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  1. Banned for banning someone who banned me.
  2. I originally played it a school, but then I gradutated and went to high school. I had forgotten all about the game until, one day, I saw Matt Lowne's Perserverance Rover Video. After watching it, I knew I had to get this game immediately, or else.
  3. I'm gonna, eventually. TUBM is clever!
  4. I've'd your Motorbikes mod for a while, I just never seem to use them. Although, I'm planning on using them in my upcoming mission reports series, as some sort of advanced surface mobility vehicle. I'm also gonna try Working Underwater Lite this weekend. TUBM hasn't played Faster Than Light
  5. Banned for thinking it's a wet suit. It's clearly based off of this
  6. What's the calculation I can use to convert a fuel tank from Stock KSP's Lqf+Ox to Kerolox?
  7. Congrats on passing 14k Rep!

  8. "Yo! Those minecraft rockets are very aerodynamic!" -Some Idiot.
  9. Yep! Like three or four, maybe even five at the moment! TUBM is an avid Juno Engine Fan.
  10. Can I help you manage your SpaceDock page?
  11. Verbal Peace Nay gun was the lest racket simlence gamne of all time (rip sal_vager)
  12. Aww! I have a schnauzer! I don't have a cat, I almost did though. TUBM enjoys Thermonuclear rocket engines!
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