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  1. NSEP

    The Summer Break Thread

    Speaking of big weather related events, i was born in during big heatwave, and the Netherlands just keeps getting hotter and hotter to this day. I bet we are going to have an uncomfortably hot summer. I absolutely hate the sun when it shines on my skin. Summer is one of my least favourite seasons. Here is a list of stuff i dislike about it: Its extremely hot and sunny, wich irritates my skin alot and gives me a headache. (people in the Netherlands like to brag about being rainy all the time here, but that is not entirely true) People, especially kids, run around in the neigborhood, wich creates alot of noise. Mosquitos and bugs, these things feast on my 'red fluids' all the time. Sweat that make me, and all my clothes smell bad. Im not a big fan of spraying deodorant everywhere either, but its my only option. Whenever its summer, people drag me outside and make me have to deal with pretty much all the problems. I wish i could take my family out to the beach in winter instead of summer one day. Its more calming and comfortable. Sorry for the rant.
  2. NSEP

    The Summer Break Thread

    My grandad told me that one day, there was such heavy snowfall, that they couldn't acces the car anymore. Now we only get 20-150mm of snow per year or something.
  3. NSEP

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    Space tin can, very cool.
  4. NSEP

    Show off your drawings!

  5. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    ship Not very much, we know it has 40 cabins, a radiation shelter, and a common area, but that is all we know. The BFR upper stage (or BFS) is quite far away from becoming a manned vehicle, and i think we will have to wait a while before we get more details of the manned BFS, possible after Dragon V2 or the first grasshop flight.
  6. NSEP

    Supersonic reusable microsat LV

    Brings me to the question, do they actually put crew on the Pegasus Launch plane, or is it unmanned. Not passengers, obviously
  7. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Very cool, but nah, don't think that would work very well This not real by the way.
  8. NSEP

    Things that made you facepalm

    Now i have to deal with some Flat Earther who thinks that space itself is 2000 degrees Celsuis, and therefore Starman would melt. Ouch.
  9. NSEP

    The Summer Break Thread

    Okay, i have decided to try and make a little bit of a webcomic this summer.
  10. NSEP

    Show off your drawings!

    'Lemmy' again, this time its the 'High School' student version of Lemmy. Alot less vibrant and less open than the older version of Lemmy i showed you guys a few posts earlier. From the outside she somewhat resembles me, (glasses, bad posture), but nothing too much, im not a girl either. Im going to try and make a little bit of a webcomic this summer break, and this is one of my main characters, and im probably going to stick with this style. Might not be the cartooniest of cartoons, but i dislike characters with huge eyes and a gaint head to be honest. I tried making big-headed monsters, and although the look cute, they look way less serious as i want them to be, i will post some of them later. Leviathan.
  11. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    This is why i like BFR so much other than it being the biggest rocket in development. The concept is extremely simple yet versatile. The whole thing is a creativity playground.
  12. I think Scott Manley used that in the interstellar series. Usefull for science hoppers.
  13. NSEP

    The Summer Break Thread

    Mine starts in about a month, although you could say it starts next week, considering the actual school lessons are nearly over and i will only have to do tests from now on. I always have great plans for summer, and end up doing nothing but sleeping, eating, and doing chores instead. But hey, thats the point of summer break right? Having a little bit of rest?