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  1. Seriously tho, I feel like maybe there should be a similar function(kill velocity) that could be used for engines, also, KAL 9000 is usable for this, just make an engine script(altho, it is hard, ngl)
  2. I would only say this is a legitimate issue on tylo, where once you start landing, you cant stop once you are below a certain altitude, If it's a probe, You can't steer or finely control throttle, also, idea for you, when you go to duna, bring some microsats along, you jettison them right before entry and then alter your trajectory to enter the atmosphere, it provides relays that don't cause issues because you KNOW it will be overhead.
  3. Install guide(a lot of stuff, what do I need for the mod to look good)
  4. Thats what I mean, in a way, just a month before release, let the community have at it and test preformance(Dev team is working on really good PCs, What happens when it is run on a laptop, analytical data transmitted after crashes a month before release can help to improve preformance) another thing this may be good for, finding out what can cause the game to crash, and what caused the crash(remember, devs are on amazing PCs, so are modders and youtubers) So there are some bugs(such as things that on lower end computers, can cause a crash, instead of framerate drop on high end gaming PCs) Agai
  5. Ok, thx Gonna load this up on my other PC(this one is a laptop, so has bad stats, other PC has 32GB ram)
  6. Question, Um, Is RR required to play this mod, I want to play JNSQ, As I want a challenge, but, I do not want to have MORE MKS issues with resources, Is there any way to dissable it,(Or just negate it)
  7. srysly, I played remote from across the street, also, if disconnect occurs, it just pause game No losing ur missions to disconnects also, Im just saying, its a thing now and also, stop flaming me, Im just stating a fact, not saying something should be done.
  8. Well, still, makes it more mobile Because bad laptops can play it
  9. Steam remote play exists, how it works is actually quite simple, you use a PC(preferably a good one, but any that can actually run ksp will work) Then, you log into steam on the mobile device, and you can connect to the PC actually running the game(Needs internet, duh) Hit connect And the game will appear on the new device, controls will transfer over, and both devices can provide imputs. I belive that maybe, touch controls for the steam version should be added, to make it playable, also, if you have 2 computers, it means wierd multiplayer can exist now, such as one guy ste
  10. Probs pretty low, here is the thing, ISP is a function of exhaust velocity, Because ore is so heavy, at the same temp, it moves slower than Oxidiser or whatever the hell Liquid fuel is when heated to the same temp. faster exhaust vel = better ISP, Thats why Ions and nukes have high ISP, because they accelearate the particles much faster than chemical engines.
  11. Question, will this ever be compatible with KSPIE? Because these engines are AWESOME for in a solar system, but aren't that good for interstellar travel. I understand that the engines are balanced to not be OP for the stock system, but, at the same time, they are stupidly underpowered for interstellar. Maybe some interstellar engines would help(LATE GAME)
  12. I feel like a way to help squash bugs in KSP2 would be to have the community able to mess around and find bugs, and then, report them, whenever a bug was found, you could click a pause menu button to report the bug, just add a screenshot of the bug when applicable and a description of what causes the bug. Currently, It feels like KSP2 is being pushed back every day, I feel like a basic pre release, with just the basic mechanics added(engines, fuel tanks, colony structures, the planets, etc) If this was a thing, they could build up hype(if they did it 6 months before actual release or so)
  13. U can buy a PC u know Used gaming PCs go for about 1000, and the stats are about 4x better than consoles
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