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  1. I’ll just add - I’ve had situations where thrust was not obstructed while not steering, but was blocked when gimballed over while steering. That can seem to the pilot like an intermittent, hard to diagnose overheating problem. But yeah, no way to find out except trial and error. Maybe something like a static fire test, where you start engines but don’t release launch clamps, and try every combination of steering inputs
  2. For me, a death in NCD is a reset. There's enough grind as it is without having to recover rep and cash from a fatality, and with enough practice you get through the marginally-safe reentry phase of play pretty quick. After that there's little risk
  3. Great thread! There are a couple of simple mods that can help with this design challenge: I use these in combination to get 1 degree angle snap, and sub-degree angle read outs.
  4. Claw them together in a graveyard orbit, build a new moon
  5. I love the decouplers as canopy frames, looks so good
  6. @InterstellarKev those are spectacular craft! thanks for sharing, really given me some ideas
  7. You'll need to outlaw Zompi drives for this one...
  8. My early NCD biome-collection phase got enormous mileage out of this: Highly steerable and very precise, and a lot of fun to fly. The Hammer booster lets you target like 10+ biomes (including splashed ones), a BACC even more
  9. I wonder if there's a way to trick it, using a service bay and changing the open/closed state of the bay during the deploy animation, and catch it out. Or with advanced tweakables on, is there a 'deploy while shielded' option? sorry, I can't get in the game right now to check myself...
  10. I have an idea for shenanigans... mount the base of the gigantor inside a closed service bay (or cargo bay, or closed fairing), and extend the panel - is it able to be shielded from drag and still collect EC?
  11. This happened in the 1.11 update. Try jumping to break the ground glue, then starting using the jet pack once off the ground. Edit - oops, gotta check for page 2 before replying…
  12. If the OP is on windows... (I'm going to assume, like the joke about crossfitters, vegans and tesla owners, don't worry, they'll tell you they're on linux) https://www.windowscentral.com/how-reverse-scrolling-direction-windows-10
  13. I haven’t updated MJ from whatever version was working in 1.11; it’s working fine in 1.12 despite a pop-up warning on game launch. Perhaps there’s some module deep in one mode or another that needs updating, but rendezvous works just fine. No need to mess with dev versions
  14. Max reentry heating is no big deal, I play that way at all times. It mainly affects SSTO launch profiles, not capsules, so very little difference in Caveman. In my experience all progression in NCD is slower to be sure - but where you really spend time with slower progress is in the late game where you've unlocked most of the critical techs but run out of easy science. Early game, each new mission type gets you new unlocks so it feels like there's always progress
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