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  1. So I'm back after a little hiatus. I'm having trouble with the alternate sizes cfg file. It's only rescaling some of the parts, and it seems to remove others. Have the alternate sizes been abandoned, or are they still usable?
  2. Just build an orbiter and save it. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  3. I would suggest balancing the energia relative to your other rockets. All of your rockets work well in a 2.5x system, as do BDB, Commonwealth, reDIRECT, and the Shuttles (with the 2.5x config). I hardly play with stock scale anymore.
  4. I'd love for @Pak to integrate the payload bay with the radiators into his pack.
  5. @damonvv I'm loving your KSC. I need to get mine like that, just with the 2.5x rescale.
  6. Sweet. Jesus. I've been waiting for one of these. Phenomenal.
  7. DJ Reonic

    [ 1.3.X - 1.4.X ] Internal RCS

    I have just thought of an amazing use for these. Solid fuel versions set up as separatrons, for those of us who like clean designs but want retro rockets to deorbit our spent stages.
  8. One option for landing gear would be the Adjustable Landing Gears from Kerbal Foundries. Add Back in Black, and you have black-colored landing gears that you can customize. I use the larger gear for block 2 shuttles, as they are heavier.
  9. DJ Reonic

    [ 1.3.X - 1.4.X ] Internal RCS

    Any plans to add tweakscale compatibility?
  10. Suggestion: Some of us use MandatoryRCS, or another similar mod that nerfs reaction wheels. Would it be possible to make small aerodynamic RCS thrusters that would allow the descent capsule to be rotated once the OM and SM are dumped?
  11. That kind of green, along with a black/Charcoal grey. I'm pretty sure @Deltac and @DeltaDizzy are working on it, though. I definitely like that less-saturated look.
  12. This is exactly the kind of post that makes mod makers put things off. These guys (and girls) do this in their own free time. Be thankful for what they give you, because they don't have to. According to the OP, it seems there already is RealPlume compatibility. Recommended Mods: Real Plume Stock Configs.
  13. There is no Block 3. There's the Block 1 (Space Shuttle) and the Block 2, which is the fancy one with the CERV cockpit.
  14. @Beale I believe @Pak may have discovered a workaround solution. He mentioned it in his Shuttle thread. It may be worth a look if Squad takes their time releasing those tools.