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  1. If you look closely, it's the first link on that page you linked. It's like a modpack with all of the USI mods and dependencies in one download. The latest pre-release is a 'beta' version from March and is the latest version you can get right now, short of cloning the individual project repositories and compiling everything yourself.
  2. You want to test this using KSP 1.11.2 and USI pre-release from here. MKS/USI-LS 1.3 and 1.4 as well as KSP 1.10 are already ancient history, you're on your own with those to be honest. It may well be that you ran into a bug that's been fixed already, in which case you'd have to backport the fix to the older USI-LS version if you want to keep using KSP 1.10.
  3. Yes, it matters a lot. The part configs of mods (any mod) contain hardcoded paths to the part assets. These paths are relative to GameData. So for instance if you move your whole KSP install folder somewhere else it doesn't matter. But if you rename folders inside GameData itself then that mod will break for sure. It only doesn't really matter for DLLs, but any mod that adds parts will break since the game won't be able to find the models/textures for the part.
  4. I have a few: 1) Make sure you can reliably reproduce it in a stock (vanilla) KSP install (latest version) with the pre-release constellation from Github. This is a pre-requisite for the below steps. I would also try adding way more hab time than needed, try 2x or something. 2) As it is an issue with USI-LS you could try asking in the USI-LS thread. 3) If you are technically inclined you could try to debug the issue yourself. This is the fastest way to fix your issue but also the most involved. 4) If you are not technically inclined, or simply can't be bothered, then I would suggest opening an issue on USI-LS github repo. Attach screenshots, log files, reproduction steps, etc. But I would not count on a quick turn-around time.
  5. Also check your config, because the perma hab time is exposed as a config variable. I do see the code for freezing the timers - it's in ModuleLifeSupportSystem.cs around line 256. Haven't looked at it in detail but if you want to investigate for a possible bug I'd start there. Edit: and another thing to try - does it work correctly when you unload the vessel (ie go back to the space center) and then time warp and then load the vessel later on?
  6. Quick question - are you sure that absolutely all of your converters/habitats/recyclers/etc/etc are all enabled? Just having them on the vessel is not enough for them to affect the timers, you need to click on every such part and enable the life support module through the PAW. Although I suspect that this is not the issue you're seeing, it doesn't hurt to check.
  7. It's not a mod, it's just a separate repository where he throws together all of his mods into one package. And if you take a look on the aforementioned USI main page you may notice that the very first link in the text links to this very repository. Not to mention that we talk about it and link it every few pages or so in this very thread. So it's not exactly hard to find but YMMW
  8. Yes. At least when I use it with UKS/CTT it uses the late-game nodes and also adds another new node for the jumpgate parts.
  9. I've started using Custom Asteroids for this a while back (and for asteroids in general, not only comets) and it works really well as a replacement so far - worth checking out.
  10. It's part of the old Firespitter mod which added some helicopter and plane parts. USI mods, mainly MKS, often come bundled with Firespitter (the dll or even all the parts) because they rely on the code from Firespitter (especially the FuelSwitch stuff). Up to date version and/or source can be found on Github or as part of the USI pre-release constellation.
  11. Uhm... so you'd rather have... less detail? More generic looking parts? I quite like these ones though.
  12. Quick search on Github shows that those parts were deprecated and eventually deleted on Nov 4, 2019 so that was quite a while ago. Your options would be to accept the destruction of those vessels and re-launch them with updated parts, revert to an older version of the mod, or download the config/model/texture files of those parts from Github and re-add them to their previous locations (which will probably work fine but may require some manual editing of the part configs). Edit: in theory I guess you could also try to edit your save and replace them with similar parts. Though this is a really good way to mess up your save, so at least make a backup first.
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