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  1. I've double checked - did a fresh install of 1.4.4 with only Cartographer added. KSP came up as usual without any delays and didn't see any Cartographer related errors in the log - but no directories were created and no maps. To be clear there were three files in Sigma\Cartographer\ when I installed it - the dll, the version file and the cfg file - directory was unchanged after booting KSP and then quitting from the space center scene. I then made a fresh 1.3.1 install - same same setup as the 1.4.4 test. I booted KSP and there was a long pause before the start screen during which time the PluginData\Kerbin\Sigma\Cartographer\Maps\ColorMap path was created and the map created in the ColorMap folder. This was my cfg file - copied for the most part from a post by blowfish: SigmaCartographer { Maps { body = Kerbin // the name of the body (default = Kerbin) width = 4096 // the total width of the texture (default = 2048) tile = 2048 // the width of one tile (default = 1024) exportFolder = Sigma/Cartographer/Maps // path for the export folder leaflet = false // export in folders divided by columns and rows (default = false) heightMap = false // export height? (default = false) normalMap = false // export normals? (default = false) slopeMap = false // export slopes? (default = false) colorMap = true // export color? (default = true) oceanMap = false // export ocean? (default = false) satelliteMap = false // export satellite? (default = false) biomeMap = false // export biome? (default = false) oceanFloor = true // include the ocean floor ? (default = true) normalStrength = 1 // strength of normals (default = 1) slopeMin = 0.2,0.3,0.4 // color for 0° slope (default = 0.2,0.3,0.4) slopeMax = 0.9,0.6,0.5 // color for 90° slope (default = 0.9,0.6,0.5) LAToffset = 0 // offset latitude (default = 0) LONoffset = 0 // offset longitude (default = 0) // if you want to print only selected tiles // add as many of these as you want // if you don't add any of these // all tiles will be exported //printTile = 0 //printTile = 1 } Info { // List all the bodies for which you want info on // the lowest and highest point on the planet //body = Kerbin //body = Mun } } I have the log files from both tests and can upload if you'd like - or I can see about opening an issue on you github page.
  2. wasml

    Bigger fairing trusses

    @Curveball Anders I was playing with this a bit and not getting anywhere then realized the inter stage nodes are off by default - turn that on (in the parts right click menu) (Doh!) and the nodes appear. Was able to directly edit a fairing to double its size (I know - not quite what you want but should be able to only scale one axis the same way) so I believe it is possible - just a question of figuring out the MM patch. As far as the node_stack_top/bottom - I think those are the nodes on the base so you shouldn't need to mess with those.
  3. wasml

    Interior models

    You'll find instruments and seats and other props in the GameData\Squad\Props folder
  4. Ran across this just a few days ago - looks like it's for 1.3.1 - doesn't seem to work in 1.4.4 (a recompile might help) Sigma-Cartographer
  5. wasml

    Does someone knows this mods name?

    There's also this one (much out of date):
  6. Nice! Curious how you place these and are they generated models or procedural? PS - you might want to take the keys away from that Kerbal - he seems to have trouble keeping it between the lines (or off the sidewalk for that matter)
  7. wasml

    Bigger fairing trusses

    I've played with this a little and the truss sections all had an actual model behind them (each individual section had a separate model). In other words you might be able to move the nodes but the actual truss won't stretch to fit.
  8. wasml

    Fairing Texture Variants

    I haven't done this so can't give you any advice other than to look at some of the existing re-texture mods that are out there like Dark Textures for examples.
  9. wasml

    [WIP] Neist Airliner parts

    I like to keep the parts list parred down so would personally want this and will probably make one for myself if you don't. I prefer to avoid dependencies if possible and (depending on what you do with the nose cones) would consider the variant route if I did this and it didn't restrict the functionality. For backward compatibility you could always save off the current config files and store in a non-GameData folder - users would need to remove the variant config and replace with the individuals to use in a pre 1.4.X game - could create a bit of a headache support wise though. Side note: Someone (RoverDude?) had a post that said mass changes are now possible with variants in 1.4.4 (but I haven't found any examples in my limited search) and didn't save the post location. Edit: Found an example - look at the structural tubes in Making History - Variants can change both cost and mass.
  10. Does the track always move east? That looks like about 350 meters - suspiciously close to the distance a point on the surface would travel in 2 seconds as Kerbin rotates.
  11. wasml

    Rusty Star Rockets Fairings?

    A quick test (RSR v1.8) on 1.4.4 doesn't spam the log file and parts are in game - fairings in the payload section. This looks like a parts only mod and they typically have far fewer problems than plugin's with version changes. If you want to stick with 1.2 you might make a copy of the KSP folder and test the RSR 1.8 parts in the KSP copy - Fairings did change significantly at one point and so might not port back to 1.2.
  12. wasml

    special mods for crazy stuff

    I believe RemoteTech does signal delay:
  13. I think I understand - your saying a field or event could be waking the module back up and I need to disable them. I'll go poke at that - Thanks!
  14. I'm trying to write a module that will enable or disable another PartModule in code. I've found a number of likely looking candidates and tried each of them without success. If anyone can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. So far this is what I've tried: I feed in the module index (like the wheel modules do) and have verified it's accessing the correct module (ModuleSAS in this case) // Get the modules on the part in OnStart PartModule[] modules = GetComponentsInParent<PartModule>(); // Save a reference to the module so we don't have to find it each time targetModule = modules[targetModuleIndex]; // And one by one I tried the following targetModule.isEnabled = false; targetModule.moduleIsEnabled = false; targetModule.enabled = false; targetModule.part.State = PartStates.DEACTIVATED; targetModule.part.enabled = false; targetModule.part.deactivate(); I've tried fetching the module list each time and directly setting the fields instead of storing it in targetModule: modules[targetModuleIndex].isEnabled = false; I've verified that when I set one of the enabled/state fields that it remains set when I reload the module list. Instead of disabling the component I've used RemoveComponent to completely remove the component – the module is back when I reload the list. In all cases the toggle SAS button remains in the right click menu and I'm able to toggle the SAS between active and inactive despite setting the various enables/states to off. Any insights/clues/suggestions appreciated.
  15. wasml

    how do i upload a part i make?

    Unless you're already familiar with the 3D model -> Unity -> Ksp I would start with something very simple like a fuel tank just to get familiar with the tools and with what goes where. After that I would agree with the advice I've seen from a number of modders - do what interests you. Make things for yourself. Of course some things are more challenging than others with fuel tanks occupying the easiest end and (at least in my opinion) wheels and retractable landing gear the hardest end of things. Enjoy!