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  1. If anyone would like the site to go down less, you can help here. It's run on a shoestring budget at the moment
  2. I feel a strange sensation welling up inside... could this be... HYPE?
  3. Question for the gang here - I'm a relatively new user in MKS and I haven't gotten all the way to the complex logistics yet. Also I'm still stuck in 1.2.2 while I wait for GPP to update. I'd like to make the Landing Stabilizer and Wide Landing Leg from the MKS package behave exactly like stock parts in the following ways: 1. Deploy and retract trigger the sounds that the stock landing legs use. Currently they are silent. 2. Toggle Stabilizer should automatically place itself in the Gear action group, as Extend/Retract does with the stock landing legs. Currently they do not 3. They should behave the way the stock legs do when placed in symmetry - when in VAB/SPH, the stock legs have a "Start Extended / Retracted" PAW item that affects all legs in symmetry. The MKS legs have a "Retract / Extend Stabilizer" item that does not affect other parts placed in symmetry. The third item I could see needing to be flexible for large and asymmetric bases - the first two however seem fairly straightforward. Thoughts?
  4. If you use RoverDude's USI Life Support, the hitchhiker has a special ability to provide extra long habitation tolerance. In stock, not much.
  5. Stock gives you your choice of two medium size retracting docking ports, you could just use them as a fuselage element
  6. To answer an earlier question - yes you can transfer crew through the claw. Strange but true. Also I routinely send up clawed reentry probes specifically to deorbit junk or craft I want to recover. It works better and easier than you'd think.
  7. With disposable lifters - I aim to use a single sustainer core, firing from launch all the way until setting a 80km apoapsis. Payload does its own circularization (always less than 100m/s burn because proper gravity turn, or should I say proper GravityTurn), so the core stage will leave no space trash. Core fuel load should be such that TWR without SRBs is about 1.0 on the pad. Add radial SRBs as needed to get total launcher dV to ~3200m/s, adjust SRB thrust downward for 1.5TWR on the pad. Early career it's 1.25m Swivel cores, then Skipper, then I make heavy use of the Twin Boar for a long, long time in mid-late career while costs still matter. Once money starts to accumulate, anything goes. Now, for an ordinary stock career, I'd add just a bit of dV to get the core to SSTO, then deorbit and parachute to recovery in the water near the KSC. My last few careers I won't use the Recover button unless on the runway or launchpad, and building big ships to tow core stages home is not really worth the bother.
  8. I had the exact same problem! No idea what caused it, I've had this mod installed untouched for many months. Go to the main menu -> settings -> controls, and I bet you'll find the keybindings for symmetry and angle snap are empty and unbound. Put X and C back there, should be good to go.
  9. Maybe this is silly, but it would be really fun to have a Kerbal countdown option - ie backwards, speeded up Spanish never mind, I didn't finish poking in the options before writing that
  10. What doesn't work with GPP? I'm running both but for all I know there's important contracts not popping...
  11. Lining up a rover under a mothership docking port, trying to move left and right by endless backing and filling... I can see a use
  12. The hardest thing, to be honest, is landing. The lower atmo pressure means a regular Kerbin SSTO will need to land very very fast, and there are no flats anywhere on the islands. One option is parachutes for the last few meters. The other is to find the flat places - for instance, ice caps on the poles. And the other 98% of the planet that's perfectly flat...
  13. Well how about a simple question specific to GPP, but not bug or feature related? I'm launching horizontally from the island KSC runway using mechjeb's SmartA.S.S. attitude control. I've been launching, holding a constant heading of 90 while climbing and then accelerating, then switch to prograde hold once the thrust time to apoapsis finally starts to run away on rockets. Obviously there's an angle between that 90 heading and the eventual orbital prograde vector, and some small steering loss. Question is - what heading should I hold right after takeoff to minimize losses?
  14. Try placing a waypoint at your preferred deorbit burn point, to use as a reference each time. I find that's it's not hard to be consistent with your deorbit burn dV, your angle of attack thru reentry, etc. But just going by eye, the location of the maneuver node is pretty variable. That said - my shuttle style craft at the moment has a pair of jet engines and enough liquid fuel for some crossrange capability, and even the ability to wave off a botched approach and circle around for a second pass. More fun (for me) than innumerable F5/F9 trying to get the deorbit perfect.