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  1. You yourself asked to post logs and even linked to the latest version of xScience here in this topic.
  2. This question is about [x]Science but originated about a question earlier which of these two mods would work with 1.11
  3. Hi Guru, Tried reinstalling several times. Besides copying the gamedata files and the dependencies, I don't see what I could be doing wrong. Have not played since thursday either. Here's another link to the file: http://dasher.nl/kerbal/Player.zip And a screenshot of my gamedata folder http://dasher.nl/kerbal/screen.jpg jim
  4. Guru, with all the mods you keep going, do you even have time for work/sleep anymore?
  5. I just tried xScience with the depencies, but all the buttons are grey and no text appears. Is it the latest one on github? (as 1.11 is not supported yet, any help to send logs and screeny?)
  6. This is a deeply philosophical issue that we need to discuss, the fabrik of space-time itself is slowly unraveling... Everyone knows "Bill the Science Guy" and "Bob the Builder" from our beloved kelevision programs... So why on Kerbin, I ask you, is Bob a scientist and Bill an engineer? To maintain stability in the universe, I propose a name change to bring piece and mind to all kerbalkind.
  7. Guru. I see you maintain both Science Alert and [x]Science. Which of thse two has the best chance of working on 1.11 ? Lief just isn't the same without these mods
  8. Updated, nothing really changed but just a bump up @gilflo Glad you like it. You can tune it to your own liking by changing the numbers in wordpad/notepad.
  9. Re launch sites: here are the details for Alcantara (closest launch site to the equator)
  10. No. I know with SSTU there is an issue with the max pressure setting, just raising that will solve the problem. BTW I've set the chutes to open when "Risky" and then they seem to work, maybe that will solve it for me. Also: loving the real plumes for these engines!
  11. Running BD in RSS (not RO), chutes are not opening probably due to pressure. Anyone know the config line to change this?
  12. I just tried it. It "works" but engine gimballing goes completely nuts and the game has a tendency to crash if you go into physical timewarp.
  13. @MotokiKuN Using the latest release? I might try it, making an RSS 1.11 setup at the moment.
  14. Mage is real busy IRL, hopefuly he will return when the rona thin starts to settle down
  15. Do you have all the folders like 000_TexturesUnlimited in your gamedata folder, plus ModuleManager.dll? You will also need to force the graphics mode in the commandline when launching the game.
  16. You can adjust the pressure at which they open, as they need a minimum, causing the chutes to open at lower altitudes than set sometimes. I don't think you can change the max altitude beyond what the slider allow.
  17. I think it might work if you find an old version with that part in it and just import the needed files into your current sstu folder. Not sure in which version it was last avialable. Try the KSP1.3.1 version of SSTU. https://github.com/shadowmage45/SSTULabs/releases
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