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  1. The KSP Community will endure with the same spirit that all spacefarers do.
  2. In the long list of things that could've, should've been... KSP2 was up there. No point in wallowing in regret. Time to let it rest. Farewell to this project and best wishes to all those developers who so diligently worked on this ill-fated title.
  3. Nice! Over at the hype train we were debating whether we'd get a sneak peek at colonies with this anniversary post Happy first birthday to KSP2. Cheers to many more
  4. Maybe we'll get a sneak peek for colonies in the dev updates this month?
  5. That thing is a beaut! Can't stop staring at it
  6. I find it disheartening that the replies to this post have become the very thing the author of the post was complaining about. Nothing can be done about that though, as an online forum, this is just the natural state of things. Our community here is relatively small however and a lot of familiar faces pop-up in these spiraling discussions. Maybe they pop-up too much, if you understand what I'm saying. If my opinion can be of any value (which it isn't) I'd like to respectfully ask a particular set of users if it is worth the time and effort to continuously battle each other, at the detriment of the social fabric of our community. Sometimes it is better to acknowledge a differing opinion, and feel that one need not respond
  7. The fastest aircraft under 20,000m altitude that I have been able to build and fly reached a top speed of ~1730m/s. This was using limited fuel and RAPIER engines. The only way to reach your speeds is to practically go into low earth orbit, at which point, you might as well be using a rocket. However, you might be able to squeeze a few more m/s on this aircraft you've showed us if you reduce some of its mass. Without infinite fuel however, I don't see it reaching your current maximum speed
  8. Twenty years from now, we will look back at these posts and share a hearty laugh at our internet-arguments over our little Space-frog Rocket Simulator game By then KSP2 will be out of development and it will have become whatever it must become. Will our words here be perfect representations of gamer impatience? Perhaps they'll age well? Our legacies preserved in digital amber, here in our little corner of the internet, as petty arguments over an early access game I feel like this has been said before. Maybe we all need to chill, lest we loose the spirit that made these forums such a lovely place to be
  9. In an alternate Universe where it wasn't: "To ensure a stable and enjoyable user experience, we recommend playing KSP2 on a Matrioshka Brain"
  10. If your definition of "entertainment value" is arguing with the same people over and over again about the same bloody topic: a game that had a terrible launch and is in development limbo... then brother, you should really find better ways to spend your time The KSP2 section of these forums is essentially at an impasse. Everything that could have been said has been said... to death. There is nothing new to see here. Usually it is the same people arguing with each other and liking each others posts. A perpetual war of sorts, except unlike Oceania vs Eurasia, it's just a bunch of people on the internet
  11. Unfortunately this news is going to be received very poorly by some members of the community. I appreciate that the team has come forth and clarified this issue for us. It gives us a little more certainty I trust that time will mold KSP2 into what we have dreamt it to be, but patience is a virtue... A virtue not always found in aerospace-crashing enthusiasts
  12. Ah, the KSP Forums Post-KSP2 launch: You make a discussion on a topic not related to the KSP2 launch and expect it to get maybe 2-4 replies... A month later it starts getting a lot of discussion... You check the discussion and it is all about the KSP2 Launch This is definitely, among the many forums of the internet, a forum that exists. Individuals post, answer, and reply. This must be the most forum of them all
  13. This would practically solve all my issues with wings in KSP2. There would no longer be a need to add any wing parts, the basic three sizes in the game would suffice. Man, I wish your suggestion wasn't just a suggestion
  14. If you really think about it, a land-kraken is just a dragon
  15. Alright everyone, hear me out Heartbroken from my AMA question not being answered, I refused to take my medication this morning and I logged on to the KSP twitter. I now believe that I have conclusive evidence that "snacks" will indeed be a feature in KSP2's hyper-realistic, lifesupport-less colony simulation Behold: If you look closely at this image, you will see a Kerbal (presumably Jeb) looming over a box (presumably snacks) We can infer that this rectangular box of "snacks" has 8 vertices. 8 vertices equal 8 letters. "Colonies" has 8 letters C o l o n i e s = 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Snacks will be feature in ksp2 colonies confirm...
  16. I am a bit disappointed that we didn't get any clarification on the life-support for colonies stuff. I am aware that it has been said that life-support wouldn't be a feature, but I thought it was still a possibility that we'd get colony modules that would help boost a colony... like "snacks" or "greenhouses" or anything with a similitude to a life-support module. Perhaps this is confirmation that you will be able to plop a Kerbal on any planet and have it grow from one kerbal to 100, without so much as a single module and a resource extraction tool
  17. Don't worry about those things. It's the spirit that counts
  18. I always do a little ritual-dance before embarking on any missions in KSP2. I sacrifice Jeb to the Kraken and I chant ancient Kerbal songs to my cat. Maybe this will help with your problem? Mind you, even with the dancing, it's always 50/50 whether things will better or not
  19. Hello! I was told to be medium-nice to you: Thank you for the post and have a very day
  20. It was previously mentioned that life-support would not be a feature of KSP2 There has been discussion amongst the community regarding what this may mean. While some assume that things like food and quality of life features in colonies will only serve to benefit a colony's resource production and not determine its survival... Others may assume this means that there will be absolutely no features with any semblance to food, kerbal quality of life, etc. As Design Director, what approach has your team taken towards this very particular aspect of Kerbal colonization? Is there anything you could say at this moment to clarify this issue for the community? Thanks!
  21. I was looking forward to multiplayer because, in my opinion, it can make the game experience more meaningful In singleplayer, you are in full control of your experience. Unless you intentionally handicap yourself, you will only be as limited as your skill. You have an entire sandbox to play with, you can revert mistakes, and every accomplishment is solely yours. However, in a multiplayer setting you are no longer in control of the world. Now you have to decide whether to compete, collaborate, or relegate yourself (in regards to others). Your decisions will impact other players! Will you going to the Mun first mean that Billy will decide to make the first Minmus landing instead? Will you invest the time to devise a system to send resources to your friend's colonies even if it means you'll lose precious time in the Space-race? How would it feel to be the first in the server to accomplish something impressive and have others watch it in real-time? I feel people are missing the bigger picture here. Multiplayer KSP won't just be singleplayer but with griefing and a toxic voice-chat. Depending on what you decide to do in multiplayer (and who you decide to play it with) KSP multiplayer will be a different experience to singleplayer. There may be stakes- artificial stakes- and tension. There may be pressure... and there may be potential for a more meaningful interpersonal experience
  22. He's running an RTX 4090 and getting that framerate? I run an RTX 3050Ti and I have much, much better performance than him. This game has to have some eldritch curse on it, how can it be so inconsistent between systems?
  23. Finally I can get Jeb back! It was so weird that he stopped showing up to Lunch shortly after I launched him into the VAB at 1300m/s
  24. I saw the art for the twitter announcement of the Eve challenge. Thought it looked a little like my Kerpernicus Eve mission badge! Looking forward to the patch notes : )
  25. People are super creative... and patient. These builds are really cool!
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