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  1. Over the last two days I’ve finally gotten around to finishing this beauty: Lockheed U-2 Dragon Lady. Getting the part colors to match was very difficult, but worth it in the end. I’ve been wanting to finish her for months.
  2. I was not disappointed with these Starlifter parts …. Absolutely amazing
  3. Built an SDLV, developed, built and tested an X-15 (first time I’ve gone through several iterations in one sitting), added folding wing tips to my Valkyrie and strapped the X-15 on its back
  4. Hi, absolutely love this mod... good to see the newest parts added. The F-16 parts and S1Mk3 parts have quickly become essential in my ksp install, along with the other parts too. I've been putting them to good use: The S1Mk3 Parts have lent themselves to other birds too, especially helpful that they are the only ones that are scaleable: Basically this mod has been one of the most useful tools in my arsenal for replicating these awesome planes. Thank you for the quality work. One question/recommendation tho: two seater F-16 and MiG-29 cockpits would be absolutely fantastic to have. Other then that, keep up the fantastic work!
  5. Is there any way to remove the warning at startup? I’m running lots of mods, old and new, and I don’t see a reason for tweakscale to warn me about compatibility every time I start the game especially since I know patches will never be made...
  6. So in sandbox prior to 1.6, all the probe cores had full SAS functionality when fully upgraded. Now the smaller ones only have retrograde or prograde hold, and the octo just has attitude hold I’ll keep that in mind, but I’m still using 1.5 for modded saves because not everyone has updated their mods I’m sorry, I looked but I might need help finding that setting
  7. I'm noticing some bugs with the parachutes, the mk16 I think they're called. Don't know how to explain, have screenshots tho. Also a little feedback: when detaching a payload, SAS will occasionally shut off, like when im flying the Stratolauncher or Satellite Launcher... this is in stock game w/out mods. In addition to this, I'm a little upset over how the probe modules got nerfed, especially since i mostly play sandbox mode. The Octo barely has any useful functionality.
  8. When are we getting new updates to this ? Currently using 1.5.1 and all the other mods are either up to date or right behind
  9. For anyone visiting this thread looking for a solution to this problem, autostruts has improved, however they were not the cause of the wobbling when docking to space stations. That was because the reaction wheels in the visiting craft end up being so off from the combined center of mass that the overcompensate
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