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  1. I just used high energy trajectories to get to duna really fast congrats @Raptus for finishing I knew we would beat the koviet union hey can you check out the continuation when this ends @Raptus
  2. im done too my ksc time is year 1 day 200
  3. just start a sandbox game or give yourself all techs up to tier 6
  4. hi all i did a science mission to duna however forgot to take pics I also did an eve mission during the same session The next time I post there will be a Base on Ike
  5. I dont use mods however in sandbox mode I would go to jool instead
  6. maybe you should turn the graphics down it keeps my gameplay fast even if i have 10 mods
  7. ok fine you need to start over for this one either that or you can just use sandbox if you choose to just tell me
  8. no hard feelings and also it is based on KSC time not days elapsed however you may continue from the last one if you so desire
  9. good to hear it this will start after the end of the first one
  10. here is the station around duna
  11. this is not even my best rocket also fraus has joined the reboot files for pics in between launch and assembly in duna orbit got corrupted
  12. link to the Second space race, Hope to see you there when this is over. The Stock Space Race Cont.
  13. The space race to Duna has ended and the Kerbal Race is reaching out to the jool system to colonise all of the moons of the green planet there will be 8 agencys competing to establish 2 settlments at each moon of jool, One space station, One surface base feat Robonoise Competitors And Rules KASA: (kspnerd122) The United States of Kermerica’s national space program, they are widely known for landing Neil Kerman and Buzz Kerman on the Mun in 1969. SpaceK: (MarkoeZ) Run by economist and billionaire Elon Kerman, SpaceK is known for being regarded as the most successful privately owned space program. Green Origen: (not taken) Another privately owned space program, Green Origen focuses on space tourism, and is run by billionaire Jeff Kerman. Duna One: (not taken) Duna One is an operation based in Kolland that wants to kolonize Duna. KESA: (not taken) The KESA is a space program run by the continent Kerope, and helped boost the progress of the Kerbin Space Station. Roskosmos/Kussian Space agency: (not taken) The Kussian Space Agency, popularly called Roskosmos is known for their Stayputnik, the first artificial Kerbin satellite. Khisese National Space Administration: (not taken) The Kainese National Space Administration is known for their invention of fireworks, which later became rockets, and are now planning on making a space station in orbit of Kerbin. Kindian Space Research Organization:(not taken) The KSRO is known for being among the best space programs on Kerbin. They have in the past run several Khandrain missions and have several Duna Orbiters. Edit: Just wanted to add that all companies that were listed above are based off of real life space programs. NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origen, Mars 1, eESA, Roscosmos, Indian Space Research Organization and Chinese National Space Administration. Rules: •All competitors must use science mode.(default settings) •No mods are allowed(no expansions either). •No cheat menu •You can use replicas of actual ships, but try to get creative. •Be ready to submit pictures •Good luck. •If you want to compete, let me know in the comments below and submit your space program name( choose one from above) and flag(does not have to be custom I will be KASA as in the first Challenge Original Challenge I want to have this group Kolonise the Kerbolar solar system
  14. awesome im launching my bases during this transfer window also i skipped mun landing also by ur definitions that isnt a settlment it needs to have MODULES which you just have a tiny lander also if that qualifies as a base I just have to land on duna with 3 kerbals and its a settlment also im going to reboot the challenge to colonize the jool system with the same rules(with slight modifications) as this challenge thanks robonoise for making this