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  1. for those wondering about my disappearance, yes, i'm still actively working on that new version of antares :p

    i'm actually working on 3 other mods as well

    i've just mainly moved to discord, so i'm not really active here

    EDIT: i forgot to mention, for more frequent updates on my mods i'd recommend joining gregroxmun's discord, since that's where i post almost all my planet modding stuff

  2. i never do any math whatsoever when playing seriously. like, whenever i'm making a rocket to go somewhere i just take a look at the ingame deltav readout in the vab and i go "well that looks high enough." surprisingly enough it generally works out.
  3. you're gonna need to be more specific than "help it didn't work"
  4. Thanks, glad other people agree that everything looks better now Good ideas! I'll make sure to include them
  5. Ok, almost finished with the next moon of Anterrie in from that first one, and it looks pretty good IMO! But... the surface looks pretty stinky from high up. See what I mean? So I have to fix that before I can say it's done.
  6. i'm just really hoping it's gonna be possible to manually install mods. i've played ksp since 0.9 and i've never once even downloaded ckan--i don't even know what ckan looks like when using it.
  7. Still having problems with Anterrie's first moon. I'll move on to the next moons for now and ask about what's happening.
  8. I just fixed the lighting thing! The stock Sun doesn't light up the Antares planets anymore, and vice versa. pic
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