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  1. Ok. No big deal. I have a workaround for it in the mean time. Have a pleasant trip, wherever you're going.
  2. Lookin' good, @Beale Any plans to add a decoupling function to the periscope? I currently have a rather interesting setup to get mine to decouple.
  3. Given that the vast majority of mods are balanced like the stock parts, I'm going to say Quarter-Scale/JNSQ.
  4. @Zorg This is a phenomenal idea. What would be neat to add is an option for lower-detail scans that use up less film. It could be like using a low-resolution film that would allow you to cover more of the surface vs using a higher resolution film that would cover less. Not sure if that would be practical or not. Amazing job on this. I plan to play around with this on my day off this week.
  5. Fantastic @Beale! Not sure if you are aware, but the Star Tracker part still only has the default texture. It shows as untextured in the Black, Green and White variants. Are you planning on retexturing the smaller rcs parts? I do have a request for you to consider: Some kind of 4-way aerodynamic rcs blister that could go on the Soyuz descent module for control on reentry with nerfed reaction wheels or Mandatory RCS. I've been using Internal RCS, but that can be quite tedious to set up and doesn't always look right.
  6. @Beale Not sure if you are aware, but the star trackers are not showing a texture in any variant other than the default one. Also, some of the parts are showing the green texture in both the green and black variants. Regardless, these are still some amazing parts. Keep up the amazing work.
  7. Lookin' good! I will be following this with great interest.
  8. @AlphaMensae I am getting spammed with a MM error stating "cannot find fx group of that name for decoupler." It only happens with this mod installed. The error is making my game hang every second or so and makes building rockets nearly impossible. It happens when I'm putting any part with a launchpad decouple node in any kind of multi-symmetry. When i finally figured it out I was trying to build a Vulkan, and when I tried to put the Zenit engines on the bottom of the radial boosters in 8x symmetry, the game made it impossible to place them, due to hanging up constantly. Have you encountered this issue before? I will upload a log as soon as I can get 30 minutes to load up the game and go to the VAB.
  9. I'm going to be "that guy" and ask the dumb question. Will this work in 1.7.3?
  10. This is a beautiful looking Soyuz. I'm loving the realistic coloring.
  11. @Beale If a variant of those little RCS ports could be made with a little block at the attachment end, then we could make the Soyuz MS thrusters.