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  1. I feel like maybe rovers would be good, for 1.11/1.12, because nasa will land a rover on mars in february, maybe add in other rover parts
  2. give more features for colonization, e.g being able to make xenon and having nuclear reactors(for moho and far from sun)
  3. I know but I go to duna a lot and it looks TERRIBLE without graphical change
  4. Way too many graphical updates Also I play modded, so can they PLEASE add something that AFFECTS people with system replacers Idk maybe a new part that lets you get a lot of power(a nuclear reactor)
  5. I suggest a revamp of tylo, also PLEASE stop reducing the number of parts my game can take, I am not on the best PC and if there are too many revamps, I cannot play the latest versions.
  6. I am pulling the trigger and joining the space race I pick EPL for my mod(unless I can have EL and something else if so I want EL and KW rocketry.
  7. also EL needs to be a given, daedalus engine won't fit in a fairing, also if EL is a thing, then you will not have to haul big, akward base parts to kerbol, and then assemble them once there, my first interstellar ship brought EL parts and then made a surface base on lond when it arrived. also, maybe require a grand tour of kerbol system(easy with interstellar engines) 75% for sci gain daedalus tech needs 4k science and people already complain about labs on this fourum
  8. Ok rescale is OK with me if you tell me how much delta V I need to get to orbit of rhode with the rescale also, when can we use KSPIE from, also would it be possible to use EPL(I do NOT want to haul 5 bases all the way to kerbol, also can we require that people NOT use cheeky tactics such as mass drivers, kraken drives, etc.) also REQUIRE persistent rotation, just so that people cannot stop things from rotating with no input of resources. for my mod I pick extraplanetary launchpads, also can we use hangar extender(for convenience sake due to interstellar vessels being huge) also I feel like th
  9. I want to join But no rescale Because I have NEVER played with a rescale and if there is a rescale KSPIE is allowed from start(so I can actually leave janus) Just remove rescale and I will be fine also rescaling would break my in progress beyond home career save
  10. another thing Even I can pull this off it is really easy too just TURN THE GRAPHICS DOWN AND DON'T USE SCATTERER
  11. Also I can show you screenshot I use for beyond home because with normal scatterer my FPS is extremely low with Scatterer+(my small alteration) it makes the game think it is not installed, but it still runs Max parts in BH without it 100 parts After that it got unplayable Note This INCREASES the crash rate but it made Beyond home playable for me
  12. Rover update seems the best, because we need to give them a use, currently a biome hopper can do a rover's job better than the rover, and faster as well. Contracts asking you to launch and land a rover(unkerballed, we need more reason to use probes, because the "exploration" contracts make you come back anyway, so why use a probe, when you can send a kerbal), I feel like contracts and rover specific experiments(done at points of interest for example, instead of biomes), these would include a chemcam which requires the experiment done at multiple points at least 250m apart(to not be super
  13. @StarCrusher96Maybe a few less lakes it is a bit unrealistic. otherwise, great work
  14. I am working on a mod for that please be patient, I am developing Kerbolar Kluster and Dres Moons and Eeloo moons at the same time, PLEASE be patient with me, Dev is continuing, but will be slowed due to school
  15. Yes I am using kerbals, Bob and Valentina. The ship has a probe core for emergencies but there are 2 kerbals onboard
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