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  1. So with all this ISRU stuff I think we should talk a little bit about resources. Also I know this is stepping into spoiler territory and you guys could do a whole Dev diary on this but I'm just wanting some vague answers. How "specific" will resources be. For instance will it be uranium-235, or just uranium, and will it be deuterium and Helium 3 or fusion fuel? Also is electricity still measured in electric charge or is it measured in something more realistic like megajoules? And one more thing how will energy/resource transfer work between buildings will they just auto-connect or
  2. These base parts are getting so large it will be almost impossible to move them from the CAB to a good location. Will there be a "base editor" think top down placing buildings or will there a "survey stick" like object like in Extraplanetary launchpads?
  3. That means if you have GU and there is a update delete the old GU and replace it with the old GU don't overwrite You don't have to completely redo the whole modpack but if are using something like beyond home I suggest you do
  4. This is KSP's contract system not being built for any of this, it has a hard time with other stars let alone binaries, all you can do is ignore it good luck using FFT, without a realistic ISP reconfig FFT is basically useless for interstellar travel in any decent timeframe, get an ISP reconfig or use KSPIE if you want to go interstellar
  5. Rescale! support is coming in the next update/patch The black orb issue is because you don't have your render quality set max
  6. So all the stars orbit very, very, slowly around the sun. So for all intensive purposes the SOI acts like you are in the SOI of a planet just that the SOI is really big.
  7. That is the way it is in stock. You can't target kerbin if you are orbiting the mun.
  8. yup those are all in game and in the current release just with a grayscale filter All are in the Kespilon Kirilani first pic is blud or cyll around Ael (hard to tell as there colors really separate them as they are both icy dust balls with deep canyons) second is Aio, a lava moon, that is around Thythe third is Fen? around tias (I can tell by the ring gap) a bright gas giant that has a very unique color. The little dot in the background is tritae
  9. There is land on the dark side. There are a lot of heat issues so bring lots of radiators.
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