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  1. Not sure if this is still an active thread, but I have a question RE: orbital construction. If there's a part on a ship that I want to remove, what tools do I need? And are there limitations to types of parts that can be removed? (I know weight limits apply) For example, I accidentally put these radial decouplers on backwards on my just-launched station module...so they're stuck hanging off the sides. I want to bring up an Engineer to remove these. What issues should I be thinking about / planning for (so I don't have to strand my Engineer in space without proper equipment...) Thanks in advance!
  2. Last night I finished designing the future expansion of my Kerbin Orbital Manned Station (OMS). The first node was launched into orbit with the basic technologies available, but without a solid idea for future construction. The planned layout for Kerbin OMS (eventual Mk6) includes expanded science labs, a dedicated equipment delivery node (bottom), LF/O refueling docks (port & starboard), plus ample solar generation for LKO. I'm using primarily BDB long with Probes Before Crew, Kerbal Construction Time, and TAC Life Support to spice up this Career... so I quickly realized planning was going to be important. There's only so much I can lift into space at any given moment and my Kerbals are on the clock if I want them to survive. The modular system of nodes is intended to be launched on Prometheus and Sarnus type rockets from BDB over five launches, so they had to be space-efficient and relatively compact. For each node, I tried to consider how future expansions would affect the overall layout, avoiding "boxing myself in" to specific nodes only able to be placed in specific locations. Once Stockalike Station Parts Redux and HabTech2 parts are unlocked in this playthrough, I plan to further expand this LKO station. This would include hydroponics, a larger equipment/solar truss system, and support for future types of automated cargo & delivery spacecraft.
  3. This looks so cool. In my latest career game, I'm using Probes Before Crew plus focusing on BDB rockets. I've just gotten to the Titan/Prometheus rockets and I'm loving them! But can I ask a general (ok, basic noob) question RE: the large SRBs you're using on this Titan and other versions: What's the best way to maintain control during a standard equatorial gravity turn? I keep nosing down and flipping around 10-12Km (even when activating the liquid engine to compensate). Or are the SRBs just too powerful/unstable to hold any kind of angle?
  4. Checking back on this question regarding the electricity not being generated on unloaded vessels when using Kopernicus & TAC Life Support? I thought this had been resolved (per the patch notes for 1.11.x as well) but I just had a kerbal die in my first career space station because of "air toxicity" with no EC, except when I load back into the vessel it immediate starts generating. I can provide logs if necessary, but it seems like this is a known issue still?
  5. Hi all, long-time NF mods user (thanks Nertea!) but first time really using Near Future Exploration. Is there a handy primer somewhere or maybe specific posts in this thread to better understand the sizes and uses for the different antenna/reflectors? In my new career playthrough, I'm hoping to be more targeted than just using the biggest relay, etc. Also I'm not entirely clear what the feeder antennas do vs. the direct antennas? (Of course I've been reading through and searching in this topic... but there's lots of posts in here with "reflector" and "exploration" )
  6. Thanks for the response. That makes sense to me, but I don't think I'm seeing the right buttons. Or my Preset is doing something that prevents upgrades. I've got a fully upgraded VAB as well. Basically, what I'm trying to accomplish with this preset: Force a time requirement for building new craft (i.e. using KCT) Allow multiple craft to be built at the same time (upgraded VAB, etc.) Avoid time for researching tech nodes (once I unlock a science node, I want to have access to the parts) Allow for reconditioning the pad between launches Here's what I'm currently seeing under the Upgrades button for the KCT Build List: Here is the preset CFG file from KCT (see spoiler). This is based on the 'VABandPartCount' config that comes with the CKAN download with the Reconditioning and a couple minor tweaks. (Note: I really don't know what the tweaks are doing...) By contrast, here is the default KCT config (spoiler): What I'm really wondering about is the whole formula block is blank in the VABandPartCount CFG file but the default has all this: KCT_Preset_Formula { NodeFormula = 2^([N]+1) / 86400 UpgradeFundsFormula = min(2^([N]+4) * 1000, 1024000) UpgradeScienceFormula = min(2^([N]+2) * 1.0, 512) ResearchFormula = [N]*0.5/86400 EffectivePartFormula = min([c]/([I] + ([B]*([U]+1))), [c])*[MV]*[PV] ProceduralPartFormula = (([c]-[A]) + ([A]*10/max([I],1))) / max([B]*([U]+1),1) *[MV]*[PV] BPFormula = ([E]^(1/2))*2000*[O] KSCUpgradeFormula = ([C]^(1/2))*1000*[O] ReconditioningFormula = min([M]*[O]*[E], [X])*abs([RE]-[S]) / ([LM]-[L]+1) BuildRateFormula = (([I]+1)*0.05*[N] + max(0.1-[I], 0))*sign(2*[L]-[I]+1) SimCostFormula = max([C]/50000 * min([PM]/[KM], 80) * ([S]/10 + 1) * ([A]/10 + 1) * ([L]^0.5) * 100, 500) KerbinSimCostFormula = max([C]/50000 * ([L]^0.5) * 10, 100) UpgradeResetFormula = 2*([N]+1) InventorySaleFormula = ([V]+[P] / 10000)^(0.5) RolloutCostFormula = 0 NewLaunchPadCostFormula = 100000*([N]^3) UPDATE: After playing around with the different presets, I think the 'UpFree' CFG might be what I'm looking for: This one allows for the multiple build lines but doesn't use the KCT upgrade system. The build days seem reasonable (10 days for a small rocket vs. 342 which I got with the default) and it also strangely allows me to edit/rename the craft, which the 'VABandPartCount' variant does not. I would still be interested in knowing why that preset doesn't seem to allow multiple build lines. But the 'UpFree' will work for now. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I've been digging through this thread and the 1.4 KCT thread, but I'm not finding this answered already. How do you unlock/upgrade to allow for multiple craft to be built at the same time? Is this a Presets thing or is it somewhere else? Thanks for any help ya'll can provide!
  8. That's a good clarification. Yes, after you've used Here&Now on the experiment in question, I don't believe it can't be triggered again in the PAW *after* you've run it in H&N in that first instance. But, if you never use H&N to trigger said experiment, it will continue to work as per usual. Appreciate your point there.
  9. This sounds similar to an age-old problem related to the Universal Storage/US2 science parts that utilize the 'DMModuleScienceAnimateGeneric' and activating those parts via the [X] Science! mod. If you trigger the parts using using Here&Now window, then they become completely unusable after the first instance. You can still trigger them directly from the PAW. I seem to remember (don't quote me) it has to do more with the DMagic side than the parts themselves or the [X] Science! interface. Unfortunately, it's just one of those cross-mod incompatibilities that doesn't have the urgency/impetus behind it.
  10. Is this overhaul GIF only showing the Constellations (first) tab from the top? A few questions: - Does the list of celestial bodies populate only if there are antennas/vessels around that specific body? Or is the idea that the list/dropdowns of bodies would always be visible? E.g. if I don't have any craft around Jool or its moons, I will or will not see the dropdown for the Jool SOI. - Would this paradigm also apply to CommNet vessels, so you'd see a list of vessels (as the dropdowns) to view the related antennae? Or would the vessels be listed out according to the celestial bodies? In general, I'm wary of big lists with lots of sub-dropdowns because it can be cumbersome to navigate when you just want one item but have to go through a whole list to get it. That said, I do agree the current list approach has always been a challenge when you have a lot of antennae. Have you considered using filters as buttons to allow you to view the celestial bodies and/or vessels you want? You might take a look at TAC Fuel Balancer and the Allow Auto-Close feature (you can see it in settings) so you can view the resources based on which tabs you have open. If you're not familiar with that app, when you select the different tabs, it shows you the list of fuel tanks you have with columns for a variety of attributes. Good luck with the re-design!
  11. Hi there, I thought I'd ask if this patch is still required or useful relating to Near Future Exploration and CNC? I had it in my 1.7.3 install seems like forever and haven't had any issues. Now that I'm moving up to 1.10.1 -- is this still needed, or was compatibility updated in a more recent version of CNC? @TaxiService Not sure if you remember this patch, but would you think this is still useful?
  12. This Until I forget they're not carrying a jetpack and go EVA or jump out of plane without the parachute in their inventory... splat goes kerbal LOL
  13. Hoping to connect the dots with a few threads related to solar panels using Kopernicus Bleeding Edge and TAC-LS in KSP 1.10.x. Around the same time as these posts in the TAC-LS thread (Nov. 12th - 16th 2020), over in the Kop-BE thread, R-T-B fielded questions related to solar panels & TAC-LS: Specifically, he suggests: "You can revert to the 'stock' solar code by deleting solarpanels.cfg from the config folder of Kopernicus. Do be advised this only works for single star systems, as the stock code is not aware of more than one star." Has anyone using TAC-LS tested this and does this resolve the issue of EC on non-selected vessels?
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