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  1. I have to Agree, It does feel like they dumbed down the game to appeal to children, while also alienating veteran players in the process, I would have been perfectly fine with all the new promised features and visuals comparable to KSP1, but they literally went for visuals first before playable content and bug fixes.
  2. Because its random its hard to make a badge, I will consider it for both the KSP1 and KSP2 iterations of this challenge
  3. Head off to Duna and plant a flag, no Nuclear Engines Get to Ike and build a space station
  4. I think your in the wrong channel, Welcome to the forum, This is the KSP1 Challenge Forum, if you want to post a challenge to KSP2, go there
  5. The moment modding becomes reasonable im making my mod, hopefully we are allowed to tamper with the Kerbolar System If I can figure out parts, I may port a few thingies from KSPIE over (Namely, Fusion Drives)
  6. Hm, I could very much see myself doing this, any chance I could do it on a non Stock+OPM System? (System Map Below if you want to confirm that its still hard) Would it be Ok if I did this and then went interstellar?
  7. Go to Dres and build a space station, No nuclear engines.
  8. Get to Minmus and plant a flag, then return to Kerbin. This is also not the first time I have run this challenge, welcome to the forums, I ran a similar challenge on KSP1 and this is a port of that challenge. The one on KSP1 is still running for anyone interested
  9. How does it work? The challenge wheel is a new way for you to do KSP challenges of varying difficulty and varying rules, I will spin wheels for: Planet - Where Are you going, (there are wheels for Stock, and any future KSP2 planet mods) Goal - What are you doing when you get there (Build a base, simply plant a flag, rescue a kerbal, etc.) Restrictions, Parts - (Low Part Count, No Ion Engines, No Nuclear Engines, etc.) You get one of these Restrictions, Craft - (Low Mass, No ISRU, SSTO, Single Launch, etc.) Difficulties People have different skill levels, and getting an eve return mission right off the bat can be difficult, So pick the difficulty level of challenge you want Easy - You will get a challenge for destinations which are easy to reach, no part count/mass restrictions, Large structures are not required to be single launch: Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike Normal - No planets which have any sort of above average difficulty, Part count and mass restrictions can appear, No large crafts in 1 launch: Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike, Gilly, Dres Difficult - Distant destinations, Large crafts may need to go up in 1 launch: Mun, Minmus, Duna, Ike, Gilly, Dres, Laythe, Vall, Pol, Bop, Moho, Eeloo Hard - Difficult except you may need to land and return from Eve or Tylo, You can get Grand Tours(For stock this is Jool 5 Automatically) Stratzenblitz - Unreasonable restrictions, Megastructures, Large Builds in 1 Launch(You may do a planet mod at this difficulty if you like) Are Mods Supported? Yes, Modded planets and parts are supported (Once modders start making them) (there are separate wheels which will be spun if playing modded) The only mods which are banned are Mods that provide infinite fuel Mods that use no fuel(Using the atmosphere in a nuclear jet counts as a fuel) General rules (Breaking these will appear in the "Honorable mentions" section) No Kraken drives(this renders things too easy) Modded and stock entries are considered equal, I prefer modded, some prefer stock, neither is considered better for the purposes of this challenge Play fair, if you want a reroll, just ask, but you can only reroll 3 times, then you are stuck with what you got Stations/Bases need to be multiple modules(No, you cant just do something that is technically a station, it needs to have distinct sections for different uses/to look pretty) View Rutabaga's Moho Station for example No Alt+F12 How do I play? Just tell me that you want to play and what mods you are using(just the major ones) Spoiler your modlist to avoid a Wall of Text I will spin the wheel for you and give you your challenge Have fun!
  10. This interstellar level is Physically Impossible, Near future is not enough to reach another star without IRL days of timewarping, KSPIE is fine, as is FFT, but near future is very much impossible(I have seen enough people try, and fail, that yeah its not reasonable) The forums do not like challenges that are literally impossible
  11. Thanks for your submission @Martian Emigrant, Interesting interpretation of the challenge, use of alt+f12 means it is not an official submission, but it certainly earns an honorable mention for effort, A+ for Effort
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