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  1. Sorry to ask again but it is possible to upgrade the Lua base? If there is a setting or button I'm not seeing it. And love the mod, def top 10 kerbal mod
  2. Whenever I enter the VAB or SPH the advanced mode is always open by default. This is the first time it's done this, is there a setting I may have enabled to cause this?
  3. For the mod to work which folders do I have to have? I just want the advanced engines and reactor stuff
  4. Seems reinstalling one of my mods, not sure which one fixed the issue. I do have another question, is there a way to upgrade the lua base so I can launch heavier rockets from there?
  5. Thank's that solved it. Love the mod glad you are keeping it alive.
  6. Why are some of the jet engines like the ramjets using LH2 and how can I get them back to normal liquid fuel?
  7. I'm not sure if this is from Beyond Mod but sometimes when I I go to launch my rocket KSP crashes. I'm on 1.8.1 and have everything that can be updated up to date. Not sure what I should look for in the log folder
  8. moved to new thread
  9. I seem to have this part and don't know where it came from. It's been a while since I played kerbal but cant ever remember this part in any of the mods Im using. I tried search the folder but cant find it, anyone know what this is part of?
  10. Other then having Kerbal Konstructs installed do you need the "Allow Other Launchsites" option turned on in the difficulty settings in other to use/unlock them?
  11. Haven't played in a while, updated some mods and for some reason now when i try and load my saved game I get the error I am missing the following parts cryoengine-25-1 Solarpanel-curved-25 battery-375 solarpanel-deploying-1x3-2 edit: just looked at change log. I assume these are the parts removed?
  12. Yeah Same here, 1.8 really broke a lot of mods because of the engine update.
  13. What's causing this? I cant see any surface detail unless I'm in a very low orbit.