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  1. Guessing here: the "Input string was not in the correct format" leads me to think it's an error in the config file. Looks like StringToNumber and ParseInt32 calls are complaining so I would look for either a typo in an integer or maybe a wrong parameter - giving it a string or a bool when it expects a integer.
  2. Fengist had an online calculator but it's no longer there - the code for the calculator is listed though
  3. A modder who's name I can't recall was working on a mod (never completed unfortunately) that would have had a surface part with an IVA that would have been extendable. The extensions would have been IVA only and extendable to make underground bases. The plan was to allow the player to move between rooms by clicking on hatches to change IVA's. If I find the link I'll add to this post. Found it:
  4. @SJ Heo Try putting it directly under GameData Path should be: GameData\Missing_robotics.
  5. You might consider using water as an alternate propellant and adding an intake that collects water - the ModuleResourceIntake even has a "underwaterOnly" field. Downside would be the need to either add the resource yourself or have a dependency on Community Resource Pack.
  6. @JewelShisenI made a WIP cargo bay - minimal testing - drag does increase when the doors are open. As this is the first cut at a part I haven't made before take everything with a large grain of salt. The file is CargoBay - 1110.zip on the download site.
  7. Have you seen Sigma Cartographer? More of a do it your self solution instead of a download - there is a pre-release for 1.10.1.
  8. One way or another you're going to need to learn to use a 3D modeling program if you want to make parts (you mentioned Blender so I'm assuming you want to make parts). Blender is a steep learning curve but there are lots of online tutorials. Another route is to use Wings - I'm not sure how much easier that is as I don't use that myself - there are some tutorials for that and I think Beale(?) made some specifically for KSP parts - sorry but I don't have the links - shouldn't be too hard to Google. Once you get a model made by whatever means, you need to get it in game. You can do this by runnin
  9. Thank you for pointing these out - I'll have to take a look at them. Unfortunately no - and I haven't seen anything either. One thing I have seen is the when I use the Bumped Specular (Mapped) the part is invisible in the VAB when dropped
  10. @hemeac Your welcome, glad you found them useful. If you spot anything that doesn't make sense or is just wrong/confusing please let me know. PS. Saw your Aerobee page - looks nice!
  11. The thrust is configured with a thrust transform that's part of the model in the .mu file - not something you can change in the cfg file. It is possible to fix but you would need to import the model into a 3D editor and fix the thrust transforms and then change the model back to a .mu file (doable with taniwha's Blender .mu importer/exporter I think) or run the model through Unity.
  12. The rock in liquid does suggest shallows to me. I've always thought of "Shores" as the beach area before the water - never thought to check just in the water - I'll have to check next time I have the game up. If it is the beach area a generic sand texture might help distinguish between shores and shallows but I think the rock in a bit of water does the job too.
  13. or the Surface Scanning Module has a Lat/Long display in the PAW
  14. RO_Resources.cfg refers to CRP(Community_Resource_Pack) - look in the CRP .cfg files and you should find a file (or more than one) that defines resources including density - should have a batch of "RESOURCE_DEFINITION" lines in it. Edit: RO_Resources.cfg is a module manager patch file - check that the resources you're interested in haven't been modified with this patch file. (a quick look and most of the patches appear to be to unit cost)
  15. I've never seen any suggested rule of thumb - the more complex you make the part the more players will have problems with it. You can actually make fairly detailed models (see Squads 18K tris (if memory serves) Mammoth engine - what really eats processing is the colliders. And even here the mesh colliders are a lot heavier than the primitive (Box, Capsule, Sphere) colliders. So keep collider count down and use primitives if you can.
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