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  1. @Beale Thanks for an amazing mod. I can certainly understand needing a break. Good luck, and we'll leave the light on for when you come back.
  2. @linuxgurugamer I have my log file from my trimmed-down KSP install I'm using for KK and testing. I'm getting the "Recovery Owner" option in the VAB, but the button does nothing, and the FMRS and SR windows do not show up at all. Thanks for the help.
  3. Anyone have a problem with the shuttle stack going wacko and spinning out of control when rolling heads up?
  4. This is looking promising. I will watch this with great interest.
  5. I will be following this as well. Looks pretty good.
  6. I'm having an issue with FMRS, Stage Recovery and Recovery Controller. I am unable to select the "Recovery Owner" in the VAB, and FMRS does not work in flight. Here's my mod list, in case anything has an adverse interaction with FMRS. I can upload a log file, if needed.
  7. What someone would need to do is to make a Sigma Dimensions config file that scales 2.7x, but has planet specific settings for JNSQs stuff to keep it all at 1x, so that people can use other planet packs. In order for the Muun to work, a config would have to be written to scale it up and replace JNSQs Mun.
  8. Wow. Amazing work! The servo controller is exactly what I'm looking for.
  9. Tantares is set up with the "Lego Mindset." Pick what you want to build, and build it using the parts provided. This way you can make your own take on various stations or spacecraft. Put "TKS" or "FGB" in your search bar in the VAB.
  10. Thanks. I thought I had this installed already. New question: Any recommended rover mods that work well with Restock?
  11. @Nertea If it's not too much trouble, would it be possible to have the emissives/lenses on the lights change color with the actual light color? It looks a little odd when the light being cast is red, but the emissive texture is the standard white. Just a cosmetic thing, not a huge deal. This is some phenomenal work, and I look forward to seeing more.
  12. I haven't been to Duna yet in JNSQ. Are there dust storms? I know one of the visual packs I used for stock had them. If not, are there plans for dust storms on Duna?
  13. Remember, modders put lots of time into their creations. Please don't disrespect them by telling them what they should do with their mod. These kinds of things are what eventually push modders into abandoning mods and leaving the KSP community. Ask and suggest, don't demand things or tell a modder they are wrong for doing or not doing something. If you ask nicely, you may just get what you want. Make good enough suggestions, and you could change the roadmap of a particular mod. That being said, I also would like to see a MM patch to give the SSME the Restock treatment. I may look into it myself this weekend, as I am also looking to make configs adding in the LWT and SLWT variants/upgrades of the shuttle tank, as well as up-rated SSME variants/upgrades. I think it will add a neat feature to this mod.