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  1. First, Congrats for GU, Been a longtime player
  2. Mod Shop = MTX, MTX will not be in KSP2, and players hate paying for stuff that used to be free
  3. that would lead to the scene being even more flooded by junk mods, what happens when hundreds of thousands of people start making "bobs planet pack-best pack ever" The pack - Adds some clones of existing worlds
  4. The math I used @Ooglak Kerman Speeds assumed 3x Lightspeed(Blueshift) 0.01 Lightspeed(STL Ship) FTL ship is 300 times faster than the STL ship, thing is though, time warp must be taken into account Max. Blueshift Time warp 4x = 1200x the 1x STL speed Max STL Time warp without modification 10000, STL ship is like 6 times faster IRL if not faster, and STL provides much more of a challenge, so yeah, STL is indeed faster than FTL in real time that the PLAYER experiences
  5. Slower than Light is more fun, I did some math and found blueshift is SLOWER in real life than a slower than light ship, in general, I think FTL is overpowered, and normal propulsion should be used for ISVs, just my oppinion tho
  6. Mods are the PC exclusive Consoles, you don't get anything, because its just marketing excrements
  7. Just going to say that Console exclusives are dumb, PC Players are the majority of the playerbase, so get rid of the idea of console exclusives, if anywhere should get exclusives, it's PC
  8. We will be having progression at some point, just to let you know, it will not be stock, but it will be a science mode progression
  9. Modded section please? I could do the french version with mods
  10. Come together with your fellow kerbonauts and explore several modded systems, with a few part mods to assist, Explore, mess around, Colonize Planets, or team up with others, anything goes (as long as you are nice of course, blowing up someone else's ship is going to get punished unless it was an honest mistake) Multiplayer Servers Currently Released/In The Works Edge Of Eternity - Explore a universe 90 trillion years in the future, most of the suns have burned out, but some remain Status : Released and Running Whirligig World - A wacky system, how far can we go? Status : Released and Running SemiStock Multiplayer - A more stock like experience Status : Released And Running The Kerbspanse(Stock+OPM+Minor Planets Expansion) - A world similar to the expanse, warfare is ALLOWED and not discouraged Status : Waiting for Players Join this discord to get involved! https://discord.gg/KUNV92PHbR We Hope You Enjoy the Multiplayer Servers, Participate
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