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  1. This looks amazing!!! Can't wait for the rest of the parts to be redone so I can finally make a decent ISS/Freedom.
  2. I don't think so, yet. Check out Tundra Space Center and KSC Extended to get the awesome new KSC. I'm hoping to see other launch sites based on real ones, like Vandenberg, Kodiak, Mid-Atlantic, etc. I'd even love to see a new Kosmodrome, but with OSS and the ability to use the Russian launch hardware from MLP.
  3. @Beale Are you planning on making the Soyuz TMA Skirt Antenna? I'm assuming it's from the KURS system, but I'm too lazy to check.
  4. If someone can tell me Kerbinside Remastered works in a 2.5x system, then I will gladly download it. I haven't played with it yet.
  5. I think various lengths/widths of runways ought to be included, if runways are planned to be part of the pack. Have XL runways for spaceplanes and shuttles, Large runways for bases intended to receive large aircraft, Medium and Small runways for the other bases. Maybe also have variants that take on terrain colors for those that want to have an Edwards AFB or McMurdo Station on Kerbin, or runways on other planets. I think at the very least a Shuttle Landing Facility and the CCAFS runway should be made, as the KSC Extended mod makes the KSC look like Kennedy. Also: Thank you so much for this mod. It got me to get my KSP set up for a career playthrough. This is amazing work.
  6. @Drakenex That looks amazing. I would love a craft file, if possible.
  7. Tantares was never meant to be used in RO. There are other Russian mods that are meant for RO. If you are looking for Real Sized parts for a real scale system, look up Transmogrifier. I've tested it, and so far it looks promising.
  8. I usually place it on the node between the main engines. There is a big attachment node in the center of the main engine attachment plate.
  9. Angled CP is an angled control point. For the CA shuttle, it is often beneficial to add a probe core part to the shuttle, angled to match the OMS engines. The Main Engines and the OMS engines are angled up relative to the orbiter. During the initial stages of launch, when the shuttle is belly-up, this isn't a problem, however, when you are getting close to MECO and you want to roll the shuttle to a heads-up attitude, then the engines are actually pushing you down, as well as forward. Adding a probe core angled to match the engines, and switching control to the probe core when rolling heads-up, can help keep you thrusting forward instead of forward-and-down. If the "Lifting Body" parts could be turned into probe cores, but have the game think that forward is actually 10-15 degrees "down", then it would eliminate the need to add an extra part.
  10. I would like this capsule as well. I may have it already, as a matter of fact. I can check my old downloads and try to link it if I have it.
  11. Well that would work quite well.
  12. For those of us who use Mandatory RCS, or another reaction wheel nerfer, the angled control point is essential for orbital operations. I switch to the angled CP before circularizing my orbit. Maybe an angled CP could be added to the lifting body part?
  13. @Pak I have been looking into fleshing out the Real Fuels configs, and I am running into a problem with the External Tank. No matter what I do I can't get it to work with RF. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the FSfuelSwitch being integrated into the part config vs being in a separate patch. I think i'm going to try to move all FSfuelSwitch modules into a ModuleManager config and see if that will let me use RF. Also, I'm noticing an issue when using the 2.5x configs, as well as the Stock Fuel Configs. In stock scale, the shuttle leaps off the pad, as in real life, but in 2.5x scale it just sluggishly lumbers off the pad, and then the SRBs burn out while I'm still over the space center. The shuttles in 2.5x are scratch built, and in some tests, SMURFF was used to help lighten the load.