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  1. Today I worked on a small MicroSat for a little contract in my Career Game: Includes parts for DMagic Orbital Science, antennas from BDB, and a couple ReStock parts. Super-lightweight and as efficient as I could make it. Total weight is only 286Kg in the VAB (including a small reaction wheel + extra battery clipped in the probe core).
  2. Working on my latest Career Game space station, playing around with the amazing parts from ReStock (metal), SSPXr, MMSEV/Planetary Bases, BDB, and a few other bits & bobs: The three modules include: - M1: Laboratory / Hub / Basic Systems & Life Support (central axis, launching 1st) - M2: Command / Hab expansion (port side) - M3: Life Sciences (starboard side) There's a CMOS 1.5m port at the aft end of the station for future expansion of a larger orbital construction facility (Simple Construction mod). The little automated supply pod attached to M2 is very WIP but going for a low-cost, expendable monopropellant-based platform. Any suggestions for improvements?
  3. Hi there, I'm hoping someone can help me understand better what I'm seeing in the VAB: These parts are from the mod Planetside Bases (as well as SSPXr). Specifically, I'm using the C200 port to connect to a M50H habitation area. Are these considered "connected" even though they're listed as separate in the GUI? When using the SSPXr docking ports alone, there's only one area in the GUI which is green, but using these other ports, I'm getting the two areas. Appreciate any help or guidance you can offer!
  4. Hello, I thought I'd ask here if Connected Living Spaces (CLS) is supported with this mod? Or if anyone has a patch that can make it work? My issue: CLS is showing the M50H as a separate area that's not connected (unless I'm not reading CLS properly, if anyone can correct me that would be helpful!) even though I'm connecting using the C200 port? Appreciate any help!
  5. Well that was 20 minutes of Wikipedia-rabbit-hole time that I won't get back. This is where I ended up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Halocline
  6. So far my Probes Before Crew career start is going well! The simple Codac Observer (aka BDB's Lunar Observer) was the first piece of Kerbal technology to ultimately reach out beyond LKO, thanks to the potential of its Prometheus/Titan 3rd stage and onboard monopropellant engine. Here it is capturing the first stunning photographs of the Mun: After the Munar flyby, this little guy had so much dV remaining in the monopropellant engine, it was able to adjust maneuvers to get a wholly-unexpected Minmus intercept some 15 days later. In the spirit of a craft that just wouldn't quit, it captured the first pictures of Kerbin's distant little moon well beyond its original intended mission. With Minmus receding from view and on its way to escaping Kerbin SOI, it used its last ~100 dV of monopropellant to attempt a Kerbin re-capture... but it just wasn't enough. The Codac Observer now continues its adventure off into the heavens (i.e. escaping Kerbin SOI for a wider Kerbol orbit).
  7. Thank you! So great that you're keeping this mod alive and well.
  8. Hi there, long-time user of SimpleConstruction and really glad it's been taken over and updated! Question regarding the ExtraplanetaryLaunchpads DLL included: The most recent version of EL (per the forums) is 6.99, but the version included with SC is 6.8.3 currently. I would assume using the 6.8.3 does everything you need it to do for this mod. (In previous SC iterations, I remember having to jury-rig the old SC config files with the latest EL file.) Do you anticipate using or including the updated the EL file with SC? Or maybe it doesn't matter at this point? Thanks for all your work!
  9. Just using EVE + Astronomer's Visual Pack (AVP) with the 4K textures, Planetshine, and Scatterer. (Oh, and I also bump saturation and adjust contrast in the PNG file before I post to Imgur.)
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