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  1. In retrospect, after some more thorough use of the engines and design iterations of my aircraft, I've been satisfied flying with the stock fuel consumption. The engines at 5% torque/size are plenty for me to ferry passengers to and from various airports near the KSC in Kerbin side remastered, and they seem to use dramatically more realistic amounts of fuel at this size, so I will be shelving the part of the mod that changes fuel consumption. I'll be updating it without the lower fuel consumption (but keep it available separately for those who want it) to where you will now unlock the first eng
  2. You are correct, and at very low torques my modded engine is rather overpowered. With that said, it still drinks fuel badly in stock even at only a small fraction of maximum torque, so I will need to spend more time finding an appropriate balance. Consider the mod to be a work in progress. For now, leave the engines AFP if you don't want to be cheaty.
  3. No, it modifies the existing ones in Breaking Ground. I'm not sure how to add a new part, but I don't see good reason to for this mod. I will play with them more, but even at maximum power it shouldn't consume as much fuel as it does in stock.
  4. Reserved post Please feel free to leave comments or feedback if you liked (or didn't) or think of more things for me to try to patch
  5. Note: At very low torque, this mod makes the rotors consume extremely low fuel, making them rather overpowered for small planes such as the one pictured. Balancing is in progress. The Kerbal Space Center made a biplane using the R121 turboshaft engine, and it ran out of gas before it could fly a km away from the space center. After Jeb safely whipped that baron onto the mysterious green substance that makes the scientists yell at him for not cleaning his boots, the incident report team at R&D realized that it consumed fuel 6.25 times AFP (At Full Power) faster than the small jet engin
  6. Please see new thread here: I am very new to modding, this is my first ever KSP "mod" of sorts. All it is supposed to do is change four lines of code, but I went further and made the LF/Air-powered robotic rotors available earlier in the stock tech tree. I even have an MIT license bundled with it, even though it's copied from another tiny modlet. Basically, I made a biplane using the small Breaking Ground turboshaft, and it ran out of gas before it could fly a km away from the space center, and then I realized that it used fuel 6.25 times AFP (At Full Power) faster than the small je
  7. I place a probe core, antenna, and solar panel on an upper stage with fuel in orbit to deorbit it but i can't control it. I don't know if any of my mods would affect this im wondering if anyone has the same issue, the probe reads "no telemetry"
  8. do you plan on revisiting this mod its very cool
  9. Thanks I was changing the configs (I love Rhan but don't like the fact it's tidally locked when I'm using it as a homeworld; slowly rotating planets are difficult to live on) and noticed that there is information about axial tilts. Is this significant? Also - not sure if it's known, but the stock clouds configs in GU don't have the NEEDS !Homeswitch things which breaks the clouds if a homeswitch is installed. Since I left the zip in there I just deleted the unzipped file and they work fine but it would be nice if we didn't have to do that
  10. I know it is a known bug but the fact I can't zoom out very far in the map view without exploding makes it impossible for me to visit distant objects. I've even tried tabbing to them but eventually even that destroys my ship. Is there a way or mod to set targets in vessel mode?
  11. Yes, it looks that bad in game. I can't find any image hosting website that allows you to upload images as big as these without making an account.
  12. I can't copy anything from or paste anything into the atmosphere curves sheet because the sheet is protected or something, it's forcing me to enter everything manually edit: i redownloaded a new sheet. if you use these, prepare to constantly start over, as they're finnicky
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