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  1. Is this overhaul GIF only showing the Constellations (first) tab from the top? A few questions: - Does the list of celestial bodies populate only if there are antennas/vessels around that specific body? Or is the idea that the list/dropdowns of bodies would always be visible? E.g. if I don't have any craft around Jool or its moons, I will or will not see the dropdown for the Jool SOI. - Would this paradigm also apply to CommNet vessels, so you'd see a list of vessels (as the dropdowns) to view the related antennae? Or would the vessels be listed out according to the celestial bo
  2. Hi there, I thought I'd ask if this patch is still required or useful relating to Near Future Exploration and CNC? I had it in my 1.7.3 install seems like forever and haven't had any issues. Now that I'm moving up to 1.10.1 -- is this still needed, or was compatibility updated in a more recent version of CNC? @TaxiService Not sure if you remember this patch, but would you think this is still useful?
  3. This Until I forget they're not carrying a jetpack and go EVA or jump out of plane without the parachute in their inventory... splat goes kerbal LOL
  4. Hoping to connect the dots with a few threads related to solar panels using Kopernicus Bleeding Edge and TAC-LS in KSP 1.10.x. Around the same time as these posts in the TAC-LS thread (Nov. 12th - 16th 2020), over in the Kop-BE thread, R-T-B fielded questions related to solar panels & TAC-LS: Specifically, he suggests: "You can revert to the 'stock' solar code by deleting solarpanels.cfg from the config folder of Kopernicus. Do be advised this only works for single star systems, as the stock code is not aware of more than one star." Has anyone using TAC-LS tested thi
  5. Hi folks, question for anyone using the Kopernicus BE_46 release alongside Near Future Solar & TAC Life Support. Sorry R-T-B: I didn't want to bug you, but had to quote you for reference. A few weeks back in this thread, there were the posts about solar panels not working with multiple stars (KSP-IE was the culprit) and then another few posts where EC wasn't continuous with non-selected vessels (re: TAC-LS). Using TAC Life Support, by deleting the 'solarpanels.cfg' from Kopernicus BE_46 as suggested above, would this also regress the fixes that were implemented relating to B9Pa
  6. This is the mod referred to: FYI - it says "1.8.x" but several posts in the thread say it's compatible for 1.10.x. Love these things, would be cool if they had something stock like this as well.
  7. I wanted to say how impressed I am at your KerbalX catalog of stock craft. I've been playing KSP for a few years and honestly don't know how I could have missed this?? :)

    I have just started a stock-only playthrough (having always used extensive parts mods). Now seeing all this amazing work, I'm seriously considering doing a "Raptor-only" playthrough...

    Anyway, I thought I'd express some thanks and admiration for what is clearly a lot of hard work over the years. Kudos!


  8. The last thing I googled was Micropore tape (for bandages, don't ask). I guess that would help me.
  9. Today was another milestone day in KSP. One of those days where you accomplish a few things, learn a few other things, load up half a dozen saves (trying not to kill Jebediah), and basically avoid running out of fuel at all costs. My Mun landing (loosely Apollo-style) went pretty smoothly doing it completely manual. And I actually made it to the surface of the Mun! The problems came trying to get back to orbit... And there were a few. (see spoiler) Anyway, after a successful manual rendezvous, transferring remaining RCS fuel, then double-checking the crew were also transf
  10. Today in KSP, I went to space. And this time I didn't get stuck there! Having just installed a minty-fresh version of KSP 1.10.1 and completed updates for my core mods (QoL + Basic Graphics), I did a first boot of KSP and tested everything with a little basic orbiter (the Mk1). That gave me an idea: I should do a playthrough that ONLY uses Stock parts and NO part clipping in my vehicles. I figured while I'm at it, I should challenge myself to NOT use any of the automated MechJeb tools (which tbh, I utilize exclusively for ascents, maneuvers, etc.). So a quick re-design of my o
  11. Thought I'd post the updated version of my CommSat relay probe based on the calcs and suggestions from the fine group of folks on this thread. The JX2 Antenna looks phenomenal on this bad boy. Since all my relays all have a mechanical/industrial aesthetic, this fits in perfectly along with the excellent gold accents. Looking forward to launching 6 of these into Kerbol-centric orbit!
  12. With the Outer Planets mod, I need to get out to Plock - which requires 689G to reach out there (as @Snark graciously pointed out).
  13. Oooh *furiously typing in CKAN and Spacedock* I'll take a look at that one! I am definitely open to mods Thanks for the suggestion, I'll look at that one. Also thank you for mentioning Plock is ~700G at the edge of the system. That's something I was trying to figure out.
  14. Thanks, I have read through the CommNet wiki page a few times over the years and usually get to the "square root of something" before I start glazing over and usually just slap more antennas on the thing. (Maths were never my strong suit) But this time, I'm hoping to get a little more specific with what I need to launch in my Career game. Appreciate your reply!
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