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  1. Guess it's been a while. 1.7.3-1 In Testing. I'm recovering from my injury and have had adequate time to review ASP finally. The master repository for ASP has corrections to sun luminosity, adds Realistic Atmospheres 1.3.1, adds a no-atmosphere toggle for appropriate home world settings for sandbox and science games, and has a working Mun homeworld. That last one took so long because I needed to map and configure each Mun artifact so they were true to stock, while still having the KSC scene work properly. Both Minmus and Mun resist templating as a homeworld so I had to template Bop and build each world from Kittopia dumps. I still need to localize all of the Homeworld Mun text, but the rest of it is ready for testing. Please try it out. You'll need a current Kopernicus edition for your version of KSP.
  2. Dressian, what is holding you back from loading JNSQ? Is it just the lack of a KSP 1.7.3 version due to your being unable to access it on Steam? Or missing a 1.6.0-specific Kopernicus? Hm, so just your Steam account being inaccessible. I take it you've been through Steam Support on this matter. Hm... what kind of trouble could I get into providing a 1.6.1 release to someone who has a working 1.6.0? If it's OK, I'd suggest letting folks continue with the original plan of doing this in the JNSQ system. Or have two leaderboards. One last thing: Do we have a preferred or required rule set for KCT? There are several presets and some of them negate time requirements on some things.
  3. OK, I'm in. Contestant Two: Agencia Espacial Kanada (because kerbal backwards Spanish & beer) The AEK's tired of building arms and legs for everyone else. Time to reach space on our own, leaving empties on The Mun and beyond. Led by the fearless Chris Kerman, fighter pilot and badS extraordinaire, and backed up by original four-member Bob and his hosehead engineer brother Doug, these kanucks emerge from behind the successes of others to take the spotlight on their own. Beyond the required add-ons, I'll use Ferram Aerospace Research Continued to make flight a little tougher, and I'll add a final milestone beyond the required ones: Construct a viable single-stage-to-orbit craft for JNSQ Kerbin. And before you doubt this, consider that I've already done it. Just without taking any cargo up yet. My career settings are default except: DSN modifier is 16x per JNSQ recommendations and stock comnet limitations. Part pressure and gee force limits on. Kerbal gee force limits on. Require signal for probe control. Plasma blackout enabled. Here's the rest of my mods list. I'll try to add links as time permits: Mission requirement mods (Kopernicus, MFI, MM, JNSQ, Contract Configurator, Career Evolution, Community Tech Tree and UnKerballed Start, Kerbal Construction Time) Universe-editing mods (Ferram Aerospace Research Continued) Quality-of-life mods (Kerbal Engineer Redux, Kronometer, Kerbal Alarm Clock, Transfer Window Planner, MemGraph, possibly Bon Voyage later) Visual mods (Environmental Visual Enhancements, Scatterer, RealPlume Stock, Distant Object Enhancement, Texture Replacer) Part mods (None, may add Explodium Breathing Engines and Eve Optimized Engines later) Silly mods (Mun Pocket Edition, Kanadian Dictionary) DLC (Making History and Breaking Ground, depending on rules may avoid using parts from these) I'll see about starting a new YouTube playlist and posting a link to it here. I've never use KCT before so this should have a considerable impact on my play style. (Oh, @The Dressian Exploder if you're going to use a full sized flag in the original post, please just use the AEK flag. It'll take less room. Thanks!)
  4. I think I can help with that. When I mess with a Kopernicus planet pack I always start with Kopernicus / MFI / MM first, then test, then add the planet pack alone, then test again. Only if that works do I start piling on the mods and keep an eye towards undoing a step if needed. I just need some clarification on the required mods list. Career Evolution says it needs an unmanned tech tree to start and then lists three choices, and then you ask us to use Community Tech Tree. Do one of the required unmanned tech trees and CTT conflict? Or do we just use CTT?
  5. I've already been to Minmus and the Mun in early career in JNSQ using the stock contracts. It must be time for Bob and Doug to expand their horizons. Have to see if I can build that required mod set. Considering JNSQ was designed for stock engines that are supposedly overpowered in stock scale but seem just right in 2.5 scale, why use SMURFF?
  6. I used the GitHub Clone or Download function to use the current master branch, and installed it by hand. Seems OK on Kopernicus 1.7.3-1. If you do what I did, remember that the manual installation instructions include removing settings.cfg, so JNSQ can populate its own versions of the graphic detail settings.
  7. Indeed, it seems to fit the Mk2 pod better.
  8. Been playing with FARc Mach on JNSQ for a while. As much as some folks turn their noses up at it in this thread, FAR doesn't change the atmospheres. It improves the drag model. I was going to show how dumb KSP's stock drag model was with a Bradley Whistance video, but it seems I can't find that three-part-challenge-to-Duna video where he took unfair advantage of the drag model by flipping parts around.
  9. Treating JNSQ like reality, I constructed the Lindor V: Seeing the scale of the Making History MEM was off, I decided to use the Mk2 pod. This fits neatly into a 2.5 m fairing. This is actually the third iteration, working more like the Kerbal X. Treat the Lindor V like the real-life Saturn V, and you can get to the Mun with Tier 5 and some Tier 6 parts. Beware that the margins to get to orbit are tight; you need all 1545 m/s to get to the Mun on that transfer stage. I wonder how far it could get in the stock system.
  10. Do you have a copy of your save? Is it Stock or are there a collection of modded or DLC parts? Coming back from Jool it's simple enough to use Kerbin for a gravity assist at least once. This will lengthen your trip by two Kerbin years if done right, but it should reduce a good chunk of your speed. Assuming you're encountering Kerbin at your craft's Sun Periapsis, passing in front of Kerbin should lower your Sun Apoapsis some. Just adjust your Kerbin PE so the resulting orbital period is about two Kerbin years. The next pass should then be a little easier re-entry wise.
  11. Wild Blue was the other one I kept forgetting. Thanks!
  12. Not on stock worlds normally. But my understanding is that JNSQ requires Rational Resources and one of either CRP or something else to enable mineable resources to begin with. Just cheating a stock resource scanner into orbits or various worlds, and yes making sure said scanner is in the correct orbit, a stock scan yields no surface resources at all. I'm not looking for 'easier,' though ScanSAT is a wonderful add-on for proper surface scanning. I could remove RR and revert to the stock ore configs, but I don't want that. I also want to keep add-ons down to a minimum.
  13. Mods needed for ISRU? Without giving any spoilers away, what are the minimum additional add-ons needed to make ISRU work for producing fuels? Is it just Community Resource Pack, or will other items be needed? I'm only interested in producing fuels in-situ, like stock, but within Rational Resources and JNSQ constraints.
  14. I've gotten away with lower power requirements and "allow partial" turned on at the antenna, or antennas. I don't know if it actually reduces the quality of the orbital scan, but in the stock game it's a stepping stone to using the narrow band scanner and KerbNet so it might not matter.
  15. AJE can work without FAR but, as the original post explains, the AJE jets may seem underpowered without it. If you're going to use closer-to-realistic engines might as well use a closer-to-realistic aerodynamic model. And don't be afraid of using FAR with JNSQ... if your JNSQ installation seems to randomly crash, try removing TweakChute from the JNSQ install. FAR's RealChute Lite replaces ModuleParachute, which TweakChute adjusts, but I've had my JNSQ-based KSP installation crash on startup. Since RealChute Lite replaces what TweakChute adjusts, you won't lose any functionality and it's one less plugin DLL to contend with. To avoid crashtastic results, I'd start with a clean KSP installation outside of the SteamApps folder so Steam doesn't update it under your feet. Then follow JNSQ's install instructions until you have a basic working install plus JNSQ and its prerequisites. Only then start adding FAR, AJE, and others. Use the version of Modular Flight Integrator included with Kopernicus; both FAR and AJE depend on MFI, but Kopernicus is hard-coded to whatever version of MFI it ships with.