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  1. No worries. I don't think there are two mods out there adding very late game wheels so that's probably not gonna happen, but for anyone who is interested in changing this for KF specifically, I already published this change as a separate mini-mod.
  2. I've updated the PR to address a few more issues: adding configs for Kerbalism lab experiments to the laboratory and central hub adding habitat volume/surface values (they were actually already there, but due to wrong patch ordering they were not being applied correctly) removing duplicate Laboratory module from the laboratory part (obsolete config since Kerbalism does the same thing already) Until Nils has a chance to review the PR, you can also find most of the changes here.
  3. New release, v0.0.3 CHANGELOG: Reorganized folders for easier navigation as per issue #2. All modlets (except Extras) enabled by default, delete the ones you do not want. Added activation conditions for WarpDrive patch. Added KPBS Kerbalism patch - fixes NRE spam, converts greenhouse experiment, removes duplicate lab module, adds kerbalism lab experiments to labs, fixes a few of the habitat values. This is mostly the same stuff as in my KPBS PR #128 but organized differently.
  4. Are you using Parallax? This is a common issue with Parallax which adds extra visual details but does not (any longer) add collision geometry for that detail.
  5. It's a consequence of increased costs for exotic fuels. You get the same thing in USI too with the metals.
  6. This is fairly off-topic now but the reason they used the shuttle (according to Moore himself) was because it was going to be either a) reuse the existing shuttle set and stock shuttle footage to cut costs or b) design a completely new vehicle and massively cut back on other parts of the show like the moon base set. It was a budget thing.
  7. While that's admittedly quite stupid, I wouldn't even have noticed if you didn't point it out. It was overall a great show, even if it may have stepped on a few toes in here
  8. New release, v0.0.2 CHANGELOG: Added Kerbalism lab experiments to BDB labs. Added sanity check for Malemute B9 patch. Fixed issue #1 (B9 warning due to incorrect RTG patching) - thanks @Beetlecat for flagging it. Added support for spectroscopy scan (bd_photopolarimeter).
  9. As far as I can tell, the GUI size is hardcoded in GUI/GUIhandler.cs so you'd have to recompile the entire plugin DLL to resize the window. It depends on your comfort level with Visual Studio, but it's probably more effort than it's worth.
  10. Thanks! Correct, it's the same one I sent to the JNSQ repo (with the same issues and all ) so if you got it there then you don't need this one and should not install it from here.
  11. With a resolution that low, there's not much we can do. You could try editing the config files in GameData instead, since the in-game menu is basically a display of those (depending on what mods you have installed, either the default scatterer configs or the ones that came with your planet mod or visual mods).
  12. You quite obviously need both if you want to see any of that stuff in-game.
  13. You need to right click on the return capsule (if you built everything correctly it will be quite a challenge to right click on it since it will be hidden by the heatshield, but you can right click on its icon in the staging list instead) and then select the menu item to move/collect all data there. Edit: take this with a grain of salt, it's been a while since I last used that feature.
  14. Sure, I'll leave it to you guys then. I won't do a PR as per above but still thanks for sharing! I'll probably make this change in my own game until the BDB team comes out with something official.
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