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  1. Are you sure? I did it myself and it was fantastic! 10/10 would recommend. Absolutely worth it, no side-effects aside from some mild confusion and dizziness, light headache here and there, occasional late-night crisis involving nausea and what I can only describe as neural misfiring, but really, excluding that it's absolutely painless and immediate! Not convinced? Why don't you sleep on it? Listen, I can give you a brochure I got handed...lemme see where I put it...
  2. Well while you guys are here doing fancy things with rotors and pontoons and 100+ m/s speeds, I have gone ahead and launched some overweight aggregations of fuel tanks, jet engines and weaponry. There are three ships in this convoy, all military and unmanned. They are not a formal attempt at the challenge, but rather a first foray to see what works and what doesn't, how well the ships handle stress, the distances, mining and land-traversing, etc. The members of the expedition are... A Fjellborg-class ship in the noodle-platform configuration (as opposed to the medium-platform configuration, these are very official and technical names, you understand). Fjellborg is not fitted for ISRU or terrestrial operations; it's only real role is eye-candy and to lug around the VTOL on its back, which I'll use to scout out low-incline beaches. Then we have Renegade, a slightly older version of a ship class that currently goes by Vindjeger. Renegade has all the equipment that is expected to be necessary for the real deal - ore processors, drills, action-keyed rocket engines for moving left and right and backwards (or braking fast) and steel beams at the front to protect the fuel tanks when climbing up onto land. Then there's Paladin, the original prototype for the modern Fjellborg class. Paladin is essentially a fatter, slower renegade. I added vectors at the back for fear that its engine block would be insufficient to push it up onto land. An overhead comparison shot for the curious: I'm probably only going to take these three to the southern tip of the KSC continent and perform a trial landing there. All this being said though, big ships like these are dreadfully slow and for the real attempt I think I will use smaller and faster craft (also note that this formal attempt will not use military ships). In the meantime...
  3. Hello Earthlinger

  4. My info on this is years old at this point but I remember hearing somewhere that water drag was essentially calculated the same way as air drag, so Kerbin's oceans are little more than ultra dense atmosphere with buoyancy added. MK2/3 hulls are made to be aerodynamic and in my opinion it translates well so long as you keep the craft steady.
  5. Oh no, I meant the Kerbal in the trailer is yelling while falling down. And he looked panicked so I didn't think it would have been our guy Jeb.
  6. How dare you. Jeb would never yell while falling down a ladder.
  7. I made some flying cannons. They're great fat buggers but surprisingly maneuverable. They were supposed to be the bane of navy craft, but unfortunately the AI settings don't provide enough options to program them right :'( Also they tend to pitch into the water while maneuvering. I had six against one boat and all six overestimated their ability to pull up and went splash.
  8. Gunships, inspired by Tolmekia
  9. @18Watt Congratulations on your newly achieved status of forum overlord, we hope you will use your power sparingly and not fall into the many pits of unnamed things that some others have found themselves sliding into. I humbly bow.
  10. Who? @Akagi Haven't seen you around in a while.
  11. ...and mine to Piatzin Please and thank you.
  12. Can't say I agree entirely with your points, considering they target so fast that they hardly get the chance to overheat, and can run for a long, long time on just two large batteries, but you da boss. Plane-ship combat is admittedly a bit better due to the lasers having to focus on dismantling everything in the sky in systematic fashion. Haven't a clue how one does module manager patches. I'll check that out though.
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