use the Animation object (be sure to set to "legacy" mode) I've briefly tried the Blender direct to Unity but didn't see a way to split the models up - I like to have multiple models in one Unity file (like all truss parts for a set) - so went back to using Collada which gives you one animation per model.
  4. Edit: I dimly recall seeing that Quaternions don't survive the trip from Blender to KSP - could easily be wrong on this but something to check if rotations are giving you problems. it coming back - I think this was a problem with Blender's collada export
  5. I'll take a stab at two of them #2: My imperfect understanding is that each object draw has a bunch of extra overhead - so it's better to have multiple disconnected meshes in one object than having an object for each disconnected mesh. Objects being the blender objects. So if you have a fuel tank with two end meshes and a tank mesh it's best to join the three together if possible. There are situations where this won't work - like if you have variants (in KSP) to swap end types. #3: Blender only has one animation. You might be able to play some tricks like having the deploy animation from frame 1 to 40 and the first rotation from 41 to 61. Then in Unity specify your two animations - the first being frames 1-40 and the second 41-61 looping at the end back to frame 41. Another possible approach - I thought I saw a mod by linuxgurugamer that sounded like it might be able to do multiple animations (sorry don't recall the name (fairly recent though)) - have not used it myself so it may not do what I think it does.
  6. I've found it helpful to look at the GameData\ModuleManager.ConfigCache file - it contains the post MM processing cfg's so you can see what you actually did vs what you thought you did with a MM patch.
  7. Your best bet would be to look at some of the mods that do this - see what they do. I know Sigma did some recolors way back here and there are some more recent ones though I can't recall their names. Unsure if they require Kopernicus.
  8. @dvdwilliams88 Looks like this mod was last released for 1.0.5 - wheels underwent a major change at some point so I'm guessing the wheels and landing legs will need rebuilt.
  9. If your looking for documentation on the config files I haven't see any recent stuff - usually the best source is to look at Squads parts and see how they did them. I like to make a test part and copy a Squad cfg then tweak until I get what I'm looking for. That's probably not the answer you were looking for but it's only way I've found.
  10. Unfortunately the best documentation for KSP is the source code for mods. There is an official documentation site but it's a dump of the API with few comments. I would suggest you start by looking at the code for mods that do something similar like Good luck! (and happy modding)
  11. For fuel tanks I generally use the Faces | Smooth on the Shading/UV's tab and it exports to Unity by way of Collada without problem. In Blender, when exporting, under the "Export Collada" I have the "Apply Modifiers" "Selection Only" "Include Children" checked (along with a few others I'm not sure are needed). One note - KSP generally uses 24 sided cylinders for the tanks and other large stuff and if you use something different you'll get artifacts if your part is stack attached.
  12. I've installed the 1.8 parttools on Unity 2019.2.2f1 and it works as expected with parameters.
  13. I believe these are other planets. I think (take with a grain of salt) KSP uses some tricks to make it appear there's a star out there but the illusion breaks down if there's a planet behind the star - it will appear in font and break the illusion. And you do see the planets as you should if they're between you and the star.
  14. I had a very similar idea some time ago and made a list of the various things I wanted to track for each profession. Got as far as locating some of the variables I would need but it never went beyond that I afraid.
  15. Community tech tree adds a bunch of nodes that mods can use but doesn't fill any of them - this is so mods don't step all over each other adding duplicate or very similar nodes but it does leave empty nodes. There's another mod Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes that will remove the empty nodes - not sure if it works in 1.8.0 yet.