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  1. Kerbals have phased through wheels and landing struts since quite a while ago. Trust me, you do not want them to interact with wheels like they used to. Therein lies the Kraken...
  2. Excellent review, thanks!
  3. fourfa


    "Personal parachute kerbal unlock requirement is accessible to modders in the traits.cfg file and the requirements have been updated to: 0xp for pilots, and 1 xp point for Engineers and Scientists." This is a pretty awesome change "* The following LFO engines were rebalanced : Wolfhound, Cheetah, Kodiak, Mastodon, Cub, Skiff, Bobcat." I wasn't able to spot some of these in the preview stream
  4. fourfa


    I saw changes for Making History engines... Wolfhound went from 2.75t @ 412s to 3.3t @ 380s (super nerfed, too much perhaps). Cheetah ISP buffed from 345 to 355s (now considerably better than just a twin Terrier). Skiff got nerfed with a mass increase from 1.0t to 1.6t (it was a outlier with its extremely high TWR).
  5. fourfa

    Λ uɹnʇɐS

    I lol'ed
  6. No one reads the other subforums on this site?
  7. fourfa

    Folding or deployable wings?

    This works with stock parts, and lots of modded ones too: I've been using elevons and landing gear to make folding wings, even complex multi-axis folds
  8. fourfa

    a mod for inline parachutes???

    Ven's Stock Part Revamp has a handy docking port with built-in chutes
  9. fourfa

    Solid Fuel Tanks plz

    Solid boosters can be shut down, if engineered so. You can choose a propellant combo that requires a surrounding pressure (supplied by the atmosphere on the ground at ignition, and by combustion products in flight) to sustain combustion. Vent the interior pressure by explosive doors, pressure drops to zero, thrust terminates. But that imposes constraints on your choice of propellant - another option as Derek mentions is to use a propellant that continues burning in vacuum, but use similar ports with shaped nozzles that redirect some thrust opposite the main nozzle. You can do it to yield zero net thrust, or even net reverse thrust to ensure a dropped stage moves away from the vehicle at staging events. Google on 'thrust termination ports' if you're curious - these have been commonplace on solid-fuel ICBMs like the Minuteman III, SLBMs etc. Such devices have been critical to ICBMs, where payloads are fixed size, cost is no object, and the goal is to accurately target any arbitrary point on Earth with a suborbital flight. If your goal is simply to carry more mass to orbit than the other guy in the global orbital service market, these things are simply dead mass and extra cost - which is why they're not used on the launch vehicles most KSP players are familiar with. And indeed, in later generation strategic missiles (for instance LGM-118), designers have often turned to more flexible liquid fueled final stages with simple non-terminated solid boost stages. This lets you control trajectory with fewer moving parts and a smidge more efficiency - and being restartable, you can now spread your MIRVs over a colossal area presenting a more difficult target to strategic defenses. And being a tiny final stage, it doesn't present the extreme hazards of giant quantities of storable propellants for main boosters. Some light reading:
  10. Is it too simplistic to start in Plane Mode if it launches from the runway, vs Rocket Mode if it launches from the launch pad? (no idea if it's even possible to do such a check)
  11. fourfa

    List of Mods Compatible with KSP 1.3

    Might be time to unsticky this thread, lol
  12. I miss this mod so much
  13. fourfa

    Proper Submarine Parts

    Underwater biomes, and special underwater science lab research would be lovely