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  1. According to following thread some planets which uses Gilly as template don't work until changing the template to Minmus thus changing the apearance of them (last pages should have it):
  2. Time for a rescue mission
  3. What's the name of the movie? Due to German copyright law I can't see the youtube video. @Boyster I'm in the "get a job, get a hobby" camp too. After I finished my bachelor degree I wasted two years trying to get a master I actually didn't had any motivation to to anything for it. Dropping off and looking for a job I could do with my bachelor degree was one of the best decisions of my life. Especially it meant I had to to a lot of things (looking for a job, organizing the move to a new town etc) and finally having a regular schedule. If you are unemployed at the moment but wants to do someth
  4. It's not Deckung or rendevouz but Controller Kerbsls on EVA with aktivsten jet pack
  5. I agree with many issues mentioned in this thread but Im most annoyed about the EVA controls: I don't like rescue Mission before getting the Claw since I always end up in misding the target of the EVA Transfer. My solution: Rendezvous via chat menu
  6. Did you miss @Boyster answer? He linked to a tutorial which was posted to the forums:
  7. How? Im playing it via GOG and now I'm worried about my notebook
  8. There are also other anomalys who are not in the list, but have a random location in any game, see spoiler:
  9. I had similiar issues with mythree kerbal lander, one important trick was to reduce drag by replacing the detachers with hard points and using only two shields (one at top, one at bottom): You are free to steal from my craft
  10. Check the permissions in the file properties. The executable must have the permission to be executed.
  11. There are sone tutorials in the wiki and forum e.g.
  12. Well but they also get more members If the members are actually satisfied with their performance. And "trying to swing their fences to justify their existence " is actually the main reason they exist at all: If a union stops doing anything about working conditions why should people even bother to join them? That example with the waste might be ridiculous but in principle the union is right: A company will use any measure to get more profit. One of the most efficient ways is to lay of workers. So it's actually in the best interest of the workers that their tasks are not done by ot
  13. Note: This subject is deeply political by definition, so I'm not sure, whether it's actually allowed by the forum rules in the first place. As a proud union man I will drop my two cents non the less I live in Germany: Athough Germanys unions are a bit tame for my taste (they don't strike very often but prefer to do some kind of lame deal with management) , they still do a quite good job. They are weak in Industries with low membership, but even there they provide a quite good law insurance If you ever need to go to court because of an action of your boss (e.g. fireing you, cheat in your pa
  14. Just that I'm not missunderstood: I never worked in the game industry and NOT on KSP or KSP2. But car industry is not so different in this regard. The salary is higher though. I agree with you concerning solidarity with the girls and guys who actually do the work
  15. The developers didn't "take excrements from TT" but their bosses. As a former developer myself ( although in car industry and automotive Software not gaming) I would never ever take a move against my employer as a move against me as a person. It's capitalism and game industry after all, so there is not such thing as a good company. I would look, whether they offer to pay my coworkers and me a higher salary or have other goodies. In the end the company wants maximum profit from my work and I want to have the biggest share possible from it and then decide to accept it or not. It'
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