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  1. Place your bets, will we get anything today?
  2. Yes, but you have to enable collisions manually
  3. We have gotten three pieces of news in a short span of time, so I wouldn't be too disappointed even if we get nothing tomorrow. Of course, that would be extra amazing tho
  4. I believe it was Nate who said that. Might remember wrong tho
  5. What exactly do you mean by this? I believe that's exactly how the console version of KSP 1 works.
  6. This what we've seen so far: it seems it's possible to sort by at least the part's size, mass or type. We've always seen parts being sorted by size, and the part list is split into X small, small, medium, large etc. I assume something similar applies to other sorting options as well. Once we saw fuel also as one of the sorting options. Pictures are from the knowledge repository.
  7. I knew I remembered seeing something like that! This is from 2019, so I think it's safe to assume it will look way better than this. The rocket also has vapor coming off the sides.
  8. Devs have already confirmed that automated resource delivery routes will be a thing. I believe that will remove a lot of grind, not having to manually fly every resupply mission between surface colony x and orbital station y. Not sure about other stuff though, but the devs have said they don't want KSP2 to be grindy.
  9. Great looking clouds, looking forward to getting to fly through them! Now, I know nothing about how these volumetric clouds work so this might be a dumb question, but would it be possible to do something similar with smoke (a separate mod ofc)? Maybe vapor cones, explosions and reentry effects too? I have no idea if any of that is possible but it would be really, really cool.
  10. How is the performance of the foliage update compared to the current parallax? Will it fry my computer?
  11. Incredible, I'm a fan! One thing I don't like is the stock engine activation/shutdown sounds. Are you planning on replacing those? Awesome stuff regardless!
  12. Did you disable the part of the config that replaces the textures and models? I assume you did it for the rcs parts since they load as stock. If the whitelist doesn't work for some reason (I had a similar problem once) I found deleting or commenting the corresponding lines from the blacklist easier. That looks great! Could you maybe make dark variants for parachutes as well?
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