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  1. oh good point. That's probably happened to me but never had a disaster yet...
  2. Great posts. Just to break it down even more simply - root and heaviest can change in flight and when docking, and have been the cause of many space station kraken strikes. Grandfather never changes, so it’s safer but perhaps not quite as powerful.
  3. fourfa

    Need help modding stock airbrakes!

    This mod has a lot of promise for adding layers of complexity with stock parts. I've been playing with it a lot. I posted some in the thread a while back, but as-is you might need to write an additional cfg to change the attachment rules of some of the stock parts. IIRC the airbrakes don't allow you to attach to them, but they can if you change some values in their attach rules.
  4. fourfa

    Using Hyperedit and debug menu to increase realism

    You might try all stock parts, with 2.5x or 3.2x rescale and no other mods. That adds a lot of extra challenge, and you will find that the rockets you build look an awful lot like real rockets, without needing the dozens/hundreds of mods for RO (and instability, and insane load times, and needing a monster PC)
  5. fourfa

    [WIP] Ground Effect

    this has got "pod racing" written all over it
  6. I want to do a caveman run with Mandatory RCS which nerfs reaction wheels and forces real work on reaction control and more piloting effort (the forum page for the mod lists extra parts, mainly smaller RCS jets, but those are now optional). Also deep-throttle engine nerfs, ullage...
  7. fourfa

    Kerbin is beautiful

    My pet project plane, with an undockable main wing module so the whole thing can stow in Mk3 cargo bays
  8. fourfa

    Craft Switching

    This one?
  9. Another random usability question. I'm using this mainly with stock parts. I've noticed there are some funny differences between various moving aero parts. The following stock parts allow you to attach other wings parts to them, so you can use them as pivoting root wing parts as described above: Advanced Canard, Standard Canard, Tail Fin. If you look in the cfgs for these parts, you find 'attachRules = 0,1,0,1,0' Big-S Elevon 1 & 2, FAT-455 control surface, have 'attachRules = 0,1,0,1,1' These do not allow you to attach other parts to them: AV-R8 Winglet, Delta-Deluxe Winglet, A.I.R.B.R.A.K.E.S. If you look in the cfgs for these parts, you find 'attachRules = 0,1,0,0,1' Elevon 1 through 5 have 'attachRules = '0,1,0,0,0' These allow surface attachment but don't move the attached part with deploy: FAT-455 Tail Fin, Big-S Spaceplane Tail Fin (0,1,0,1,1) (For what it's worth the service bays are 1,0,1,1,0. Mk2 and Mk3 cargo bays and ramp are 1,0,1,1,1. Landing legs are 0,1,0,0,0.) I found the following here: "Attachment rules attachRules defines how this part attaches to or allows attachments from other parts. Though documented in some part files, the documentation is minimalist and difficult to understand, so here's a little clean-up and expansion. // attachment rules: stack, srfAttach, allowStack, allowSrfAttach, allowCollision attachRules = 1,1,1,1,1 The rules correspond to the numbers below - 1 is allow, 0 is prevent. The tags are: stack - Can your part be stacked on others? SrfAttach - Can your part be placed onto a surface? allowStack - Will you allow other parts to be stacked on your part? allowSrfAttach Can other parts be placed on the surface of yours? allowCollision - A special one: Can your part be placed if part of it is intersecting another part?" I propose that this mod might include a patch for stock parts adjusting these attachRules, to make maximum use of the moving stock parts. I've been playing with it and I don't see any game-affecting downsides yet.
  10. Just chiming in on this thread for the first time. @eagle92lightning you can definitely do this - Use a stock all-moving tail fin or canard as your wing base part, then attach the rest of your wing segments to the tail fin. Uncheck all the pitch/roll/yaw options, then use the Deploy function to switch incidence and use the limiter to fine-tune it. Works great in place of flaps to get high lift for take-off/landing, and low drag for high speed runs. I've mainly been playing with Big-S elevons with their chord along the fuselage length, to make folding wings possible: Also landing gear mounted to the inside of cargo bay doors, so they retract into the bay and shielded from drag Random question - anyone aware of an action group mod that lets you switch deploy direction from action groups? Stock allows deploy activation, but not switching from normal to inverted
  11. Good answer, and I'll add one more for @Crixomix - once I started using the mod Strategia I really stopped being concerned with more stock-style contracts. You can use it to power your entire career if you set your rewards modifiers right. Check it out
  12. seems to
  13. Needs more air intakes. A lot more. When the engines starve for air, they auto-switch to rocket mode.
  14. fourfa

    Build a reversible aircraft

    Paging @RocketPCGaming to show off De Plaen!
  15. Seems to be just you? Works fine for me.