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  1. https://github.com/Galileo88/JNSQ/tree/master/GameData/JNSQ/JNSQ_Plugins/Kronometer
  2. Last I checked Kronometer is part of the JNSQ pack, since JNSQ Kerbin has twelve hour days.
  3. (Ho ho ho!) Green Giant! That's going to be it for a while, as summer is a very busy time. But the Pain Trains will be back for Lindor in a future episode.
  4. I think when these sorts of contracts are active, the stock game will start spawning asteroids near the orbit of the selected object. I finished a Kerbin scan on one stock playthrough, that resulted in a new one for Jool. Sure enough, rocks started spawning out there.
  5. And the deadline is just within two millennia! I wonder if the sentinel craft would last that long even with RTGs. Not to mention any former colonists on Eve after enduring for so long. ...and Saint Jebediah blessed the place of Eve, making her Holy, and ever watching us from His celestial temple of Kerbin. -- Asteroids, chapter two, verse nine
  6. [insert obligatory beer joke here] Like I wanna know, can ya use it 'open a beer? and can ya use it t'hold th'beer an' drink it? Oh take off! 'Cuz I figure if it's made in Canada, eh? That ya can do that. [pop] [fizzz] [pop] [fizz] There's like, no gravity eh? Th'beer jus' goes flyin' up. Well then ya jus' hold her head above it, eh? And how about this? (The truth about the first Mun landing!)
  7. I managed with the 10 m heat shield and a rather heavy lander. The link points to Part 5. PE was at 45 km. I wouldn't aerocapture at JNSQ Eve. Re-entry from a 65 x 65 km orbit was barely within tolerance of the 10 m heat shield on normal difficulty. Attempting to aerocapture would get considerably warmer and more explody.
  8. Happy July Fourth, folks! To celebrate, here are two new episodes, Vall and Tylo. Hoping to get the upload done before midnight UTC, so it's still July Fourth.
  9. That's Scatterer I suspect. Happened to me once in Part 13 of JNSQ Exploration. A quicksave / reload caused it to redraw the ocean.
  10. I'm hoping to answer the call from Nara at the end of the JNSQ Exploration series.
  11. The original Orion engine would have given me the same performance, but in the past I've found that the thrust of that thing fused docking ports together. That was back when the thrust was originally one pulse per second. The Medusa version made more sense to pull rather than push, once I realized what it did. That worked around the smashed docking port problem, and the planned real-world design was supposed to use the sail as a dampening tool to even out the thrust. Gameplay-wise, there was no way I could do a thorough enough series in a reasonable amount of real-world time without a boost.
  12. Space Plane Paradise, or Purgatory? JNSQ Exploration continues.
  13. If it helps, the stock 10 m heat shield is just on the edge of tolerance for a JNSQ Eve atmospheric entry. And even then I only got back off the ground thanks to some Panther-like Explodium-breathing afterburners. If @Space Nerd doesn't want to use Explodium jets or Breaking Ground prop craft, there are some lovely plateaus along the equator at 10 km altitude. Pressure there is just slightly higher than Kerbin sea level. Density is still pretty high; sea level rockets would work but air friction drag would be slightly worse.
  14. Halfway through filming on Laythe. ... what a trip so far. And this is just the first of five moons.
  15. This was the behaviour I tried to describe a few posts ago. Haven't seen an example for some time before now. I think this is Scatterer but am not certain. Also: JNSQ Exploration Part 12: The Jolly Green Giant: