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  1. Once I make TRAPPIST-1h and fix some atmospheres, I'll release an alpha version of REX
  2. I actually believe you're right about Principia not working with multiple solar systems. Either way, the suggestion you are proposing seems needlessly convoluted. I don't need SLIPPIST nor TRAPPIST-1 for Principia to turn TRAPPIST-1 into the home solar system and make it work with principia
  3. Why would I need to do all of that when I could just make Real Exoplanets compatible with Principia?
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by this. Do you mind clarifying for me? In Real Exoplanets, neither Teegarden b nor Teegarden c are habitable. I made Teegarden b a cooler version of Venus, cool enough for sulfuric acid oceans to form (that's what the yellow is) but still hot by Earth standards. I made Teegarden b basically a tidally locked super-Mars.
  5. I'll probably reuse the old texture for some other planet down the road
  6. It would be relatively easy for me to add a REX settings file where you can set your own scale factor for stellar distances. That's not the problem. The problem is that if I place any stars beyond 50 real life light years, it causes some serious bugs that cannot be avoided. However, if I scale down the distances by 100, that would allow me to add objects up to 5000 ly away without anything being beyond 50 real light years away (since 5000 divided by the scale factor (100) equals 50). So the question is: do I scale everything down by some number to allow me to add stuff beyond 50 ly, or do I allow the user to define a scale factor that must be less than or equal to one, and limit myself to stars within 50 ly?
  7. The thing is that I don't want everything to be so far that it's inaccessible or impractical to most players
  8. Some of what I've been working on: TRAPPIST-1d TRAPPIST-1e TRAPPIST-1f TRAPPIST-1g
  9. REAL EXOPLANETS DESCRIPTION: Real Exoplanets (REX) is a work-in-progress planet pack that adds several confirmed exoplanets into KSP. As the name implies, all of these exoplanets are real, and all of the planetary systems are located exactly where they are in real life. All of the planets have accurate characteristics and the visual appearance of all exoplanets are based off of our current understanding of planetary science (as well as some artistic license when necessary ). Distances to stars will likely be scaled down so that they are more accessible, but I have not made a decision so far. Real Exoplanets will be compatible with both Real Solar System and the stock, default solar system. REX CELESTIAL CATALOG: SCREENSHOTS: CREDITS: Squad for KSP of course @Thomas P. for Kopernicus @NathanKell for Real Solar System @JadeOfMaar for his beautiful sun flares that all stars in Real Exoplanets use @Pkmniako for getting DOE to work for far away stars and planets @ProtoJeb21 for helping me for ages to recreate real life exoplanets that have accurate characteristics SOURCES:
  10. TRAPPIST-1e


    1. JadeOfMaar


      Loving this. I wonder what pod-racing down that major river would look like.

  11. Could you please make the download for your Real Exoplanets mods available again?

    1. AndrewDraws


      I'm working on an update for Real Exoplanets as we speak... I will release it when I'm done.

  12. Here are all of the real exoplanets I've made so far, in case y'all are curious.


    1. FreeThinker


      Damn they look good

  13. Hey so, I just want to clarify that yes, both Extrasolar and Real Exoplanets are abandoned. I'm abandoning Extrasolar likely indefinitely but there's a small chance that I'll bring back Real Exoplanets. We'll see.

    1. FreeThinker


      Lets hope so

    2. VelocityPolaris


      Thank you for clarifying