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  1. Yes, it looks that bad in game. I can't find any image hosting website that allows you to upload images as big as these without making an account.
  2. I can't copy anything from or paste anything into the atmosphere curves sheet because the sheet is protected or something, it's forcing me to enter everything manually edit: i redownloaded a new sheet. if you use these, prepare to constantly start over, as they're finnicky
  3. this mod is still causing the game to hang during loading using latest version
  4. i know i have a terrible reputation for nagging but this mod actually breaks the game in 1.10 because its not compatible and i cant use the AVP music without it
  5. https://ufile.io/ohwgpp9d DDS image. https://ufile.io/8o1mpns2 PNG image. The quality drop is unreal. Am I the only one who is having issues with this? Other people's skyboxes don't have this effect so bad.
  6. In CKAN some Mk1 cockpit IVA replacement is listed as a dependency. This isn't even the Mk1 cockpit and it's not included in the download anyway. Can someone resolve this? CKAN is strict with dependencies.
  7. When you do update can you see about getting it on CKAN? I'm not code savvy and the awful, buggy placeholder models for standalone EL keep me from using it seriously, no offense to the creator (so please continue working on this!) In the meantime it would help hold us over if someone (anyone (not me, I'm dumbo)) could gather the recent patches to get the mod to function properly and sensibly in new versions of EL/KSP
  8. Not functioning properly in 1.9. Reaction wheels of any kind cannot be controlled and do not provide stability assist. I want nerfed reaction wheels but I still want them to actually exist as a gameplay element.
  9. It would be cool if habitat heat management was implemented in this mod. Climatization is an issue if your EC runs out but we should have to use radiators when we have several kerbals and solar panel arrays on board like the ISS does, i.e. the ship can dissipate up to X watts of heat by itself and using 1 EC/s generates Y watts of heat that needs to be dissipated, eventually exploding the craft or at least bottlenecking its capabilities if overheated. Lets most probes function fine but space stations and large craft i.e. manned Duna missions will require radiators.
  10. We need a mod that does what this one did, allowing all engines of really low TWR to thrust in timewarp. Especially for RO players. If one exists please @ me.
  11. In my game using TETRIX the radiators are locked until the 240 sci node Advanced Metalworks, with all of the folding radiators staying locked until the 480 node after that. In real life you need those unfolding radiators and a lot of them at that to have a functional space station. I know habitat heat management is not really modelled properly even by mods, but it may eventually, and it makes no sense to keep these locked for so long. In my opinion the small static radiator should be unlocked in Survivability, with the big static radiators being in Crewed Support, followed by one folding radia
  12. It is set to that by default and not working. The cell does not burn LF and oxidizer. It really should but it requires specifically hydrogen and oxygen. They're only useful on space stations this way and it kinda sucks that I can't burn excesss fuel for electricity.
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