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  1. Gordon Fecyk

    Electrical Jet Engines

    Definitely. Don't mind the 1.4.5 version in the title. I tested it on 1.5.1 successfully. The thickness of the atmosphere actually gives 'jet' engines more material to work with. But you can end up with the inverse problem of rocket engines where you could get too much thrust, and have an engine detach from your craft Wile E Coyote style. If you prefer something that was actually thought-of by real world scientists, try Atomic Age. This looks closer to an electric jet engine.
  2. More Updates Available for Testing The 1.5.1beta branch is a much more complete branch that has a similar feature set as the current release. Home worlds Eve, Minmus, Duna, Laythe and Tylo are currently selectable. The current values for science and contract weighting are not yet copied over from the release version, so career mode play won't make much sense right now. It is, otherwise, a lot friendlier than the alpha branch and can work for sandbox play and testing. I'm doing a full redesign to take advantage of Kopernicus 1.5.1-1's "Change My Kerbin" functionality that lets us template any stock world and call it home. This lets me preserve that world's native artifacts (easter eggs) and place new ground tracking stations to replace the ones from Stock Kerbin, and prevent Kerbin's artifacts from appearing when the home world isn't Kerbin. You can see a silly example in Purple Space Program episode 9. Here are some problems from the release version that are already fixed by taking this approach: No blue sky on Minmus or Tylo. There's still a placeholder atmosphere, but it doesn't mess with the scenery. As mentioned, no Kerbin artifacts when Kerbin isn't the home world. Native home world artifacts preserved, including Duna's face and Tylo's cave. Non-random monoliths should now be in their correct locations. I have a pretty long to-do list. Anyone interested in helping? Fix the Space Center scene on Minmus. Unlike the release version, this version doesn't show the actual buildings. It's similar to the problem I originally had with Duna being the home world, when more than one world had the Kerbin template. This problem doesn't occur in the release version, and it doesn't occur on Laythe or Tylo either, which were also re-parented around another planet. Put the re-balanced science multipliers back, and adjust the contract weighting values. Put in Realistic Atmospheres 1.3.0. You thought Eve was easier? I'll have to move the PSC to higher ground so existing craft designs will still work! And forget reaching Jool's datum line; if the pressure doesn't kill you, the heat will. Somehow put a KSC and KSC2 on the surface of an uninhabited Kerbin and have them not be ground stations. Somehow put Duna's artifacts on a Restored Duna built from scratch, or avoid deleting PQSCity objects while replacing everything else. Put back Dres and Jool. Create a global switch for Realistic vs Stock atmospheres. I'll have this list duplicated as Issues in the repository and I'll make sure to tag them for 1.5.1beta.
  3. Gordon Fecyk

    [1.5.x, 1.4.x, 1.3.x] Realistic Atmospheres

    Me and my big mouth. And thanks @Matt Lowne also. :-p Seriously though, I'm looking forward to this. Eve becomes a lot more Venus-like now. Expect an Alien Space Programs revision with the KSC (PSC?) moved to slightly higher ground to compensate.
  4. It feels like Ferram Aerospace. My Fat-Star heavy lifter flies, glides and lands on KSP 1.5.1 as I expect it to on KSP 1.3.1. Well done!
  5. The engines that just suck in atmosphere and squirt it out the back? You're looking for Atomic Age. And that has two dependencies. This one's a stock-alike take on jet engines and it doesn't even depend on Module Manager anymore. I've worked out all of the technical bits, though I might have to inspect the 1.5.1 stock jets for changes to their float curves and make sure I'm using similar curves here for a 1.5.1 release of this. But Explodium Breathing Engines otherwise works in KSP 1.5.1 without changes, being just a part mod and no software.
  6. Ignore the "Steam" bits then, and follow the rest of the troubleshooting steps I suggested. It's the same software.
  7. I have a little experience running KSP on MacOS 10.10. Don't know how much of it applies to current editions. Review this before proceeding: If you install KSP Mac from Steam, the Steam client already makes sure the current user has read/write permission in the installation folder for it. If you move or copy this installation, for instance to have a different set of add-ons, make sure the new destination also has read/write permission for the current user. KSP needs to write to settings.cfg, physics.cfg, partdatabase.cfg, ksp.log, and the Saves folder. Some add-ons like Kopernicus will make additional log folders, and almost every add-on that has persistent settings will write to a config file in there somewhere. Start with a pure stock KSP; make a copy that only has the Squad folder inside GameData. Depending on your app security settings you might need to right-click on the KSP binary and pick Open, which lets you launch unsigned apps on current MacOS editions. Then add Making History (from what little I've seen it appears to work just like any other add-on) and see if it works. Pile on the additional add-ons, one by one, until it stops working. Sounds like the usual troubleshooting steps I spout off for KSP Windows, sure, but being written in C# for Mono, it can behave the same way across platforms.
  8. Episodes twenty-three through twenty-eight added to the playlist. It's been quite a while and I hope I'm not breaking a forum rule necroing my own old thread. Parts 23 through 28 Milestones: Completing the Mk2 SSTEO Razorforce Seven. @Razorforce7, thanks for the inspiration. Our Gilly Amusement Park continues to earn funds. Natalorf Kerman cited for performance beyond the call of duty. We go interplanetary with a combination of space plane and conventional rocket launches. We're actually Jool-bound. I'm hoping to send a crewed expedition to Bin for the end of this series, but I must first construct a viable SSTEO capable of bringing 2.5 m assemblies up to LEO. For that I'll need the L.U.C.I.F.E.R. engine and a considerable redesign. For now, we have a viable design for sending 1.25 m assemblies up on the cheap.
  9. Gordon Fecyk

    You know you're a noob in KSP when...

    Hold my beer, eh... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJs5V7p00N4 Bonus noob points: Not knowing what 'max Q' really meant at the time.
  10. Gordon Fecyk

    intake air problem

    @horace You need to review your configuration for this engine. You have ModuleResourceIntake defined twice, and in the Spaceplane Hangar the engine has "Close Intake" listed twice. I also can't seem to open either intake on the runway, so they stay closed at all times. Just comparing this engine to the other engine with an integrated intake, the Goliath, I tried copying some of the Goliath's properties to this thing. For instance, apparently ModuleResourceIntake needs to be first before any other module is added. But that alone didn't fix things; it still came up as Closed. Maybe try enabling surface attachment for this engine to see if exposing the front of it lets it work. I've never tried adding an intake module to a non-intake part before. Not sure what other requirements there are. But that's all I can try for now.
  11. Gordon Fecyk

    intake air problem

    This is happening in Stock 1.5.1 as well. A closed intake has a status of "#autoLOC_8005416". The bug is in the localization. The behaviour, though, is normal and you should only need to open the intake to have it gather intake air again. It sounds like @horace's problem is the intakes are just closed. You can open and close the intakes during assembly. By any chance is this modded engine your JX-5 "Joanna" engine with the integrated shock cone intake?
  12. Gordon Fecyk

    [1.5.1-1 + Backports] Kopernicus & KittopiaTech

    Cube or Six-Sided PQS Celestials? Someone else asked about creating a ring world in Kopernicus. You can't just make a single celestial into a donut, but apparently Kopernicus supports barycenter objects. What about multiple cubes or cuboids tidally locked around a barycenter object? You'd have to start by creating a cube or cuboid with a very small sphere of influence. Can one even make a cube celestial that one could land on?
  13. Gordon Fecyk

    Halo ring 'planet'

    Via Kopernicus? A single celestial body needs a PQS surface defined so you can land on it, but those surfaces have to start out as spheres. And you can't land on the inside of one; even if a small body had a terrain glitch that let you travel inside it, your craft would self-destruct upon crossing the threshold. Maybe there's another possibility. Kopernicus appears to support a barycenter object, so you could have two or more celestials orbit that. The barycenter need not be solid. Maybe you could construct a ring out of multiple celestials orbiting a barycenter. You might not be able to make a Niven-style ring around a star, but perhaps a smaller ring Halo-style, constructed of identical objects orbiting a barycenter. I don't know what would happen to the space between your ring segments though, as you're talking about each segment's sphere of influence intersecting with its neighbours.
  14. Updates Available for Testing I pushed some minor updates to the Master branch to adjust the atmosphere curves. Apparently KSP no longer requires a sliver of 1 ATM air at sea level to calculate engine efficiencies, as long as staticPressureASL is defined as 101.325 kPa. The actual atmosphere comes from the various atmosphere curves. This also seems to fix the Atmosphere indicators in navigation. The ASP 1.3.0 release still works on KSP 1.5.1 and Kopernicus 1.5.1-1 unmodified, and these updates only fix a display issue with the Atmosphere indicators. If you are curious, there is a 1.5.1-1-alpha branch with dramatically simplified configurations. These configurations are not for normal gameplay and are instead experiments for home worlds that don't use the Kerbin template. This allows us to preserve that world's native artifacts, while keeping Kerbin artifacts off such as KSC2, the island runway and so on. To do this I also had to create new ground tracking stations at logical places on those worlds. But these configurations do not support normal switching. This is important: The 1.5.1-1-alpha configs are for testing only. If you want to try one out, only add one folder and not all seven.
  15. First you should make a copy of your stock KSP installation and make sure the corresponding version of Kopernicus works with it, before trying to change anything. You can test by just installing Kopernicus and its dependencies without adding any planet packs. Kopernicus is the plugin that lets people edit or create planetary systems. After that you're looking at editing Kerbin to use SSRSS Earth's properties. Make a new folder for yourself inside GameData and create an empty plain text file with the extension .cfg inside it. This will contain your modified Kerbin. Then see if you can take inspiration from SSRSS Earth's config. I won't go into further details here, nor am I going to explain how to use Kopernicus in this thread. There's a whole separate thread for that, along with a Kopernicus Wiki and examples.