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  1. You can probably do it, it will just take forever due to Nertea nerfing the ISPs to be more stockalike. There is a config on the GU discord that gives the engines their real ISP. That is a KSP glitch not much we can do about it
  2. Do you have the stock folder compressed/moved? EDIT: nvm you don't have GU_clouds installed
  3. Probably leaning more towards the latter. Have you quicksaved(f5) and reloaded(f9)? I've seen some issues with kopernicus not loading Rhan's water
  4. Community resource pack is just a mod that adds more resources to the game so the magical "ore" can't produce everything so by default yes it works with CRP. If meant configs GU has RR configs (mod that gets rid of the stupid randomized placing of different ores) so CRP ores are placed properly.
  5. Something akin to CKAN could be added to a launcher of sorts.
  6. Weird I have almost exactly the same specs and it runs pretty well, you can always disable some of the planets in other systems as they aren't need unless you are visiting the system. Just turn off the system in the config file and compress the visuals.
  7. Is it an inertial confinement fusion engine or NSWR?
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