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  1. @InterstellarKev those are spectacular craft! thanks for sharing, really given me some ideas
  2. You'll need to outlaw Zompi drives for this one...
  3. My early NCD biome-collection phase got enormous mileage out of this: Highly steerable and very precise, and a lot of fun to fly. The Hammer booster lets you target like 10+ biomes (including splashed ones), a BACC even more
  4. I wonder if there's a way to trick it, using a service bay and changing the open/closed state of the bay during the deploy animation, and catch it out. Or with advanced tweakables on, is there a 'deploy while shielded' option? sorry, I can't get in the game right now to check myself...
  5. I have an idea for shenanigans... mount the base of the gigantor inside a closed service bay (or cargo bay, or closed fairing), and extend the panel - is it able to be shielded from drag and still collect EC?
  6. This happened in the 1.11 update. Try jumping to break the ground glue, then starting using the jet pack once off the ground. Edit - oops, gotta check for page 2 before replying…
  7. If the OP is on windows... (I'm going to assume, like the joke about crossfitters, vegans and tesla owners, don't worry, they'll tell you they're on linux) https://www.windowscentral.com/how-reverse-scrolling-direction-windows-10
  8. I haven’t updated MJ from whatever version was working in 1.11; it’s working fine in 1.12 despite a pop-up warning on game launch. Perhaps there’s some module deep in one mode or another that needs updating, but rendezvous works just fine. No need to mess with dev versions
  9. Max reentry heating is no big deal, I play that way at all times. It mainly affects SSTO launch profiles, not capsules, so very little difference in Caveman. In my experience all progression in NCD is slower to be sure - but where you really spend time with slower progress is in the late game where you've unlocked most of the critical techs but run out of easy science. Early game, each new mission type gets you new unlocks so it feels like there's always progress
  10. I've been playing a lot with drag optimizations. I found you can shield whole RAPIER engine nacelles from drag with a fairing, hide the ugly fairing bases inside nesting fairings, hide a rear vacuum engine from drag, hide attitude control thrusters from drag, hide landing gear from drag... The most interesting to me was making an ultra-high temperature SSTO nose, from a heat shield and service bay. Heat shields with open attach nodes have *absurd* drag, to help capsules reenter. Make sure something is attached to the front node, then hide that thing in the service bay, and it becomes practically frictionless. Nose temp has always been my limiting factor for air-breathing SSTO speed - this has 3300K front-most tolerance on the heatshield, then 2900K on the service bay, then 2700K on the cockpit. This is temp-limited by the wings and V-tail at 2400K, not much more you can do about that...! Max airbreathing speed 1650+m/s with its max 45T/4U payload. It's by far the fastest cargo SSTO I've ever made, which means the rest of the burn to orbit can be done with significantly less propellant. https://kerbalx.com/fourfa/Sundiver-SSTO
  11. There's also this: Of course it's good to learn things by yourself; however I've definitely learned things from watching how certain mods automate tasks.
  12. I bet there's a grav-assist route that uses Mun-Eve-Jool to get to Eeloo with this. Lighter command module could help too
  13. I found it was *very* marginal to get a Hitchhiker to orbit in actual practice. Like, juuuuust barely but you're definitely not taking it anywhere. You'd need docking to make it useful, but you'd be better off just skipping the Hitchhiker and launching and docking the useful things directly. Maybe it could be the core of a space station but without EVA that means leaving Bob floating near it and having to re-rendezvous him each time. I can't see it being worth the effort. Or - maybe you were thinking as a KSC-based rover parts transport? yeah, that could work
  14. Another option for changing spacecraft attitude without reaction engines: magnetorquers Basically, the spacecraft can use a magnetic field generator to create a small torque relative to the planet's magnetic field. Obviously this depends on being IN a planet's magnetic field - so won't work in deep space or around many of the Solar System's celestial bodies that have no field to speak of.
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