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  1. Injured Folks, I need to take a break from bug-fixing ASP. It will take some time to heal a broken wrist, during which time I can't really do IT either. If @GregroxMun has time I'd like him to look at the big Making History bug Snark found. Otherwise, please be patient while nature heals. Short term workaround seems to be to make another copy of your KSP installation and remove the DLC from GameData on it.
  2. @Snark Do you have the save from that career-ending bug? And do you have Making History installed? I don't have the DLC and I've been putting it off for a long time, so maybe it's time for me to buy it already. Minmus has given me trouble before. When "Change my Kerbin" came out, I was able to template most stock worlds except for Minmus and Jool. Jool's a bit of an oddball as it is, but Minmus just didn't work at all unless I templated Bop and rebuilt Minmus from 'scratch.' ASP 1.3.0 is still available. Does a Minmus career work with that version? It should still work with a newer Kopernicus on KSP 1.6.1. The difference is it templates Kerbin instead of Bop.
  3. I'll put in an issue for this. I'll do this for 1.6.4, it's just I want to track this in the GitHub issue tracker. Thanks for clarifying that. I wondered if the 180 degree switch on Minmus was deliberate or not.
  4. I could try a pressure curve that ends at 0.5 m. I can't take the home world's atmosphere away entirely, or engines from that world wouldn't work at sea level on Kerbin, never mind on Eve. But maybe it could be brought down to an insignificant sliver. What happens if you hyperedit a craft from an atmosphere-less home world Minmus to the surface of Kerbin, and check the sea level engine ISP value? [Update] I just checked and the contracts "Launch first vessel" and "Escape the atmosphere" don't work at all without an atmosphere that at least is taller than the starting craft on the launch pad. This was reported earlier before the ASP Re-Visited thread started. So I really need to keep something there. What I can do though, is bring it down to 0.00000001 kPa pressure at datum level so it's pretty much nonexistent. Have you tried playing from Tylo yet?
  5. I thought "AspRealisticAtmospheres = False" did the job. This is the default setting as of 1.6.3, and leaves the atmospheres at stock settings. Is something still using an RA atmosphere with this set? The one problem is if the home world is normally an airless body, as the home world needs to have an atmosphere even if it's practically non-existent. Without that, engine ISP gets incorrectly calculated on worlds that have actual atmospheres, and some world-first contracts don't work. So Minmus, Dres and Tylo get 0.001 kPa at datum level and should only last for a few hundred metres. I suppose this could be reduced further, but there has to be a staticPressureASL of 101.3 or engine ISP is all wrong. This gets ignored in actual flight because a pressureCurve section exists though. The Mun's been discussed before. I think Greg omitted that for some reason as it wouldn't offer any significant challenge. But why not? Where would you put the KSC if it were on the Mun?
  6. Gordon Fecyk

    How do I simply remove a body's ocean?

    Assuming you have Kopernicus and its dependencies installed, you can make your own folder inside GameData, and put this file in there.
  7. Gordon Fecyk

    How do I simply remove a body's ocean?

    You can use a Kopernicus config like this: @Kopernicus { @Body[Eve] { @Template { removeOcean = true } !Ocean{} } } You'll also need to remove Eve's ocean properties in Scatterer, if for no other reason as to have Scatterer not try to make one. I think deleting Eve's ocean.cfg would do.
  8. Stock Visual Enhancements has another EVE_SHADOWS section in another file: Scatterer_EVEShadows.cfg, that is not commented out. This is the one that gets used when Scatterer is present, and at the start of a new game you can see Vall become a black ball in Jool's shadow. Also, if you try to land something on the Mun while in Kerbin's shadow you can't even see the surface, even with landing lights on the craft. I deleted this file entirely in my installation of SVE.
  9. When folks use Alien Space Programs and still have Kerbin set as the home world for some play-throughs, Kerbin gets renamed internally to avoid having two Kerbins, and to accommodate visual add-ons. The world names remain consistent between home world settings, so a player could have multiple saves in a single KSP installation; one or more for each home world. This also saves the player from having multiple KSP installations, saving disk space. The problem is what happens if someone imports a stock save file into a KSP installation with Alien Space Programs installed and Kerbin is the home world setting. Kerbin is still the second celestial body defined, but it is renamed internally to "Bin." As a result, an imported save will have contracts and milestones saved for Kerbin, but not for Bin. World-firsts such as "We have entered orbit," will re-trigger. Contracts tied to stock Kerbin won't load. I've already tried searching and replacing text in a save file to work around this, and I'm partially successful. I've managed to preserve contracts by editing the body name from "Kerbin" to "Kerbin^n," which is the stock localization text for Kerbin in en-us. Contracts that say, "Kerbin at site xxxxx" seem to be preserved. But I haven't been able to avoid re-triggering world-firsts. Kerbals also seem to get double credit for activities at Kerbin / Bin if they've done the activity before the import and do the activity again after the import. What else should I edit in the save file to ensure a stock save can import into this system where the home world is "Bin" internally?
  10. I've found turning off, "disable scaled space ambient light," in the Scatterer menu at the KSC scene, fixes that. Then the stock graphics sliders for ambient light boost will work. (urgh, ninja'd by Blackrack!) I've also noticed that Scatterer eclipse shadows still darken the surface beyond whatever the stock ambient light setting is, at least in map view. Beyond both of these though: If you're using Stock Visual Enhancements as well, EVE eclipse shadows are just stupid in that they kill all ambient light, even that coming from lights on your craft. I just turn off EVE shadows and use Scatterer shadows instead.
  11. I'm surprised these guys aren't struggling for breath with 10+ atmospheres of pressure and density. Hearty bunch, these Gaelans are.
  12. Gordon Fecyk

    Addon Localization Home

    Would translators be able to assist with two add-ons I have localization support for? First off, Explodium Breathing Engines has [Spanish] (es-es) support now (Thanks KSP-In-Spanish!) but could use all others done too ([Chinese] [Japanese] [German] [French] [Italian] [Portuguese].) Most of these are paraphrases of the stock versions for these parts, referring to Explodium instead of Intake Air, and Oxidizer instead of Liquid Fuel. If the underworld themed naming isn't appropriate for a language, feel free to choose a different theme. Second and final, Alien Space Programs has a localization dictionary for per-home world text but no translations. Would need [Spanish] [Chinese] [Japanese] [German] [French] [Italian] [Portuguese]. Some of these are slight modifications of the stock texts, while others introduce different back stories for why the space program started there. There are also new science definitions for Tylo and Jool.
  13. Seems to work for me on 1.6.1 with the RealPlume - Stock configurations and this edition of Smoke Screen. I'm editing a video now that runs on KSP 1.6.1 and the RP plumes are working, even for my jet plume hacks on Explodium Breathing Engines.
  14. I think 'making things' with HyperEdit is more of a stepping stone to making things with Kopernicus. You can edit a world's properties in real time with HyperEdit, but you can also do so with Kittopia Tech, a real-time editor for Kopernicus. My understanding is the values displayed in HyperEdit may be copied to a Kopernicus configuration. Or use both HyperEdit and Kittopia at the same time; HyperEdit to edit the world, Kittopia to save the changes to a Kopernicus configuration.