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  1. so. in a lot of the gameplay videos in ksp 2 we see bosters almost hanging lose and super easily falling off. this is probably just demonsration and not how it will actually be. however in those same videos the main rocket barely bends like they where one giant part. we have also seen procedural wings in ksp2. therefore i think it is likely we will have procedural fuel tanks at least in ksp2. what i mean with this is basically that you would just have one fuel tank and you can just choose the length of it.
  2. in ksp multiplayer mods some servers wont let you in if you dont have certain mods. if you join a server and launch a craft with mods only people with that mod will be able to load and see that craft. this probablt wouldnt work in ksp 2 so i think the first option makes sense. exept with dlc. in ksp 1 you cant load crafts with dlc parts you dont have. in ksp2 multiplayer it would be nice if you could see other players dlc ships and just not be able to build with dlc parts if they ad any.
  3. yes i tried once. i still dont know why you couldnt just take an existing engine file and edit it to make a mod but idk im not a modder.
  4. defenetly fake. if you could preorder it it would be on steam
  5. or just use .obj format while moddeling? i think its the format they use in ksp 1
  6. well we saw in one of the videos that we would have procedural wings so we dont need as many wings on a plane in ksp 2. i also think it will be the same with fuel tanks. what the devs could do is put parts inside the ship and not load them as physical parts. ex you can fit a certain amounts of experiments inside a command module.
  7. will they merge tho? seems like that probably wont be in game so it will probably not have a name. otherwise RISK
  8. if they die of old age maybe we dont need food or air. maybe all we need for long spaceflight is make them pass through generations
  9. they would make a fine addition to my collection. also, there are to many of them, what are we going to do
  10. yes we should totally ad children to the game. i defenetly wouldnt use children everytime i made some extremely whacky dangerous stunt.
  11. more actual discovery not just going to places on a fully mapped out system, and repair missions like with telescopes. and maybe even debris cleaning mission. i would also like ksp2 to be a bit more oconomy based because in ksp 1 you barely have to think about money
  12. yep, that is truly an amazing mod. just imagine what it could be if it was made by the devteam and other parts of the game where designe around that feature.
  13. basically could we have more parts that scan and map out the surfaces of planets in ksp 2? i think it would fit in really well with colonies and maybe if the devs add more realistic science system. Basically you would first have to discover the star system with a telescope. then find the planets existance probably ith the same telescope. then send a sattelite to find what orbits the planets have and some information about them. then a scaning sattelite to that specific planet to map it out to find a safe landing spot. (this will probably need teh devs to make landing riskier and make the terain rougher to make it worth scaning and not save cost by not scanning and just landing). then you would need to scan fr recources so you can find a safe place to land with recources so you can build a colony there. this might seem a bit to complicated and landig somewhere would take much longer but that is kind of the point. it also adds more variations since there are many ways to do this. you can risk it and send a big ship with all types of scanners or you could send rovers to map the surface or you could do each step individually or you could send a ship that drops a simple sattelite in orbit around multiple planets with the same rocket. scanning would probably not be nececary for moons since they dont have an atmosphere. you could just drop a rover there to scan for recources or just send a satelite to scan for recources directly. this makes it so you have good progression since you ont need to send a big mission the first thing you do when you build your first colony(wich is probably on a moon). this could probably also be simplified with difficulty settings.
  14. in ksp 1 there is very little variation when it comes to missions. go somewhere, do science, go back. this makes ksp 1 gameplay very repetetive. in ksp 2 i would like to have more types of missions. one way to do this is to make a very important part really big and expensive. that way you cant go to orbit of somewhere drop a sattelite and then land with a rover and a kerbal. instead you would have to first launch a sattelite with a scanner and maybe an antenna to see where you can land. then you would probbably need to launch an unmanned rover that does science. and at last you can land kerbals and build a colony. this would also make it possible to make repair missions. what if for example a telescope broke and you need to go up to it and fix it because its not financially viable to just lauch a new one. and of course we kneed more purpouse to space stations in ksp 2. in ksp you can launch a space station in one launch and it will have everything it needs. if we instead have bigger and more expensive parts in ksp 2 it would be more realistic because you would actually need to launch multiple peaces and expand the existing space station. and we could add a bunch of these super expensive parts: telescopes, computer driven rovers with many science experiments, space station parts, sattelites with scanners, rovers with scanners and even cameras, base parts and colony pparts. so basically make the cargo/payload of a rocket much more expensive than the actual rocket
  15. rovers defenetly need an uptade from ksp1. both uses for them but also handling and stuff like this. maybe even building them
  16. this is the most kerbal thing ever. tho i think it would just be easier to have the jetpacks from ksp 1 but maybe add ropes or something that you can attach to ladders
  17. wasnt one solar system supposed to be quite young?
  18. maybe a cutcene when you build a colony?
  19. i think a campaign mode in ksp2 would be pretty open. just like career mode in ksp 1
  20. no, many people have talked about similar stuff to this
  21. maybe yhea. one thing i have been thinking about before wich is that parts have customizable insides. if you want to bring lots of kerbals but you dont like the look of having lots of command pods then just take a fuel tank and fill it with seats. one of these things you could add could be armor. but the thing is what would happen if you hit thee ground to hard with stronger parts. wouldnt the crashes be less realistic?
  22. when you have colonies on different planets you wont have all materials in every colony so from one colony you might have much of one fuel but not others.
  23. yes defenetly. and i still dont know why external cameras as parts arent in stock ksp
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