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  1. the peanut gallery chimes in ... google drive is free with a free gmail account and provides a very convenient place to put files for other people.
  2. Trying out parallax on 1.9.1 and wondering if this gap between ground visuals and collider is expected? edit: sorry - forgot to add that it looks gorgeous!
  3. that's nuts, why would that trigger the decoupler? idk! do you want to try my craft file and see if it does the same thing? I uploaded it here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pO2180I5oVSPrtRtJ0-LDIYi0_ZtKWFh/view?usp=sharing
  4. This is working fine for me. Here's what I had to do. In the VAB, make sure you disable the decoupler on the nosecone. You're only using the real decoupler to separate. Then on the launchpad, right click on the Etoh guidance unit and select Control From Here. Next, right click on the nosecone and click Rotate Clockwise - this is how you initiate rotation, or via an action group, but not via staging. Hope that helps.
  5. One of my favorite things about KSP is when it leads you out of the game and off on an investigation and you learn something new about actual spaceflight. BDB has been the catalyst for innumerable investigations like that (which I could surely do on my own, but having a reason is way more fun). I've resisted MechJeb as a long-time KER user, mainly because every video I see it in just makes me want to hurl. The UI is everywhere and ugly and illegible and blahhhh ... but yeah, it's in my future, I'm sure. It's certainly way more realistic to set up something automated than to tap the D key
  6. this is exactly the kind of rabbit hole i was hoping for by adding this mod. Just the other day I built a Titan II and when I set up the staging of the 2nd stage and put the decoupler before the engine I knew in my heart it was wrong and I apologize to all of you. it pains me to ask these esoteric detailed questions, but I'm trying to improve my video creation and details matter. Thanks duh to me for not trying 0. This is correct and does indeed work. Thanks!
  7. Thanks to Cobalt and Zorg for the help getting EngineIgnitor up and running. Adding this into the mix adds a really nice level of difficulty. So far I've had good success with Agena and the ullage motors, and Delta-K which can restart using RCS. I'm on the struggle bus with Vanguard and Able, though. For Vanguard, even 4 RSMs turned around isn't enough to get a stable reading. I eventually tried 2 stock sepratrons just to make sure it would work at all (it did). And for Able, I'm utterly clueless without forward RCS or ullage motors. So I'm guessing there's something basic that I haven't
  8. Yikes ... superfail on EngineIgnitor. Just grabbed the github, dropped in the folder to my working/stable 1.10.1, and B9 blows up. I can't even take a screenshot of it since it's on the startup screen, but lots of 'engineSwitch' problems ... agena.engine.xlr81 subtype 8048 can't find matching module. Same type of error on lots of engines. No errors after removing EngineIgnitor folder. I do (ofc) have clickthroughblocker/toolbarcontrol I forgot to mention that it's me, and I am cursed when it comes to KSP mods.
  9. I appreciate your patience as I attempt to explain this better. What you've said makes perfect sense, but I think I wasn't clear enough. Removing the 'mast' node from the lander version (which doesn't exist in the orbiter version anyway) completely fixes what I showed in the above video. By that what I mean is that in the VAB, both top nodes still appear, the solar panel will attach to the correct node, the struts appear, and saving and loading the craft results in the solar panel still being exactly where it should be. I.e. the opposite of what I showed in the above video. I could make
  10. How much pain should I expect if I wanted to try this mod, too? The thread is oldish and ends abruptly. How is the coverage for BDB engines? This is the only parts pack I'd want it for. I kinda already try to keep ignitions (and throttling) in mind for historic rockets, but I don't know which can do what so it'd be pretty cool to have this info in the VAB and have it enforced during flight.
  11. When I fly KH-1, first stage cutoff is @ 64km, 2333m/s, Ap is 149k, 2m 47sec to Ap. Could FAR really be doing that much? Edit: JNSQ
  12. oooh look, this thread was quite old someone on reddit mentioned this mod today, so i came and grabbed a copy and it's pretty fantastic! my right-click finger is going to be very happy with less right clicking. at this point in KSP history, i'm on KSP 1.10.1, the latest release of this mod is, and it's working fine for me. Thanks for publishing this!
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