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  1. Wow... This is amazing @benjee10!!! My wife is now telling me to play KSP so she can see the cool base parts.
  2. So, dumb question. How exactly do I use this? I saw an example usage thing in the readme. Do I have to make a program to use the scripts and run that, or can I just run them on their own?
  3. I will test this over the weekend. Sounds like it'll work quite well. Been too busy at work to respond. Is there a specific weight configuration the shuttle needs to be in for this to work?
  4. Holy [DELETED]!!! These are amazing! @benjee10 You continue to outdo yourself. Amazing job. Keep up the good work. I will be downloading these when I get home from work Friday.
  5. The math is extremely complex. I tried mapping out what equations were needed but my brain exploded.
  6. At one time I looked into KOS for a good reentry script, but I couldn't find the time to focus on how to make it do S-turns and AoA calculations on the fly. Somebody had a shuttle reentry script for Stock scale, but I was going to try to make it work for JNSQ and FAR. I may try to crack that open again, but my time is limited as work is extra demanding as of late. If you need a tester for a reentry script I'd be happy to assist.
  7. @VaderExMachina You could always do what I did and build your own. I actually found it enjoyable to make them exactly how I wanted them based off pictures and diagrams. That way you can throw in any special modifications you like to have.
  8. I think white should be the choice. As stated, it gives many more options for spacecraft and station building. I do believe tan should exist as an option for the parts that are used in Mir/ISS builds, but white gives the most options.
  9. The N1 haas been completely redone. Any craft you have with the N1 would have to be rebuilt.
  10. How might I go about cloning a part while only using a specific variant? I am trying to change the MM patch for the reDIRECT SSME. By default, it uses the stock SSME model, but when I change it to use Restock's model, I get all the variants at once and a shroud that won't go away. Is there an easy way to fix that?
  11. This looks amazing @Beale!!! I'm looking forward to the various SAF parts for spacecraft.
  12. This looks absolutely amazing. I can see myself using SigDim to jack this up to match JNSQ.
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