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  1. Crazy Ships!

    Mario Kerman:Here we go!
  2. [1.3.1] SM Marine, 1.3.1v BETA BDA Damage Overhaul version

    So do I , The new J-class body is cool and well-done. I remodeled it for the IJN Fubuki. Called her the KSS Blizzard.
  3. The new Su-57 cockpit is nice, I instantly make one and it flies very well....
  4. [1.3.1] Next Star Industries: BDArmory Weapons Extension v2.0.0

    This weapon pack is good.... The models are good, the blast effects are excellent... But the only downside is the explosion's knockback kick was waaaaaaaayyyyyy too big, The target's debris will shattered and fly over 10 times sonic-speed away from blast center, Even NKD's nuclear weapon were not such powerful....(Even the 2000lb bombs was so, This is more like Antimatter warhead rather then nuclear)
  5. The King George V class are here! These ships has lots of main batteries (All the batteries are "356 mm / 14 inch", She has two quadruple mount and a twin mount) King George V close-up There's an another alternate variant : Main guns are replaced by three "381 mm / 16 inch" Triple mount, (As known as Monarch class)
  6. The Kuma class are completed today.....these are the light cruisers for the Imperial Japanese Navy, some of they are modified with lots of torpedo tubes for torpedo barrage tactics... From bottom to top: Kuma, Tama, Kitakami, Oi, Kiso.
  7. [20/11/2014][0.25] FTmN Atomic Rockets

    It's seems this mod was discontinued. Use Kerbal Atomics instead...
  8. And even more...... I also make a "Space Version.", Compatibility with militancy and colonization ability.....
  9. And here's mine, It has obviously more details on it..... (Included the secondary gun clusters, two seaplane catapults, and a working smoke funnel)
  10. All abord the disco ship!!!
  11. I'm using LLL (Lack's Luster Labs) , this is an old mod, but still works in 1.3.1... Luster Labs Continued
  12. Both Myoko class and Takao class are finished today, Since these are proper heavy cruisers for the Imperial Japanese Navy, You can see the different between two ships.... (Up: Takao class ; Down: Myoko class) Myoko class close-up Takao class close-up
  13. Make sure your BD Armory mod is up to date, This is often happened when your BD Armory's version was too old...
  14. For the A6M Zero, Airplane plus mod already have Zero's cockpit and engine, Now we only need it's wings and weapons....