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  1. Would it be possible to make an optional patch for WindowShine to work with your mod?
  2. Yeah I suspected my mistake could be just me not knowing the terminology of the texture names hehe Great work anyway! Looking forward to see the finished project, as well the Windowshine, which I noticed the new shader seems to be going forward good luck!!
  3. Cool I got the one from the previous version and seemed to work well though. That is, at least when landed, but not from orbit. Is that intentional or just WIP? for reference, left image is ksprc install and right is spectra with ksprc textures in
  4. Think I found another issue: the mod doesn't work with the external command seat, and once the pilot is seating there the log gets flooded with null refs. And even if I move the pilot from the seat back to the cockpit, the flooding continues. Tested on a clean 1.2.2 install win7 x64
  5. Are Procedural Panels still part of the plan to be included?
  6. Wide version with a few more corrections and specific Electricity info. There might still be mistakes though. For the Thrust/Isp map, I still plan to fill in the details about fuel. If anyone know an easy place to find it, especially info about density that I'd also like to include, would be very helpful Any input is very welcome
  7. Ok, so I'll update the graph according to my tests and split electric power into MJ and EC, and change the resolution as @Eleusis La Arwall mentioned. I can try helping with the reactors if I ever get to them, but I'm still stuck trying to understand the engines I've made this crude sketch using the table in the OP for ISP values, and the ingame info for thrust. If it seems like I'm on the right path, let me know and I'll tidy it up visually and continue for the other engines, and try to test their upgrades to see how it affects them. Edit: One idea, since you're messing with the tables, would be to separate the reactors that just generate power and the ones with built-in nozzles (the ones I called standalone engines) into two different tables for better understanding
  8. That's where my doubt was, because the description says that the molten salt has an "integrated thermal electric generator"..So I expected to see a few MJ even without an external generator attached. Assuming the behaviour of recharging the EletricCharge is correct, I should remake the sheet and separate the Electric node into EC and MJ to avoid confusions like this.
  9. I didn't really do anything, just loaded the ship and checked the MW and EC values Tested on KSP 1.2.1, KSPI 1.11.3, with KER, KAS, KIS, IR, Trajectories, and visual mods. Reactor by itself (like I said, no KSPI window) Reactor+Transmitter Reactor+generator+transmitter
  10. Tests made with a probe (half emptied of EC), radiators, and: Molten salt - KSPI window from tool bar doesn't open, but recharges the probe EC. If I put a gyrotron and a transducer, the window opens but shows 0MW (works ok if with a MHD generator, 780MW) Peeble Bed - same thing (1.24GW with MHD) Dusty Plasma - same thing, except it doesn't recharges the probe (720MW with MHD) Antimatter Initiated (with an antimatter tank) - same thing, doesn't charge probe (15.17GW with MHD) Plasma Beam Core Antimatter (with an antimatter tank) - same thing, doesn't charge probe (37.1GW with MHD) Magnetized Target Fusion (with a capacitor to start it up) - same thing, doesn't charge probe (1.75GW with MHD) Spherical Tokamak - KSPI window opens, with 0MW and doesn't recharge probe (810MW with MHD) Tri-Alpha - 2.16GW by itself Magnetic Confinement Fusion - 8.65GW by itself Quantum singularity (with capacitor and in orbit to start it up) - 266GW by itself Let me know if this is the intended behaviour so I can edit the image or not
  11. @FreeThinker That could help people visualize what engine has best isp, but might not be practical to help building your ship if you have to consider other variables like fuel and power I'm afraid. I'm having a hard time myself to understand what else (if anything) can alter the isp apart from fuel type, upgrades and atmosphere... I noticed the Vista can be manually adjusted, but what about the others? And I'd like to put the MW range in which each engine works as well, even if only as a side note so people know what reactor they need, and how much power they can transmit to or from that ship, for example, without jeopardizing the engine thrust funcionality. Let's say a ship needs 200kN to safely land, how much power that engine need to achieve that? And the change in power affects thrust in a linear way or geometrically? For now, I came up with this: On an unrelated note, I noticed while testing with the reactors that I made some mistakes regarding Electricity generation, with some producing ElectricCharge but not MJ (which could cause confusion), and some not producing neither. Will test more later and update again the connections graph.
  12. Not until now I wasn't However I have no clue on how to do this, but @FreeThinker is free to do whatever he wants with it. I just did it trying to understand this mod myself, and thought I might as well share it. Ok so it turned out to be more complicated that I thought (as anything in this mod ) because the isp and thrust change in a non-linear way according to the power input. I will probably have to make graphs on excel, and get images out of that. So I came up with two possible ideas for us to discuss on: In the first, I'd use whatever formula you use in the mod to make the graph, hoping that only one formula would sort it all out, with me just needing to change fuel and engine variables within it (which I bet it's too much to hope for, I bet it is more complicated than that ) In the second, I'd just get a few sample values from power input and stick with those, I wouldn't even need formulas, I could just look it up ingame I could also make it all an excel file instead of an image, where the player edit variables like fuel and power input, but I don't think it would work ingame as @Eleusis La Arwall suggested ps.: Just noticed that you put the old version of the cheat-sheet in the OP
  13. That's actually what I was planning to do next, for engines and reactors. I assume I need to put in the info regarding isp and thrust (or power output and durability in the case of the reactors) for each fuel type. Is there any other thing that I should also look out for, that influenciates these numbers?
  14. Changes: Moved Plasma Nozzle as Thermal Engine Peeble Bed produces Electricity Dusty Plasma produces Charged Particles Tri Alpha only produces Electricity MHD Generator receives Charged Particles Added more details about Relay Network Will try to keep updated as more detailed guides becomes available