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  1. I don't know if there's a simple answer to this. If the thread was updated to say [1.8+] before 1.12 came out, then there's obviously no way the author could have predicted how it'll behave on 1.12. On the other hand, this thread was started after 1.12 came out, so I would assume it's compatible with "every version available today" (and it does indeed seem fine under 1.12 for me) What I do is look near the end of the thread for recent messages that might say if someone has tried it or not. But in the end, if there's not a clear indication for the version you want, the best bet is always to just try it yourself on the version you have. For part mods (since they can break games) I always start a new sandbox game and try the parts before I open any saves that I care about. If the parts don't work you can just delete the mod and not affect any saved games.
  2. If you are running KSP 1.11.2, you want the 1.12 version of Kopernicus. As of this moment, it's still at release 55: https://github.com/kopernicus/kopernicus/releases Also, I can only speak for myself, but I'm using the dev branch of KSRSS from gitlab on 1.11.2, not the older version.
  3. Oh wow, I completely forgot that was a side effect of the parts layout. Well, I'm leaving it as-is ... the tradeoff is totally worth it. I have all the parts' locations memorized anyway
  4. On my machine, KSP's built-in search feature cannot find words in MLP part titles like it can for all other parts. "Crane" does not reveal the crane. I'm not searching for tags, just text in the part titles. Is this fixable?
  5. I have been on the high res setting of the dev version for many moons! Those are my issues with that setup
  6. yeah I can't quite go THIS far, but it definitely works These are the only nits I really notice:
  7. FOR SCIENCE I humbly submit success with PVG in JNSQ. UI visible, with all the numbers hanging out. GLV, most recent MechJeb, KSP 1.11.2, latest BDB.
  8. All JNSQ. I'm doing a bunch of moon stuff right now and had 3 launches lined up at the KSC at the same time ... it was glorious, and expensive. I'll try more of the off-equator sites this weekend but so far everything is great! I was very fortunate recently to get some great info from blackrack on the scatterer thread about AA settings, and your KSC was featured heavily
  9. OK just didn't want to assume! I'm not using 1.12 full time yet, but I have a nice stable visual-mods-only 1.12 install that I dropped your build into for testing. Will be watching your github closer...
  10. Just wanna make sure I'm doing this right. By "instead" you mean literally do not install Firespitter, and install B9PartSwitch instead? This gives me mucho errors with your github downloaded just now, and B9's latest release download just now. edit: ignoring the errors, the parts seem fine so far. The Meridiani buss can switch textures via the PAW no problems so far. Mk2 seems norminal to me?
  11. Just to follow up, here's where I'm at with le settings du jour ... There's two supersize=2 images here. First one is projector mode, KSP set to 8x. Second one is using Highest Very High preset. Both have tufx with/zorg's vintage preset. I've been so focused on details that I'm not sure I'm seeing everything and comparing everything I should, so I'm happy to experiment more ... but so far projector mode is doing it for me.
  12. First - thank you for answering, and for scatterer in general! Maybe there's a nit here ... if you use Highest, the KSP settings still says 8x. So when you go to projector mode, KSP shows 8x, but it's actually off. So I had to go to 4, then back to 8, then save. So projector mode totally solves the previously pictured AA issue for me. I have KSP capped at 60fps, and I have 60fps on the pad with this setting. I don't know what scattering the scattered scatters does or what else I'm giving up, but this allows me to film on the ground, and if I am missing anything I'll turn it back on for other shots. This is a fine workaround/workflow for me. I do have an additional observation after lots of testing:
  13. Well, this probably ruins my credibility, but on my system there is no visual difference between projector mode and depth buffer mode. I am doing my best to make sure that I'm testing very carefully, and I've gotten rid of tufx for the time being just to make sure nothing else is touching Unity's AA settings. But if I select projector mode, and close the UI, and click on the launch pad and pick the ship from the video - the background towers look terrible, and if I revert, and go back to the space center, turn on Use depth buffer, with SMAA set to 2, and repeat the above steps - the background towers look exactly as terrible as before. Just like the video and still picture I posted earlier. I suppose it's possible that depth buffer version is "worse" ... but honestly, just changing the camera angle completely changes the background items so it's impossible to say which is worse. Neither is good right now.
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