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  1. Also if anyone cares KSP 2 will NOT have clouds. Check the first image on the steam store page, look closely for a cloudless kerbin. Need more confirmation? Second image, no clouds at the launchpad. Scatterer and EVE guys, you know what to do when this comes out.
  2. Private Division is just a different name take 2 uses so they can make the indie game people feel a little bit better. They don't like revealing their name because of their horrible reputation.
  3. People, please ask about DRM instead of asking for epic exclusivity, DRM is much more important as it directly and harshly affects playability and moddability. At worst, we can wait an extra year, which is probably better as modders need time to learn the new game. DRM, however, is a permanent problem. That doesn't mean you shouldn't ask about and discourage exclusivity.
  4. First of all, they have yet to say this officially. If they have, all previous evidence of them saying this has been deleted thus far, or it was someone making memes. Second of all Exclusive Bois who lied about exclusivity and don't refund steam preorders: Exist Your argument: Invalid I'm just saying that the game is 98% likely going to go exclusive at some point regardless of what they say now. I really only care about the DRM it contains, which sadly nobody else appears to be mentioning. If it has none, I'm perfectly happy waiting for it to come to Steam.
  5. Anyone who knows anything about KSP's files knows that steam integration is virtually nonexistent. Many users to this day do not run the game through Steam at all. Considering this game is being released on other digital storefronts, Steam is highly unlikely to be hosting their servers, so I highly doubt that Steam would be enough. Now that I think about it I'm starting to feel pretty stupid for even considering the possibility of this game not having DRM because 1. Take Two and 2. the way the multiplayer is going to have to work is pretty much going to guarantee the presence of Denuvo. Also epic store exclusivity is pretty much guaranteed, just look at private division's other games. They're the ones who jumped for this business to begin with via Outer Worlds.
  6. I wish that they said something about DRM in the developer video, so I didn't have to go on not knowing whether or not the game will contain it until launch
  7. PIN PLEASE VERY IMPORTANT quote me if theres any info from take 2/star theory mod please pin this thread or one like it
  8. What DRM will be in KSP 2 (other than the digital stores it is being launched on themselves)? Please quote me with information. This is MUCH more important to me than DLC or microtransactions but obviously if microtransactions are in the game then it's going to be chock full of always online DRM. Considering that this game is supposed to be even more moddable than KSP (a bold statement) I highly doubt the existence of microtransactions or DRM but it is very important for me and several others to know for sure. Also why did the Master Post just get locked?
  9. Using KittopiaTech What do I paste into the "texture" box in kittopia tech? Gamedata\...\texturename does not work, and the arrow is grayed out. Picture I am trying to give Kerbin a ring. I assume that however I link to a texture here is the same everywhere else for kittopiatech.
  10. All of the centrifuges are missing from the function categories in the VAB. When sorted in other ways they show up again. There must be missing categories but I'm using community category kit. Parts from Kerbalism seem to be affected as well. Could Kerbalism be causing this? All of the parts that don't show up in the function categories can't be found by searching for them either.
  11. You could at least link to them... make a "Dependencies" section and link to the mods that the mod requires... like every other mod on the forums... Well, apparently every mod that depends on community resource pack makes no mention of it being a dependency. Downloading it fixed several issues I have been having with multiple mods, yet none of them so much as hinted at it. But just because everyone else does it doesn't make it fair.
  12. I think it would be fair to mention that Community Resource Pack is required for this mod to not have fatal errors and link to its download.