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  1. Hello there. Just a quick question. Does someone else have issue with some science if your try to run them via "xScience Mod"? Like the first camera you get. I can do the science from the part itself. but when i click the xScience button, the part basicly breaks and i cant collect anything anymore. Any reasons why this is so?
  2. Hello there. I just run into an issue with tweakscale and i just cant find the problem. It was always working bevor but now i want to start a new 1.12.3 modpack for myself and when i install Tweakscale i get a big error msg onstartup and i find this error in my log file. maby you can help me?
  3. Does the Likes mean its ok to look like this with Scatterer 0.0772? Also what i noticed with this version, Saturn doesnt look that good anymore
  4. With Scatterer 0.0772 it look now like this https://imgur.com/a/iZ6WJQm
  5. Am i doing something wrong or does the reDIRECT tanks for the spaceshuttle (That "Jumbo" tank) doesnt have the configs yet? Also after installing this mod i get an error msg about the Scout and Vaga configs from BDB.
  6. Hello there. First of all very nice mod so far. Still trying to get the modpack to work how "i" like it. But i want to ask one question. Is Titan really supposed to look like this?
  7. Hello. I just started to use this more than awesome mod in my RSS/RO/RP1 savegame, but i have 1 big issue. Staging seems to lagg the hell out of my game but only in IVA(And it cant be my computer ). If i just go out once my FPS are fixed again and i can go into IVA again. But this happens all the time at staging. Is this due to my RP1 install? EDIT: Hmm ok i may have found the issue. It seems that ModularLaunchPads+AnimatedDecouplers are causing the "lag on staging" issue.
  8. Hello there! I Just have a few questions about the mod? 1. Should it be safe to install the mod in a midgame safefile? 2.Is the re anything special to setup for RSS/RP1? Because im allready pretty far in my RP1 playthrough and a viewer of me just mentioned i should use ur mods FMRS+RecoveryController to land my Stages and recover them. Well Its a great Idea but now the problem comes. After i installed FMRS+RC i tested some older crafts wich all should be able to reach orbit (tested this amssivly long befor) , but now they dont reach the orbit anymore. Today i figured out that when i replace the parts that start to drift away its all fine again. So here comes my 3rd question. 3. What does the mod change on existing craft and/or existing engines aswell as Procedural Parts? Another wird thing is that after installing your mods, my Saved SaturnV Rocket with the Apollo Module on top i should ahve 3 Science Experiments on the CommandModule. But yea fter installing it seems that the craftfile only give me 2 Science Experiments anymore. Any reasons Why? MFg
  9. Is this mod just for "Infernal Robotics" or also for "Infernal Robotics - Next" ? EDIT: I tested now a clean 1.9.1 install with just the IKRC for 1.9.1 and the Arrow buttons on top of the controller seems also to not work correctly. Am i doing something wrong?
  10. Well, I allready do that now. All these interstellar parts dont even make any sense to me so yea -> Problem solved i guess
  11. Hello everyone.... Just want to ask if there is a fix allready for the Interstellar Fuel switch problem?
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