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  1. Been awhile since I did this and I don't remember what I did but I would try going to Assets | Import Package | Custom Package and selecting the PartTools_AssetBundles_130.unitypackage file - then importing the lot.
  2. I think your going to have further problems as you'll need Unity to get the part into the game and Unity makes Blender look small - looking at one of the old 4.X Unity installs and it's over a gig.
  3. Bon Voyage also did something similar.
  4. Unless I'm way off base Unity doesn't output a Dll. Here's a link to a tutorial - part way down is a section on outputting from Unity and connecting up in code.
  5. Great idea! One suggestion - add a version or "last updated" date (or both) to the header - will make it easier for followers to know when you have a new version out. Thanks for sharing this - I look forward to seeing where you go with this.
  6. By forum rules all mods with plugins here must include the source - locate one or more in the addon release section that have features you want and you can download the source. There's also a thread specifically for moders looking for help: Good luck with your mod! Edit: forgot to mention - this is still a good source of info:
  7. The All Rights Reserved license prevents an update unless someone can contact the author (last logged on Jan 2016) and get permission. The only other option would be a build from the ground up.
  8. There's a "explosiveNodeID" that needs to be set but Squad just uses the top node. If you're going to eject in a different direction (place?) than the top node z axis is pointing you'll need to add a transform.
  9. That's how I did it and I believe they were working - been awhile. A old but good source of info Wheel info is outdated but a lot of the other stuff is still good.
  10. New to this too so may be off base here but the standard KSP shader in Unity KSP/Diffuse only has a spot for the texture - if you chose a different shader (not sure which one - try one with Bumped in it as Kurld suggested) you may see two spots for textures- one the color and the other the normals. I think the normal needs to be in a different format too - DXT5nm? The positioning of the bumps should use the same UV mapping as the texture.
  11. Made a ladder in the past that worked using a link from this page far enough in the past that I don't remember any specifics so can't point you in the right direction other than the ladder info on that page. Note: Wheel info is out of date but most of the other stuff is still relevant.
  12. Your best bet would be to scan the log file for the name of the part (SDHI_Compatible_Adapter1) - it will often give you a clue as to what went wrong/wasn't found.
  13. If your going to get into modding an old but still useful thread - Some of the material is out dated (wheels in particular) but much is still useful. As for license you will need to specify a license (and release source code if you do a plugin) if you have a release page here on the forms (forum rules) - there's a thread that discusses the various licenses but I've lost the link (anyone?)
  14. I would think this would be OK (not a lawyer) but is edging into the gray area - Can't hurt to try and get in touch with Squad and get a reading from them directly. In fact , being paranoid, if I got the OK I would develop the app and run the final product by them to make sure we were still on the same page and there were no misunderstandings as to what the app did. But as I said - I'm a bit paranoid about this kind of stuff.
  15. I had considered doing something similar but never did get around to it - would be very interested to see what you come up with. If you do continue this I think your keep it simple is a good strategy particularly for a first mod - you can always add to it later after you get it working. One possible reason for the lack of replies may be that this is in the Modeling and texturing sub forum - you might get more feedback one forum up in Add-on-Development.