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  1. @cratercracker I'm FINALLY done with the Vain system (Almost). I messed up on a few planets, but didn't have enough effort to remake them. Vain, an F6V with 8 planets and a binary companion with it's own system (Coming next) Omegus, the most massive planet, is a hot superjupiter, weighing in at ~2 MJ, and orbits about once every 1.3 days. Valerie, a Venus-like superearth weighing in at about 1.65 Earth Masses. Lipdus, a giant Sahara desert weighing in at about 7.5 Earth Masses, hosts an intelligent civilisation. Volria, a bigger Mars weighing in at about 0.55 Earth Masses, design based on Duna. Cancer, a less massive Jupiter, weighing in at about 254 Earth Masses. Selzar, a weird blue saturn weighing in at about 89.6 Earth Masses. Seradoss, smaller Neptune, weighs in at about 14.15 Earth Masses. Derrel, big, cold icy world, weighs in at about 6.4 Earth Masses.
  2. I like IHE now. Yes, that's the only interesting thing that happened today.
  3. What about Upsilon Andromedae e?
  4. Hmmm... Oh! "The earth is round" (Pretty generic, but oh well, I'm basically half-asleep anyways )
  5. "This thread is quite old. Please consider starting a new thread rather than reviving this one" Anyways, once I get back to Pennsylvania sometime in August, I might do an update for this mod, since I guess it's a pretty interesting concept.
  6. Because my dad lives in Pennsylvania, and my mom lives in New Mexico. I visit my mom every summer, and guess what time of year it is (in America).
  7. Well I can't play KSP right now, since my computer that runs it is in Pennsylvania, and I'm in New Mexico.
  8. Looks promising, i'll have to try this out sometime!
  9. Probably most likely almost definitely yes.
  10. Uh, I don't think @ProtoJeb21 will add SWEEPS-11, because it's 27,710 light years away.
  11. Can you use the normal 256x128 (or 512x256) that KSP uses so people can use your flags for KSP?
  12. Well most of the methods for finding planets would work for finding moons, it's just that we need more sensitive equipment to find most of them.
  13. Yay!

    500 rep!

    (not exactly, I fell asleep, so I missed 500, but oh well. :P)

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    2. electricpants


      I don't think you can truly say gg until I get 1000 rep. (Which'll probably take another year, lol)

    3. cratercracker


      More rep-More "fame"-More likes per post

      Why do you think every Vanamode's or any other popular dude getting a ton of likes even if it literally says nothing?

      Its going to be quick, and unrelevant.

      Likes don't matter.

    4. electricpants


      True that.

  14. Someone finally got the reference XD