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  1. they are adding comets maybe they will be an actual celestial body(Required for rosetta to work)
  2. another thing, nerfing labs and removing biomes would make getting all techs in KSPIE impossible, im already lab reliand due to the fact that later tech nodes cost 1000s of science
  3. 1.10 will be adding ESA parts so who wants to do some themed missions with a hype rocket
  4. This I what I have Wanted FOR SO LONG finally NEW PLANETS IM PUMPED who wants to do a HYPE ROCKET
  5. hey, I cannot install extrasolar without it breaking the game plz help me
  6. I am having bug, I have no other mods other than AK and mods needed for it to run, but the mod will not load at all and it goes to stock system
  7. plz fix AK it will not load AT ALL, Kopernicus says everything is fine tho
  8. Yes, lua and rhode will not be terafromed, ash would not be there, and there would be more lava on fury, also the gateway system would still be forming, also yes, hydrus will not be magnetized but it will keep the atmosphere
  9. also Can I do Continuity mod, im calling it the escape to tempus and it essentially is after kerbin, but the tempus system is there for you to escape to if you so choose