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  1. Vernors can take 50m/s impact? I just got so many new ideas
  2. I wish I had a proper detailed answer for you, but I've brought this up before and was told it's normal and harmless. Seems like the time spent writing to log would be better spent processing physics, but so it goes If you're getting extreme stutter, it's from something else, not related to the 'Line: 42' logspam
  3. I’ve definitely had a lot of problems when I do engage mechjeb (which is not often). Something about the control tuning means it will start a high-frequency oscillation, and in the process dump all the RCS rather quickly
  4. Oh it’ll show you a trajectory (though the last I used it in the dark days of the semi-abandoned 1.2 version, it wasn’t much good), the problem is that you can’t tell what part of Kerbin will be under that trajectory when the trajectory occurs
  5. Smallest SSTO Challenge

    I have a favorite mini SSTO that looks like it should rock this challenge, but unfortunately I'm out of the country for a while and can't fly it. Are service bay cockpits allowed? Anyone want to give it a go?
  6. KSP Weekly: The Martian Race

    Imagine if you just turned in work that wasn’t complete and didn’t function. Especially when your job was to clean up after someone who did exactly that, before you...
  7. KSP Weekly: The Martian Race

    Don’t all R7-derived boosters hot-fire the second stage? Thus the lattice work around the junction. Saves on the mass and complexity of an ullage apparatus
  8. People running multiple star systems (like OPM around Grannus) - what are the performance implications? I'm interested in doing this in an upcoming new save, but wonder if I should leave it uninstalled until I get near the end of the tech tree and am ready to launch big exploration missions
  9. Spacedock down??

    If anyone would like the site to go down less, you can help here. It's run on a shoestring budget at the moment
  10. I feel a strange sensation welling up inside... could this be... HYPE?
  11. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Question for the gang here - I'm a relatively new user in MKS and I haven't gotten all the way to the complex logistics yet. Also I'm still stuck in 1.2.2 while I wait for GPP to update. I'd like to make the Landing Stabilizer and Wide Landing Leg from the MKS package behave exactly like stock parts in the following ways: 1. Deploy and retract trigger the sounds that the stock landing legs use. Currently they are silent. 2. Toggle Stabilizer should automatically place itself in the Gear action group, as Extend/Retract does with the stock landing legs. Currently they do not 3. They should behave the way the stock legs do when placed in symmetry - when in VAB/SPH, the stock legs have a "Start Extended / Retracted" PAW item that affects all legs in symmetry. The MKS legs have a "Retract / Extend Stabilizer" item that does not affect other parts placed in symmetry. The third item I could see needing to be flexible for large and asymmetric bases - the first two however seem fairly straightforward. Thoughts?
  12. Hitchiker Can Vs Mk2 Crew Cabin

    If you use RoverDude's USI Life Support, the hitchhiker has a special ability to provide extra long habitation tolerance. In stock, not much.
  13. A Claw Wheel

    Stock gives you your choice of two medium size retracting docking ports, you could just use them as a fuselage element
  14. To answer an earlier question - yes you can transfer crew through the claw. Strange but true. Also I routinely send up clawed reentry probes specifically to deorbit junk or craft I want to recover. It works better and easier than you'd think.