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  1. Thanks for taking the time though!
  2. https://tenor.com/search/mr-bean-magic-gifs Yeah, wasn't sure why the link was made to USI. Are similar issues know to LS mods?
  3. To continue on from the general thread.... about different kerbals popping into my craft. Not sure how this is related to USI LS, as it's not running out of supplies. The log posted earlier shows 3 kerbals in my ship but I had no one on board when launching (and all parts that can hold kerbals are empty after checking the "transfer crew" option). When I had normal crew and they were replaced by tourists, I still had LS supplies on board. link to log: http://dasher.nl/kerbal/log.zip
  4. That is a link to this thread There is no link as it seems to not be finished yet. I see 0.6.1 on github. Looking forward to see the new release. I spotted 64K textures (eve?)
  5. I swore I would never play without SSTUU but there are too many bugs now as its not been updated since 1.8-ish I think. I just removed it and am making fuel switches for NearFuture fuels in BDB and Cryo tanks. I'm just using regular old monoprop for rcs now. I do miss the tank customization of sstu though, just fit it out in the hangar before you launch, add whatever resources you need in one tank. I made a ton of patches for SSTU to make it compatible with every mod I used. Now doing the same for BDB Yeah, I found those in Cryotanks iirc I just thought it was a deprecated part or something
  6. I have had it installed but don't see anything different on surfaces, they look vanilla-RSS to me. So I was one step short of the ultra setting. Working now. Noobs gonna noob. Wanted to upload a photo, but forum says to liquid off.
  7. Yep, USI lifesupport. Not run into issues with supplies being gone, just normal drain. I'll see if I can can get some more tourist missions and reproduce it for a logfile. see link for logs
  8. Haven't seen this question in the last 5 pages... so.... Anyone have this working on RSS?
  9. Trying to make a patch to add some B9 tanktypes to existing mods.... The part will have this module, plus could have other modules besides the fuelSwitch version. MODULE { name = ModuleB9PartSwitch moduleID = fuelSwitch switcherDescription = Fuel switcherDescriptionPlural = Fuels Just trying to see if I can wrap my head around the syntax to first check for that module and secondly to alter it... Would this be the correct condition to only alter parts with that fuelSwitch module type? @PART[...]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch]&moduleID[fuelSwitch]]:NEEDS[B9PartSwitch&...]:AFTER[...] and would this change that particular moduleID @MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch]:HAS[~modulelID[fuelSwitch]] { // do my stuff } Any advice would be most welcome.
  10. I notice in the patches in the BDB folders, there is a reference to both Bluedog_DB and Bluedog_DB_1 (B9 patches). Could someone explain how that works?
  11. Trying to add some NearFuture fuels to the partswitch in CryoEngines. 1.) I've made new tank type definitions 2.) Added them as subtypes to the cryotanks patch that already does all their own fuels Game starts up fine, no fatal error message, but also no extra fuel types in the tanks. Am I missing a step somewhere, like the tank type colors etc? nvm, stock tanks all take the patch, just bdb tanks arenot taking the config somewhere... I know where to look now.
  12. Yeah, so I thought I was crazy, but I launch a ship with a set of pilot/scientists and after a time warp they magically turned into tourists from missions. Anyone seen this behavior and know what is causing it? Running 1.12.3 with 30+ mods like RSS/BDB/NF/USI/Konstructs.
  13. Will the Fueltank module accept MM patches to add NF Propulsion fuels to say the tanks from CryoTanks? i.e. TANK { name = Lithium amount = 0.0 maxAmount = 0.0 }
  14. I'll check on those, haven't gone near any poles yet. Do you happen to know if there are any higher res versions of the rss textures out there? I have 16K but I have seen a 64K version in an older release iirc.
  15. I've been playing with BDB for a few days now after having made a new install in 1.12.3, last I played for any real time was in 1.8.1.... I must say this mod has matured and looks so well made. My hats off to Wolf and his team for all the work they have done!!!!
  16. That's weird, it's dull grey for me. I have SSTU running on TU, so I know that is working. Is it just a tiny hint of reflection, maybe I am expecting too much? I saw someone with some shiny Titan parts, but never found a link to any recolor packs, maybe it was a personal patch they made.
  17. Posting here, not sure it is RSSVE/EVE/Scatterer.... Anyone know why everything is always so dark? Even with the sun shining brightly everything still looks weakly lit. Running RSS, RSSVE, EVE Redux, Scatterer and PlanetShine (all latest versions) . No other effects mods.
  18. I've been playing without it since I posted that question, no issues. I don't use ckan. All the config options being hidden under sub-menus drove me nuts.
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