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  1. I just ran into a weird bug. Went to Lua, got my lander back and touched down on Rhode but the Recover Vessel button wouldn't work, I tried to save the game at this point to restart the game but when I did the game would lock up temporarily and I discovered no save point was created. Not a huge deal but just wanted to post it.
  2. Anyone else have missing textures? I'm pretty sure its the Nertea Restock mod causing the issue as I had a similar problem with Snacks. How would I go about fixing this? Also I'm super confused about the Banshee fan capabilities in non Air Environments. On the fans themselves I see that they require LF/OX and Air but also that there is an extra patch called AirBreathingBanshee.
  3. Am i msiing a setting or somethign but I keep time warping into planets instead of automatically stopping when you get near the surface/atmosphere.
  4. @Nertea Did I somehow screw my game up or did I never notice that with the Near Future Launch Vehicles engines that the shrouds don't seem to work?
  5. Thank you so much, this fixed it. I do hate when my two favorite mods dont get along lol
  6. @Angel-125 Don't mean to double post on the issue but not sure if you saw my earlier post about the conflict with Nertea's recent Restock parts visual overhaul mod, it locks the Radial Snack Tin from being used and gives the "Contains locked or invalid parts" message on saved ships with the radial tin, the other snack tins work fine. This mod is one of the my fav and just wanted to give a heads up so if possible this can be fixed, or show how to fix it.
  7. Yup its the Restock mod causing it, I uninstalled it and the Radial Tin is now working fine.
  8. Is there a way to fix the radial snack tin missing or locked issue? In the VAB/SPH any ship with them has the "Contains locked or invalid parts" message. I'm really not sure what I updated to have this start all of a sudden. I did recently install the new Nertea Restock and Restock+ mods, could this be causing a conflict? I used CKAN to uninstall and reinstall 1.11.1 then tried to manually install 1.11.2 and the problem still persists.
  9. Do the HVR fans work on planets like Eve or do they require actual air?
  10. Quick question about the IVA controls, what does the Reserve Switch do as well as the Radio? Also is there a disarm parachutes switch I'm not seeing?
  11. How do you set lead times? Is there a way to have it so it starts at 50% of total burn time?
  12. Here's one, cant locate the other the Reddit about it, was similar but much newer. I also didnt mess with any configs, just using the Nvidia control panel to turn on Anisotropic Filtering to 8x, FXAA to ON, Made sure to override kerbasl Antialiasing, Nvidia AA to 4x, Threaded Optimization to On, and Vertical Sync to Adaptive. I tried most of what was in this reddit and Its hard for me to tell if its made a difference, I will say the AA does look just as good and seems like I dont get quite the frame drop. Corrections I believe the newer version of this was actually on this forum here https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/166079-12x-to-16x-how-to-improve-performance/
  13. So looking around this forum and Reddit some people have said you can get a better looking and running game by using Nvidia custom graphics options in the control panel for things like anti-aliasing versus using the Unity game engine to do it. Is this true?