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  1. Small details can be done with a normal map or with the model itself. One way do do pipes and wires with the model involves creating a curve and then changing it into a mesh. The few times I've tried this I started with an edge and extruded to the general shape I wanted, used beveling to round corners then (OK - memories a bit fuzzy here - was some time ago) change to a curve then back to a mesh with some settings to give it depth. Try Googling blender and curve to mesh.
  2. One thing that will cause moving spots is z fighting - two meshes at the same or almost the same distance. If you open the model in Blender and delete the mesh that's flickering and there's still a mesh visible this might be your problem.
  3. Some notes/project files I've made for myself for parts: Most are at least up to KSP 1.8.1 so should work (or work with a few tweaks) in 1.11.x
  4. As there is only one ejection force parameter but two would be needed for this I'm thinking you would need a small plugin to perform the switch based on situation (maybe landed/splashed). Good idea by the way!
  5. I would use a MM script to change the model used in the USI-LS cfg file to point to your own model. You could directly edit the USI-LS cfg file but then any USI-LS updates would wipe out your change and require re-implementing the change. If you use an MM script and keep it in a separate folder (GameData\MyMods\MM_patches for example) you can avoid this.
  6. Unity 2019.2.2f1 is the version KSP has used since 1.8.0. Other than that nothing from that post jumped out at me as being wrong. A side note - there is a Blender add-on that will export .mu files, bypassing Unity, that some people swear by. I haven't used it myself so I can't comment on it.
  7. You mention Unity so I'm assuming your talking part mods. The information is scattered about - mostly its searching the forum for answers and experimenting. I eventually put together some "demo" projects for myself to cover the basic steps for the parts I had managed to get working - so when I forgot a step I would have a simplified sample project to look at. I put these together and posted them here: They're not beginner tutorials but there are notes on some of the pitfalls I ran into and they are working projects (or were in 1.8.1) with Blender and Unity projects included.
  8. If you're just re-texturing you shouldn't need to touch the .mu file. You will need to change the .cfg file to substitute your new texture for the old - MM patch would be best for this.
  9. I would think the AOA of the wing would be what KSP computes each frame based on the vessel orientation - if your trying to move the flaps I think you want to target the control surface.
  10. Unfortunately the information is scattered - going from memory (its been awhile so don't take these as definitive - I may have forgotten some steps) 1) Export you model from blender - I think dae (may require enabling a plugin) or fbx are typical or just use the .blend file directly from blender. Things to watch for - fbx my scale your model by 100 (forget if it's bigger or smaller) unless you find the setting to change it and the blender export will as far as I know give you everything - I like to have a number of related models in one file so this doesn't work well for me. 2) impor
  11. Guessing here: the "Input string was not in the correct format" leads me to think it's an error in the config file. Looks like StringToNumber and ParseInt32 calls are complaining so I would look for either a typo in an integer or maybe a wrong parameter - giving it a string or a bool when it expects a integer.
  12. Fengist had an online calculator but it's no longer there - the code for the calculator is listed though
  13. A modder who's name I can't recall was working on a mod (never completed unfortunately) that would have had a surface part with an IVA that would have been extendable. The extensions would have been IVA only and extendable to make underground bases. The plan was to allow the player to move between rooms by clicking on hatches to change IVA's. If I find the link I'll add to this post. Found it:
  14. @SJ Heo Try putting it directly under GameData Path should be: GameData\Missing_robotics.
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