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  1. I tried to use the screenshot of Foxsters Revamp to do some changes to my construction. After several tries I ended with a craft which is able to land on Laythe and return to orbit. Thanks to @Foxster for the inspiration. I uploaded my craft (note the 13, it's the number of returns to the drawing board after failure ) If some of you like to do a trip to Laythe. Craft file: It consists of an deorbit stage and the actual plane. Action groups: Toggle engine of rapiers Switch mode of rapiers Toggle intakes Collect science data to science box (hidden in service bay together with several experiments and a RTG) Cut drogues Cut main chutes A good pilot propably don't need the chutes, I'm none. Even with chutes I needed several tries to land safe If you wonder about the ladder: I used a mod to add a crew hatch to the passenger cabin. The ladder is to provide easy access from the cabin to the chutes for repacking and the material science bay for restoring Screenie:
  2. @Foxster Which mod did you use which led to this error message?
  3. Didn't had any time to play Kerbal due to real life. I tried to load your craft but Kerbal said: "missing part modules: ModuleCrewRequirement ModuleCrewAssignment PartTemperatureState"
  4. Rockets. Designing and lying them takes way less time in real life than planes. For my Jool5 I plan to use a LaythePlane though.
  5. BreakingGround because of the SurfaceFeatures ( volcanoes!) and SurfaceExperiments
  6. Check your difficulty settings whether obey crossfeed rules is enabled. Crossfeed rules disallow transfer if heatshields are between the tanks. I used fuel lines from a small mk100 fuel tank to service modules as workaround when I encountered this. Important: You will need one fuel line for each direction
  7. Nice one. How did you manage to have four kerbals in the capsule after service module seperation? Is this capsule a 4seater from Making History?
  8. I agree with Geschosskopf arguments. Do whats easier for you Demon
  9. Not if you bring a rover. If a feature is not in your current biome drive to another one and return later That's actually the mission profile I plan for my Eve mission on my current career game: 1. Bring AscentVehicle first, land on higher evelation. 2. Bring a rover with crew with the next transfer window. Do science with as many biomes until I get bored. 3. Drive to AscentVehicle, transfer crew and science, orbit to Eve 4. KerbinReturnVehicle rendevouz with AscentVehicle, Crew returns to Kerbin
  10. Search for threads with Eve ascent Like @Reinhart Mk.1 said: The help of community is fantastic and there us a lot to learn. Key points: Reduce drag, reduce weight. An autopilot mod like MechJeb or GravityTurnContinued helps If your pilotink skills suck. Without GravityTurn I wouldn't have made it. Another trick: Land on higher biomes ( midlands, highlands, peaks etc) even a few hundred meters can make a big difference on Eve.
  11. Hello, I'm trying to construct a Laythe spaceplane for my Jool5. It works somehow: It's able to make orbit on Kerbin thus it should be able to orbit on Laythe too. When I try do land from Kerbin or Laythe orbit at some point it flips over. I tried to follow the Basic aircraft construction tutorial but I must missed something or can't pilot. Any ideas folks? Craft file:
  12. Did I miss something or can we expect to hear from it in an update? Don't want to annoy you, I'm just asking myself whether I'm to stupid to see it
  13. Are you planning a rescue mission for Corgas on minmus or will he report the weather of minmus forever?
  14. Nice one! The craft in the distance is the scy crane? Would you please give as some screenshot of Rover deployment (aka landing and seperation)? Which purpose has the narrow band scanner? You don't have an ISRU If I didn't miss something. Just looking cool (that's a good reason actually)? Regards, Jost
  15. Evepollo done with a lot of science even I don't need it anymoore: So there is just one mission left: The biggest and craciest of all, the Jool5.