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  1. For a lot of players, mods are essential, there are so many out there, so come to this thread to say what you think the best mods are, or if you want to find a mod to try out My All time favorites are Galaxies Unbound KSP Interstellar Extended Modular Kolonization System Near Future Scatterer EVE Put your favorites down below.
  2. Heres how I feel it should be, 1st off, players start off with similar tech to what we have now, however, players who want to unlock new technologies will need to go to places and examine things such as ruins of abandoned kerbal bases on the mun and minmus, on duna, the remains of a old rover, etc. pretty much, you find a anomaly, and then set up a outpost to examine it and get more technology after a few months to years. Colony remains for example will provide technologies to improve habitation, or finding an old solar powered rover will let you make solar panels more effective
  3. In 1.12, I cant aim guns at all, and bc LMP doesn't support earlier versions of KSP I cant use BDA for warfare with other people, which is sad, since we planned this war for quite a bit
  4. Well, ima do this, but modded, so yeah, enjoy hundred year long missions, I will do it with epstien drives and nuclear jets with mods, I could do a whole grand tour of stock without any gravity assists, and without using transfer windows either(Brachistochrome trajectories)
  5. I feel like it would be ok, it has enough worlds that combat doesnt feel samey
  6. well, what planetmod should we use? since stock isnt gonna cut it
  7. yeah, thats gonna be a rule But u can join, will put discord invite
  8. yeah, the chat will be on a discord its only for recruting, setting rules visual mods are fine Stock system isnt my favorite, since it doesnt have much space for players(only really duna, laythe, kerbin, eve) have space every other planet is just a rock
  9. I want to do an all out, turn based war, anybody can join(PC users ONLY, since mods will be used to add weapons, engines, etc) The Mods BD armory B9 HX KSPIE(for epstien drives, etc.) BurnTogether/Smart Parts(you pick) OPT spaceplane + OPT Legacy A planetmod(to increase the number of people who can participate without crowding occuring) Options for planetmods include GU GPO Light Levels(all) Other mods can be requested, just send me the link and I will check it out Rules No ships over 750 parts(to prevent gamecrasher type crafts) No orbital bombardments No gunspam(ship class defines number of guns allowed, tanks can have 1 main gun, fighters can have up to 2 forward facing guns, bombers may carry 2 small turrets for defense) No missile spam(max of 4 torpedoes/missiles per craft unless it is a bomber(atmo only) or a dedicated missile craft(no armament other than basic point defense weapons) DLC is ALLOWED and REQUIRED Warp Drives may ONLY be used for interstellar travel or travel between owned territories, otherwise, use kerbstien drives for travel Points System Each player will get points at the start of each turn, you get 5 points for every owned planet, and 3 points for every owned moon, you also get these points at the end of each turn(to make sure large systems arent utterly OP, multiple players will be placed in them to make it more fair) Points may be spent on Emplacements Tanks Planes Ships(space) SAM sites The costs are(for each vehicle type) Fighter- 2 points+1 point per gun Bomber- 3 points+0.5 points per missile Transport plane, Used to land tanks on the surface of planets with atmospheres(drop pods may be used instead), may carry up to 2 tanks to the surface, 4 points Light tank 2 points, max 100mm armor Med. Tank 4 points, max 300mm armor Heavy Tank 6 points, max 500mm armor Emplacement, 1 point, max 100mm armor, no wheels or engines SAM site, 3 points, no armor, may carry up to 8 SAMs, if extra SAMs are added(max of 16) it costs 2 points extra Spacecraft costs, only vessels frigate and larger may have a kerbstien drive(interplanetary drive) Vessels destroyer or larger may carry warp drives Skiff, 2 points, 0.5 points per 100mm of armor, may only mount 2 guns Corvette, 4 points, may mount torpedoes and weapons up to 30mm(max of 2 torpedoes, torpedo ship may carry 6, torpedoes cost 0.5 points each) max, 3 guns 1 point per 100 mm of armor Frigate, May mount 4 torpedoes(torpedo ship may carry 8, torpedoes cost 0.5 points each) max, 4 guns, costs 8 points 1.5 points per 100mm of armor Destroyer, may mount ANY weapon, and carry 8 torpedoes, no missile boat variant, may have up to 8 guns, costs 20 points, 0.5 points per torpedo, May have a warp drive 2 points per 100mm of armor Battleship/Dreadnought, May mount ANY weapon, and carry 16 torpedoes, no missile boat variant, max, 24 guns, costs 40 points, 0.5 points per torpedo, can carry 2 corvettes or 4 skiffs into battle, may have a warp drive 3 points per 100mm of armor Carrier, May only mount point defense weapons, no torpedoes, can carry skiffs and corvettes between planets along with any form of planetary craft(bombers, fighters, transports, etc), may have warpdrive, 3 points per 100mm armor, may only deploy 15 points of planetary attack forces, max of 4 guns, costs 20 points Supercarrier, all ships frigate or smaller can dock in it, able to carry warpdrive, may have up to 10 guns but they all must be point defense weapons, biggest ship in any fleet, 6 points per 100mm armor, Costs 20 points
  10. is glitches allowed, if yes, I have a glitch device that can hurl me at 1000c
  11. are mods allowed, cos if yes, this isnt a challenge, lots of modded players send ISVs that go to other star systems on a regular basis, so this isnt a really too hard, considering the fact that these ISVs weigh literal kilotons
  12. I want to do a space race, however, there is one small problem, I dont know what type of race you guys want, so you guys can pick in the polls Space race will be on 1.11.x NO glitch abusing NO cheating Objectives will be posted once all mods are selected A singular craft can complete as many objectives as is needed within the same SOI(if interplanetary, SOI of the target planet and any moons) no objectives outside a SOI can be completed with a craft once it goes to a SOI other than the sun/homeworld vote away
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