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  1. I'm using LLL (Lack's Luster Labs) , this is an old mod, but still works in 1.3.1... Luster Labs Continued
  2. Both Myoko class and Takao class are finished today, Since these are proper heavy cruisers for the Imperial Japanese Navy, You can see the different between two ships.... (Up: Takao class ; Down: Myoko class) Myoko class close-up Takao class close-up
  3. Make sure your BD Armory mod is up to date, This is often happened when your BD Armory's version was too old...
  4. For the A6M Zero, Airplane plus mod already have Zero's cockpit and engine, Now we only need it's wings and weapons....
  5. F-22 cockpit already in BD-mk22 mod addon, And F-35 are in the QuizTech Aero Continued mod.....
  6. For me, this problem is OK, not a big deal.... Even with less torpedo, the Shimakaze class is still good-looking, beautiful and deadly...... And here's my Akizuki class :
  7. And here's my Japanese-ish cruiser. Base on the Mogami class.... And she comes with two variants:
  8. [1.3.1] Heisenberg - Airships Part Pack

    My new project, Using the fuselage from Firma mod to make the bow have some spacial bevel shape, Make the ship a little "Warhammer-lish"
  9. The Mun (Pocket Edition)

    The only thing missing is a pocket version sun, Hope you add the pocket sun in the future releases....
  10. Oh.....Sorry! Didn't know you're still going....... And thanks for the reply. By the way.... This new turret looks like 130mm/50 B-13 (Main gun from Gnevny-class Destroyer)
  11. Out of ideas for regarding new weapons? Let's me gives you some.... For Imperial Japanese Navy: For Kriegsmarine : For Royal Navy : For US Navy : For Soviet Navy : Note: All Images taken in-game from World of Warships, made by Wargaming.
  12. Post your Rover MEGATHREAD

    Here's my new project : This....err.......yes......I made "That tour bus" in the game, it has all basic rover ability to use. And the rear passenger cab is actually a mobile science lab, can carrying four Kerbals.... And... I use this rover on my Mun landing mission, and I feel awesome..... Wow ! You must be a friends that driving rover !
  13. Thanks for the update, My Iowa class has finally completed...
  14. [1.3] - Launch Pad Lamp

    A little suggestion for you, make the spotlight able to control by mouse (like a BDArmory turret but for a spotlight), It's will be very convenient to use as a searchlight...