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  1. I added BigFatStupidHead's Dres configuration to the Alien Space Programs GitHub repository. No release yet, but you can download the repository from the project page. I added localization and science multiplier balancing, and integrated GregroxMun's homeworld selection configuration. Dres offers unique challenges and opportunities compared to any other home world choice: Like Tylo, you'll want throttleable engines as soon as possible. But Dres won't be as harsh as Tylo. Its wild inclination makes plotting interplanetary trips very challenging. You'll want LV-N rockets sooner. BigFatStupidHead rebalanced the tech tree to give you throttleable engines and rover wheels sooner. Liquid Fuel fuselages are paired with LV-N rockets rather than jet engines. The 'Dres-teroids' feature prominently, in addition to asteroids that will spawn near the home world's solar orbit, making this a more interesting asteroid belt. Asteroid samples will be your primary space science source instead of a nearby moon. There will be plenty of them. They should also make for handy gas stations. This version, and the 1.2 release, work with KSP 1.4.5 and Kopernicus 1.4.5-1 as well as 1.4.3-2. It might work on 1.3.1-9; I haven't looked at the backport yet but previous 1.3.1-x releases caused missing terrain tiles on non-home worlds with atmospheres.
  2. Gordon Fecyk


    So, dumb question: What does Take Two say about UncleVlad or others reusing their art assets in this kind of production?
  3. Gordon Fecyk


    I wonder if UncleVlad does commissions.
  4. @BigFatStupidHead I'm looking to update this for KSP 1.4.5 and Kopernicus 1.4.5-1, which came out yesterday, but I'd like to add Dres to the next release. Might I use your config for it?
  5. Gordon Fecyk

    blocked by the ad

    By any chance does the game not let you click on any menu item, but if you move the mouse along the menu items the wrong ones get highlighted? That's happened to me when I switch between versions; I have multiple copies of differing versions, thus they have differing versions of the Unity engine. The fix is just to alt-f4 to exit on first launch, and then re-launch it. It should sort itself out on the second launch.
  6. Simple answer is to complete the contract with your probe well away from Ike, then once it's complete move the probe to a safer orbit. The game's agencies don't care what you do with satellites and bases after you complete their contracts. Long answer? Guess it depends on whether you want to keep the craft at or close to that orbit once you're done.
  7. Looks like Modular Flight Integrator is missing. Doesn't Kopernicus require that? Check the release download links for Kopernicus again; this should include a compatible version of Modular Flight Integrator and Module Manager. (oops - didn't notice the KSP 1.3.1 version. Here's a Kopernicus backport for KSP 1.3.1.) When I first set up a KSP installation for a planet pack, I'll have just Kopernicus and its included dependent add-ons installed, then launch KSP with the stock planetary system just to make sure it works. I know Kopernicus works if the main menu screen starts at a different location above Kerbin than it does without it. After that, I'll add the planet pack and test again. Once the planet pack works I then will add visual add-ons if they're applicable, then gameplay add-ons such as Ferram Aerospace, and finally part add-ons, in that order. I'll re-test after each major change.
  8. I would have expected you could just glide further or shorter as you needed to. My stock space planes usually have some air breathing range after re-entry, to compensate for missing my target, but I understand the real world STS couldn't do that. I know it isn't RO, but stock Eve is the closest I've come to seeing how a periapsis difference of only 3 km makes a difference between landing on target and landing a good 120 degrees of latitude off target. I imagine RO Earth further exaggerates that, and a few hundred metres PE difference could mean missing by hundreds of kilometres. But without a flight computer recalculating your descent path at all times... wait, does the Trajectories mod work in RO?
  9. If you build Wheesley turbofan engines into your design, you can reverse thrust with them, but that only works well in the lower atmosphere after you've dropped below Mach 2. I've built airbrakes in FAR by using overlapping elevons and changing the spoiler deploy angle to a negative value on one set. This gets you a similar effect to the real world STS tailfin's airbrake. Neither of these help you with your original problem though, which is when to de-orbit so you are reasonably close to the Space Centre when you're done decelerating. I have three re-entry examples for FAR with three very different styles of craft that all use the same re-entry approach: set periapsis to about 25 km directly above the KSC and glide gently down. These all start skipping off the air and climb a little bit, but are still losing speed as they do and will start dropping down again. The really big one (the Fat Star) even alternates between positive and negative angles of attack to maintain a roughly constant rate of descent, but it might not be strictly necessary. In all of these craft, you can stretch or shrink your path by adjusting your angle of attack. Enabling and using flaps can help.
  10. This might not be behaving the way we expected it to. I added ModuleExvPlaceholder to a part cloned from shockConeIntake: +PART[shockConeIntake]:FOR[ExplodiumBreathingEngines] { @name = shockConeIntakeExV // ... insert rest of part changes here // Placeholder module to assist Kerbal X and other craft repositories with modified part detections %MODULE[ModuleExvPlaceholder] { %active = true } } This produced the following in the Module Manager cache: UrlConfig { name = shockConeIntakeExV type = PART parentUrl = Squad/Parts/Aero/circularIntake/intakeShockCone PART { // ... Rest of part defined here MODULE { name = ModuleExvPlaceholder active = true } // ... Rest of part defined here } } Then I tried building a new craft with just a Mk2 inline cockpit and the part, and the placeholder module didn't show up. Resulting craft file is in this spoiler area. Maybe I need to declare the module somewhere else first? [Update 14 AUG 2018] There doesn't seem to be a solution that would permit me to retain Module Manager usage. The next release of this add-on will be fully defined parts and not just MM clones, along the lines of Eve Optimized Engines. Hopefully Take Two doesn't have a fit.
  11. Did you suggest this already? Or maybe you did for someone else and I remember reading it. Sounds familiar. I can try this to satisfy Kerbal X and see what happens. Would something like +ModuleExvPlaceholder{name=placeholder} be enough?
  12. Gordon Fecyk

    SSTO Eve no docking or refueling

    To get from LEO to Gilly you only need another 1600 m/s. 'Only.' I wonder if Thrimm's SSTO math would extend that far from Eve's surface. Thrimm's Kerbin SSTOs use a logic of getting to 1200 m/s air speed and then have enough rocket delta-v at a TWR around 1 to go where you planned to go. I had to adjust for an airspeed of 900-1000 m/s for Eve but still managed a TWR > 1 at least at rocket ignition (Vectors plus 'ramjet' assist). 3.2 km/s atmospheric dV at 18 km up (RA) or 30 km up (Stock) and 900 m/s airspeed gets me to LEO. I wonder if I can raise that to 4.6 km/s somehow.
  13. There's a part mapper utility available from Kerbal X that can scan the parts of a craft against the list of mods installed. This can upload modded parts to Kerbal X. My problem is the parts in my mod are only but Module Manager patches, and not parts in their own right. No parts, nothing to upload, and it's a 'partless' mod. The logic makes sense actually. The Craft Manager plugin can upload these parts to Kerbal X, because that pulls the parts out of KSP's database in memory at the time. This let me upload the craft without missing part warnings, but this caused a new problem: The parts appear to belong to the mod 'Squad,' because of the parentURL of these parts still has "Squad/Parts/" in the path. That too isn't Kerbal X's fault; it is the nature of the Module Manager patches cloning stock parts and not changing the parentURL for them. There doesn't appear to be a way to also change the URL of these parts as part of the part cloning process, so Craft Manager doesn't know any better. And the part mapper doesn't try to interpret Module Manager patches. That being said, Katateochi's reached out to me and asked if there is something to look for in these parts to make them stand out, and he'd add a filter rule for me. I appreciate that, but it's not fair to them or to Kerbal X. Also, I can't account for Steam Workshop to do the same thing. It turns out there's not much to distinguish the parts aside from a different URL for the model textures, and even then I can't replace the textures for the Goliath engine or the Big-S wings without causing null reference exceptions. Maybe if I could somehow make alternate textures work for those parts, they could use that as a filter rule. Again though, I can't count on Steam Workshop or other craft repositories to be so accommodating.
  14. That's the question I don't have the answer for. I'd convert the 'partless' configs into full configs, but the majority of their settings would be from Squad / Take Two content. Granted I'm already using modified textures originally taken from the stock textures, which I think is OK per Part 8 of the add-on posting rules as these textures reside in GameData. No one's complained yet. I'm surprised this hasn't changed with the Take Two acquisition. If this is still the case, then I'd just copy / paste the original parts and make my changes. Just want to be sure this is OK. Otherwise I'll need to find some other solution for Kerbal X and Steam Workshop that still works with Module Manager-generated parts.
  15. When I submitted craft with Explodium Breathing Engines to Kerbal X for the first time, it didn't recognize my ExV parts. These are Module Manager patches that clone stock parts and change several properties, as originally suggested by DStaal to avoid copy / pasting material owned by Squad. While this works in-game, it doesn't work well for craft sharing apparently. I tried Craft Manager to upload craft from in-game to Kerbal X, which works, but the parts get listed as Squad-owned parts and they don't seem to retain mass or cost values. Which in a logical sense they are, since they are cloned and only have some properties changed. I would just change all of the parts to stand-alone parts, like OhioBob does for his Eve Optimized Engines, but I worry about infringing Squad's copyright by just copy / pasting the majority of the part configs. Should I just do that anyway? Would Take Two have a fit? Or is there a better solution? For instance, some way to tell Module Manager to modify the parentUrl for these parts somehow so the parts look like they're from someplace other than "Squad." It's not just Kerbal X I need concern myself with now, since Steam Workshop now supports craft sharing in KSP 1.4.4.