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  1. If I wanted a kerbin with the capability for sun-synchronous satellites could I just copy the the geopotential data from earth over to kerbin? (3.2x scale kerbin)
  2. Before: Loading Systems: Elapsed time is 883.7227s After: Loading Systems: Elapsed time is 602.8457s Intel 5820k@4.4Ghz, 40GB RAM, 2.5GB/s SSD. Can rule out caching. Thanks! Modlist:
  3. Hi, is there a particular reason there are configs in Stockalike-RF that have not been carried over to RealFuels-Stock? eg Taerobee, SXT nvm found SXT
  4. So if anyone is wondering the Procedural Fairings Patch for BDB also works for Tantares parts. (You wont be able to build a 1.5m VK3 until you unlock the relevant PF max fairing size in career but the same issue also applies to BDB) Only thing left now is a fairing with a hole
  5. So for those who want to fix the Tantares.cfg: "Part" folder is now "part" (yes the capitalization matters), Just find and replace and most parts will have their configs back except for: "SOYUZ" and "SOYUZ-7" folders have become "SOYUZ-EARLY" and "SOYUZ-LATE" Engines, panels antennas and docking ports in the ANY folder have been relocated to an "ANY_*PARTTYPE*" folder of their own with the renamed Mir parts Mir parts have been renamed to eridani* and reorganized Mir37k parts have been renamed to acamar* and reorganized - this and the Mir part will require manually looking up the parts and renaming/adding entries
  6. Is this expected behaviour? (No Star reflections, cloud reflection seems to be a square smaller than the atmosphere/planet) - I think this is more to do with this particular model being a spherical mirror, parts that don't have a mirror like config look great)