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    Associate Waterfall Painter and Thermal Engineer
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    KSP, this forum, spending time looking at r/KerbalSpaceProgram, Faster Than Light, procrastinating, learning, modding, writing, music, and other undisclosed things.

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  1. How did you make your PFP? 

    1. Admiral Fluffy

      Admiral Fluffy

      It came from this thread.

      It is locked now, but hopefully will come back.

    2. Ben J. Kerman

      Ben J. Kerman

      Ah, thank you. If I really wanted to, I could try to make my own, or ask someone like OrdinaryKerman to make it (He did a really good job making me a Kania logo), but I would want to describe my appearance so I don't need to share a picture. 

      Dang, I just missed that thread!

  2. Back in the 2016/2017 days when I was most active, NSEP and Ultimate Steve where the two guys I saw everywhere, and that I came to associate most heavily with the friendly faces of the forum.

    These days it's you :)

    Except for the last week apparently but somehow I still see your name all over lol

  3. What's this? Atomikku on after hours!? Unthinkable! How's it going @Randazzo?
  4. Discussion/Suggestion Thread for M.O.T.H.S. @Randazzo (Production/Conceptual/Testing Modeler), [snip] @benjee10 (Modeling Assistance), @AtomicTech (Engine and Part Programmer), @MatterBeam (STR Knowledge Guru) M.O.T.H.S. is an acronym for: --> Modular --> Operation of --> Thermal tecHnologies with --> Solar heating M.O.T.H.S. is a mod for Kerbal Space Program that uses ModuleManager to replicate a Solar Thermal Rocket Engine System similar to the Solar Moth concept. Requirements: -Latest Version of Module Manager. -Latest Verion of Community Resource Pack. Optional (Waterfall): -Latest Version of Waterfall. -Latest Version of Stock Waterfall Effects. Roadmap: -Add Waterfall Support -Make Preliminary Parts and Tweak Performance to stay within a stock but interstellar scale. -Add Laser Thermal Parts. -Make Double Scale Parts for much larger exploration. -Add RealFuels Support. -Add Support for Nertea's WasteHeat System. -Add Alternative Skins for all Parts. -Add Support for RSS/RO Scale. -Add Triple Scale Parts.
  5. "Tenth picture in your gallery is what kills you." - Some Discord User
  6. I've always wanted to make a movie! Have you made one, @Just Jim?
  7. No worries! I had kinda forgotten about it Just take care of your IRL business, we don't want you having to leave this little forum on a backwater part of the interwebs
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