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  1. NSEP

    Photography Showcase Thread!

    I took images of some familiar spots last summer of places i have been tohroughout my life from the air (via plane). It is really weird seeing the places you have seen on the surface from the sky. Here is Tata Steel, they produce(?) steel here, many people in my region have worked here, you can see the giant ovens from really far away. Im going to visit this area today, so i might upload more pictures of this soon. (from the surface)
  2. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I was confused because it looked stationary untill i saw the tracks. Would love to ride it
  3. Maybe, but they could also have a 24/7 stream of the spaceport up, with a countdown to whatever launch is coming up next. Would look very cool. Speaking of LES... They could also have some sort of 'glider' attached to Starship as an LES. Just a crazy little thought though.
  4. I wonder if the Telesat satellites actually needs a 7 meter fairing. The largest geosynchronous communication satellite uses the SSL1300 satellite bus, wich only needs a 5 meter fairing.
  5. NSEP

    ISRO Discussion Thread

    Yes, but this the first time a fourth stage has been used. Isn't it amazing, this is totally awesome! Using the second or third stage for experiments? Pfff, lame. Using the fourth stage is revolutionary.
  6. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    No, don't think so. A Methane-Oxygen combustion reaction produces only Carbon Dioxide and Water, no pure Carbon, unlike Kerosene/RP-1
  7. NSEP

    New Horizons

    Without an engine, hmmmm maybe its a refueling depot.
  8. NSEP

    New Horizons

    NASA is hiding something from us.
  9. NSEP

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Is that a real actively cooled heatshield segment or are they just heating a sheet of stainless steel
  10. I sort of want to make a little printable version of Atomic Rockets, or something like it. So i make (rough) designs of spacecraft werever i go, without internet connection, so i don't have to whine when there is no wifi, and still have stuff to do.

    1. Rover 6428

      Rover 6428

      beep boop!

  11. NSEP

    Lunar Eclipse January 20-21 2019

    Saw it as well, early in the morning at 6:00am I had a dream about the moon blowing up that night so that was funny.