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  1. All this downloaded at the first page of this thred. win 10x64 KSP x86
  2. Hi Galileo. I`m carefully install your mod on latest KSP version with no other mods. Nothing happened. I think it is becuse I play on russian text localisation. Can you please make patch to play your mod with russian KSP text?
  3. Not workihg for me. I was try J button. Also I post in wrong section. Can moderator move this topic ?
  4. I just looking for some planets beyond solar system. Is this SSRSS mod can work with or ?
  5. Hi. I try to install procedural wing mod but I don`t have visual UI mod like in picture I`m try all version (standart ,b9 version but without b9 mod) but I don`t have UI menu. I`m try keybinds like J and e t.c Maybe this is not procedural wing mod. Maybe this mod have some dependencies/ Can someone explain me how I can get menu like this
  6. Now I`m run x64 version of game and bug is gone. It must be problem with 32version of the game
  7. hmm . I just launch ksp . Didn`t know that ksp have diffirent launch mode
  8. I tested your fix with 1.2.2 win10 x64. Not working. same earth texture bug . which verson of your mod don`t have this texture bug?
  9. Does anyone have a bug "no control" on remote probes after long warps?Something like no electric. But stats show 100% battries. With manned craft everthing is Ok.
  10. Just tested with crew- No bugs. It seems like "no power " bug only with probe . With a manned ship everything is Ok
  11. I will make some tests today. It happened to me with 100 % stock ships too. Even without teleport to other planet (last night ) .It may be bug with 1 RSS 2 Mech jab+hyperedit 3 other mods..
  12. Latest version of KSP and mods I`m use cheats -ifinite fuel and electric (alt F12). All my rockets with command pod working fine-before teleport action