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  1. Gordon Fecyk

    [1.3/1.4.3] Kanadian Dictionary 1.0.4 [19 MAY 2018]

    And you weren't the only one. From The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction department: Canadian Tire loses fight to call itself 'Krappy Tire'
  2. The biggest change that breaks Dres in its current form is the Kerbin = Home requirement in Kopernicus 1.3.1-3 and later. OK, I don't see this too difficult to adapt. Expect a pull request in a few moments.
  3. Gordon Fecyk

    [1.3/1.4.3] Kanadian Dictionary 1.0.4 [19 MAY 2018]

    Updated release for KSP 1.4.3 now available from GitHub repository and SpaceDock. No Making History DLC support yet; I've been too cheap.
  4. I have lots of experience with Kopernicus now that I can help you, if needed. Or if it's OK, I could integrate Dres into the list of selectable home worlds here. Its biggest challenge would be the inclination compared to the rest of the system.
  5. Visual Add-On Support Alien Space Programs can work with visual add-ons such as Scatterer, Environmental Visual Enhancements, Planet Shine and more. These require some attention before they will fully function. Kopernicus has an unbreakable rule that Kerbin = Home. This means there can only be one Kerbin, and it has to be the home world. However, nothing stops us from making a Kerbin and applying another world's properties to it. This is how Alien Space Programs does its magic. It also means that, if we want to have a Kerbin where we'd normally expect Kerbin to be, it can't be named 'Kerbin.' At least, not internally. This is why Kerbin is named 'Bin' internally, even if it's the home world setting. However, we can use a different display name than what the internal name is, which is why 'Bin' is named 'Kerbin' on screen regardless of home world setting. To make a visual add-on work, edit any references to Kerbin to point to Bin. That's it. Regardless of the home world setting, as long as the visual add-on uses the internal name, the add-on should still work as intended. Anything that generates eclipses and shadows will need to have the Mun and Minmus cast shadows on Bin, and vice-versa, as well. If you have difficulty making a visual add-on work with Bin, or if Kerbin's properties get applied to a different home world, submit a reply here. Include configuration files for the add-on in your reply.
  6. Alien Space Programs Re-Visited Updated edition of Alien Space Programs for Kerbal Space Program 1.4.3 Download: GitHub Releases SpaceDock Requires: Kopernicus Optional: Stock Visual Enhancements and pre-requisites, but requires adjustments - @GregroxMun has graciously granted me permission to maintain Alien Space Programs until he's ready to take it back. Originally inspired by Little Green Men from Mars for Realism Overhaul, and by Alternis Kerbol Rejiggered, Alien Space Programs was originally three separately packaged add-ons that changed the home world to Duna, Laythe, or Eve. These offered unique challenges for our plucky kerbals. I've personally taken a shine to Eve, but these add-ons needed updating badly and I learned enough of Kopernicus to update them for KSP 1.2 to fix biomes, and later 1.3 to introduce localization. GregroxMun went a step much further, by re-packaging all of these into a single add-on with a selectable home world setting, including the original Kerbin, and provided three (four if you count Restored Duna) additional home world choices. This release is up to date for KSP 1.4.3 and a matching version of Kopernicus, tested fully on Kopernicus 1.4.3-2 and this is the minimum version required. I don't yet have Making History so I haven't had a chance to test this against the DLC. Updates will come once I've had a chance to test. Game Modes: Little Green Men from Duna (Duna Space Program) Alternis Kerbol Light (Laythe Space Program) KSP BadS Mode (Eve Space Program) No Dessert For You (Minmus Space Program) KSP BadS Mode II: Electric Tyloogaloo (Tylo Space Program) (Also check out Whirligig World) Unrealism Overhaul, Green Edition (Jool Space Program) Installation Instructions: Use a clean, stock KSP installation to start. You can copy your current installation and delete all folders inside GameData, except for the Squad folder. Make sure it starts. Exit KSP. Install Kopernicus and its included pre-requisites into GameData, and make sure KSP still starts. The main menu will open to a different view of Kerbin if successful. Exit KSP. Install AlienSpacePrograms into GameData, and make sure KSP still starts. It should default to Kerbin as the home world. Exit KSP. Edit HomeWorldSetting.cfg to choose your home world and, optionally, atmospheric settings. Start KSP, and your chosen home world should be on the main menu screen. Enjoy. You can keep a different save file for each home world, so you don't need to clone your KSP installation for each home world playthrough. While there's supposed to be support for changing the home world for a given save file, such as demonstrated by Hazard-ish, it seems to work best when craft are in solar orbit only. Your game play experience may vary. Translations Wanted: There are a few custom strings in the dictionary_en-us.cfg file that could be translated to KSP's other supported languages. If you can translate, please send your translation dictionary to me or fork the GitHub repository and submit a Pull Request. Challenges: The HomeWorldSetting.cfg also lists challenges for seasoned KSP players. Please post challenge submissions to here, or if needed I'll start a thread in Challenges and Mission Ideas. Bug Reports, Support: Please submit bugs to the GitHub repository as an issue. Feel free to ask other support questions here. Be prepared to submit KSP and Kopernicus logs; GitHub lets you upload zip files and screen shots to issues without needing your own file storage host.
  7. Gordon Fecyk

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    That answers that question, then. Ok, no worries everyone.
  8. Gordon Fecyk

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    @GregroxMun granted me edit permissions in his repository earlier today, but I don't want to think of it as 'owning' the mod. I've pinged him here to see what he wants. After this I think he wants to take a break from it.
  9. Gordon Fecyk

    Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Edit permissions on another member's original thread, or start a new thread? GregroxMun granted me permission to edit his GitHub repository for the add-on Alien Space Programs today so I could do an official release for KSP 1.4.3. I'd like to announce the update, but don't know which would be more appropriate: asking to edit the original thread's original post, or start a new thread.
  10. New Official Release Available Version 1.2.0 now available from the original GitHub Repository. I listed all of the changes on the release notes. I'm not sure if a moderator can grant me permission to edit the original post for this thread. Or maybe I have to start a new thread. In any case, this release is KSP 1.4.3 and Kopernicus 1.4.3-2 compatible.
  11. Gordon Fecyk

    Base jumping capability

    Each part's right-click window has a little 'pin' icon on the top-right of it. You can 'pin' several part windows up so they don't disappear if you left-click somewhere else. You can do this to EVA kerbals as well, so you can keep the info window up while you move them around. I'll cut together a quick example and edit this post shortly right now. And here you go.
  12. [snip example] Alien Space Programs creates this variable and applies it in various places, so the variable does exist. It's in homeworldsettings.cfg in the add-on. I use it to switch parts around the tech tree in Explodium Breathing Engines if Eve is selected. It looks like, based on the order of operations, Module Manager's patches occur well after localization occurs. This must explain why I see the full text instead of localization keys in the Module Manager cache. Even if I wrote a patch to act on home world and current language, I'd only be able to apply it to parts and not to other in-game text. But this helps me understand why such a patch wouldn't work; thanks. I guess as an alternative, I can create per-homeworld dictionaries. These would need to be swapped in and out by hand.
  13. Gordon Fecyk

    Base jumping capability

    What about pinning the kerbal info window before executing the jump?
  14. Change a localization key based on variable? I'm polishing up Alien Space Programs for KSP 1.4.3. What I want to do is swap out localization strings based on the home world setting, so "Cannot disembark while off of Kerbin's surface.\nAstronaut Complex upgrade required." gets replaced with, "Cannot disembark while off of [homeworld name here]'s surface.\nAstronaut Complex upgrade required." Can I even edit a Localization section using Module Manager? For this particular example, #autoLOC_294633, I'm thinking about this: @Localization:HAS[@AlienSpaceProgramSettings:HAS[#Homeworld[Eve]]] { @en-us { @#autoLOC_294633 = Blah blah blah (s/Kerbin/Eve as needed) } @es-es { @#autoLOC_294633 = Blah blah blah (s/Kerbin/Eve as needed) } }