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  1. Don't wanna sound like an idiot but what does @KerbalChiefEngineer work (or has worked on) for KSP?
  2. I think I'm finally going to make a KSP YouTube Video. I'll post it and its related shorts here when my comrade and I release them.


    It's going to be about Asteroid Mining with a mission Idea via KSP


  3. Yes, I am a spaceman for AtomicTech Inc. @Spaceman.Spiff, wanna join AtomicTech?
  4. C: Waiter, sorry to call you over again, but Jeff Bezos is suing me for not choosing Red Origin. W: Well, I can give you a refund.
  5. Another Idea: For Interstellar Probes: Sparrow (Non-Atmospheric Planets), Swallow (Atmospheric Planets), Starling (Relays), Stork (Orbital Surveys) For Cargo Transport Interstellar Ships: Kestral (Insert number of mission to planet/star system) For Crew Transport Interstellar Ships: Falcon (Insert number of mission to planet/star system) For Crew+Cargo Transport Interstellar Ships: Eagle (Insert number of mission to planet/star system)
  6. Yeah, good question, where is @ColdJ?
  7. That's oddly specific @Hyperspace Industries? Could anyone clarify? @GuessingEveryDay?
  8. Welcome to the forums @The_space_monke and @HenriJayy! Happy to have y'all here Where do you get your KSP from?
  9. Yep, that's exactly what I do! Not the stock manuver thingy
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