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  1. I have Magpie Mods installed and the parts in this mod used to be shiny but aren't anymore. Not a huge issue but it's kinda annoying. Is there something missing?
  2. I don't think gliding to the next continent is the biggest problem. Everything that's supposed to be landable in this mod flips to face prograde at a low altitude unless you clip a fuel tank into the bottom, so I'll take landing on the wrong continent over not being able to land at all.
  3. It happens after I clear the tower, but before it's out of range. I think it was at around 500-1000m
  4. Everything disappears after liftoff. Is there anything I can do to prevent that so that I can recover the tower and not waste any money?
  5. Do you plan on adding a more realistic IVA, possibly with screens?
  6. This happens to every robotic arm I try to make. Every part is attached to a node. I don't know what to do. I guess I just can't use robotics without something loveing up.
  7. Uhh... Everything good? I've been screwing with files but none of them related to any USI mods or anything in the stock game.
  8. My gaming PC can barely handle AVP, but I'll probably make it work. With 3 FPS that is.
  9. Yes, it is made for Realism Overhaul. There is another patch out there that allows the RO parts to run on LFO but I've been having some problems with it, specifically the inability to throttle down and the fuel mixtures being incorrect. Here it is if you wanna try it, but you do have to make some changes to the way you use engines, and you have to decrease the amount of liquid fuel/oxidizer to get the most delta v out of your rocket:
  10. I can't seem to find the starship 2018 command pod anywhere, even if I search for it.
  11. All my helicopters roll uncontrollably as soon as I throttle up. I've tried lowering the RPM to the point where I barely have a TWR high enough to take off (and immediately crash) and the tail rotor is on the left side. I don't know what the hell to do.