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  1. Here are some pics of the current progress on Buran IVA. Props positions will be adjusted later.
  2. @benjee10 I just noticed a small issue on Buran OMS: there's a hole in the model Nvm, I just realised it was covered by the wing
  3. Turns out I changed my mind, and am now officially part of KATS dev team! The Buran I'm working on currently will probably be part of it.
  4. @Arthurism Hey there! I'm currently working on a Buran mod based on benjee10's recently released Buran parts for SOCK, and I was wondering if it would be OK if I reused your Buran textures for the cargo bay? I'll give full credit of course. Thanks in advance
  5. Hey, so I decided to make Buran textures for SOCK, and here's how it looks so far: https://imgur.com/Q7KawB8https://imgur.com/Q7KawB8https://imgur.com/Q7KawB8 Wheels, bottom fuselage and wings are done and I'm pretty satisfied with the result. Though I have a question: is it possible to change normal maps textures via B9 Parts Switch?
  6. Yeah, maybe that's it, but again I've been using Energia before and I don't recall seeing this. Could be wrong though, haven't played KSP in a while before noticing it
  7. The thing is I don't recall having them before, I think I'd have noticed. And it doesn't happen without Waterfall
  8. Hey there! I'm having a bug with Waterfall. It's the weird blue reflections on the boosters. I've been experimenting to try and figure it out, and it seems to happen only with RD-170 from Tantares and if there are at least 3 of them (maybe it happens with less, but then it's harder to notice). It seems to be caused by the EngineLight effect, cause it disappears when I disable it. I've been using Tantares and Waterfall before and I don't recall having this. Any ideas?
  9. Damn, I absolutely love the new Buran parts! Fantastic work as always @benjee10! Btw, are there more Buran parts planned, such as payload bay stuff and cargo parts?
  10. I don't use RO, but nice! Where can I find this fine looking Gateway though?
  11. Oops, sorry about that Anyway, it's looking great! can't wait to have it in game!
  12. Looking nice! Btw, I noticed that the Aquila adapters didn't have fairing anymore. I guess it's been done on purpose, but then how am I supposed to launch my Mir modules without fairing?
  13. Well, guess I'll stick with Contares for now then, though it'd be nice to have Kliper in Tantares. Idk why but I find this mini shuttle kinda cute And damn, I'm loving that new Soyuz
  14. Yeah, I know about Contares, I'm currently using it. But I'd still like to give the old Tantares one a shot, but I can't find it anywhere and it's not on Github either.
  15. Hey, I've seen Tantares used to have Kliper quite some time ago, but the link is dead... Would be great if someone could reupload it!
  16. I haven't flown the shuttle in a while tbh, but from what I recall, yes, docking manoeuvres tend to drain a lot of monoprop, and I rarely use RCS for anything else.
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