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  1. That seems to be it yeah. I wonder what the lava is going to look like on the surface. Also, imagine the orbital mechanics between those two worlds!
  2. I sure do hope it supports mods and eventually Realism Overhaul .
  3. Suggesting from the trailers KSP 2 is going to be KSP but with space colonization and interstellar travel, (and with better graphics?).
  4. The Javelin II launch vehicle. My first orbital launch vehicle in my RP-1 campaign that isn't a bunch of sounding rockets on top of eachother. It had its first flight in 1959. It can send 2 tons to LEO. Javelin I is a single core version that can send 600kg to LEO but i never really flew it. Javelin III is a four-core-booster configuration and can send 5 tons to LEO and will fly 1963 (im now in 1962), although it might be replaced by a different rocket in the next few years.
  5. I mindlessly clicked on this thread not expecting anything too special but then i got greeted by this: And this: Pretty interesting progress going on.
  6. I kind of agree and i think that the Boeing suit is definitely the most comfortable of them all (especially after seeing Tim Dodd dance in the suit). SpaceX's spacesuit looks extremely cool and all, but it also looks very tight. But its important to note that we are judging the suits based on pictures alone. Im pretty sure none of us ever wore a SpaceX spacesuit, so we don't know how good it is. this article from a while back interviewing Sunita Williams says that the SpaceX suit is comfortable and easy to move around in, so thats a good sign. Im also pretty sure that they did quite alot of testing for quite a while behind the scenes. It would honestly be quite concerning and surprising if they had a seriously flawed spacesuit this late in the program.
  7. Its called 'reverse Elon Time' and its extremely rare. I think they said that they would start hops at the end of 2019.
  8. I think it makes perfect sense on why they would retire Starhopper after its 200m hop. The orbital prototype is more vital to the development of Starship, because the orbital Starship will do the actually scary and important things like the whole skydiving thing. Starhopper just seems like a way to test the engine and maybe a few other bits as well.
  9. I once had a tardigrade profile picture on Youtube and someone thought i was snark. But im pretty sure that there is life on the moon that survived the harsh conditions and is hibernating in a shadow or something.
  10. I was trying to go to nearby store to buy more RAM for my PC with my birthday money today, but because the store was closed i went to another store and bought a canvas and attempted to make a painting instead. Painting with a knife is very satisfying! The painting i made is just completely black.
  11. According to all known laws of spaceflight, there is no way that a water tower should be able to fly. Its manufacturing technique is too questionable to get its itself off the ground. The water tower, of course, flies anyways. Because water tanks don't care what humans think is impossible.
  12. The the vacuum nozzle for the Merlin is way larger than the engine on the right. The vacuum nozzle for merlin (2.5m) is around twice the diameter of the sea level nozzle (1.25m)
  13. The LEM on the surface of the Moon. Its Buzz looking out the window.
  14. NSEP

    Shower thoughts

    I just tried to think of a random number after i read that. 365 was the first thing that came to mind Yup, humans, or at least myself am terrible at generating random numbers.
  15. I don't have a favourite, all of them are stunning honestly, but i like the photos that are imperfect. Imperfections make the thing seem more real in my opinion.