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  1. Well, that's not how it should look like. I also recommend that you upgrade to a more recent version of USI/MKS, unless you're specifically targeting a very old version KSP (like 1.8 or earlier). You seem to be trying to install MKS 1.3 while the current version is 1.4.1 and the current-current version is the pre-release constellation from March.
  2. Looks like you pasted the folders wrong, for starters. Try moving stuff from the USI_etc_etc folder to the GameData folder. You should have the following top-level MKS-related folders in GameData directly: 000_USITools, CommunityCategoryKit, CommunityResourcePack, Firespitter, UmbraSpaceIndustries The paths inside the files refer to each other based on this structure, so what you have there will definitely break because KSP can't find the textures, models, etc. On an unrelated note - it has begun.
  3. Are you sure the asteroid has rock to begin with? Did you look at it via the surface scanner? I think they're all supposed to, but I've ran into some that don't (in my case I think it was the special class I asteroid that didn't have any). Also, not sure if it's related to your issue or not but in order to get rid of any rock you mine (which should end up in your dedicated rock tank) you'll need a fuel valve on the ship configured for dumping rock.
  4. That's definitely not what it's supposed to look like. Are you running other mods? Are your mod versions up to date? What version of KSP are you running?
  5. I don't mean to beat on a dead horse but, as someone who has actually looked into this topic and worked a little bit on game code in UE4 at the scale of KSP - let me just say that UE4 is really not well suited for this sort of game. Some people managed to do it despite everything (Helium Rain was published on Steam for instance, and it's an UE4 game - open source, too) but the origin rebasing tech in UE4 isn't that great, it's more of an afterthought. So - like with Unity, I suspect - you quickly find yourself writing custom code (but now all in C++ mind you). And all those great visual a
  6. I would suggest: 4. No FTL drives or jump gates to get there 5. make a self-sustainable MKS colony on one of the planets/moons once you arrive :-)
  7. It goes without saying but I'd love to see more technical posts about KSP2 like this.
  8. When in doubt, nuke your KSP install from orbit and start over.
  9. The All is One. And One is All. Gravity is desire. Time is sight. What was, will be. What will be, was. Embrace the Worm... err, I mean, the All.
  10. None of the above. Heavily modded career games but without RO/RSS are my thing. Like OPM/GU and NFT/FFT/MKS and about 100-120 mods in total, on average.
  11. You'll be fine. If you have programming experience then you're already by definition overqualified for modding KSP parts :-) Just read the ModuleManager wiki first, the syntax is a bit weird.
  12. @jhxmt if it doesn't work then you could also try disassembling the old ports on EVA and attaching new ones. If all else fails then just remake the station with the new ports and use the cheat menu to place it into the same place as the previous version. We won't judge you
  13. That's too bad, I actually liked the fact that going interplanetary with Nerv was no longer the stock easy mode
  14. Adding a coolant tank helps a bit, in the sense that the Nerv no longer automatically melts when shut off. Also, I originally went with 40 kW radiators because that's what the System Heat UI in VAB told me is enough to balance the loop. Based on testing and the above posts you clearly need at least 100 kW rejection if you don't want it to melt down while idle, but this is not communicated in the UI. Also it's a bit strange how radiators reject zero heat until the max temperature of the reactor is reached.
  15. Awesome, was hoping for this. Though with the recent addition of the MKS Konfrabricator it's no longer as urgent, but always better to have more options. But it looks like you have a lot of ideas for improving this. Good luck, post a release on Github or something and let us test it ;-)
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