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  1. This mod is unplayable with Kerbalism or any other mod that makes lifter engines have only one or two ignitions. Please increase contract payout for contracts (other than testing engines) to account for the amount of money we must throw away in lifter engines every mission. I really like your tech tree and other parts of this mod, but contract payouts should be multiplied by the same amount that engine costs are or the space program cannot survive. Also I suggest alternative methods for using science such as to "buy" kerbal experience points with science points and to upgrade the parts. You could also turn the tech tree into a tech line and just have tech levels that require increasingly more science. This may actually be more mod friendly than most other tech trees because of the tech level part category
  2. The new engine launch failures system makes recovering 2.5m or larger lifter rockets statistically impossible. Even if you make your engines high quality, you will probably have to reignite them around 5 times when trying to land the booster because of how powerful the lifters are even at minimum thrust (not necessarily simulated in this mod, but my point stands because that's realistic behavior). I am using Realism Lite so high quality is unfeasible even if it did make a difference (this is why the engines have minimum thrust values). 20 minutes of burn time means little if it can only ignite twice before failing. this is false g forces can kill them if set in difficulty settings
  3. Can confirm launch clamps are basically unusable in 1.8 with either KJR next or KJR continued. The rocket is scrunched up on load and when launched it will fly in a random direction due to the forces. Other mods don't interfere with the launch clamps.
  4. I would like to use this mod but it it removes the ability to land first stages to recover them because all lifting engines can only be ignited at launch. Please provide us with a way to reignite lower stage engines. This is also for lander vehicles on other planets that may need to move to different biomes (in fact, lifting engines aren't usable at all if attempted to ignite off of the launchpad). Parachutes are rarely viable for these purposes (in fact, they are broken entirely if you use FAR and Restock, which I do). Actually, considering the fact that engines almost never ignite properly unless I fire them by an action group, I think I'll just live without it. I would still consider having more ways to ignite lifter engines (they're the ones that almost never ignite properly, because they have no ignitions).
  5. The RE-I2 is overpowered. It is 5 seconds ASL from having the exact same efficiency as the aerospike (it has the same vacuum efficiency as it), which is impossible for a bell shaped engine like it, and at roughly half of the price. It has 78.4% of the Skipper's vacuum thrust and 75.1% of its ASL thrust, while being far more efficient at all altitudes. I wouldn't mind more sizes or types (linear) of the aerospike engine, but this clearly isn't supposed to be an aerospike, and it has way too much thrust and ASL efficiency to be an upper stage engine with that much vacuum efficiency. Its appearance is closer to a combustion cycle lifting engine anyway and you already made the Schnauzer which has plausible stats.
  6. restock is extremely buggy right now. good to know that parachutes are being looked at (fyi they are completely nonfunctional, even if I remove realchutelite from FAR the chutes deploy but have no drag and do nothing) but launch clamps are awful atm and cause kraken attacks. it seems as though stuff spawns below the launchpad, even using girders as an alternative is proving difficult
  7. if anyone else has that problem, just delete the realchutelite folder in FAR for now, I don't really know what it's useful for but the normal parachute system works fine it doesn't work fine, the parachutes deploy but do absolutely nothing. it's going to be a long time before most people play 1.8 at this rate
  8. Yes throw me a bone ive never even heard of people asking for mm cache or what it is the parachute just does nothing when it deploys, place a chute on the craft with a similar gamedata and stage it and it will stage but not actually deploy
  9. Parachutes do not work. Log reveals this issue Basically FAR is mad that I am not using RealChute, or FAR's built in RealChute components are broken. The exorbantly large rewards for flying a jet engine into the sky is because I am using RealismLite
  10. still works in 1.8 if anyone cares
  11. We're gonna need another recompile, and this time it might take a little longer
  12. I was just asking because CKAN has been refusing to update a lot of mods that are now compatible with 1.8 specifically IgorZ's mods.