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  1. I see that too. Depending on where I set the directory to it will show/not show the path. I find it writes to the correct spot regardless. I would suggest setting it to the directory you want and clicking "Write" - see if it writes to the correct directory.
  2. Lots of good info and people willing to answer questions in the Add-on Development forum and the sub forums Modelling and Texturing Discussion and General Mod Development Help and Support . If you're looking for tutorials then even the very old ones are mostly relevant with the exception of anything wheel related (wheels and landing legs). If you're looking for examples I've put together some parts with Blender models and Unity projects for a number of parts here. Happy moding!
  3. Have you seen the Auto Localization Tool by Dr. Jet?
  4. A few I haven't seen mentioned (as) often: CrewLight - makes it easy to find where you stashed the crew on large station EngineLightRelit - Looks so much better when all those flames actually light up the surroundings MechJeb2 custom menus - I have launch, landing, orbit and intercept menus to display extra info missing from stock displays - Last I looked Kerbal Engineer had most of the info MJ2 did (just missing one item) GravityTurn - Resupply launches become tedious after the umpteenth time NRAP - Great for testing standard boosters PortraitStats - Extra info on the crew in the portrait display GPOSpeedFuelPump - Automates transferring resources (not working in 1.8.X yet)
  5. I can't answer this myself as I haven't used CKAN - I would suggest you post this on the CKAN thread where the maintainers are more likely to be active.
  6. My though was that if could be used to indicate if the part was exposed or not - if skinExposedArea > 0 then it would be subject to corrosion. Wouldn't help for the "how fast is it going to disintegrate?" calculations. For the "how fast" question maybe a surface to bounding box area ratio? - dim recollection of seeing a bounding box somewhere - could easily be mistaken. On further thought that might be more effort than it's worth.
  7. The Part class has a public attribute "skinExposedArea" that sounds like it might be what your after.
  8. For me the two most difficult parts are retractable landing gear and landing legs - so far my attempts have ended up being propellant-less launch systems instead of landing legs. You might want to look at the add-on section for some tutorials. If you do figure it out I'd be interested in hearing your battle stories - might be able to figure out what I'm doing wrong.
  9. Does your model have a transform named "Intake" with the Z axis pointing out of the intake - towards where the intake air will come from?
  10. Rebuilt all working parts (Landing leg and lights still not working) with Unity 2019.2.2f1and verified they work plus some small tweaks to the notes.
  11. The following are KSP/Unity versions: 1.8.0 2019.2.2f1 1.4.0 2017.1.3p1 1.2.0 1.1.3 ? 1.1.2 ? 1.1.1 ? 1.1.0 5.2.4f1 1.0.5 ? 1.0.4 4.5.1f3 Only the latest parttools seems to be available - you might ping JPLRepo to see if he has previous versions.
  12. As far as I know parts all use the Animation object (be sure to set to "legacy" mode) I've briefly tried the Blender direct to Unity but didn't see a way to split the models up - I like to have multiple models in one Unity file (like all truss parts for a set) - so went back to using Collada which gives you one animation per model.
  13. Edit: I dimly recall seeing that Quaternions don't survive the trip from Blender to KSP - could easily be wrong on this but something to check if rotations are giving you problems. it coming back - I think this was a problem with Blender's collada export
  14. I'll take a stab at two of them #2: My imperfect understanding is that each object draw has a bunch of extra overhead - so it's better to have multiple disconnected meshes in one object than having an object for each disconnected mesh. Objects being the blender objects. So if you have a fuel tank with two end meshes and a tank mesh it's best to join the three together if possible. There are situations where this won't work - like if you have variants (in KSP) to swap end types. #3: Blender only has one animation. You might be able to play some tricks like having the deploy animation from frame 1 to 40 and the first rotation from 41 to 61. Then in Unity specify your two animations - the first being frames 1-40 and the second 41-61 looping at the end back to frame 41. Another possible approach - I thought I saw a mod by linuxgurugamer that sounded like it might be able to do multiple animations (sorry don't recall the name (fairly recent though)) - have not used it myself so it may not do what I think it does.
  15. I've found it helpful to look at the GameData\ModuleManager.ConfigCache file - it contains the post MM processing cfg's so you can see what you actually did vs what you thought you did with a MM patch.