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  1. Regarding asteroids as parts- KSP1 asteroids had variation based on size, but not much else. In the real world asteroids have a pretty great variety in terms of their composition. Will KSP2 asteroids vary based on composition? For example, will there be KSP2 equivalents of C, M, and S type asteroids?
  2. I kinda hope they delay it just a *little* bit more (12 days) so that it will release on April 12, 2023 (Yuri's Night, an the anniversary of STS-1). It is kinda sad that the game has been delayed a little bit more, but 3 months really is not too bad.
  3. A rogue planet might be fun as an easter egg. If you really wanted to make it worth visiting, the devs could place a resource there, but I don't think they should do that. I think it would be cool to make it extremely difficult to find and access, but have an easter egg or some cool surface feature.
  4. In KSP 1, space suits remain more or less constant throughout the game. Sure, there are a few interchangeable variants, but these don't actually change anything mechanically. Other than a couple upgrades within the first 3 hours of gameplay, you'll be using the same EVA suits to land on the Mun, Eve, and Eeloo. In the real world, this is very unrealistic. Space suit technologies evolve and change just like any other part of a rocket, and are suited (hehe) for the environments that they're used in. One example: An EVA suit you use to spacewalk in orbit does not have treads on the boots because it will never walk on a celestial body. It is also quite heavy because it is used in a weightless environment. A suit like this might be designed for a pressure differential of 0.4 atmospheres, and to work in a typical temperature range you'd find in low earth/kerbin orbit. Contrast this with a suit a kerbal might walk on Eve with. This suit would have a different range of temperatures, and far greater pressure differential in a different direction, and would have to weigh far less. A typical EVA suit on earth is far heavier than a person can carry in 1G (300 lbs/ 1300 N), imagine trying to wear that on Eve. You might as well wear a business suit for all the good it would do you. All this is to say that in KSP2, suits should be a line of technology that receives upgrades just like any other. It doesn't make sense to be using the same suits you use to walk on the Mun for the first time and when you first step foot on an extrasolar body. Varied suits would also provide interesting gameplay mechanic considerations. For instance: if you don't plan of EVA'ing, then you don't need to bring suits along. You could just bring flight suits, but then you can't EVA in an emergency. Alternatively, if you want to EVA, but not land, you could bring EMUs without the gear for walking around. You could even bring multiple different types of suit for complex missions, or bring fewer suits than you have crew, if only one crew member needs to EVA at a time. I think that the KSP 2 devs should flesh out the way space suits work in order to create far more interesting gameplay dynamics and choices. It would add a layer of depth not present in KSP 1.
  5. This is GREAT. I'd love to see this implemented. I like the idea of conditional cutscenes, they could also build in some randomness and make them an optional feature for players who don't like them.
  6. I think the lore should be implemented in the form of easter eggs and subtle clues that the players can deduce on their own, sort of like Minecraft, which is another sandbox game that doesn't force you into its own story. I also think your idea about the AI kerbals around colonies is cool, I think it would help a lot of peoples' immersion if Kerbals actually could do some minor stuff on their own, rather than just sitting in chairs for 2 years during transfer windows.
  7. I think that the game should add construction time as a feature so that technology you send on interplanetary missions doesn't become obsolete a week after you launch it. This also makes sense within the context of colonies, as having colonies that can produce ships nearly instantly would break a lot of players' immersion. Moreover, upgrades to offworld VABs could include perks like faster construction time. I agree with the point that people have made that missions shouldn't be grindy and repetitive. The way career works currently in KSP 1 is that you send like 10 missions to the Mun in a row, back to back, to get science from every biome, and spend 40-50 hours grinding in the Kerbin system over the course of a couple weeks in game in order to launch one mission to Duna that takes 10% of the time you spent visiting the Mun. KSP 2 should increase the in-game time it takes to reach a high technology level, but make it so that at most, you're not spending more than 10-15 hours in the Kerbin system before launching interplanetary missions. One of the main reasons career in KSP 1 sucks so much is that I spend the majority of your time grinding boring missions on Mun and Minmus, and most of the time, I burn out shortly after my first interplanetary missions. I've never been beyond Duna in career because it takes so long to get to that point that I've already moved on. I've visited every body in the game, but only in sandbox, because career is just mind-numbingly repetitive. KSP 2 should fix this issue, so that players can have a sense of the work it takes to get a space program beyond its home planet without forcing them to put in 50 hours grinding just to reach their 4th celestial body in a game that might include dozens of planets and moons.
  8. I like the Water Shaders! I hope the waves in KSP2 will have physics, and make your vehicles bob, sort of like the waves in Sea of Thieves. The new planet looks beautiful.
  9. They should integrate it as a real location and put an easter egg there or something imo.
  10. Right now, I have every reason to be optimistic. The original game will still be here, but we'll get so much more content. Kerbal was built 10 years ago, and given how much tech has changed since then, getting to see what a passionate development studio can build with today's technology will be incredible. At the end of the day, the original game is amazing, but aging, and I can't wait to see a familiar game in a fresh and new light with better graphics and code.
  11. I don't think we've heard this track before! (unless I'm wrong someone please correct me). It sounds like the space ambiance from KSP1.
  12. I was hoping we'd get a new planet as our goodbye present, but I am excited that more resources will go towards KSP2. Hopefully the on-boarding goes quickly, and the development can go ahead faster!
  13. If you don't have enough RAM literally download more???? smh my head.
  14. I don't think anyone's mentioned the music. I'm excited to hear more of the new KSP2 score!
  15. Maybe that will be our 10th anniversary gift? This is probably just speculation lol but they said that they're "Leading up to something special".
  16. Has anyone else experienced problems with transferring fuel between tanks. I have a ship docked to a station and it won't let me transfer fuel between tanks with two docking ports between them, Has anyone else encountered this issue?
  17. Hi I downloaded this mod recently, and I freaking love it. However, I noticed the Falcon legs are a little glitchy. Is there something I'm doing wrong or are they just that way normally. Thanks!
  18. I'm still cautiously optimistic about the game. The fact that about a week before this drama, the massive PCgamer article came out with promising features and the fact that the game is being developed by mostly the same people suggests to me that we'll still have a great game. What Take2 did was disgusting and unfair, we've had updates since the December switchover that have been incredibly promising. I may be playing devil's advocate here, but I think Private Division has to be aware of their audience. 80% of the people who came here suggested they'd boycott if it was bad. I doubt take2 will take that risk. And if they do, I won't buy it, but this decision happened months ago. I think we'll be mostly ok, fingers crossed.
  19. In my opinion, one of the biggest shortcomings of KSP one was that there were no IVA activities, and the science was just pressing a button and running a series of trite experiments repeatedly, that didn't make sense, and had very little basis in reality. What would be interesting would be a series of hundreds of randomly generated science experiments that could be assigned on missions and use supplies to do things that are more realistic, like experiments on animals or with plants, or physical tests of components in appropriate situations, not like the "tEsT lAnDiNg gEaR oN aN eScApE tRaJeCtOrY oF mInMuS", which makes no sense given the context. Considering the fact that the devs have an opportunity to not only overhaul game mechanics, but the actual core loop of play, more interesting science could alleviate the boredom caused by landing on a planet and not having anything to do there. The game could have another layer of depth that goes beyond just landing and managing fuel, but could be partially automated by well-designed UI and planners, that would also pair well with Kerbalism-style life-support or a KAC tool. This could compliment a realistic IVA system, so that one could actually use the ship interiors. This was just an idea I thought of a couple of hours ago, I'm curious to know your thoughts.
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