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  1. Hi - I had a few minutes today so I gave this a go. Unfortunately I didn't have great success. I guess to sum up my issues: the KSC isn't working, seemingly because it's not in the right place or something. You can see in the screenshot below that the KSC isn't even on the planet. (I'm set to homeswitch to Life, errr Efil) The video below shows the KSC slightly attached to the planet, but moving ... and that's not a typo. My log file and my cfg for this mod are in this folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1HwefF9kUnvd27ACU8ZTQ8M7ecISzFJ7k?usp=sharing A quick excerpt of a (probably) unrelated error: A picture of ground assets disconnected from the planet: And here is a video showing several different issues. Not sure where to start. I also tried to use 2.5 rescale by installing SigmaDimensions and setting the cfg value, but then the KSC is underground (or somewhere) so I've gone back to just trying to get stock scale home switch to work. Have tried both home planets, btw. Any ideas or other info you might need? Thanks! (p.s. I remember all these same issues from when I tried this pack back in both Alpha 1.05 and Beta 1.2) edit: I'm on your discord, same username, in case that's easier.
  2. Have narrowed this down to the depth buffer vs projector mode in scatterer. On my system, I cannot use Depth Buffer mode, as it destroys the AA in the flight scene. You can see this here if you view the full size version, and look in the background. In comparison, with Projector Mode and AA set via TUFX profile to SMAA: Thanks for looking into it! @Hybr1d
  3. Was still trying to narrow down this glitch, but just noticed that someone on Reddit reported the same(ish) thing, so I'm slightly more confident to report: This "stack" of rects is attached directly to the plume. Wiggling the gimble makes the entire stack swing with it, rooted down at the engine. The Reddit user's rectangles are missing-texture-pink, but mine are sort of reflective/glassy. This is JNSQ where I wasn't sure if it was happening or not, until I just got this. Normally I'm in KSRSS and it happens consistently there. For sure the F1 does this, the E1 does too I think ... but I don't think I've ever seen it with the RS-68. Last weird detail: on both KSRSS and JNSQ it appears around 50k, and on KSRSS it disappears on its own around 65k. As you can see, on JNSQ it hung around until I shut down the F1. I'm synch'd with Github, and am using Waterfall (BDB Github has Scatterer 0.7x, latest Eve. Reddit user's post:
  4. The 3 stage adapters do not show up in the ACK category in the VAB, though they do appear with the tag 'orion' - in case this is an oversight. (in-sync w/github)
  5. Downloaded this yesterday to try it out, and thought I'd share my experiences, in case it helps anyone else. My install has KSP 1.12.3, JNSQ, and I'm using Tundra's Falcon. The biggest problem I had is that neither the L or R parts have a TechRequired tag, and therefore they don't show up in the VAB or the tech tree. The only way to get the parts instantiated is to load the craft file or do what I did, and fix the cfgs. The craft file is made at the "real" scale, which isn't for Tundra/JNSQ. This means that if you use the resize cfg then the craft loads wonky - with the parts spaced out for large scale, but sized down to smaller scale. I did go back and remove the resize cfg just to see the example craft file load correctly, and figure out how they're supposed to stack. I believe this is at least partially correct, albeit incomplete: I started with the R part, and added a L, then R, etc - with the necessary part rotations to get them into this orientation. Probably supposed to use 4 support polls, and I have only 2 here, and just a few sats for testing. I don't really have a use for them, I just have a part mod obsession and needed to see what they're like! I've shared a subassembly from the mount upwards, exactly as pictured above, here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1K2ZF2_fukaBA0A2gD5MsOXdctj5mw-QN?usp=sharing The author hasn't been on the forums since June, but maybe someday they will see this Thank You for making these parts!
  6. Hmm, just guessing here but did you completely delete the previous version you had before copying the new one, or did you just copy the new one over top of the old one? You'll want to completely delete the old version before copying the new version in since folder structures are significant to KSP, and they may change between versions, and you do not want to leave old files inside a mod folder. Hope that's it!
  7. Just FYI - to other mods, an empty folder can be the same thing as the mod being installed - folder presence and their names are significant info during KSP startup, whether the folders are empty or not. Best policy for modded installs that don't want continued headaches: be insanely protective over the contents of the GameData folder, and have a reason and justification for every folder in there, no extra files or folders - just MM and active mod folders.
  8. Wait, is getting banned from seeing this rocket an option? Can I sign up too?? Sorry, you walked right into that one
  9. I believe this is how Bumblebee is set up as well. I'll play with it and get you some feedback. It's just one of those switches that can useful for landing sometimes, and I think some landing autopilots really need "down" to be under the vessel while the vessel is parallel to the ground. Very minor feature that could easily be omitted, but if it's solid/simple it might be good for some players. In any event, doing really irresponsible things with this craft is really fun
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