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  1. That's the biggest understatement of the week lol. I came here just to confirm whether you are the one responsible for burning my eyes with that uranium-colored goo... glad to know I am not going color blind yet.
  2. There is small a syntax error in the experiment configs, which I fixed a while ago but it has not yet been accepted into the repository - you can find the change in my PR here. That should fix your problem.
  3. In theory nothing should happen to your crafts that are already in flight, as I see nothing in the SystemHeat code that would add modules to vessels in flight. But I didn't look that closely so I could be wrong.
  4. CKAN should have the new version as of about a week ago. Before that, there was only a pre-release for about two years so it wasn't on CKAN.
  5. There are indeed no issues between SystemHeat and JNSQ. There are issues between SystemHeat and Kerbalism, this is true. There's also a bridge mod (KerbalismSystemHeat) that was recently updated, but it doesn't change the fact that out of the box those two mods don't play nice.
  6. I asked Gene to hook me up with a mission, but he gave me a tape and said it will self-destruct in five seconds...
  7. Good luck! I've been following your progress and plan to play through a BDB/JNSQ campaign with your mods soon. Too tired of seeing the Community Tech Tree already, and it doesn't work well with BDB to begin with...
  8. You can combine it in different ways, here's one example to get you started.
  9. It seems that resources with STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW flowMode intentionally do not respect decouplers and the like. You should be seeing the same using Monoprop too, as well as ElectricCharge (both of which have that same flowMode as well).
  10. I like RP-1, but the realism part sort of went out the window for me when RP-1 told me that the Pale Blue Dot had over seven billion people living on it... in 1951.
  11. Nothing from me, I've been trying to progress my RP-1 campaign so not currently using Blueshift. In fact, I primarily want to use Blueshift with GU but my GU ships keep exploding when I land or go EVA lol, maybe once I figure that out...
  12. Thanks for the heads up! Using your CC fork's latest release fixed it.
  13. Not quite. Contract Configurator is borked in my install after this latest update - no custom contracts at all get loaded but lots of exceptions related to Kopernicus mockBody.
  14. Short version, it's working as intended. SpaceDust is compatible with SystemHeat but it's not a hard dependency. The current bussard collectors were configured for SpaceDust but not for SystemHeat. Those values you are seeing are defaults from SpaceDust (with the Heat Output being literally the EC consumption value) but these values won't do anything unless and until the part is also configured for SystemHeat.
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