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  1. Apparently, Blue Origin is working on a new rocket, called the New Armstrong. Absolutely nothing is know about this thing, expect for the name. So what do you think it will be?
  2. Help with Relationships Thread

    Alot of people tell me that my ex-crush breaking up with her boyfriend gives me a 'second chance', but i think that takes it a little too far. I don't think she knows i know she broke up, and neither do i know if she still has any interest in me. What do you think i should do? Should i ask her for a second chance or do i have to wait for her to tell me about it and what she wants? Should i leave her alone?
  3. TKS/VA space craft nose section

    The retro/LES thruster aims towards the pointy-side, and the RCS towards the side. I think.
  4. Help with Relationships Thread

    Uh oh Whenever i go to this thread, i see happy and successful people finding love, awesome! bursts in tears
  5. Thread to complain bout stuff

    My dog ate it. I feel bad for the people whose homework got legitimately destroyed by their dog.
  6. SpaceX Discussion Thread

    They plan on Grasshopper-like testing in less than a year and full-scale orbital tests in 2-3 years.
  7. if you fart through a funnel

    Not that fast, but yeah, you would.
  8. Science fiction authors of the KSP forums, UNITE!

    Im working on a dystopian future SciFi, but it might be a little too sensitive for the public forum, PM me to see some drafts.
  9. Back when I was a kid

    I once believed the Moon Landing was a hoax, glad im out of the phase now.
  10. Stephen Hawking has passed away

    If he's cremated, not at all.
  11. The idea of having my own spaceflight company starts popping up again. I have a few super duper genius and smart ideas for fully re-usable rockets. Im not saying im working on a spaceflight company, but i just have the urge to start one, even though i have not much knowledge about economics.
  12. InSight launching in 2018

    Awww, Insight has little pets to help him.
  13. SpaceX BFR Discussion.

    By flying it? I know it will never happend, because flying it over land would cause concern, but it would be hecka cool if it actually transported itself to the launch site. Right?