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  1. Amazing! A brilliant update. Out of interest where did you get the landing barge you use in the trailer?
  2. Looks fantastic Benjee! Can’t wait to get my ISS assembled. On the subject of assembly did you have any other thoughts about robotic arms? Yay! Any chance of a semi- folded state for the Zarya solar panels? Like this:
  3. TheRedTom

    Recover PPD-10?

    Use a grabber in a cup of fairing with a heatshield beneath it to protect the cargo from reentry
  4. Congrats @Nertea and all the Restock Team. You are all excellent people
  5. Hey Zorg, those screenshots look bloody fantastic! I decided to switch my shuttle stack to use reDIRECT (and have little time these days to play) so I dropped using the patch myself but glad to see it was helpful. DM me if you want me to send over the balance sheet I used
  6. The Ares I planned to use a five-segment SRB, which for reDirect would be the Monsoon five-segment SRB
  7. Tantares has a lovely Pirs/Poisk That Cupola looks absolutely fabulous @benjee10
  8. Sounds about right for Polyus
  9. TheRedTom

    The Skiff. What is it good for?

    Its meant to be clustered in 5 in the alternate version like the J-2 To give a bigger oomf to larger vacuum stages
  10. TheRedTom

    Any mods for Opportunity Rover models?

    Unfortunately, all American rovers since Sojourner have the same system
  11. TheRedTom

    Any mods for Opportunity Rover models?

    @akron has mentioned eventually getting to MER and MSL in his pack Probes Plus!, but it's a long way down the line by all accounts. The most difficult bit seems to be the rocker-bogie suspension, which is difficult to achieve in KSP