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  1. No Ferram Aerospace? Then be prepared to have this challenge destroyed by KSP's stock drag model being abused.
  2. On a lonely planet slowly spinning its way into damnation, amidst the incompetence and utter carelessness of lesser space programs, one team stands resilient against the herds. Putting their lives on the line to aid those previously unaware of the quicksave option. Yes, it's the incredible adventures of Jebediah and his crack team of kerbonauts. They are: The Blunderbirds. Saving the Kerbin race one stranded explorer at a time. Seriously though, Matt Lowne has a beautiful example of an ocean rescue from Laythe right here. I believe the crafts are all fully Stock and have download links in the video description.
  3. This happened with a contraption I built for Alien Space Programs and homeworld Eve. Similar design to this, only topped with a Mk1 pod. Stock Eve having a similar re-entry speed to JNSQ Kerbin, I kept flipping at a certain point. The only solution I had was making the heat shield-end of the craft heavier, which involved some Mk1 pod and 1.25m service bay clipping.
  4. Agencia Espacial Kanada through Day 109: The vows of this nation, can only be fulfilled, if we in this nation are first. And therefore, we have become first. - - John F. Kerman, Year 1 Day 109 And if @The Dressian Exploder wants to move the goal post to 40 milestones, he can go get them, himself. - - Me, 20 October 2019 And that concludes the JNSQ Space Race for the Agencia Espacial Kanada. Je suis Not Manley. Voler en sécurité.
  5. We have answers. Please don't be shy; be sure to include your questions in your message when you have questions.
  6. But, dates? When in your game timeline did these happen? I have one more episode to do and want to include an updated chart.
  7. Golf club and Hockey stick? I see a crow bar in one of these packs. Is someone able to quickly toss together a golf club and a hockey stick for a special project? Will commission these if not already made. Or has someone made these already? Thanks! (I found the club as standard kit in KIS. Just need the hockey stick though that club does resemble one, sort of.)
  8. 1.5.0 Release for KSP 1.8.0 An updated Explodium Breathing Engines part pack is now available for KSP 1.8.0, from GitHub and SpaceDock. Confirmed to work on Ferram Aerospace Research Continued for KSP 1.8.0; the Razorforce Seven can still fly!
  9. 1.7.3 release now available Finally released Alien Space Programs 1.7.3. Adds the Mun as a homeworld option and removes the ocean hacks that are no longer needed in Kopernicus 1.7.3-2. No 1.8 support yet until the Kopernicus team releases a 1.8 version, and even then some things may change especially with the redone surfaces of home worlds.
  10. Agencia Espacial Kanada through Day 86: See? I told ya you'd be back! Bea-uty! So when do I head back? Back? Um... ya mean t'land on Minmus? Ya, eh? John F didn't send me t'Minmus jus' t'leave a lander in orbit! Ya, about that... Hey who's this Debsey Kerman, eh? She's a beauty. An' good thing th'goal post is still there... Are we done yet? I reached Milestone 30 in 86 days. Can has crewed Mun landing now?
  11. May I introduce the (apparently Proton-inspired) Lindor V: https://kerbalx.com/gordonf/Lindor-V This thing even appeared in the JNSQ Space Race yesterday. Troublesome to launch at first; maybe adding some large reaction wheels would help. But if you can get that transfer stage to orbit with 1550 m/s remaining, it can make the Mun and back.
  12. Agencia Espacial Kanada through Day 78: I'm gonna miss you, hoser. No way, eh? You'll be back in a couple o' weeks. You sure 'bout that? Ya, I tested this design lots o' times. You'll be back. OK... hey hoser, why's the goal post over there now? This one got rather long. I wanted to finish off the remaining milestones for this part but there's just way too much to cover. We do make Milestone 30 unexpectedly, though, in the next part.
  13. Live Stream Tomorrow! Haven't figured out when, but after I put Part 09 together and publish it, we'll be sending kanucks to the Mun, Apollo style, Saturn V-style. The Lindor V was my first ambitious project in the JNSQ universe, and the AEK has reached the tech level as of Day 86 to pull it off. Since we're from all over the place, I figure I'll start the stream when five or more non-bot users appear on the Discord. Hope to see some folks there tomorrow!
  14. I know the feeling now. Playing stock Kerbin now is like playing on the asteroid from The Little Prince. Do I need a chimney sweeper to clean out the volcanoes?
  15. hah hah That's glorious! That looks like something out of a Road Runner cartoon. +1