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  1. Banned because this thread is not "banned".
  2. I have been testing with the TLAs a bit, 1.11.1 and 1.10.1 fully stock, with the same settings, I observed that 1.10.1 is less likely to crash than 1.11.1, however, today 1.11.1 is the one less likely to crash while 1.10.1 is the one that crashes now, and I was genuely confused, since yesterday I experimented with a CPU setting found in the KSP launcher application called "AMD compatibilty mode", this setting made my computer handle nicely KSP when I had 4GB of RAM instead of the 12GB that I have now, if it's on or off, it still crashes with no peformance difference, so I went to the Unity for
  3. So yeah, I made my whole lineup of stock Atlas V rockets, and I would like to see how much weight they can carry to orbit, the problem is, there are too much factors to calculate like the dV and TWR and a lot of stuff, I even had to lower the fuel of my Centaur stage to get at least 1 TWR at vacuum, and the flexibility of the levels of fuel can really throw off my readings, I'm using the stock dV "gauge" since I can't have any mods at all, so all I ask is someone to post their solution or link me to a calculator.
  4. Even just 2 basic mods is enough to crash this game... In the other hand, I found another way to trigger the TLAs, see, while in the KSC view, if you hover your mouse in one of the buildings they generate particles to highlight them, so I thought, this happens with parts in the editors, so I turned off highlighting but it still happens due to those damn lights, also, I figured out that the offset and rotate gizmos in the editors (mis) behave similarly, since from what I remember, the TLAs happen while offsetting, rotating, or selecting a highlighted part. Logs: https://1drv.ms/u/s!At
  5. Ya revisé la página del mod y ví tu reporte, este bug no tiene nada que ver con las nuevas luces de Squad, el solo el mod interfiriendo con las luces de stock porque como fueron parcialmente re-diseñadas, claro que va a ver errores con los mods que se diseñaron para funcionar con 1.10 y no 1.11 Y desde que este es un problema de un mod, no creo que necesites echarle la culpa a los desarrolladores.
  6. I think he means that the challenge must be completed with the space shuttle Dynawing, AKA: The space shuttle that is a default craft.
  7. A qué te refieres con "arruinada", que los desarolladores hicieron algo mal? o es algo que no te gustó? Y por lo que veo en el título tienes algo con las nuevas luces que salieron en la 1.11, asi que podrias decir que pasa con mas detalle?
  8. Still with the visual mods, TLAs are everywhere!! Link for the logs of this and past year: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtUgGSbBKMe8jgILevwPDV_SMifY?e=a1FQ51
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