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  1. The orbit itself is not perfect, but seems the Earth geopotential values work on a 3.2x scale Kerbin (with the reference radious adjusted ofc) Sun synch orbits on Kerbin are possible!
  2. I'be gotten the throttle response time to match the oomph of the F1 startup. Zoomed out it's even more impressive as it matches the launchpads smoke animation
  3. Thank you too! You've been quite the help on catching the Knes stuff and giving me enough clues to fix my mistakes ^.^ And have fun!
  4. No need, at least in the case of the Grivan, my latest update to add methane to the F1B had one too many closing brackets. That part did have like 6 brackets to keep part of as I had to dig deep into the B9Partswitch module.
  5. Ah you're re-installing, I was going to ask if you could find a BDB engine in your module manager config and show me how it looks. The only thing I can think of is that a mod may be modifying the ModuleEnginesRF back into ModuleEnginesFX (Real-plume-stock patches do this, which is why you should only have the base realplume installed, we use the realplume-stock configs for engines) or changing the ID of the engine (Waterfall patches can do this - half the Knes engines have an ID of Rutherford...). I tried to take care that all the engineID's referenced are correct for the mods waterfall patches. (This also future-proofs them for RocketSoundEnhancement, since it deals with engineID's) Similar request to the one above. Now are you referring to the techlevel upgrades as part of Realfuels (which ends up as a thrust boost in most cases) or the individual engine variants of the engine? or does the ability to get to these menu's not show up at all?
  6. You'll probably want to delete the duplicates using kerbal konstructs. Just reporting in to say that KSC extended has no issues I've found so far on a 3.2x scale Kerbin with .70 landscape height. It's the first release I didn't need to edit slightly. (previous KSC needed slight adjustments before)
  7. The power of RF, featuring a Methane F1B, MethaFLOX RL10's and a Hydroflourine AJ10-133. From being able to do a free return with standard fuels to being able to capture and escape the Mun! Tier 7 tech though >.>
  8. Yeah seems I only put pack in the multipliers for L220N and misread the running sound for the Ariana 1-4 first stages. The sound of these and the HM60 shouldn't have worked as I linked the running effect to running_closed (I only tested the loose Ariane engines) and not running however the rest of the engines in the mod do have sound for me. Do you have waterfall installed? I may have to patch for the sound of a realplume only installation (The BDB configs have it since they're from before Waterfall, I just had to make sure the right effects were linked.
  9. Cheers! The first and last one were due to some missing brackets, and the second one was a paste oversight. They're fixed now. Weird how the one for the lunar orbiter snuck in - I flew it a few moths ago! As for SRB's not shutting down, none can in RF. Literally doesn't compute. Unless you want them to be infinitely restartable, but that's undesirable behaviour from SRB's for a realism enhancing mod. I think I specifically enabled this ability though on SRB ullage motors that stay on stages needed for later burns - the engines presence can mess with Principia burn calculations.
  10. Good catch, I was wondering why the patch count was slightly less than expected, for this specific one a PR isn't needed but thanks!
  11. Tantares is being looked at many vehicles have been overhauled and I may need to bump its status from an update to a rework although I'll leave the existing engines for the most part as they are
  12. I'm working on a waterfall config for Alternate apollo as part of real fuels
  13. This is part of your filter settings - one of the standard packages prevents multiple categories by setting its original category to none - the problem is that it doesn't show up through search then.
  14. Finalizing some of the stats, fixing some resource flow modes and checking plumes. There's a few engines whose effects I need to check. It shouldn't take long, should be finalized by the end of the week. A testable version is at https://github.com/Bellabong/RealFuels-Stock.
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