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  1. did some testing with that, it caused a weird loss in quality when the camera was close to the craft, lowering them to 0.520 and 0.300 works a bit better
  2. Thanks! The square camera, color grading and film grain tufx, The film matte background and the film scratches were in a photo editor
  3. Got these a while back and posted them on the discord but I’ll post them here! (You should join btw) I’m spoiler so it doesn’t take up the whole thread
  4. Here's my "best system" list (opinion) 1. Tau Ceti - Aquel and Mare are just too pretty 2. Epsilon Eridani - lots to explore 3. Sirius - beautiful system 4. Trappist - Very nice 5. Alpha Centauri - Nice, but starting to show its age, still fun to explore 6. Lich - Very nice just a bit small compared to the others 7. Kormann - The red star lighting eats the details and makes all the planets look samey Alien Worlds and Stellar Adventures aren't on this list because they're different
  5. I used tufx to enhance the colors a bit and increase the color depth, it tends to make things a bit blue.
  6. Absolutely stunning work! More Screenies Below I can't wait for EVE configs of this pack! Thank you for making this amazing mod!
  7. Updated to 1.3 -Made everything a bit darker -Warmed up cold a bit -Made space actually black Meanwhile I've been working on my new True config pack, based off of real cameras used in space.
  8. Pretty typical ksp floating point error, nothing we can really do about it
  9. If anybody wants some actually decent shadows here’s the config press the blue sphere on the toolbar in the main menu, open lighting put those numbers in
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