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  1. Not sure what was happening, but I posted " 70 (-) " based on the last comment from @Aperture Science saying " Last valid was my 71 "
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    Oman (the only country that starts with the letter 'O' apparently)
  3. 72 (-) Excellent, thanks for the reply. Negatives 'til the end!
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    [1.4.X] KS3P

    So after loading the version recommended above... I got a big pink screen when I loaded KSP. It's probably something in my settings... but rather than troubleshoot, I'm going back to the CKAN version, which worked just fine for me before. Looking forward to updates and thanks for all the awesome work on this mod! It's become a must-have for me now. Great work!
  5. 76 (-) Note: Somebody please let me know if there's a limit to the times you can post in this thread or within a certain timeframe. Per the rules, you can't post all in a row, someone has to go in between. Sorry if I'm messing with the count!
  6. 78 (-) Question: Is there a rule that you can't post X many times in a row? Asking so I don't mess up the count.
  7. Oh yah! I can see that underneath now. Thanks for pointing that out.
  8. You should totally check out the updates for HabTech2 (you probably already know about it) which I think could really add to your overall cool aesthetic. Your mix of styles makes it look really industrialized which you could really expand. There's some great parts in there and the mod maker has done a ton of work re-texturing his replica ISS parts. (Sorry! Don't mean to advertise in another thread! I'm not affiliated with the other mod, just a big fan!)
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    What did you do in KSP today?

    I've been steadily progressing through my latest Career game (1.6.1 heavily modded) and applying lessons learned from my previous 1.6 game (too many mod instabilities) to make missions and overall "space operations" more efficient. MCP Program - Mission Goals and Objectives My goal was to design a new Multi-Crew Pod (MCP) for LKO operations using recently-unlocked technologies such as improved command pods, solar panels, communications, and fuel tanks. Since the focus of the KSC right now is on LKO operations and increasing funds from Space Tourism, the primary mission of the new class would be supporting the KSS Alpha station and completing other multi-purpose tasks in LKO. This class is based on the previous X.1 crew orbital vehicles, but incorporates new foldable solar panels, improved comms dishes, docking port technology, and recently acquired fuel tanks . Greater orbital range and increased functionality allow it to fully support orbital operations. A few more image of the Multi-Crew Pod: Next Steps - Pushing the Boundaries? After a successful trial run for the MCP it was time to put it to work. Wth an eye towards science, I decided to push the mission parameters for the MCP program and outfit it for a long-range science mission to Minmus, which also coincided with a hefty Minmus Flyby tourist contract. The Science Package contains a significant amount of hardware and can be semi-autonomous for docking. It includes fore and aft docking ports, a small probe core, a tiny amount of RCS fuel, multiple thrusters, and small solar panels to maintain charge. At completion of the Minmus mission, it can remain in orbit docked with KSS Alpha for future orbital science needs. KSC netted an impressive 1095 science and about 400,000 funds from the successful mission. Not bad for a 23-day flyby! Here's more screenshots from the KSC-012 Minmus Science Tourist Flyby mission:
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    [1.4.X] KS3P

    Thank you! I saw that one, but wasn't sure if that was the best to use, etc. I'll give that one a try!
  11. scottadges

    [1.4.X] KS3P

    Is it me, or are we not able to pull up the in-game GUI to edit the look of the scenes? I'm running the version from CKAN (v5.0) on KSP 1.6.1. I'm also using the DX11 (-force-d3dll). And can someone confirm, if I edit the CFG file directly, does this do anything in the latest version?