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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH, also, im not a stock purist, so I dont care Honestly, this mod should be recommended for all players
  2. the issue is, well, I got strategia working on the EXACT SAME modpack on my other PC. Thinking of just emailing myself my gamedata and fixing that way.
  3. Running KSP 1.7.3, and strategia broke again, I have all the dependencies and everything, so I dont know what happened(im using a older version of strategia, should I update it to the most recent version)
  4. at minimum, squad make this at the BOTTOM of the list, or make it a setting or something(closed by default, or open by default)
  5. Currently, especially with the largest crew cabin in stock(or modded ones) the new 1.11 inventory system clogs the thing, meaning you need to scroll quite a bit, just to transfer crew without a EVA. then when you collapse it, and close the dialog, it is reexpanded when you right click again, this wastes player's time, and there isnt any benefit, to having it be automatically open
  6. gives people a way to make xenon off planet, gives people a whole lot of power(2 reactors, 1.25m and 2.5m, 1.25m produces 500ec/s, 2.5m produces 2000 ec/s) Nuclear gas cores would be extremely efficient but have low thrust(still higher than nerva, since its bigger) but would produce a huge amount of heat, as would reactors(to help deal with it, more radiators would be added that remove more heat, graphene radiators, conformal radiators, etc.) along with the option to make any fueltank liquidfuel only, or oxidiser only. Tiny nuclear engine lacks a alternator, but is smaller, and is th
  7. honestly, if they revamp nervas, why not make it a nuclear update Nuclear reactors, bigger NERVAs, Nuclear gas core(produces a lot of heat), better RTGs, nuclear fuel production from ore, etc. Also, nuclear update should add part printer for the 1.11 inventory system revamp, along with a tiny nuclear engine to use(0.625m) the idea is to make building rockets off kerbin possible, why not make it so nukes can be used with it for higher efficiency. heres also a way to get xenon, reprocessing nuclear waste can give 2 options, convert to xenon, or make nuclear fuel(less than the amount of
  8. still, meteor storms that destroy parts are NOT minor, that is enough to trash a base, again, if theres a dust storm, just pop ur panels open and wait for the sun, u will be fine, losing control is kinda iffy, you would need to make it so it cant occur when landing(since if it happened while landing and ur chutes arent already open, or on a airless world, its a death sentence) Ships moving due to wind, I could easily see players being frustrated with their stuff being moved without them wanting to move it. (also, depending on how the force is applied, it may tip a lander over, and on d
  9. Yeah, which is why this shouldnt be in KSP, since its effectively a random mission failure u cant avoid
  10. Honestly, heres a idea, have a full reusablility update, with a new structure called the droneship, which could be in the middle of the ocean near the KSC, this way, people can land their boosters somewhere, and not have to do a boostback burn or something, also, for this, you would be able to remotely control boosters within physics range, allowing for double landings(also, for this, you would be able to set a circularization burn with ur upper stage(manuver node) and then the game executes it while you are landing your booster.
  11. Still, not ore, also, you shouldnt be able to get oxidizer from it, only LF and xenon maybe also, I think that mod is spacedust(KSPIE also has a few collectors for this)
  12. Uh, how about NO Getting ORE out of any atmosphere is stupid, no matter what.
  13. Honestly, I think this is a bad idea, since it again, can just blow up some 2 million fund base that took you several hours to set up, also, its not like you can MOVE it if it doesnt have wheels, its just screwed. Now, if its a temporary base, where it will lose LS ability or something after a certain time(or power supply) just use the launcher intended to send you home to get into space but load on extra LS or something.
  14. still, meteor showers could trash a surface base, especially a prexisting one from before meteors existed
  15. I feel like maybe it could be made to preform preplanned manuver nodes, or driving around on a planet without player input, but otherwise, I feel like this would kill the point of the game
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