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  1. There are also other anomalys who are not in the list, but have a random location in any game, see spoiler:
  2. I had similiar issues with mythree kerbal lander, one important trick was to reduce drag by replacing the detachers with hard points and using only two shields (one at top, one at bottom): You are free to steal from my craft
  3. Check the permissions in the file properties. The executable must have the permission to be executed.
  4. There are sone tutorials in the wiki and forum e.g.
  5. Well but they also get more members If the members are actually satisfied with their performance. And "trying to swing their fences to justify their existence " is actually the main reason they exist at all: If a union stops doing anything about working conditions why should people even bother to join them? That example with the waste might be ridiculous but in principle the union is right: A company will use any measure to get more profit. One of the most efficient ways is to lay of workers. So it's actually in the best interest of the workers that their tasks are not done by others.
  6. Note: This subject is deeply political by definition, so I'm not sure, whether it's actually allowed by the forum rules in the first place. As a proud union man I will drop my two cents non the less I live in Germany: Athough Germanys unions are a bit tame for my taste (they don't strike very often but prefer to do some kind of lame deal with management) , they still do a quite good job. They are weak in Industries with low membership, but even there they provide a quite good law insurance If you ever need to go to court because of an action of your boss (e.g. fireing you, cheat in your payment etc). The law department of its umbrella organisation even has a quite comprehensive website about Germans working and social law: Depending of the sector they have other goodies (E.G: The union of teacher and kindergarten staff has a key insurance for their members, since losing a key to a school is not only a pain in the ass for everyone involved but also quite expensive (for the girl/guy loosing the key) , others have deals with insurance companys for an accident insurance (including accidents in your leisure time ) etc). And in sectors with big memberships, they actually do excellent work. Two years ago automotive supplier Neue Hallberger Guss had a big fight with their most important customer (VW), where managment of NHG decided to close one of their factorys. Since about 90% of the company was organized in IG Metall, they started to strike. In the end, owners of NHG sold the factory to new owners. Although they still layed staff of: 50% of people losing the job is better than 100% lost jobs. And they mostly layed people of, who are young, had no family etc, so have a better chance to get a new job A east german noodle factory (Teigwaren Riesa ) did a successful strike for getting a higher pay two years ago, too, but they also had 75% of the staff member of the NGG (union of gastronomy and food industry). The same union did a great campain (called Deliverunion ) for organizing the poor guys, who devliver pizzas to people with long Kerbal sessions like me . So yes an union membership is actually a quite good idea, especially If it's not so great at the moment: $24 if they are performing ok or good, is not a big deal for the benifts. I pay 1% of my income at the moment, because of Germans system they can't control it. If I ever would need their law support, they might ask for a confirmation of my income. That's just fair imho, their lawyers and staff need to eat too). If you think they can do better: 24$ is also not a big deal, to get the right to vote and run for a position, to better things. You might want to read Jane McAlevys "No shortcuts". She is a former union organizer, who wrote this as part of her academic education, to reflect what's working for getting better results and what's not. tldnr: I'm a proud union man, always was, always will Edit: Just saw your last replay after posting, sorry for spam. 24$ for medical insurance sounds great. Welcome to the union Kollege Spacescifi (coworker in Germany, we adress fellow unionists with this term e.G. coworker Spacescifi )
  7. Just that I'm not missunderstood: I never worked in the game industry and NOT on KSP or KSP2. But car industry is not so different in this regard. The salary is higher though. I agree with you concerning solidarity with the girls and guys who actually do the work
  8. The developers didn't "take excrements from TT" but their bosses. As a former developer myself ( although in car industry and automotive Software not gaming) I would never ever take a move against my employer as a move against me as a person. It's capitalism and game industry after all, so there is not such thing as a good company. I would look, whether they offer to pay my coworkers and me a higher salary or have other goodies. In the end the company wants maximum profit from my work and I want to have the biggest share possible from it and then decide to accept it or not. It's not an issue where morality leads to anything.
  9. They even had a simulator but management decided that it wouldn't be needed ( same software what can possibly go wrong bla?). After the crash it was used and the explosion was exactly reproduced:
  10. MechJeb because I was a noob who couldn't achieve orbit or rendevouz otherwise. I gan do it myself now but still prefer designing to flying. KER was next
  11. Yes, especially the graphic settings. Some settings of newer version are not covered so you will have to experiment with them, but this guide has some clues: On Steam there is a more recent update even for 1.6. Should still apply to current versions:
  12. The URL is the same as in your previous post. Is this intended or did you want to show off something else? Nice station btw
  13. Actually it's not standard per se. The Kerpollo challenge demands to undock/redock from/to mothership inside the moons SOI
  14. Thanks I will keep this in mine And 1000 € is not fixed totally. I can live to spend some bucks more, but I don't want to spend 2000 bucks either.