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    I do IT for a living, especially desktop support, so I'm most interested in making popular applications safer to use and games safer to play.

    Since discovering KSP I've done some novice film making. Look for the "Agencia Espacial Kanada" channel on YouTube.

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  1. Follow the instructions here, only use Kopernicus Stable Branch for KSP 1.12.1 and overwrite the included Kronometer version with R-T-B's version. I got it working without any additional graphic add-ons, but that's only because I didn't try the current Environmental Visual Enhancements, Distant Object Enhancement and Scatterer yet.
  2. Three more episodes before Nara! And sorry, there isn't a mass relay inside the core of Celes.
  3. Part 25 is up Because of poor planning, Eeloo's visit will be a two-parter. I'll head to Celes and Tam first then swing back.
  4. Part 23 and seven-eights (Just kidding) Actually a Part 24. Countdown to Nara has started!
  5. Also electric-powered propeller craft from Breaking Ground, and fuel cells.
  6. Rumors of my cancellation have been exaggerated. Though it did take me, like, twelve weeks. And this isn't even a proper episode.
  7. You can edit dictionary.cfg with Windows Notepad, provided it's the current edition of Windows 10 that supports UTF-8 natively. This is essentially how I did Kanadian Dictionary, but I also used a plugin that changed the locale value. You don't need to do this just to edit the stock dictionary your game came with. You can also use any text editor that natively supports UTF-8. I think I'll try following BIPM in the next Kanadian Dictionary release and see how it looks. If it looks terrible I can undo it. As for the double space vs thin space vs normal space, the double space after a period / full stop was something from the monospace typing days, where every character had the exact same width. It isn't used anymore in the age of on-the-fly typesetting. News print used a single space after a period prior to that, and it appears to be the modern convention.
  8. ROC / Breaking Ground object configuration question So Kopernicus Continued was supposed to include the features from JNSQ's MyRocksAreBiggerThanYours.dll but I'm having trouble placing ROCs on a customized home world in Alien Space Programs. ASP works by re-creating Kerbin using the template of a different place, but internally it's still named "Kerbin." The uninhabited Kerbin is named "Bin" internally but shows up as "Kerbin" due to localization features. What I don't know, is when a ROC_DEFINITION's CELESTIALBODY information is parsed, does it use the internal name, the "cbNameLater" name, the localized name / displayName, or some other value?
  9. @Jenna U Having been to these places, let's see if I can tell them apart, and then I'll check the Imgur link where you identify each one: I suspected this was Edna, which is somewhat darker than Dres. Edna's surface is one of the roughest in the system, and its high spin makes landing tall craft quite difficult. Talos has large flat areas and is somewhat darker then the Mun, while having similar gravity and similar delta-v requirements. These large flat areas are a giveaway. The Mun is as challenging to land on as stock Tylo for the unprepared. Only Moho so far has proven more challenging as airless worlds go. Large rough areas give it away. This Tylo is much easier than stock Tylo due to a lower gravity and denser atmosphere than Duna. Regular parachutes work here. Larger craters were the identifier. Which, by elimination, leaves Riga, also easy to land on with stock parachutes.
  10. You can actually correct this by creating a new dictionary.cfg file for your game's language setting. Let's look at one of those entries you speak of: #autoLOC_205093 = Optimum Temp: <<1>>K\n #autoLOC_205094 = Shutdown Temp: <<1>>K\n #autoLOC_205095 = Insulation: <<1>>%\n #autoLOC_205100 = Req'd cooling: <<1>>kW\n #autoLOC_205103 = Max Cooling: <<1>>kW #autoLOC_207654 = Pressure: <<1>> kPa #autoLOC_7001410 = \u0020kPa Just doing a quick search for 'kpa' I found all but one entry had a space before the unit name, and the one entry was a Unicode (or UTF-8) encoded space character. Not all unit indicators have the leading space though. If you wanted, you could search for all of the units used and make sure there was a leading space after each unit label. I've done some changes myself with Kanadian Dictionary: #autoLOC_237120 = <<1>> m/s² #autoLOC_357379 = Density: <<1>> kg/m³ I replaced the ^2 and ^3 with superscript versions in these cases. There are plenty of other corrections you could try, as long as the resulting .cfg file is saved as UTF-8 and not plain ANSI. And now I think I need to go through Kanadian Dictionary and start adding spaces to all of the units.
  11. If you time your launch right, and draw a straight line from the sun through your origin and destination, you can use the angular momentum mode to get a handle on the delta-v requirement. Then you only have to worry about inclination for the most part.
  12. Pre-Release 1.11.0 Available from GitHub Here's a first attempt at updating Alien Space Programs for Kopernicus Continued release 38, for KSP 1.8.1 through 1.11.1. May also work with Kopernicus Bleeding Edge for later versions. I can't guarantee compatibility with older versions but older downloads remain available. I'm hoping this addresses issues on Minmus and the Mun. Other home worlds are mostly unchanged since they can just template off the stock ones.
  13. Sorry about that. The Mercer clip was a historical piece from 2008.
  14. Oh it has been a while, hasn't it? Sorry about that, I've had a busy few months plus I worked on the JNSQ Exploration YouTube series. With any luck I can poke at it tonight and see if there are simple fixes.
  15. I don't know, I'd say this is very normal for a Canadian government. Like I explained earlier we're all about being not American. I suspect there was just as much of a panic when the original Broadcasting Act was passed, that we'd not be allowed to enjoy our favourite American shows anymore or get fined. Mind you we occasionally get accused of playing the Uno Reverse card once in a while. [snip]
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