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  1. OK I'll try a simpler question: Is this set of parts interesting enough that you'd add them to your 'normal' modded KSP installation?
  2. It's been a while since I looked at this. Have the interested folks such as @MatterBeam, @JadeOfMaar had a chance to evaluate the current iteration of these parts? The original concern I had, that of intake spam, is addressed by the drag being significantly greater with the more added intakes. There is a crossfeed problem still, where zeolite gets consumed on one part at a time and I'm not sure how to prevent that. I'd like to put together a release for these compressor parts and for the jet engine curve extensions as a general atmospheric engine extension.
  3. I lowered Minmus' 'atmosphere' to 100 m, which keeps the Launch First Vessel contract working but there will be bizarre contracts spawned for atmospheric tests, for instance, testing the heat shield between -1000 m and 100 m at 2400 to 2500 m/s. I don't believe that can be helped without removing the atmosphere entirely, which would break a lot more stuff. For Tylo, I have to keep the atmosphere at 9400 m to let that contract work, and gives a similar end result as Minmus where you have about 100 m of 'air' to work with. There will be bizarre atmospheric contracts as well. As for Duna before Bin, that doesn't seem solvable without messing with index numbers for Kopernicus bodies. For Laythe Space Program this seemed to work out well since Jool ends up being the first off-world body to visit. If anything I would have expected the Mun to come up before both Duna and Bin. This is as much as I should do before letting GregroxMun decide on merging my changes.
  4. [1.3.1] Kanadian Dictionary 1.0.1 [19 NOV 2017]

    Bugfix release 1.0.1 posted to GitHub. I'm stuck on an odd problem. For text strings that aren't part of stock KSP, I apparently need to include en-us versions of them or they won't show up at all, instead showing the #kanLOC_xxxxxx tag for them. Adding Module Manager can help work around this somehow, but in an otherwise pure stock game the en-ca strings are being ignored entirely. You can identify this problem with the back story for The Rick Kerman Report; the en-ca version uses the word 'humour' and the en-us version uses 'humor.' Any ideas as to what's going wrong here?
  5. Support for SwitchLanguage? I'm running into an odd problem where I'm adding strings to a dictionary and I'll get the #xxxLOC_xxxxxx tag instead of the actual text. This happens more with additions to agencies. To observe the problem, grab the Kanadian Dictionary I just released yesterday, start a career mode contract, and you'll usually see one or more of the world-first contracts offered by "#kdnLOC_000005" instead of "Kerbin Broadcasting Corporation." Yet you'll see the full text in the agency description and in the contract's story text. Further, the agency back story will be missing. That's what I observe with an otherwise stock KSP 1.3.1 with only the SwitchLanguage plugin added. The really odd part is, if I also add Module Manager, it can take a couple of restarts but it will then display the correct text for the agency and their back story. Further, I can't seem to replace some stock agencies' back stories that have 'NA' with a real back story. Should I be asking these questions here, raise an issue at the SwitchLanguage repository, or have I done something incorrect when creating this dictionary? [Update 20 NOV 2017] I found out that KSP wants to see en-us strings for localization tags, even if a plugin changes the localization setting. This happens for SwitchLanguage and for LocalizerHelper, which both change the localization setting after KSP launch. As a short-term workaround I added a supplemental en-us dictionary for strings I originally had only in en-ca. In an otherwise stock game, KSP will always display en-us strings for non-stock tags. Using Module Manager alongside a localization plugin, Module Manager will slowly replace en-us strings with non-en-us versions in its cache after one or more restarts, but I'm not sure this is a good solution.
  6. Need your own thread moved or locked? Post here.

    A vintage year, eh? Beauty. Thanks for the thread move.
  7. Need your own thread moved or locked? Post here.

    Hello honoured moderators. Would you move Kanadian Dictionary from Add-On Development to Add-On Releases? Beauty, eh? Thanks.
  8. [1.3.1] Kanadian Dictionary 1.0.1 [19 NOV 2017]

    First general release now available from GitHub repository. No CKAN yet; I don't know if SwitchLanguage is CKAN-indexed yet, and this package will overwrite SwitchLanguage's settings.cfg if you allow it.
  9. New pre-release on my fork repository that fixes the Launch First Vessel contract on Tylo and Minmus space programs. Also may fix broken localization because dictionaries apparently need to be in UTF-8 format. @Fireheart318 did you want to make Munar Space Program or did you just want to put an atmosphere on the stock Mun?
  10. This is a goof on my part; the very last atmosphereCurve line needs to have zero density and I had 0.1. Changing the 9400 line to zero allows the Launch First Vessel contract to work. I'll post an update to the repository shortly.
  11. Sorry for the delay in responding... I'll check on this. Again with the airless words; it might be because the craft is already above the 'atmosphere' at launch. This might be a case of choosing a lesser of two evils. Do we want this contract and others that depend on atmospheric flight to work, or do we want correct engine specific impulse on atmospheric worlds? Maybe the answer is simpler than this.
  12. KSP 1.3.0 versus 1.3.1

    Major problem #1 Major problem #2 Reproducible in pure stock, notably with the medium and extra large landing gear.
  13. KSP causes incredible HDD usage

    This KSP log tells me you're trying to run all of this on a 64-bit PC with 8 GB RAM. On a 'stock' KSP with Stock Visual Terrain and Stock Visual Enhancements installed, my KSP process easily takes up 7 GB of working set RAM. If I didn't have 32 GB RAM it too would be fiercely swapping memory to the page file and hammering my disk. I do have a GPP installation, but I haven't loaded it in some time and don't remember the working set footprint it had. If you're going to run Galileo's Planet Pack, get more RAM. I don't have a better solution.
  14. KSP causes incredible HDD usage

    Do you have a ksp.log you can share with us? That will tell us more about what ksp.exe or ksp_x64.exe is seeing. My performance problems come from garbage collection more than anything else, and I use MemGraph to help allocate more heap RAM for that. I also have a 32 GB RAM PC running a 64-bit version of Windows so KSP can use it. I otherwise concur with others that you might be hammering your page file pretty hard due to sheer RAM usage.
  15. [1.3.1] Kanadian Dictionary 1.0.1 [19 NOV 2017]

    @SamBelanger Would you consider drafting a fr-ca dictionary? I think there's a fr-fr draft in the Community Localization Project you can use as a base, and then use QC specifics.