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  1. NSEP

    Is KSP2 dying?

    What happens before gaining consiousness? Was i dead before i was alive? Is the universe full of wandering souls waiting to take the body of an organism?
  2. No its just a fun drawing i made :>
  3. I thought it was a render the first time i saw it! Awesome!
  4. No kerbal drawings unfortunately. But i may get back on it soon.
  5. NSEP

    Peppa Pig

    I wouldn't say im a fan but whenever my little cousins watch it i watch along with them. Definitely interesting.
  6. This is what i have for now I will probably create more and better drawings for this challenge.
  7. Elon is on a twitter spree? Let the infomania begin! Some juicy facts!
  8. If those stubby legs are in the new design, that must mean that there are no more fin-legs, hmmm i wonder what the new fin structure will look like now. Maybe it will be more like the Space Shuttle/IAC 2017 design?
  9. An 18 meter Starship/Super Heavy could also just be a wider and shorter version, with the same amount/not too many engines, but i kind of doubt it honestly. But if it does, stumpship might be a good name for it.
  10. I know Spadre has been kind of neglected since LabPadre, Everyday Astronaut and SpaceX joined the streaming game, but you can actualy see the launch and hear the sound in its full glory in their streams. Scrub back in time and watch that thing fly. Wooh wee.
  11. I think its because of the stainless steel/tinfoil/whatever layer that is on the starhopper tank to make it look shiny(?). I think that in the previous hop that layer de-wrinkled which could mean that the ice was forming between that layer of shiny stuff and the actual tank. not too sure about it though.
  12. I colored one of my sketches!
  13. I made a seperate thread for where im going to post my KSP related art
  14. They made the superflat world from minecraft into a real thing???!??? Jk its just the Dutch countryside.