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    I do IT for a living, especially desktop support, so I'm most interested in making popular applications safer to use and games safer to play.

    Since discovering KSP I've done some novice film making. Look for the "Agencia Espacial Kanada" channel on YouTube.

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  1. I don't know, I'd say this is very normal for a Canadian government. Like I explained earlier we're all about being not American. I suspect there was just as much of a panic when the original Broadcasting Act was passed, that we'd not be allowed to enjoy our favourite American shows anymore or get fined. Mind you we occasionally get accused of playing the Uno Reverse card once in a while.
  2. @James Kerman You're from out there - how did that work out?
  3. A beaver riding a goose. How Canadian is that? @snkiz
  4. Long delays seem to be my normal intro now. This was a problem I really needed to solve before continuing this exploration series. I didn't want 100+ year missions and I also didn't want to wait through hours of time warp to get around, but I also had such a drag getting these new parts to orbit. Literally, in some cases.
  5. There was a reason I only started paying attention after someone other than the National Post wrote about it.
  6. There's a history behind the original Broadcast Act. One needs to understand first where this all came from, and that was a large British colony and a large French colony were looking at the end of the US Civil War going, "um, what if they decide to come here?" Canada is a decades-long experiment in avoiding American manifest destiny, and while it's no longer a hostile experiment and there is a metric tonne of cooperation since the early days, there is still a feeling of, "what's so unique about Canada?" "Well, we're not American." Unfortunately, not many Canadians can imagine a Canadian ident
  7. Hey maybe you're right. 33 mil is about half of Mr Beast's subscribers. Or a medium sized US state. At the same time they could spin off a regional version of the site and invite users to switch. There has to be other countries Google's made contingency plans like that for. There used to be a youtube.ca and if you try visiting that now you get redirected to the main site. I can see YT taking the lazy route and just partitioning off a segment, and then telling the CRTC to take off. It'd be curious to see how this plays out. I hope it doesn't impact us too much that it comes t
  8. And ignore a market of 33 million people? I have a very low opinion of Facebook as it is. And geoblocking is already a thing alongside geographical ad targeting. I'm more thinking about YouTube content produced by Canadians possibly being misinterpreted as not Canadian enough, since this proposed change seems to affect creators more than the platforms they use.
  9. I paid attention to this after someone other than the National Post covered it: New broadcasting bill could regulate all your Facebook, Instagram posts: experts How, if at all, would us Canucks be affected when posting KSP-related content? I figure I'm set since I have Great White North references scattered throughout my KSP videos, but what do you all think?
  10. Thanks for taking a quick look. I'll post an issue there when I get a chance, as I have no C# coding experience or modelling experience to try to make the changes myself. If the drag cubes are changed, FAR should adapt on its own as it uses voxels around the surface of the drag cubes. I wouldn't worry about that. The stock 'stowed' parts problem is something that should be reproducible even in an otherwise stock game.
  11. Is it possible to remove warp bubble while retracted? I've started playing with the stand-alone warp drive engines. I'm finally getting the hang of operating these and I'm not expending in excess of 30 km/s at my destinations anymore. However, launching these things is nearly impossible from the launch pad or runway with how drag is handled, and it doesn't seem to make a difference whether Ferram Aerospace is installed. I might have a possible solution though. Let's take a look at another Roverdude add-on, the Medusa nuclear pulse engine. Here's the thing fully retracted while u
  12. I've not had such a problem, even returning from JNSQ Dres on the Mk1-3 command pod and 2.5 m heat shield. Returning from the Mun was easy on the Mk2 pod and the 1.875m heat shield even with half ablator., and returning from Minmus was easy on the Mk1 pod and 1.25m heat shield and full ablator. Make sure you're using stock parts and not ReStock! parts - I've seen examples of the ReStock 1.875 m heat shield actually being a little smaller than 1.875 m, cooking the Mk2 pod to a crisp on its edges.
  13. Someone else getting their Orion pulse engines going. Welcome to Lindor!
  14. Um... interesting voxelization here This is Roverdude's Alcubierre Drive, 2.5 m version. The debug voxels extend out to the warp bubble of this part. The other warp drive parts do the same thing extending out to their warp bubbles. The end result is as aerodynamic as a giant beach ball. Is it possible to override the drag for specific parts? This is already done with wing parts, or maybe there's a patch set for these parts out there already.
  15. Part 23: Talos (Finally!) Sorry for the delays. Real Life got in the way, but on the plus side I have my human anti-virus update for 2021 fully installed. Upload is in progress and should finish within an hour of me submitting this post.
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