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  1. Sadly there is not. I'd like that as well, it's hard on the eyes though not as bad as some other mods (cough KCT cough).
  2. Can't say that they work 'properly' but the USI rover wheels do technically work, even the Akita wheels. But the Akita ones only work in one specific rotation, so experiment with it. The suspension part should be vertical in VAB, with the larger setoff closer to the ground. A bigger problem is that the Akita wheels tend to result in catapulting the rover into space after each timewarp.
  3. RoverDude is working on his indie game now plus we don't even really know what colonies will look like in stock KSP2 yet but we do know that there will be a resource acquisition and transportation routes system so there might not even be a need for a mod like MKS, it's too early to tell.
  4. Confused! Is the official nomenclature "Kapybara," "Capybara," or "Kerbybara"? I demand clarification! Also: Kapybara DLC when? /s
  5. This error usually means that the part module referenced in the (possibly patched) part config cannot be switched because the code for it does not exist, most likely because you are missing another dependency mod that provides it. In this concrete case the part module in question is ModuleSimpleAdjustableFairing which is provided by the Simple Adjustable Fairings mod. So first make sure that this mod is correctly installed. Also make sure you correctly installed Animated Decouplers, DeployableEngines, Community Resource Pack, Benjee10 Shared Assets and HabTechProps - all of these are needed for Benjee's Artemis Construction Kit to work. If all that does not solve the problem then you may have a mod conflict on your hands, where another mod is patching the part and the result breaking.
  6. I really like some of the changes in this mod, especially the ability to AND on tags. However, after trying it out, I had to downgrade to the original version 1.6.0 again due to some issues that appear in this version making this very tedious to use. All of these work correctly in 1.6.0 but not in this version for some reason (Verified on stock install of KSP 1.12.5 on Windows 11 at 5120x1440 resolution with only expansion packs and KSP Community Fixes and all related dependencies. Logs and/or screenshots available upon request if necessary). Compared to the original, the window became narrower which made it difficult to read. Thumbnails are no longer being generated or updated when clicking "save". Every vessel shows a green icon instead of a preview tooltip. Vessels that already had a thumbnail prior to installing this mod display this thumbnail as a tooltip, but it is never updated and sometimes the tooltip background turns from the translucent black to 100% transparent. Clicking "new" after "save" now shows a window to confirm loss of unsaved changes even though everything is saved already. This is regardless of whether the setting to replace stock craft loading window is turned on or not. Backups of craft are generated when typing text in the name/description fields. The mod probably erroneously intercepts some keystrokes. Opening the tag list adds a second radio button to every row. One of these radio buttons can be clicked, but neither button functions for craft selection. It is only possible to tag a craft by selecting the craft panel itself. The craft panel lists tags in the same green as the other text, instead of in white like in the original version, making it difficult to read.
  7. I've already gotten used to replacing Kopernicus ten times a day when you are working on it, but the prerelease thing sounds like a good idea. Release early and release often is the mantra to follow.
  8. The recovery bug is addressed by KSP Community Fixes mod so just get that.
  9. @HeliosPh0enix it depends on how you installed the mod. By default it won't touch those engines, but if you installed the optional CryoEnginesRestock patch and you also are using Restock then those engines will get patched to use LH2/CH4. The optional CryoEnginesLFO patch goes the other way and makes all the new cryo engines use LFO. The Restock patch does not change the actual engine names (probably since they are originally localized and to change them all consistently would be somewhat of a pain) so the effect is a bit jarring as you noticed.
  10. This tutorial is still relevant to understand the obscure servo UI for cranes, forklifts, etc, almost nothing has changed. The Akita rover components like the cabin etc are now in a separate mod. The construction docking ports are just regular docking ports except that once in space you can compress then via the PAW which will delete both ports and attach their outer parts directly to each other. And the orbital shipyard just prints any vessel you want, using the Konstruction resources. You first need to deploy it using material kits. The vessel will spawn freely floating within 150m range. empty of resources but you can use remote transfer of resources to fill it up. I recommend that you simply try out the parts in sandbox mode. There aren't that many.
  11. It sounds like they added OLED TVs. They are expensive to produce. :-)
  12. FWIW, the prune feature renames the config IIRC... that means the part won't show up in VAB, however KSP will still find and load the associated model files and textures, which is where the primary performance hit is.
  13. Are you SERIOUS. This was one of my main gripes with interstellar mods. Welp, time to add GU/Kcalbeloh/etc again.
  14. If you are disabling commnet then it's not a big surprise that this mod breaks. But then why do you want to run this mod in a save where the commnet is disabled anyway? It would just be a waste of your CPU/RAM.
  15. Not as far as I know, but not much has changed, so the previous YoutTube videos showcasing it are still mostly relevant. If you have something in particular in this mod that you're struggling with, feel free to ask about it.
  16. I had this bug today where my station started accelerating forever after EVA construction and funny enough the first thing I thought was "could it be KJR" and so I came here and what do you know, it really is KJR. Thanks for the workaround, worked perfectly. I guess KJR is the new Kraken Drive.
  17. I've never heard of Portmod or have seen a single game whose mods use it. I don't even know the original project that it's forked from. Is it just some obscure weekend FLOSS project or has it seen actual use somewhere?
  18. Your probably mean the ablation effect on Moho. Try deleting the following section from AVP_Configs/Stock/Glow.cfg
  19. Some of the NFT mods like SSPX should have you covered for that. This is the best choice TBH because of the high quality of those parts. KPBS may have some options for storage of material kits as well. Alternatively, you can install only the Kontainers folder from USI. I wrote some patches to convert it to B9PartSwitch so you do not need to install the rest like USI Tools, Firespitter, etc.
  20. @Dhruv The mod works fine. Your screenshots indicate that you did not actually complete the anomaly scans. It works like every other type of scan - you need to send a vessel into polar orbit at the correct altitude with the right part enabled, then wait until the scan completes. The advanced multi spectral sensor does not include an anomaly scanner - you need to use something like the VS-3.
  21. @NaviG Those are switches for subtypes of Near Future Solar panels. Hard to tell without the full log but my first guess would be that you installed that mod incorrectly.
  22. @Vatruvius I'm not familiar with KCT code so the below is basically speculation from a few minutes looking at the code, take it with a grain of salt. In KCT_PresetManager.cs there are definitions and math formulas for PV, RV, and MV which are part, module, and resource variable respectively. They appear to be cost values computed based on the number of parts, resource cost, etc. LM for reconditioning is in KCT_MathParsing.cs and seems to be the max number of launch sites.
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