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  1. thats kinda stupid. the whole point of color coding is that you can see the ones that are the same axis. green arow to move on the x axis and green turned arrow to rotate around the x axis for example. this is really helpfull when the perspective doesnt really show you a whole arraw because its behind the other ones or itself
  2. im exited for all the new easter eggs which have been semi confirmed, but also just seem very likely
  3. well yes you dont have to know the coding language and block code never gives you errors it wont let you do a mistake so yhea its easier.
  4. not very usefull and you would either have to save every position or reverse physics
  5. if you make wings out of many parts in ksp 1 it looks bad, there z-fighting and its laggy. on top of that it is frustrating to make. parts dont go where you want them and you really have to look to get the correct part with the correct size and shape. and i wouldnt say its difficult. i could easily figure out a design and how to make it but its just frustrating to make because nothing works like its suposed to. and there is a BIG difference between difficult and frustrating and making good looking wings in ksp is not difficult. If the devs make a good system for procedural wings that would be awesome andi would use that a lot.
  6. there has to be some way to use the same color twice. anything else would be stupid. and we have seen ships in the videos with much of the same color so it is there. i think you will be able to save a color as a favorite and then you can just select it the next time you make a ship
  7. white/black with any vibrant secondary color always works good but i think orange with black as secondary could also work really well. primary white with blue and red is really good for a retro livery. i think ill mostly just avoid one color ships. and what i probably will do is having one color scheme for a "company" or a "multiple launch mission" like Apollo. when multiplayer comes out ill think ill do one or two schemes for everything and stick to those so you know who made what
  8. no. absolutley not. mods arent even compatible with every ksp 1 version and ksp 2 is way different and most of the code is pobably completely rewriten.
  9. Not 80 tf. that is way to much. and its just on kerbin. this would take weeks of playing constantly just to find all. and they probably wouldnt be that interesting if the devs add thousands of them. I think every planet in the kerbol system should get one or two more anomalies than in ksp 1. we do need quite a bunch of new easter eggs and anomalies on the new planets tho
  10. im fine with the graphix as of now exept that the kerbals look a bit weird. they look less real than ksp 1 somehow
  11. I think something similar could happen but not like this. probalby more like a memorial instead of a graveyard where there are just names written on it instead of a new gravestone every time. or maybe we just get something similar to ksp 1 where its just a öist
  12. did you close your eyes while watching these videos? the graphics are so much better and literally every ship has more parts than you would ever need in ksp 1
  13. it works but you have to make the input settings yourself
  14. I think that could be minmus. vall in ksp2 looks a lot less green than ksp 1.
  15. was there anything else in the stream that was new?
  16. where is this from? does anyone have a link?
  17. obviously. no releasing spoilers and its to late to add new mechanics and to early to recieve feedback.
  18. I think ksp 2 will have its own original music but something similar to this could defenetly be in the game
  19. probably. if you buy the game via steam it will defenetly be that way
  20. cool. this actually shows a lot.you can see the ksc and the water. and there seems to be a better symetry tool. and procedural fuel tanks possibly.
  21. i mean we will have automated trade routes and cargo missions so maybe one of those will be made by non manned craft. and i know that rovers will be more usefull so maybe unmanned rovers too
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