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  1. Unless you know exactly your ascend trajectory plus and more important the exact time until you reach the desired orbit, I don't think it's possible to make any serious calculations. You maybe want to talk with the developers of MechJeb as MJ does provide the option to make a timed launch into a specific target plane, naturally they know how they do the calculations.
  2. What is interesting and largely mitigating the issue for me, despite only to being to Alt-Rightclicking and hiding a part just after starting KSP, the hidden items remain hidden as they should during the whole game session.
  3. We might be getting to something here... Still, what exactly triggers this? How to reproduce? On the cautious side: are your test results reproducible, @Beetlecat ?
  4. Never mind, I found my error. Only saw the velocity as a result, din't check the individual horizontal and vertical vector components... duh...
  5. Lost me here, AHHans, sorry. Sitting in my chair, nor moving relative to chair (or earth, for the matter), ofc I feel 1g acceleration. Thought experiment: I take a pen in my hand and let it drop. In micro gravity though, same pen would not fall down due to zero g. Then why does KSP show me more often than not 1g when my vessel slows down by just a faction if 1g? I mean, when the chute is fully open and I have a constant velocity of say -6 m/s, of course, the acceleration due to gravity is 1g (dv/dt = 0, no effect from that). But free falling (even taking into account the slight deceleration due to air resistance), it should not show me 1g, should it? EDIT: In other words, you say that the combined effect of deceleration of say 3 m/s are resulting from gravity (which, unchecked, would simply result in a respective acceleration while feeling zero g) plus air resistance, and this combines to that exactly 1g? Possible, yes, just a big chance that both effects combine to exactly 1g. Odd...
  6. I'm wondering, not for the first time, a vessel about to land at Kerbin: It says, the G-force is 1g or say 10 m/s2. Hmm... probe is just slowly falling down to Kerbin, even accounting the breaking by air resistance, if I follow the decrease of speed, it's definitely not some 10m/s2 (maybe 2 or 3 m/s2, but not 10, my all means). Why that display then? Or in broader context: I've seen it a couple of times, when returning to Kerbin, I often get the display of 1g acceleration while in micro-gravity, i.e. zero acceleration. Question: what is it that I don't understand here?
  7. Thank you all who tried to help, appreciated
  8. Tried that, only works for IVA, not the portrait wobble, unfortunately
  9. Hi fellow Kerbonauts, Does anyone know how to reduce/disable the constant wobbling of the crew portraits in flight mode?
  10. Well, I have both mods installed, JC and Trajectories, no problem here.
  11. You can use this mod, among other things you can terminate any vessel, be it in flight mode, map mode, tracking station, or KSC:
  12. Check if the Trajectories "Use cache" setting is enabled, having this not enabled can cause massive lag.
  13. I tried, several times. For me, fact remains that the Skiff, for what it provides, is way, way too heavy (and expensive)
  14. Hey there, @linuxgurugamer, nothing very important at all, but if you don't mind, I'd like to make a couple of suggestions: For this mod, in my opinion, the part weight is way too high, 50kg for a small box of electronics and sensors seems not be reasonable, I changed my local config files to 5kg. I mean, take for example the Altimeter part: my usage here is stage parachutes automatically. Convenience then. That worth 50kg extra weight? My old and beloved K2 command pod, way too expensive imo. Stock Mk1 is 600, Mk2 2800, so I adjusted the costs to 1200, sounds more reasonable to me, what do you think? About the Rover Missions contract pack, balancing: my default rover, even w/o the launch rocket, already costs some 70k. What would be my motivation then to send a rover to any CB if the reward is 25k? Plus: the contract pack suggests I do perform several kerbaled mission (probably because my rover has two external seats) - bringing any Kerbals there already costs way more than I'd gain from that mission. What else? The usual Big Thank You for all those great mods, of course!
  15. @Galileo Loving SVE very much myself - I consider it one of my core mods - would it be ok for you or not if I make the latest version incl. textures available for other fellow Kerbonauts (e.g. via Dropbox)?
  16. Curious, what did cause this? Oh, and btw, I got the same issue #1171 as well, as TonkaCrash reported.
  17. For me, last one I do remember was a 120x120 km LKO, trying to raise the Ap to 2000 km after a fixed time , neither 0s nor any other time worked.