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  1. Disney World (Orlando, USA) and Disneyland (Los Angeles, USA) are both now planned to be closed starting Monday, March 16th. (Which sucks for my family... we were going to Disney World next week on the 18th... oh well, better safe than sorry)
  2. When people talk about mining or construction on the Moon, I always think of this bit from the 2002 film version of "The Time Machine": I'm not saying this is realistic... but it is a cautionary tale not to f#*& around with the Moon.
  3. Does this count as a "First" since I'm the first non-zer0Kerbal posting??
  4. Bringing this back from like 3 years ago in this meme thread.... But this is me every time I need to dock anything in KSP:
  5. My first couple Career games, I tried to be meticulous with fuel calculations and dV to make sure I could complete whatever mission I was doing and yet have enough to get back safely. My current career... after completing various milestones, I creatively employ "refueling missions" (aka Hyperedit > Misc Tools > REFILL SLIDERS). Again, first few games I was diligent about making maneuver nodes to get encounters, adjust transfers, plan rendezvous maneuvers. Now, I've been using MJ Rendezvous and Maneuver Planner to the point where... I'm not sure I could actually do a proper Hohman transfer anymore. I've never been to Moho. Or Dres. And only once to Eve. I have around 2000 hours in this game, folks. (Note: I'm going to both Dres & Moho in my current Career.) My most closely-guarded secret: I was a KSP console player before I actually owned a PC capable of playing KSP. (The horror!) Proof, my first post on the KSP forums: Actually, I only learned about KSP when I saw it launched on XBox in 2016 and then watched YouTube videos about it. I played maybe 2 short games on XBox. Then I bought a PC.
  6. Wow, I can't believe I haven't seen this until now! I absolutely loved Ven's back in the day, but had to drop it. Once I fully upgrade to 1.8.x (I'm still running my Career from 1.7.3) this will definitely go in my modlist. Great work!
  7. 5. Really, Let's Do It This Time (Game Nine: KSP 1.7.x) [TEXT HERE]
  8. $DO || ! $DO ; try try: command not found
  9. That's funny, I do this as well. I've had the same piece of paper sitting on a corner of my for the past three years! 1. Main Engine Toggle (or SSTO Engine Mode Switch) 2. Lights 3. Solar Panels 4. Docking Ports / Landing Legs 5. Radiators 6. Electronics (Antennas, Science Equipment) 7. Decorative (Wings, Flaps, Non-essential Equipment) 8. Mechanical (Ladders, Cargo Bays) 9. RCS (Toggling on/off, so I don't accidentally hit a button or knock myself off-orbit) 0. Emergency Items (or anything craft-specific to prevent catastrophe)