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  1. I like the flare bomb for illuminating in night, It's quite useful in night battle... But I has some suggestion : 1. Instead of using bombs, Can we launch flares by other ways? (ex: small naval guns or small rockets) 2. At now, Flare bombs was only deployed one flare per bomb, If it possible by using cluster bombs? (It's will be fun by making fireworks show by using cluster flare bombs) 3. Furthermore...(And possable a little bit off-course), If cluster flare bombs are available, You can trying to make parts can be damaged when contact with these flares? (A.k.a making phosphorus bombs)
  2. Violet_Wyvern

    [1.4.X] SM Marine, Version KSP 14 BDA 1.2.X

    Finished the Deutschland class today, This ship was equipped battleship's turrets at cruiser's main hull, make it's unique design....
  3. Thanks for the updated.... With the new guns, My Bismarck class has finally completed...
  4. Violet_Wyvern

    [1.4.X] SM Marine, Version KSP 14 BDA 1.2.X

    The main ship body are using J-class hull from SM Marine, some upper superstructure are using parts from Large Boat Parts , And the arms are from NAS - Naval Artillery System... Besides this, I already make some other ships... Here's some pics: Kuma class light cruisers King George V class battleships Ise class Waterplane-tender battleship Mogami class (Light/Heavy) cruiser Myoko class and Takao class heavy cruisers
  5. Violet_Wyvern

    [1.4.X] SM Marine, Version KSP 14 BDA 1.2.X

    The empire strike back! There's some Japanese destroyers appeared at the horizon..... From top to bottom : Asashio class , Kagero class , Shimakaze class , Akizuki class. Asashio class close up: Kagero class close up: Shimakaze class close up: Akizuki class close up: And don't forgot the old Fubuki class and Akatsuki class Fubuki class : Akatsuki class :
  6. Violet_Wyvern

    [1.4.X] SM Marine, Version KSP 14 BDA 1.2.X

    Finished some American destroyers today, These are very popular destroyers in WW2..... From top to bottom : Benson class , Fletcher class , Allen M. Sumner class , Gearing class. Benson class close up: Fletcher class close up: Allen M. Sumner class close up: Gearing class close up:
  7. Violet_Wyvern

    [1.4.X] SM Marine, Version KSP 14 BDA 1.2.X

    The Akatsuki class destroyer are completed today, These are successors of the previous Fubuki class.... From bottom to top : Akatsuki , Hibiki (Verniy variant) , Ikazuchi , Inazuma
  8. Violet_Wyvern

    Crazy Ships!

    Mario Kerman:Here we go!
  9. Violet_Wyvern

    [1.4.X] SM Marine, Version KSP 14 BDA 1.2.X

    So do I , The new J-class body is cool and well-done. I remodeled it for the IJN Fubuki. Called her the KSS Blizzard.
  10. The new Su-57 cockpit is nice, I instantly make one and it flies very well....
  11. This weapon pack is good.... The models are good, the blast effects are excellent... But the only downside is the explosion's knockback kick was waaaaaaaayyyyyy too big, The target's debris will shattered and fly over 10 times sonic-speed away from blast center, Even NKD's nuclear weapon were not such powerful....(Even the 2000lb bombs was so, This is more like Antimatter warhead rather then nuclear)
  12. The King George V class are here! These ships has lots of main batteries (All the batteries are "356 mm / 14 inch", She has two quadruple mount and a twin mount) King George V close-up There's an another alternate variant : Main guns are replaced by three "381 mm / 16 inch" Triple mount, (As known as Monarch class)
  13. The Kuma class are completed today.....these are the light cruisers for the Imperial Japanese Navy, some of they are modified with lots of torpedo tubes for torpedo barrage tactics... From bottom to top: Kuma, Tama, Kitakami, Oi, Kiso.
  14. Violet_Wyvern

    [20/11/2014][0.25] FTmN Atomic Rockets

    It's seems this mod was discontinued. Use Kerbal Atomics instead...