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  1. @TheKurgan Note the second link - When Crzyrndm left they changed the license to public domain - not sure how that impacts revives (allows more freedom to do as you please?)
  2. wasml

    Folding or deployable wings?

    LinuxGuruGamer has a mod for that - lists some mod's that use it in the OP
  3. If you're looking for a mod with a listed license Crzyrndm had a mod "Dynamic Deflection" Here: That was originally GPLv3 but released as public domain here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/163707-no-longer-maintaining/ Edit: looks like DynamicControls was forked from Crzyrndm's work
  4. Welcome to the forums! Looks interesting - I've downloaded but not sure if I'll get a chance to look at it or not.
  5. wasml

    Tuning changes in 1.6

    Have found I was always using a subset of available engines and never touching others - this will make designing things more interesting - Good job! And thanks for the write-up - I always find the "behind the scenes" interesting.
  6. That's what variants are for!
  7. I like the idea and I agree - you get to a planet, plant a flag and click on some experiments then go home - no sense of exploration. This would certainly help. I had found what looked like a good tutorial on creating a GUI using Unity - if I can find it again I'll add a link here. Found it:
  8. I've been following mods for quite a while and don't recall ever seeing anything like this implemented. Your sense of humor is a good match for the game - fits right in. Good idea.
  9. wasml

    Silent Running Biodomes

    Another option: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/148678-13-planetary-domes/&tab=comments#comment-2774503 Might not be as large as you want and for KSP 1.3 but they're parts so may still work.
  10. wasml

    Making lights?

    See "Pixel Light Count" in second post. Looks like the symptoms you describe.
  11. wasml

    Kerbal Nursery Mod Idea (Help Needed)

    Before Valentina was added someone was theorizing that Kerbals were similar to mushrooms and that the puff of smoke you saw when they died was actually a cloud of spores. This does sound interesting and at first glance I'm thinking you may be able to get most of the way there with config files - use the resource converter to change your inputs into a custom resource. You would need a dll to monitor the custom resource and spawn a kerbal if room (crew capacity) was available on you part - you might want it to also require a set amount of time. For starters you might work at creating a nursery part and getting it in game. Good luck!
  12. wasml

    Making lights?

    @Starlord Kerman I have a file with the Blender and Unity projects in it here (Light WIP.zip file) that sets up a spot light and an omnidirectional light - Note: I haven't been able to get both the emissive animation and light to work at the same time - either the emisive animation works and the light is permanently on, or the light can be toggled on and off but the emissive animation doesn't work. If you should manage to figure this out I'd be interested in how you yours working.
  13. For the stock engines (0.9, 1.1) it's saying that for each 0.9 units of fuel used it will use 1.1 units of oxidizer. I'm guessing that behind the scenes KSP adds up the ratios and then divides by the total to make it easy on us.
  14. You can add a alpha layer by right clicking on the layer and in the drop down selecting "Add Layer Mask" - a number of options for creating from copying the alpha channel to a gray scale copy of the layer. To edit - click on the new alpha layer (so it has a white border) and edit away. When your done right click on the layer and select "Apply layer mask" and it's merged back - or just leave it separate - when you export it's used as the alpha layer (I think).
  15. Brief testing of "VesselMover." from Github on KSP 1.5.1 and didn't have any problems. Picked up, moved at at the four different speeds/altitudes, placed, dropped and spawned vessels with crew selection. Didn't see any error in the log.