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  1. hi again so I was just playing KSP yesterday to just do something and now, you guessed it, the TLAs appeared, but in another form, this time I was just flying and recording and then BOOM, ksp just closed out of nowhere, sure enough when i opended the KSP.log, there were the TLAs, but now we have a video that shows how the recording ended the second it crashed. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtUgGSbBKMe8kSpfBVzVD4VxERgM?e=Gs4Mx7
  2. i think i only stayed here until page 200 how is this thread still alive
  3. I've been in this thread pretty much since the start, now I'm rarely active on the forums. also i have like 40 subs (just saying)
  4. Hello @mie mie, looks like we have the same problem here, TLAs ruining our space programs, and don't worry much about the mods, it happens to me even on fully stock KSP, unfortunaly, my bug report for this issue has not been answered despite it being now 6 months old, me having the issue started more than a year ago. Me and some other people like @Lisias had broke down everything that could tell us what is wrong, we analized hundreds of logs, tested particles to it's limits, tweaked lots of settings and figured that, transparent particles are the problem, like, see when you hover over a p
  5. From my experience, this happens due to a mod having a broken DLL, you can easily spot those by checking their version, if they are too old (pre 1.4) remove them and try again, an usefull mod called Module Manager (MM) also tells you the broken DLL right away too. If those didn't work, then I suggest uploading a file called KSP.log that you can find on the KSP directory, and upload it to Google Drive or Dropbox or something, then post a share link for us to check the log and point out anything out of usual.
  6. Banned because this thread is not "banned".
  7. I have been testing with the TLAs a bit, 1.11.1 and 1.10.1 fully stock, with the same settings, I observed that 1.10.1 is less likely to crash than 1.11.1, however, today 1.11.1 is the one less likely to crash while 1.10.1 is the one that crashes now, and I was genuely confused, since yesterday I experimented with a CPU setting found in the KSP launcher application called "AMD compatibilty mode", this setting made my computer handle nicely KSP when I had 4GB of RAM instead of the 12GB that I have now, if it's on or off, it still crashes with no peformance difference, so I went to the Unity for
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