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  1. I am using the latest Kronometer but on unsupported everything, so I have low expectations. This is KSRSS (dev branch) @ 2.5 scale and just wondering if there's something simple I might have misconfigured?
  2. Happy to report no more flickering. Thank you for this fix!
  3. So I've tried PRE and can say this 100% fixes the HullCam flashing problem that I see on my system. Here's what I did: addded PRE to a 1.11.2 install (noted that PRE is marked as only 1.10.1 compatible) added the aerocam to the booster of the stock Arianne craft in sandbox mode, launched PRE is enabled by default, so the launch cam was solid. I reverted a few times and tested that with PRE disabled, the flashing was present, and enabling PRE in the moment causes a pause, but then the image is rock solid with no flashing. @linuxgurugamerHopefully this pans out to be helpful
  4. I'm super interested in checking out any changes you make the elevators, as I tend to have issues with them. The redstone elevator almost always leaves without the kerbal, and the kerbal drops to the ground. Maybe a slower speed will help with that.
  5. OK thank you for the info. Tonight I'll download PRE and confirm that it does indeed fix the hullcam issue, and if it does, I'll let LGG know as another data point. Thanks!
  6. I've posted in that thread asking if the mod author has any thoughts on their fix for that problem. Maybe it's something that will give LGG a clue for HullCam, too. I'll post back here and tag LGG if anything interesting comes of it.
  7. Saludos! I have a slightly unusual question for you. Another mod called HullCamVDS has a problem on my system, and other people have it too. It's a problem where the screen appears to flash when the cams are active while the sun is out and the altitude of the camera is something less than 2k. Anyway, another user reported in that thread that your mod has a camera fix option that also fixes the HullCam flashing problem. This seemed like an odd connection, so I came to investigate. I noticed your method UpdateNearClipPlane() mentions a flickering fix. When you have a free moment, would you
  8. Bummer, thought that might be a slam dunk. The only ones in your list that I didn't either recognize or use myself are : diazo, ftmn*
  9. I've seen lots of people blame that on Planetshine. I've never had it, but never used that mod - so ymmv
  10. ah, first I've heard of this, but yep confirmed - they do work after a bit. The D mount is the one that doesn't show anything for me. The III version works fine.
  11. I have two minor plume issues, can anyone confirm? The Inon engine mount shows no RCS plumes, and the Leo "Gus" thrusters show a translate forward RCS plume, but not an engine plume with the throttle. I'm on 1.11.2, BDB-github. Waterfall RCS plumes seem to be working fine on other parts.
  12. Hello! Picked this up to see what the differences might be, even though I don't do any plane stuff. But ya know, anyone working on mods I use is a good thing. I was wondering if you'd consider a change. In UpdateDogfightCamera() in CamTools.cs, there's a * 10 factor being forced into the keyboard Zoom speed, whereas that's not done for the keyboard Move speed. And indeed, this makes Zoom pretty unusable for me. Try putting the camera near a parked vessel and then use keyboard Zoom. Even at 1 it's just way too fast for close shots. I get that the * 10 can help with fast ramp zooms, but it
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