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  1. The only celestial bodies I've visited so far are Eve and Mun. Other than that, I've been perfectly entertained recreating historical aircraft on Kerbin The game isn't stable enough for crazy-complicated things just yet. Don't want to get too emotionally invested on my plans for an inter-planetary Fast Food Chain, lest a bug tear it all down
  2. Just because modders can make it doesn't mean it shouldn't be in the base game. I'm not a big fan of the "modders will do it" rhetoric, it feels kinda cheap, almost like an excuse to not look into things. I do hope the KSP2 team reconsiders their current stance on weather!
  3. Kerbal photosynthesis confirmed!!11!!!! Seems the answer was before us all this time
  4. This was a great AMA! A lot of good questions were answered, with very little information held back. There are so many things I was exited for that were confirmed here... the water physics and the telescopes... Sounds like it's gonna be awesome. I do hope the team considers adding non-utility procedural parts. Maybe "procedural" in the lightest sense of the word: Simply, cosmetic-structural "parts" that would allow us to create things with a greater variety of forms. Something to add the much needed curves that were not possible with KSP1's tools. Cheers!
  5. KSP2 Challenge Idea: Players must draw an accurate, artistic rendition of a Kerbal on literally anything other than MS-Paint. (Impossible)
  6. Hey everyone, the KSP2 team had a dev-booth at GDC23. Does anyone have any info on what was being presented in their booth? A recent tweet alludes to them showcasing something they've "been working on"
  7. I would be very, very disappointed if basic things like the rotary parts don't find themselves in KSP2 by full release. The roadmap doesn't mention parts (other than the tech tree progression and the colony/interstellar parts) but it would be very odd if KSP2 doesn't expand its current part-set by then Will KSP2 at release have all the KSP1 + DLC parts? I don't know, but I wish... And it damn should! Will KSP2 at release have all the KSP1 parts? It should, otherwise something is very very wrong
  8. In my opinion, by the end of 2023, KSP2 will have the first two parts of the roadmap complete. Their approach to fixing the game seems to be quality-over-quantity. 2-3 weeks for a hefty bunch of bug-fixes that very quickly add up. There are relatively simple fixes which I can see coming very soon that should substantially improve performance. Simple things like the remeshing of the geometrically intense Kerbal hair, for example. I think KSP2 will become enjoyably-playable within the next two to three months, (at least). That should leave them with ~6 months to focus on the roadmap, and the revamping of certain features, like the poorly named CBT. I doubt Take-Two would axe KSP2 so quickly. They might be greedy, but they are not stupid. They WILL find a way to make their money, I can assure you. Colour me surprised if they do. I'll eat a jar of mayonnaise and upload the video to the forums, or something...
  9. This is wonderful. How well does it chug-chug-chug?
  10. Bill must be really strong to walk on an ocean of metallic hydrogen
  11. I wonder if the development team reads the whole thing... I hope they like my post-modernist, classic, anti-anti-anti-anti-natalist, "legalize Uranium", pro-egg omelet, pre-industrial Shakespearean soliloquy on Jeb's hairline
  12. I second this! Are there any plans for more procedural parts, or the addition of "cosmetic" parts to KSP2? The variety of things you can build has already increased exponentially with ONLY the addition of procedural wings! It would be great to have more tools
  13. That image gives me anxiety. The forbidden glow stick
  14. A reconstruction of the Ranger SSTO from the Christopher Nolan film: "Interstellar" Warning: This craft might be lost My Ranger had very low maneuverability. Had to be launched from an aircraft to enter orbit. The most updated version of the craft was unfortunately lost with the patch 1 update, but the early workspace file still exists. I will be able to recreate it. These screenshots were taken the day before patch 1!
  15. After downloading the patch, I wanted to test the performance improvements. I seem to be getting higher frames on the runway with moderately complex aircraft. However, I have noticed that a few of my craft that used to fly, no longer work. Parts overheating also seem to to be new (maybe I hadn't noticed yet)! Have you seen any performance improvements?
  16. Sorry mates, I'm all out of lollipops. But I gotcha' these cool patches! (Can also be used as emergency toilet paper for long stellar journeys... or so I've heard )
  17. I would say a two-way crewed landing, but since I don't wish for you to go insane, it can be whatever you want!
  18. Don't tire yourself out too much. Leave some tribalism for the rest of us, mate
  19. I think anyone who was able to do an EVE mission on the release-day KSP2 pre-patch version should get a complimentary doctorate in Kerbal Kraken Studies. Or at least a lollipop I'm saving a copy of this version of the game to, hopefully, look back on when 1.0 gets here
  20. I played KSP2 as much as I could on the first week of launch. When I returned to KSP1, it was incredible! Being able to actually build things that work makes you appreciate how well KSP runs, even after all these years and my countless stapled-on mods. I still boot up KSP2 for its procedural wings. You just can't build the same variety of aircraft in KSP1 as you can in KSP2. That and the colour customization. And the sound effects. And the built-in kerbal chatterer. And the screenshot potential. And the-
  21. This is the type of statement that gives me confidence the game is in good hands. Although I can't comment on what external pressures led to KSP2's current release, and I can't imagine the constant stress of enduring the vitriol of a large part of the community, while remaining stoic to continue the long road of work ahead... I deeply admire your perseverance, and I tremendously admire the grueling work of everyone involved. People make games, not machines. I think everyone, regardless of what side of the aisle they are on, can agree with that. Cheers! I know KSP2 will become the game you envisioned, and which the community has dreamt of these past 4 years
  22. Thanks to KSP2's procedural wing system, an accurate recreation of the Horten-Ho-229 is finally possible! The aircraft struggles with takeoff, but glides well. If people want me to continue this project, I'll refine it, add more detail, and post the craft file! (Or you can play around with it now and go crazy) (Craft File download thingy link will be on my website soon! I'm sorting it out as we speak)
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