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  1. NSEP

    Facebook alternative?

    I like to use twitter for that kind of stuff. Instagram is also quite cool.
  2. From Wikipedia: It just wasn't usefull for anything. There wasn't anything the MMU could that all other systems couldn't. They did however make a special version of the MMU called the SAFETY, wich serves as an emergency thing, just in case the astronaut falls into space. The Russians also had an MMU-like system that they ditched. They went on using manipulator arms instead for transporting themselves (wich they apprently do, i first thought astronauts and cosmonauts have crawl to the place they had to fix but apperently their manipulator arms can transport them from place to place)
  3. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Going into orbit and landing on the surface is going to be a challenge with such a limited payload mass, sure, but if you can land, you can without a doubt drop a rover. When talking about a rover im talking less Curiosity and more Sojouner. You can very easily make a rover less than 15kg. Doesn't need its own power source. Just attach it to cable and the power would be supplied by its host lander. Sure, it probably can't go explore the entire planet like curiosity but it can do something. Yes. Yes.
  4. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Yes! The payload to Pluto mass is 3,500kg, wich is quite alot for a space probe. You can probably also send a small lander and rover to Pluto with that kind of payload mass.
  5. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Falcon Heavy can send 64 tons fully expendable. The fully expendable version is unlikely to ever fly however, but they can do that if they wanted to. Elon Musk said in his IAC 2017 presentation that Falcon Heavy can send 34 tons to LEO reusable, while others speculate it can only send around 26 tons to LEO reusable. Quite disappointing compared to the expendable launch cost, but considering its almost 10x cheaper than Delta 4 Heavy, its not too shabby. We don't know the mass of the heatshielding re-entry gizmos, so we don't know how the payload mass will go down with second stage reuse.
  6. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    First they turn a crew capsule into a sports, car, then they turn the launch acces tower into a lounge, i wonder what is next. Will they berth a Sauna Module to the ISS or something? I like SpaceX's attempt to put everyone else to shame. I think it worked. 1 extra good boy point for Elon Musk.
  7. NSEP

    Aretha Franklin

    Rest In Peace. Respect. i think this is in the wrong subforum
  8. NSEP

    Show off your drawings!

    Yesterday i watched Frau im Mond, and i sort of felt like drawing 20s/30s style Astronauts. To be honest these Standard Diving Dress inspired spacesuit look badass. Here is a still from Frau im Mond that started this madness.
  9. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Technically the Soyuz can be seen as a two person capsule. Soyuz MS-10 launching next October will carry only two people, and i don't think they will have an extra seat for a non-existent space traveller. Last year, Soyuz MS-04 also carried only two people, and judging from the footage, there isn't an extra seat in the middle.
  10. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Spicy updates coming soon! The Soyuz crew must be really jealous when this thing arrives
  11. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Speaking of 'other countries' will SpaceX (and maybe also boeing) launch ESA, JAXA, and maybe even Roscosmos Astronaut/Cosmonauts to space using Dragon or Starliner.
  12. NSEP

    "Rokkit Syense" in CW's "The 100"

    They can actually make this show work using realistic rocket science, but they decide not to. I don't know why, but apparently people who have even a little knowledge about real spaceflight always ruin the fun.
  13. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    BFspaceship looks alot like penguin to be honest. Same colors and simulair shape.
  14. NSEP

    Pressurized Moon & Mars rover.

    They could do it like this: (Skip to 2:32) Using a big almost shuttle like lander, you can land alot of payload on Mars. This is by far my 2nd favourite (behind BFR) technique for landing on Mars. Now, its unlikely this will happend, ever since this is from the constellation program, wich was cancelled in 2011 i think. Now there are other ways of landing large amount of payload on the Martian surface. Instead of creating and designing and entirely new lander for Mars, why not attach an inflatable heatshield under your Moon lander? Like this: All you have to do now is replace the ascent module with whatever payload you want, in this case a pressurized rover. Happy exploring!
  15. NSEP

    An Expression of Gratitude

    Godspeed! I wish you good luck!