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  1. Patch 1.4.3 to be released next week!

    Very good news - release when ready, not according to arbitrary deadlines.
  2. 5m fairing stretch bug

    Today's 1.4.3 announcement says it will be fixed next week (look in the replies down-thread)
  3. Shows the Drag - Mod?

    You don't need a mod - this information is in stock: Alt-F12 -> Physics -> Aero -> Display Aero Data GUI That shows whole-ship aerodynamic data including total drag. The option above it ('Display Aero Data in Action Menus') shows individual part information in its right-click menu
  4. Good idea, please share if you test it. Personally I wasn't interested, as the extra part count of only a single part per engine was hard enough to swallow.
  5. Eve Tips?

    There's an exploit available right now until it's patched: Use both upward- and downward-pointing fairings, attached to each other, enclosing all parts of your craft. Close the lower fairing on the engine bell. Presto, you should experience zero aerodynamic drag.
  6. If you don't mind someone other than AeroGav jumping in on that question - I just investigated this a few days ago in 1.4.2, wondering if there had been any small aero changes. You'll have to zoom in to read the details from the Drag field. This is a craft with seven different configurations of Rapier engines in a row. Left to right: plain (no rear cone), shock cone, Type A cone, circular intake, plain blue dot cone, and small cone. Data is pinned for both the cone and the engine it's attached to, so you can look at the total drag of the pair, not just the cone by itself. (Mods are all visible at right, no parts or gameplay mods, mostly just visuals.) In decreasing order of total engine+cone drag, it looks like this: none =13.61 Advanced Nose Cone A = 4.72 Small nose cone = 4.36 Shock cone = 4.31 Circular intake: 4.31 Aerodynamic nose cone: 3.58 The plain old blue dot nose cone is light, cheap, tied for best temp rating at 2400K, and has the lowest combined drag. On my test ships, the extra mass of the plain cones yields a higher top speed on jets and more dV remaining in orbit. Will it do the same on all ships, or with other tailcones - highly dependent on your design and no way to know for sure without controlled tests.
  7. Stick a single separatron opposite the lateral nozzle, reduce it to a single tick of fuel, and give it 45-90 degrees of angle relative to the long axis. Takes some trial and error to tune it, but you can get the capsule to just peel away smoothly
  8. Electrocutor's Thread

    I prefer scrolling through visual options via variants
  9. Ditching problems.

    ‘P’ to activate chutes after EVA saves a lot of time in emergency bailouts
  10. [1.4+] Balanced History (ABANDONED)

    Not much detail to go on here. You say you've changed part sizes - but no pics to show what you've done. Your mod does something - can't tell what - I went to github to look for documentation - no details on the landing page - went to the wiki - only details are: Is that all it does? Basically if the author is not interested in sharing what the mod actually does, I'm not interested in installing it to try to figure it out
  11. Science Archive Mod?

    Probably most people are using [x]Science for that. You can show a list of all completed science, though it’s simpler to work directly with the list of undone available science. If that feels too cheaty you’d have to simply not look I think
  12. Just not many people using the mission builder at this point... I know I’m not