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  1. Just quick question update of USI to 1.10 when will pop up?? This and Kopernicus holding me back from playing KSP
  2. Ofc is Private Division doesn't mess up KSP 2 royally(wich is now trendy to mess up promising games)
  3. Add load on demand so ram with modded instances won't be overloaded. I beg u for this
  4. I suppose urs country ban zippyshare, i will try upload to easyupload https://easyupload.io/b5pfos Fair warning load have alot lines despite low space capacity. Deleted all mods because upgraded facilities bug plague me. Gave up on playing KSP for while
  5. I done it Kerbin Side with KK works fine,with that collosal modpack i miss is RnD building and button related to it from Kerbal Space Center. 99% of mods are planets and parts MY KSC after my pack with kerbin side load https://imgur.com/a/6yNzin0 https://www10.zippyshare.com/v/bErxiOxl/file.html my Ksp log Like its not enough disasters now everytime when i launch new campaign game start with upgraded facilities
  6. Anyone encounter glitch that makes Rnd building dissapear?? I know this mod conflicting with some other but i can't pinpoint it. My modlist: https://pastebin.com/wjWp07Rp Desperatly needs assistance over this case
  7. Anyone knows if this mod have some adverse interaction with kerbin side /kerbal constructs mod? Cause I have problem with missing rnd building, and someone pinpointed that this mod may be a culprit. Edit nah this not a case
  8. Wich mod from my list can badly interact with this mod and kerbin side,making rnd facility and button dissappear?? https://pastebin.com/wjWp07Rp
  9. Greetings, I am using Kerbin Side,Kerbal Konstructs and my RnD is missing. Anyone can help me figure this thing out. I would like to use those mods and i am unable to do so. Edit seems like some terrible glitch i have with connection to some mod https://pastebin.com/wjWp07Rp
  10. Anyone can help me?? I using Sabre engines i build for them intake/precooler and engines and engines overheat and blow up when i switch modes. What i am doing wrong because precooler states there is no intakes
  11. If you have time and will, consider add mechanic similiar that i found in Kerbalism,when u are on darker side of celestial body amount of radiation is reduced. Is logical that celestial body can act as shield that way i think so
  12. Ok u give me idea how to edit it properly,thanks for help i will try do this now myself
  13. Just wanted these KSC mission control antenna range (they were close to real life aka longer range after u upgrade to 3rd level KSC facility)
  14. Hi there can some1 help me make config that mimick seti cfg for Remote tech?? Need config similiar to this one https://github.com/Y3mo/SETI-RemoteTech/releases
  15. https://imgur.com/a/NESX3XS Mine Space plane. Builded from mods B9 Aerospace(i use all of them aside procedural ones),Mk3 Expansion (Engine) and rest is Squad parts(aka stock one) https://www104.zippyshare.com/v/VwUWZOia/file.html Craft file. Problems with landing as i said starts when i decelerate to lower than 200 m/s, Plane starts drop like stone when i lower trust and use brakes. Otherwise take off is smooth it requires 160 m/s to gain lift
  16. For the starters i use FAR and many aeroplane parts(my latest creation is hybrid of B9 aerospace,airplane plus engine and stock swept wings,and aero breaks).Everything goes fine till i decelerate to 200 m/s my plane starts to fly down in sharp curve and violent hit up into ground. What i am doing wrong??
  17. Is there possibility to reduce cost of decontamination??
  18. I would like to have request (if u have time and will to do it) to cull down this tech tree to be match to vanillia(like old seti UbM was) one just with probes before crew modules. With my 210 mods tech tree is complete mess,and hardly readable,i cannot even build proper vehicle because all parts are chaotically placed in tree
  19. Well love it i will stay 1.8.1 till other mods not get updated (aka 210 mods that i use:D)
  20. And now i realized that game have another update to 1.9.0
  21. Anyone know wich mod may cause this kind of bug??
  22. Kopernicus updated,waiting for urs glorious mod to be updated so it will honor my game with its presence
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