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  1. Some info here maybe: https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/issues/1096#issue-997948637 unless you mean in flight?
  2. Hello, I've run into something on a new install that I haven't seen before. In the first screenshot, there are 10 snacks which show as 3 days. In the 2nd screenshot, there are 15 snacks, and now it's a year. The snacks/days progresses like this: 5=1d, 10=3d, 15=1y1d, 20=1y2d,25=2y36h ... 50=4y72h I've included a log file below, but this is running on GEP Primary, scaled 2.5x. Here's my log file: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tcbYyhCIizhvwCWfi2jzt-r4q14vZM22?usp=sharing Thanks for any help!
  3. I was kinda aiming for a launch that did include a launch stand, but didn't include anything that MAS would get involved with, just to see if that helped.
  4. So, you have megabytes worth of NullRefs from MAS components. What happens if you launch just a probe core on a launch stand? edit: now that I think about it, MAS probably inserts itself there, too.
  5. Hope this helps a little. It's not perfect but it's close... I got this position on the pad: Using this position in the VAB:
  6. What is it you're trying to do? KSRSS comes with everything you need for both Eve and scatterer. You don't need to move anything or put anything anywhere, it's already inside the (correctly installed) KSRSS folder, and you just need to install Eve and scatterer.
  7. Actually, I think there is a problem currently. This began when the white paint scheme was introduced on the Centaur. I notice the patch says specific things about the orange subtype but nothing about the white. Removing the patch fixes the startup error. Any ideas?
  8. in my experience, the back wheels likely don't need to be motorized, or steerable for that matter. You can always re-enable the back wheels motor for slopes/etc.
  9. I've been testing this design for delivering the shelter (with a couple changes here and there) and it's smooth like buttah. The 3 ignitions on the tug mean you get 1 MCC if needed, and one capture burn. And then there are two nice options for the final ignition. a) separate the lander and use its engine to deorbit and land, then use the tug later for seismic experiments. or b) if you don't need the tug then use it for the deorbit burn, then separate the lander on the way down.
  10. Something's not adding up for me, because the 2nd crew's SLA contained the Shelter. Plus the lab was intended for polar orbit, no?
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