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  1. Haven't played in a while, updated some mods and for some reason now when i try and load my saved game I get the error I am missing the following parts cryoengine-25-1 Solarpanel-curved-25 battery-375 solarpanel-deploying-1x3-2 edit: just looked at change log. I assume these are the parts removed?
  2. Yeah Same here, 1.8 really broke a lot of mods because of the engine update.
  3. What's causing this? I cant see any surface detail unless I'm in a very low orbit.
  4. I mean just disable the textures for the planets that have new textures and keep it for the ones still using the old ones.
  5. If I wanted to use the new stock textures that have been rolling out recently and the ones coming in 1.8 would I just remove the configs for the planets in question to do so?
  6. So I'm having some massive performance hits when I get close to the ground. I looked over the thread and I wanted to double check that I need to disable Scatter Density in the graphics settings as well as ROCseed set to -1 in the persistent.sfs save file, is this correct? And is this an issue with AVP or Kopernicus? edit: NVM on the ROCseed, I dont have the breaking ground DLC.
  7. I'm getting an error on some saved ships saying I'm missing KAS.Winch2.
  8. These city lights don't look right to me. I haven't played in a while and just updated my game, is this correct or is this a bug?
  9. I just ran into a weird bug. Went to Lua, got my lander back and touched down on Rhode but the Recover Vessel button wouldn't work, I tried to save the game at this point to restart the game but when I did the game would lock up temporarily and I discovered no save point was created. Not a huge deal but just wanted to post it.
  10. Anyone else have missing textures? I'm pretty sure its the Nertea Restock mod causing the issue as I had a similar problem with Snacks. How would I go about fixing this? Also I'm super confused about the Banshee fan capabilities in non Air Environments. On the fans themselves I see that they require LF/OX and Air but also that there is an extra patch called AirBreathingBanshee.
  11. Has anyone put together a rough Delta V map yet?
  12. Am i msiing a setting or somethign but I keep time warping into planets instead of automatically stopping when you get near the surface/atmosphere.
  13. @Nertea Did I somehow screw my game up or did I never notice that with the Near Future Launch Vehicles engines that the shrouds don't seem to work?