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  1. Right now, I only have this screenshot of Proxima Centauri b on me
  2. Yes, and the colors are warmer, just not as exaggerated as what you usually see in exoplanet art. If I showed a side-by-side comparison of how the surface looks with a white light source and how it looks with a slightly warm light source, you'd be able to see the difference.
  3. No. Red dwarfs are not actually red. They are more like a pale orange.
  4. Just updated REX to 1.7.3. In this latest update, you can also scale stellar distances to your liking through the settings file located in GameData/RealExoplanets/Settings.cfg.
  5. Thanks. Now, if you go into Logs/Kopernicus there should be a bunch of logs for individual planets and stars. Could you send me the logs for Alpha Centauri A, Alpha Centauri B, Proxima Centauri, Teegarden's Star, Barnard's Star, Tau Ceti and TRAPPIST-1? Actually, just send me the log for Alpha Centauri I think the issues @Bonbo and @Sky! (Big nerd) are having are separate from each other. Sky seems to be having some sort of problem with actually downloading the file, while Bonbo doesn't seem to have that problem. In fact, I think I already know the problem Bonbo is having. I was having a similar problem to him when I was updating REX to 1.7.3, but not in 1.6.1, and I think it's because I was using an older version of Kopernicus when I was testing it in 1.6.1.
  6. I'm making it compatible with 1.7.3 as we speak. Only a few things needed to be changed to do that. I'll release an update probably today.
  7. You didn't put the REX-textures file into your gamedata folder
  8. That is a bug that only appears in the tracking station/map view. If you actually send something over there, the flares are not separated from the star. As for the moons being dim, keep in mind that the images you see of planets/moons, especially ones in the outer solar system, have been brightened so that features are more clear and so that the image is more appealing. I had to change the Sun's light intensity curve since by default the Sun's brightness extends infinitely.
  9. Just so I can figure out if you two are experiencing the same problem, can you post a screenshot of your gamedata folder so I can make sure that you installed everything correctly? Also, it should take quite a bit for the file to download given that it's 1.2 GB Here's a link to the same file but on dropbox. Tell me what happens
  10. That is so strange because I've downloaded it on two different computers and on both it works totally fine. I have no idea why this is happening if I'm honest. I'm going to try something tomorrow.
  11. That's odd. It should be 1.2 GB. Are you sure you allowed it to download all the way through?