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    I do IT for a living, especially desktop support, so I'm most interested in making popular applications safer to use and games safer to play.

    Since discovering KSP I've done some novice film making. Look for the "Agencia Espacial Kanada" channel on YouTube.

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  1. Duna Adventures! I haven't seen this object before! Looks like a few of these were added in the current JNSQ, along with a lot more Duna biomes. Also, all of the stock objects appear to be present. That poor rover's been down the large volcano, found itself flipped at least once, and had three solar panels damaged plus one forward rocket engine destroyed. The thing limped back to the lander after 20 Kerbin days of exploration. After returning from this revamped Duna and the also revamped Moho I'm pretty sure I'll be at the spot I was before heading to Lindor in the original se
  2. First Duna Approach So far so good. The Pain Train will drop off relay satellites tomorrow.
  3. Pretty much. That's what I ended up calling the picture. By the way, I fully expect to have enough parts unlocked after returning from Moho to end this do-over, and resume the JNSQ Exploration series. I'd end up redoing the Lindor mission and, as long as Krel didn't explode my rover, continue through as planned. Though I suppose I could redo Duna first and maybe get a proper look for anomalies.
  4. Oh, here we go again I guess I should be expecting these things by now. We head back to Kerbin tomorrow after a successful, but hairy, launch back to Moho orbit.
  5. Moho Landing! Also picked up Experimental Science from the Moho Randolith.
  6. Tech Tree after Mun mission This includes the Orion and Medusa nuclear pulse engines, which could make a Moho visit almost trivial. But we can't land with an Orion pulse engine, so I'll use lander designs intended for Talos.
  7. Schrödinger's Randolith? The thing was a lot harder to find than it seemed, even against a background of bright grey. Though in the end, we got Nuclear Power early, which means we unlocked enough to get Ol' Boom Boom in time for the trip to Moho!
  8. And there's another one! I hope these polar terrain issues get resolved at some point. Even as funny as they are.
  9. If anything I'd say stock aerodynamics would be a lot more forgiving than flying this in FAR would be. When I've built FAR space planes using stock jet engines, I always need twice the jet fuel if I'm either flying in stock aero, or in FAR aero with Advanced Jet Engine installed - AJE seems to be the equalizer to FAR's aerodynamics if you wanted to be closer to stock aero plus stock jets. In the stock KSP system, I suspect this thing could go to Minmus and back.
  10. https://kerbalx.com/gordonf/SSTO-Crew-Craft-for-JNSQ-or-other-25x-scale-home-world Mind you this needs rapiers to work. It's also designed for FAR, but could work with stock aero if you filled all of the wet wings with fuel.
  11. 05 JAN Postponed A scheduled IT project requires me to postpone tonight's stream until Wednesday night.
  12. Returned from Minmus Already headed to, or have landed on, the Mun as of today.
  13. Minmus Landings Complete This was the tech tree after completing The Science Dance and driving a ways out from the KSC: With this I got the Seismometer, which was more than I had the first time I did this. Then I managed to get a lander and rover out to Minmus, a day ahead of schedule. See you all tomorrow for Minmus explorations.
  14. @AeroSky I'm continuing it on Discord - whatever is happening with sound seems specific to my PC. But as long as recording audio with graphics still works I'm not going to fight over lack of audio in streams. @Norcalplanner This is KSP 1.9.1 using the stable Kopernicus Continued.
  15. Week One Complete In the first few days of the do-over we managed to get sounding rockets to the upper atmosphere and low space, a pair of Science Jrs to high space, Chris Kerman to a low equatorial orbit and Valentina Kerman to a high polar orbit. We filled out tiers 1 through 4 of the tech tree and made inroads to tier 5 to get the Mk1 command pod. I'll do The Science Dance off camera and prepare for our Minmus mission this Monday, 28 DEC. I think I can continue this through Discord since sound is a problem streaming to YouTube as well for some reason.
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