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  1. This does not work for me in either of these two combinations: KSP 1.11.2/HC, or in KSP 1.12.2/HC You sure this functionality isn't provided by another mod?
  2. Could I have something installed incorrectly? All the experiments except one are UV observations. I am up to date with Github except that I do not have the OldParts folder installed.
  3. Speaking of probes n stuff: do you happen to have a roadmap specifically for the pioneer 10 collection? just don't want to ask about stuff that's already on the to-do list.
  4. Wondering what other users of this mod would think of this suggestion: when I'm using proper ullage and my "chance of ignition" is 1, I find it distracting to have this 9-digit random number displayed on the screen for every engine. Igniting stage 2 of the Saturn V gives me this report for each of the 5 J2's. It's not useful to know what my chances of ignition would have been if I hadn't built the rocket correctly. Personally I would prefer no on-screen message at all when the chance of ignition is 1. Thoughts?
  5. I apologize for not being able, at the moment, to give you a report with more info. But on 1.12.2, Waterfall 0.6.7, things are just really unhappy with this mod. The flood of nullrefs is unending. Again, sorry I don't have the log for you, and if you absolutely cannot reproduce this then I'll reinstall and get a log file for you. I just put the sample craft on the launch pad, and took off. 10mb log file within seconds, no plumes on main engines.
  6. I still had two pairs on this launch. Normally I would underfuel the first two stages to force the SIVB J2 to be needed for circularizing.
  7. This was my experience on 1.12.2 as well. A quick flight yielded me a 100MB log file so I uninstalled it. However, it did fly well and the fuel rebalancing that has been done since I last tried it seemed to be just right for KSRSS at 2.5x scale, so great job there!
  8. The connection ports (geometry only) on the base of the S-IC engine mount have swapped sides now, such that the dual ports side is now facing south, and the single ported side faces north, which is opposite from the MLP attach nodes for the tail service masts. Mentioning in case this was unintended, as it's a change from previous builds.
  9. Has there been an "author-intended" layout shown or built for the two historical sim bay formats with the new experiments?
  10. I just loaded this today into a working JNSQ install, where I pulled out the JNSQ-specific stuff and dropped this in as the only planet pack. I do not see the dark artifacts shown above.
  11. Single ignition on the LR91, but in KSP the SRM has 590m/s. The docs say that after the SRM fired there were two Earth flybys. https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/missions/clementine/in-depth/ edit: more mission and orbit details here: https://directory.eoportal.org/web/eoportal/satellite-missions/c-missions/clementine
  12. Earth orbit first. There's a flight plan here: https://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/clementine.html "Clementine launched on a Titan-2(23)G [Star-37FM] expendable launch vehicle from Vandenberg Air Force Base into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) in January 1994 togethe with the instrumented Interstage adaptor (ISA)." from https://space.skyrocket.de/doc_sdat/clementine-1.htm If you do want to do direct ascent (like Surveyor) it's quite doable, especially in JNSQ where there's no inclination issues. You might just need a couple hints since there's a little timing involved. Happy to help if you want to message me outside the thread.
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