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  1. Just one question, that's green skin's suits right? How did you get it working?
  2. Those look excellent @Beale, cracking job as always
  3. Perks of having one of the largest boosters ever flown sitting in a pile of mothballs collecting dust This video really puts it into perspective
  4. Where is your junkyard?

    Duna has claimed so many of my ships and rovers. It always seem to be the worst place to land
  5. If you look at ALSEP it has KIS Lockers compatible with the Sina descent module. That's what you should use
  6. Looks great! As my ex always told me, it's not the size that's important, it's what you do with it
  7. Amazing work @Beale , Tantares continues to be the highest quality. Personally, I prefer this orange to the Tan on the other parts, I feel it makes the R7 stand out best. Keep up the fantastic work!
  8. Sounds like something I could knock together. I'll post it in a bit Edit: @Kerbal01 By "humble request for a dual mount LR-87 LH2." do you mean a Titan I LR87-3 that can burn LH2/O2 or a new model (because I can't model for sh*t)
  9. Can't get to the mun

    How would I know?
  10. Can't get to the mun

    Nice picture
  11. Can't get to the mun

    So, assuming you can get to a stable orbit around Kerbin, when you make the manoeuvre node for Trans-Munar-Injection and burn, your problem is that the ship flies past the moon?
  12. Titan IV looks amazing! Where did you get that awesome Cassini?
  13. AB still works in 1.3, see my post further up the thread. As for @Pak , Energia is on his roadmap, and hopefully, soon you will see a CA Energia. See the roadmap if you want to know more.