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  1. If we have a pingpong ball where there is no size limit and things can be infinitely small inside. Does that mean that for the infinitely small 'being' will see the pingpong ball as infinetly huge?

  2. My first flight in a plane! (that i can remember properly, the last time was when i was 2 years old and i can hardly remember anything.
  3. My plans for the eclipse is to be asleep. I would not be able to see it because of Europe problems but i look forward to photos if the eclipse.
  4. Thats really complicated with me, whenever its something unrealistic and fun, it has a funny name like 'zoomidyzoomzoomzipper' and when its realistic and a close to real life concept its an Acronym. I also add in 'Redux' when i make a replica.
  5. Same here, i would really like to go to an early arcade but at the same time im lazy and wants do everything at home
  6. Im probably going to revisit the idea of creating a Universe (on paper)

    Let's be a god! Its that easy!

  7. Everyone talking about th eclipse but i dont live in North America or any place near that so yeh. The last time i saw an eclipse was before i got my cool tellyscope with visor.
  8. I have a good idea for a Sci-Fi and its about people encountering intelligent lifeforms in deep space for the first time. Thats the basic plot, im only 1% through the development but its an idea.
  9. Im at the new house of my family and people are already telling creepy stuff about the house. I have to go through this for 9 more nights. Im not going to lie, im a bit paranoid now.

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    2. Nailed it!

      Nailed it!

      Don't worry, everythigs's alright, just like the white lady standing behind you at this moment


















    3. thekspbegginer
    4. Urses


      If it is a lady that haunt you say:

      "Cool, i lastly get a Girlfriend!"

      If a man:

      "I decide on Child name!"

      Problem solved:D

  10. Sounds cool! I dont have acces to KSP, so maybe later.
  11. I think its the one of Jebediah and Valentina fistbumping, Hmmm i might dig into it and search for it.
  12. You might be able to use it as a boost to get you to a slightlyl ower atmosphere though.
  13. I first thought you said CIA lol. Hey look! Its up again!
  14. My first time in a plane after a infinitely long time, what a ride!


    1. XB-70A


      Aaaaaah, a trip with Cityhopper. I was about to bet on the Embraer 190 but as you wrote the acceleration was nice on TO it could much more be a 175.

    2. NSEP


      I like how you exactly identified that it was a Cityhopper flight and with the Embraer 175 from all the information i gave out. Awesome!

    3. XB-70A


      Oh thanks :) It's an aircraft I like to fly on and not too discrete with its buzzing CF34 on TO. But... a bit small for my 195cm on flights of more than 90 minutes ( of course not as "crampy" as CRJs but still).

  15. Im waiting to get to the airport cuz me flight.

    Cya in 5 hours.

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    2. XB-70A


      No no no! As a private flyer, the "good flight" is prohibited and is considered as bringing misfortune. So... have a bad flight with turbulences :D

    3. NSEP


      (We were supposted to get picked up 45 minutes ago and we are still waiting)

      Lets hope we get the most uncomfortable flight a human being can think of.

    4. NSEP


      I have arrived! It was awesome! The G-forces from takeoff where fun!