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  1. Probably, the screenshots I take don't require as much skill as people think. Just adjust the Gamma, PostExposure and contrast to what fits for the situation, you can use CameraTool's pathing mode for a completely unbounded camera and you can use Nvidia's DSR to run the game at 4k. On top of running the game at 4k in ksp's settings.cfg file you can up the screenshot supersampling for even higher quality screenshots.
  2. Most planet packs use two different textures for bodies with oceans, a PQS colormap, which generally doesn't have a an alpha channel and sandy colored oceans, EarthSurface in this case. This is applied through the VertexColorMap pqs node. Then there's a scaled space texture, which has blue oceans and an alpha channel for specularity, EarthColor in this case. This is applied through OnDemand or the Material ScaledVersion subnodes.
  3. 1. We’re aware of the floating issue 2. We haven’t changed contracts in months, are you having issues with the contracts?
  4. Just a friendly reminder that it has only been 4 days since the release of these scatters. If you think developers can just set aside their lives to create unique scatters for their 20+ body planet pack, think again. Remember that we are people too, and that rushed products never turn out well.
  5. Half of that’s a ksp issue, half of that is a mapping issue. We’ll look into it but I’m fairly sure it’s unfixable. Also remember that GitLab issues are far easier to track than remembering forum posts so if you have an issue, feel free to tell us there .
  6. In case you haven’t noticed yet (and from the looks of things most of you haven’t), you can go into the KSRSS folder and change the scale and inclination mode. Tony worked extra-hard on making sure it’s able to be patched by module manager, so just make a patch to set it to whatever you prefer to play with.
  7. What resolution of clouds are you running on Stock? If it's not 48k then it's not really a fair comparison now is it? Additional cloud and planet texture resolutions will be available on the full release, please keep in mind that you are playing a beta. If you have anything specific other than "please check your configs", feel free to make an issue on the GitLab.
  8. Upon further inspection it’s the breaking ground Roc issue that was supposed to be fixed a couple hours ago
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