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  1. To get the letters on the payload bay doors, you must put the conformal decals just under where you want them, and then use the offset tool to move them up. It can be a bit tricky, but that's how it's done.
  2. Other way around. Ap is always higher than the Pe. If you are using Rocket Motor Menagerie, Photon Corp and ORANGES, I would suggest using a 0.3 deg/sec turn.
  3. For anyone who uses Photon Corp with SOCK: Which is the better thrust profile to use (obviously not the flat one)?
  4. @benjee10I realize it's been a bit since my original post regarding this, but I wanted to clarify my question about the rudder, since I know you are planning a final update to SOCK. A while back, there was discussion about the shuttle's tail not playing nicely with FAR, and you mentioned the possibility of splitting the model of the vertical stabilizer/rudder into separate parts to enable FAR to treat them properly. Is that still on the table, or will that have to wait till we get SOCK for KSP2? If it's not on the table, has anyone found a good workaround for using the shuttle with FAR?
  5. Crew arm > beanie cap > intertank access arm > ROFIs (the tail service mast "Activate Engine") > everything else. Smartparts and AGX can be used to make a timed GLS and RSLS.
  6. This is looking quite good. I'm already using this for my shuttles. I like how I can make nearly all the variations of the ET for the various shuttle missions.
  7. For those of you who want it: https://github.com/Crzyrndm/DynamicControls/ This allows the SSMEs to retain roll control during launch.
  8. Has anyone discovered the optimal rescale values for the Cormorant payload assets to fit in the SOCK payload bay?
  9. @benjee10 Is the revised rudder model you mentioned a while back available, or will it be a KSP2 thing?
  10. Any chance of a toasty Columbia texture? I know KSP2 is about to drop, but it would still be nice.
  11. Wasn't there a recolor that included the Proton? I know I had a Proton variant at some point, but I can't find where to get it anymore.
  12. Am I out of my mind, or is the science package for the top of Priroda missing? (The one in the Mir Picture on the first page.)
  13. @pTrevTrevs Any chance you have the rescale values you used for the payload equipment from Cormorant? I noticed there are new rescale options for (i'm assuming) x, y, and z axes.
  14. What would be great is a single .psd file with the appropriate layers to apply to the various variations of the shuttle textures. I understand that may be a bit of work to do, but it would be fantastic.
  15. Go into the config and look for the variant names. Replace any spaces (or underscores) with question marks (?). I'd paste the code, but I'm at work in a hurricane.
  16. @benjee10The craft file indicates there is a missing SRB decoupler. EDIT: Based on the part cfg, it appears there should be a decoupler in Photon Corp, but there is not. I'm assuming some sort of update is incoming.
  17. @benjee10I have noticed an odd artifact when building the shuttle. It depends on the camera angle, but I can see a flipped ghost of the orbiter wings in the VAB. It's like a shadow of the wing, but flipped. I won't be able to get you a screenshot until the weekend, so I apologize if my info is a little limited.
  18. Minimal or no payload. I use PVG and set a 350x80 initial orbit. I use Orbital Decay, so my ET eventually falls back into the atmosphere. (In the old JNSQ, 80km was still in the atmosphere.) I set the turn for 0.6 deg/sec, 100m start, and everything else is set at the defaults except for the lag time between burnout and staging, which is set to 0.
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